NEF files are not opening

I don't know what I am doing wrong, but my NEF files will not open in Bridge or ACR.  If I click on the NEF icon that is shown in bridge it opens it in Photoshop but I cannot view the thumbnails in Bridge or use ACR with those files. Any suggestions?

jkbraun wrote:
… I just installed the 5.7 update with the automatic setup. ( I have CS4)
If you used the installer, then you cannot possibly have the plug-in in the wrong place.  Disregard the other poster's misdirection.
For the record, the correct path is as follows:
Command-Click on thumbnail to see full-size image in a new tab
What you need to do is Purge the Cache through the Tools menu in Bridge:  Tools > Cache > Purge Cache for folder "xxxyyyzzz" for the offending folder(s).
DO NOT use the global Purge Cache command in Bridge Preferences; it's broken.
Command-Click on thumbnail to see full-size image in a new tab
Wo Tai Lao Le

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    I'm in the same boat here. What I've done so far is to use Adobe DNG Converter (free) to convert the NEF to DNG. Then drag the folder with the DNG files into iPhoto.
    With another batch of files I converted to DNG, then did the sorting and editing in Adobe Bridge and Camera Raw. Then converted the whole bunch to jpg and imported them into iPhoto. I also imported only the highest rated DNG images. (Note that any Camera Raw processing will not be used by iPhoto, but it remains in the DNG file)

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    Casiii which Adobe software or service is your inquiry in reference too?

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    I finally removed those audio and video files from iPhone, although it will be tough to add them back to iPhone, but at least I saved the phone spaces.
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    Seems the solution is in the client side configuration.
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    Can you download the attachment to local and open it? Does other types of attachment have this issue?
    Please check the following settings:
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    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

  • My D5200 NEF files do not open in Photoshop 14

    I have Nikon D5200, and according to Adobe, its Raw NEF files should open in Camera Raw 7.3 or later. However I have Camera Raw 8 in my photoshop 14 and it still says cannot open files, and suggests me to upgrade the plugin.
    However, when i try to upgrade, it says i have latest plugins installed, which is correct.
    I also have installed DNG converter 8.3 but it is also not detecting any raw files.
    Please help
    Thank you

    As Curt Y mentioned, either your ACR plugin is in the wrong location, or you have more than one ACR plugin for your version of Photoshop and they are conflicting.
    With the DNG coverter, it is important to understand that DNG converters only works on folders that contain raw files.
    Select the folder and then convert. This will convert all the raw files within the folder.
    If you  ry to use DNG converter to open the folder to select individual files this won't work.
    Select the folder not the individual files.

  • Nikon NEF Files will not Open in Photoshop CS2

    In OS Leopard w/Aperture 2, there was never a problem opening RAW .NEF Files.
    Now with Snow Leopard and Aperture 3...I get a message that the format is unrecognizable.
    My system and PS2 are fully updated to current versions.
    Thank in advance for any help.

    You are correct in the RAW decoding engine used in Camera Raw (would be version 3.x in the CS2).
    As you know, Adobe Camera Raw is included with each new release of Photoshop since CS came about. However, they generally only update the current version of ACR for new camera models.
    The work-around (Adobe solution) for using older versions of ACR / PS is to convert the RAW files to DNG files using their free Adobe DNG converter, which allows compatibility for newer camera models (same solution offered to many with new unsupported cameras in Aperture).
    Not sure whether this is the problem for the OP though, as the opening sentence indicates successful use with AP2 and 10.5?
    Note - not sure what Adobe will do overall with Lightroom updates as they have been offering those at the same time as the ACR updates. LR3 and CS5 should clear some of this up.

  • .nef files will not open in photoshop

    From Lightroom 5.7.1, I can not open .nef files into photoshop. I get an error message:  The file could not be edited because Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 could not be launched.  Photoshop does launch and open but file does not.

    Hi, I am currently experiencing the same issue as you, and its driving me crazy. I know how you feel.
    All my images in LR are basically dead. I can see them, but I cant work on them. Its as though LR5 is dead on my PC.
    I use NEF too, some of them have asked me to change the file extension to a DNG. I have yet to try it, coz for the past 2hr, I have failed to 'Back up' my da** LR catalog.
    I wish that you solve your issue soon.

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    Hi Lauren
    Can you pl share your composition to let us know how the SVG is being used or can you give more details like your animate version, machine details and specify exactly how it is being used, such as whether the svg does not render only when used within the symbols etc?.

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    Dear All,
    If we open the EPS or Tiff file in Illustrator CS3, we got the error message as in the screenshot which named as “Illustrator screenshot.jpg”.
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    We unable to open the file both in Illustrator and Photoshop. Is there any other option to open the file? Please advice.
    I’ve attached the images and screenshots for your better reference.
    Thanks in advance.
    Kumaran. P

    These files are completely corrupt. I got the same error messages you did in Illustrator and Photoshop.
    The EPS files look quite hopeless. (They do not remotely resemble EPS files when viewed in a text editor.) The TIFF file opened in IrfanView. I've resaved it as a JPEG and attached it here. You can see that it's truncated.
    You didn't mention how you obtained the files.

  • D7100, .nef files will not open, batch rename naming files differently

    I recently purchased the D7100/Nikon and I am having problems opening the nef files in Bridge and Photoshop CS6 (even after updating – Raw 8.4) and also renaming the files.  Lightroom 4.4, no problem.
    I also tried batch renaming the files, and Bridge is not keeping the .jpg and .nef files consistent as with my old camera (D90). Also, it is creating a new date on the .nef file, rather than keeping it to the day it was shot.
    Old way:
    I do use the DNG converter to convert the .nef files, and keep all file names consistent (.jpg, .nef, .dng).
    Is something lacking in the updates for Bridge/Photoshop for this camera to view the .nef files?  Is there anything I can do in Bridge to fix the Batch Renaming?  I really do not want to go to each .nef file and rename each one individually.  Help!

    You probably forgot to include the extension .dng or renamed with an extra dot (.) in the filename. Be surr to have only 1 dot with the three letter extension dng at the end (. dng)
    You can use Bridge for that again to rename and use the dng extension

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