Neep help with infinite loop! Please Help

I currently have a program that allows a user to enter a password protected site and it will return all the images on that page.
I�m trying to allow the user to type in the root URL, i.e. and have the program pull all the images in all of the child directories. i.e.
I got an inner class similar to the one pulling the <IMG> tag, that pulls the <A> tag. The class adds all the links to a linkList Arraylist. In my main method I call image.getInfo(image.getLinkList()); hoping that I can just pass all the links back through the program and find all the <IMG> tags.
The problem is that, I get the desired output but it displays in an infinite loop, and the program never ends as it searches linkList over and over for <IMG> tags.
So, I tried to adding two different Do, While loops.
Main Method:
}while(test != 1);This one does not change the output. Infinite loop continues.
Inner Class:
HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback callback;
callback = new HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback ()
           public void handleStartTag(HTML.Tag tag, MutableAttributeSet attributes, int position)
                                    if (tag == HTML.Tag.A)
                                                link = (String)attributes.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.HREF);
                                               if(link != null && !link.startsWith("javascript") && !link.startsWith("#") &&        link.startsWith("/"))
                                                            link = root + link;
public void handleSimpleTag (HTML.Tag tag,MutableAttributeSet aset,int pos)
{if (tag == HTML.Tag.IMG )This one never allows the first URL to be checked, and the program just sits there.
Do you see anything I�m doing wrong, or anyway I can stop the infinite loop?
I think the problem is that both of the searching tag classes are inner classes but I don�t know how to make them their own classes without messing up the whole password checking.
Any advice would be helpful!

HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback callback;
          callback = new HTMLEditorKit.ParserCallback ()
            public void handleSimpleTag (HTML.Tag tag,MutableAttributeSet aset,int pos)
                    if (tag == HTML.Tag.IMG )
                        src = (String)
                                     aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.SRC);
                        alt = (String)
                                     aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.ALT);
                        height = (String)
                                     aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.HEIGHT);
                        width = (String)
                                     aset.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.WIDTH);
                        //System.out.println("SRC = " + src);
                        //System.out.println("ALT = " + alt);
                            src = src.replace("../", "");
                            src = root +"/"+ src;
                            src = root + src;
                            src = root +"/"+ src;
                        if(alt == null)
                        URI uri = null;
                            if (!uriBase.toString ().endsWith ("/") &&
                                !src.startsWith ("/"))
                                src = "/" + src;
                          uri = new URI (src);
                            uri = uriBase.resolve (uri);
                            System.out.println ("uri being " +
                                                "processed ... " + uri);
                        catch (URISyntaxException e)                           
                           System.err.println ("Bad URI");
                        // Convert the URI to a URL so that its input
                        // stream can be obtained.
                        URL url = null;
                            url = uri.toURL ();
                        catch (MalformedURLException e)
                          System.err.println ("Bad URL");
                        //InputStream is;
                        //String filename = url.getFile ();
                        //int i = filename.lastIndexOf ('/');
                        //if (i != -1)
                        //    filename = filename.substring (i+1);
           public void handleStartTag(HTML.Tag tag, MutableAttributeSet attributes, int position)
                        if (tag == HTML.Tag.A)
                            link = (String)
                                         attributes.getAttribute (HTML.Attribute.HREF);
                            if(link != null && !link.startsWith("javascript") && !link.startsWith("#") && link.startsWith("/"))
                                    link = root + link;
                                    link = root +"/"+ link;
                                    link = root + link;
                     HttpURLConnection urlConn = null;
                    //URL url = new URL(server);
                    // Build the string to be used for Basic Authentication <username>:<password>
                    String userPassword =  "testmlr" + ":" + "stage1-7000";
                    // Base64 encode the authentication string
                    String encoding = new sun.misc.BASE64Encoder().encode (userPassword.getBytes());
                    urlConn = (HttpURLConnection) url.openConnection();
                    // Enable writing to server ( to write request )
                    // Enable reading from server ( to read response )
                    // Disable cache
                    // Set Basic Authentication parameters
                    urlConn.setRequestProperty ("Authorization", "Basic " + encoding);
                   // test(server);
                    BufferedReader in = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(urlConn.getInputStream()));
              new ParserDelegator().parse(in, callback, false);
              System.out.println(in + "test123412341234");
          catch (ChangedCharSetException e)
              String csspec = e.getCharSetSpec ();
             Pattern p = Pattern.compile ("charset=\"?(.+)\"?\\s*;?",
              Matcher m = p.matcher (csspec);
              String charset = m.find () ? (1) : "ISO-8859-1";
              // Read and parse HTML document using appropriate character set.
public ArrayList getLinkList()
       return linkList;

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    associated value can be the collection of words. A separate simple class
    can be a 'MapManager' (ahem) that controls the access to this master
    map. This MapManager doesn't know anything about what type of
    collection is supposed to store all those words. Maybe you want to
    store just the unique words, maybe you want to store them all, including
    the duplicates etc. etc. The MapManager depends on a CollectionBuilder,
    i.e. a simple thing that is able to deliver a new collection to be associated
    with a file name. Here's the CollectionBuilder:public interface CollectionBuilder {
       Collection getCollection();
    }Because I'm feeling lazy today, I won't design an interface for a MapManager,
    so I simply make it a class; here it is:public class MapManager {
       private Map map= new HashMap(); // file/words association
       CollectionBuilder cb; // delivers Collections per file
       // constructor
       public MapManager(CollectionBuilder cb) { this.cb= cb; }
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       public boolean addWord(String name, String word) {
          Collection c= map.get(name);
          if (c == null) { // nothing found for this file
             c= cb.getCollection(); // get a new collection
             map.put(name, c); // and associate it with the filename
          return c.add(word); // return whatever the collection returns
       // get the collection associated with a filename
       public Collection getCollection(String name) { return map.get(name); }
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    retrieve the collections afterwards.
    kind regards,

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    1) It needs to check at which level the user entered the value for "P". We have a relation that V = P * T. So what I thought is if I dynamically calculate the "V" value everytime for every product I should know at which place they changed it as if they change the "P" value it would change the "V" value too as both are linked. So, basically I am comparing the stored "V" value with dynamically calculated "V" value.
    2) If the "V" value has been changed at that level (i.e. if stored V Dyn. V) and this condition is met then, all the descendants of that current member should get the same P value as entered by the user for the current member.
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    Please suggest changes as this is not working still as per the requirement.
    IF (@ISDESC ("LB") AND "V"->@PARENT(@CURRMBR(Product)) P->@PARENT(@CURRMBR(Product)) * T->@PARENT(@CURRMBR(Product)))
    P->@CURRMBR(Product) = @PARENTVAL (Product,P);
    Similarly IFELSE for another condition
    But this is not working for all the cases. Lets say I have 3 levels in my hierarchy for Product and if the users are entering at level 2 it is not working and replacing the input value with its parent value which I am not sure why as it should in first place not enter the loop only as the condition wont be met. Reason, the user changed at level 2 and not 3 so it should do nothing from what I understand.
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    You can try something like this. Instead of dynamic V account add "P_Stored" member. If "P" account has data copy that data to "P_Stored" at all levels of the Product hierarchy. Based on your post I understand that Product hierarchy is evenly distributed than business rule can be like this:
    "P_Stored" (
    IF("P_Stored" != @PARENTVAL("Product","P")
    "P_Stored"[email protected]("Product","P");
    "P"[email protected]("Product","P");
    "P_Stored" (
    IF("P_Stored" != @PARENTVAL("Product","P")
    "P_Stored"[email protected]("Product","P");
    "P"[email protected]("Product","P");
    "P_Stored" (
    IF("P_Stored" = "P")
    /* I believe do nothing */
    ELSEIF("P_Stored" != @PARENTVAL("Product","P")
    "P_Stored"[email protected]("Product","P");
    "P"[email protected]("Product","P");
    "P_Stored" (
    IF("P_Stored" != "P")
    If Product hierarchy is ragged then code should be changed...
    Edited by: yrozen on Oct 26, 2011 6:48 AM

  • SQL I need help with this query Please help

    List the names of all the products whose weight unit measure is “Gram”.  Order the list by product name.  Do not use JOINS, but use the IN clause with a sub-query.
    select Name
    from UnitMeasure
    where Name= 'Gram'
    order by Name
    I did this, but it seem that the requirement is different.

    As a guess:
    Select Name from Product
    where UnitMeasure in (Select Name from unitmeasure where name = 'Gram')
    Andy Tauber
    Data Architect
    The Vancouver Clinic
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    Please - someone help me figure out how to get an RMA and a price to repair the Zen Micro - I am missing my tunes....

    you ant get a rma u broke the waranty contract if yoy try fixing the player your self the warranty is then invalid you can still pay for them to fix it or you can get a new mp3 player rma only works if your warranty is still valid not valid is torugh normal tear and wear tampering breaks the contract

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    You should probably implement a state machine.
    The state machine would keep track of the temperature and making ajustments on a timely basis.
    There is a template of a state machine is you select under the File menu > New > From Template.
    You can also look under Help > Find Example > and do a search for state machine.
    There are lots of state machine examples on this forum, some of which may be quite useful.

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    I can not find out how the JEditorPane get's its' information on which Text to show.
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    What methods are called from where?
    Could anyone help me please, I am rather desperate.
    Thank you very much

    Here is a link to a section in the Swing tutorial that shows you how to use text components (JTextField, JTextArea, JEditorPane, JTextPane):

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    I need your help for a school project. I need to generate a random number from 1.0 to 2.0. How would I do that?

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    I have final cut studio 3 and want to do some typography, I can only find tutorials on how to do it in after effects. I do not have after effects and do not have that kind of money to buy it. I know motion 4 is capable of doing typography but how. I need someone to explain how exactly to do it or can someone give me a link to a tutorial of how to do typography in apple motion 4 (or 3). Please I really need to do do a typography project. How can I do this in motion 4.

    Check out Mark Spencer's website. I believe he has a tutorial on typography there.
    It's bascially the same idea in Motion as it is in AE. It's not that complicated; it just takes a lot of work.

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    I'm a beginner. I'm trying to get this output
    Initial number of stars:
    Here's my program. What's wrong with it? Please help
    class starWedge
    public static void main (String[] args ) throws IOException
    int numStars; // the number of stars
    int row ; // current row number
    int star; // the number of stars in this row so far
    BufferedReader userin = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
    String inputData;
    // collect input data from user
    System.out.println( "Initial number of stars:" );
    inputData = userin.readLine();
    numStars = Integer.parseInt( inputData );
    row = 1;
    while ( row <= numStars )
    star = 1;
    star = numStars - star;
    star = star + 1;
    System.out.println(); // end each line
    row = row + 1;

    Okay the one thing that I see immediately is that your while loop never actully exits. Not once. Why? Well simple your exit condition is the row <= numStars, yet nither numStars nor row actually change their values within the loop. In short row always equals 1 and thus never is equal to greater than numStars and the while loop does not terminate.
    Second thing is that your star drawing logic is not correct. Meaning you have not told to draw the specific number of stars in one given line. For starters the System.out.println() command should be in the loop not outside it. For your purposes a for-loop nested within a while-loop is much better.
    If you think you know what's wrong your program than read no further and go try it on your own. But if you still have no clue below is my modification of your code that actually produces the pattern you want, it might provide you with more hints.
    class starWedge{
    public static void main (String[] args ) throws IOException{
         int numStars; // the number of stars
         int row ; // current row number
         int star; // the number of stars in this row so far
         BufferedReader userin = new BufferedReader (new InputStreamReader(;
         String inputData;
         // collect input data from user
         System.out.println( "Initial number of stars:" );
         inputData = userin.readLine();
         numStars = Integer.parseInt( inputData );
         row = 1;
         while (numStars > 0){
         for(star = 1; star<=numStars; star++){
         numStars = numStars - 1;
         System.out.println(); // end each line

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    if((orderType != 'g') || (orderType != 'w')){     
    System.out.println("Please enter g or w only.");
    }while((orderType == 'g') || (orderType == 'w'));
    I need help with this loop... I have to make sure it will be able to pop the input back after the invalid input... i tried to fix it...wont stop and stay in same loop till it gets the valid before go to other loop... how? am i missing something?

    I know you've already been answered, but just a bit more...
    if((orderType != 'g') || (orderType != 'w'))That would always be true. All characters are either not equal to 'g' or not equal to 'w'.
    'x' : neither 'g' nor 'w'. Evaluates to true.
    'g' : not 'w', still evaluates to true.
    'w': not 'g', still evaluates to true.

  • My ipod generation 5 will not come out of recovery mode. i was simply updating my software and this happened. it will not let me restore it comes up with and error. please help, thanks.

    my ipod generation 5 will not come out of recovery mode. i was simply updating my software and this happened. it will not let me restore it comes up with and error. please help, thanks.

    Hey erinoneill24,
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Sounds like you can't update your device. You don't mention an error that it gives you. Take a look at both of these articles to troubleshoot.
    iPod displays "Use iTunes to restore" message
    If you can't update or restore your iOS device
    If you started your device in recovery mode by mistake, restart it to exit recovery mode. Or you can just wait—after 15 minutes the device will exit recovery mode by itself.
    Have a nice day,

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    iPhone not being recognized and cannot be activated for service--what does this mean? I can't sync with iTunes. Please help.
    When I connect iPhone to USB iTunes is giving me the above message. Please advise if you know the fix.

    did you find a fix?

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