Network printing with time capsule doesn't work with OS X Lion

I have a canon printer which will print when it is set up and connected to my imac.  However when it is set up and connected to time capsule it will not print.  It thinks it has completed the job but it hasn't.
I think that this may have something to do with OS X Lion.
The printer is just new, I bought it as the old one was playing up - I had been unable to get the old one which was connected via the time capsule to print since installing OS X Lion but never put two and two together - I just assumed the the printer had eventually died!  So I bought a new one!  It seems to set up OK as it is recognised as being attached to the timecapsule but there is no out put.
Does anyone have any ideas as how to sort this out?

Solved (apparently): After reinstalling, iTunes 10.5 beta 3 appears to work.

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  • Time Capsule doesn't work with proxy?

    Hello! I have a Time Capsule working with an ethernet connection which is controled by a proxy server. I don't see the option to configure TC in order to download the .pac file, or to configure manually the proxy settings.
    Therefore, the internet through TC doesn't work!
    Anyone knows a solution?

    The blurb about Time Capsule not being compatible with some ISPs is no different from the same blurb that Apple has attached to the specs of all previous Airport base station products. So... if your ISP currently works with an older model Base Station, it will work with Time Capsule. ISPs that typically don't work are ones that use uncommon DSL communications or authentication protocols - often found in parts of Europe and the Middle East.
    (Speculation on my part) Time Capsule will not function as a wireless client on an existing wireless network. Therefore, users of an existing wireless network will need to either (a) replace their existing wireless router with Time Capsule or (b) cable Time Capsule to their existing wireless router and disable the router built into Time Capsule. These are exactly the same options faced by previous purchasers of Apple's Airport base stations.

  • New time capsule doesn't work with ethernet

    I'm using a new time capsule,for the first backup I'm trying to use ethernet but loose the data disc when wifi is turned off. The ethernet light is green on the time capsule and the computer ethernet is also giving a green; but no action without wifi; any ideas?

    Please open the network preferences and check that the ethernet has the correct IP from the TC and can get internet as well. Turn on ipv6 as this seems to be an issue in the new version.. it doesn't matter if it is only Mac to TC.. it seems to help.
    If you keep having issues.. reset the TC and make sure it has all naming following SMB type conventions..
    ie short, no spaces and pure alphanumeric.
    In the finder.. use go, connect to server.. and type in
    Where you replace the TCname with the actual TC name you just gave it.
    Do a reset of TM and try again for location of the backup with the disk which should now be discovered.
    Tell us the point where you have issues if it fails.

  • My Time Capsule does not work with existing WiFi

    Following a question solved on March 24 by LaPastenague, but gone bad again.
    Apple AirPort Time Capsule
    I felt the need for a physical backup of my data, as I would not completely trust the different clouds. I use, and have used Dropbox for 4-5 years and are very satisfied with that, but I am still not sure if or when a political lunatic will shut off the internet.
    I purchased the Apple AP Time Capsule 2T, because all my other stuff are Apple, and that it's wireless. My old backup is Maxtor 300 GB.
    Since we stay 2-3 weeks on two locations, one in Norway and one in Sweden (two different countries) we must use Mobile Broadband 4G, cables or fibre connections are useless for us, and we don't have it up to the houses. I have one mini router for each country, we bring with us iPhones, iPads, iMac, Apple TV, APExpress. When we pass the boarder I change the mini router, and the system continues working perfect on the WiFi, except the APExpress that needs to be reconfigured,  but then it works.
    The APTC was difficult to make working as it would not accept to be in an existing network, but with good help from the Apple Community, LaPastenague, with forcing the TC connect to the APE with Ethernet cable in bridge mode, ref "My Time Capsule does not work with existing WiFi" from March 24, the problem was solved and all gadgets worked together in a perfect harmony, until we changed location.
    Now, as I have my second WiFi network, and the APExspress is reconfigured, it's like the TC thinks, I am the base boss here, I am not taking orders from APE one more time, and it simply does not work, not only that, it fluctuates all the time.
    I have a slight feeling that the two WiFi bands are making the trouble as during the configuration of the TC sometime the last figure 6 and 7 pops up, and that has something two do with the two different 2,4 and 5 GHZ bands
    So, I am curious if you have any idea ?
    I am thinking of returning the TC if I don't make it work now, but how do I delete all the data that's on it?

    I can deal with the last question first and easily.
    I am thinking of returning the TC if I don't make it work now, but how do I delete all the data that's on it?
    Open the airport utility .. go to the disk tab and select erase.
    When you select erase you will get mulitiple options.
    Quick removes the file table but does not delete the files,, it takes 2min or less.
    A Zero out data is the secure way,, by writing 0 ie low level drive format.
    It can take several hours..
    7 pass will take a week.. not recommended..
    35 pass erase is ridiculous.. it would take a month.. put an ax through the TC. It is quick and better.
    Now, as I have my second WiFi network, and the APExspress is reconfigured, it's like the TC thinks, I am the base boss here, I am not taking orders from APE one more time, and it simply does not work, not only that, it fluctuates all the time.
    The fact that it did work and has now failed might point to faulty unit.
    The only way to tell is reset it properly to factory and start over.
    Universal Factory Reset.. any model TC or AE.
    Unplug your TC/AE from power or turn off at the power point.
    Hold in reset. and power the TC/AE back on..  all without releasing reset and keep holding in for about 10sec. (this is often difficult without a 2nd person or a 3rd arm).
    Release it when the status light flashes rapidly. If it doesn’t flash rapidly you have missed it and try again.
    Be Gentle! Feel the switch click on. It has a positive feel..  add no more pressure after that.
    TC/AE will reboot after a couple of minutes with default factory settings and will wipe out previous configurations of the router.
    No files are deleted on the hard disk in a TC.. No reset of the TC deletes files.. to do that you use erase from the airport utility.
    Generally having multiple wireless AP should not cause problems.. but it is better to set channels manually.. so it doesn't go beserk rotating channels.
    Remember to keep all names short, no spaces and pure alphanumeric.
    Sadly though the Apple routers have no logging now and no SNMP and almost nothing to help diagnose a problem, so if it continues .. take it back to apple.. they have given you no other method of fixing it.

  • Comcast came to fix my internet. My AIRPORTWIFI now only works with desktop. it doesn't work with my IPhone or IPad. Why? What can I do?

    Comcast came to fix my internet. My AIRPORTWIFI now only works with desktop. it doesn't work with my IPhone or IPad. Why? What can I do?

    Hello lila54,
    It sounds like your Wi-Fi network is working if your desktop works with it, we just need to get the Wi-Fi on your iPhone and iPad connected to it.  I found a couple of resources to help with not being able to connect to Wi-Fi on an iOS device.
    I recommend following the steps in this tutorial first (the steps should work on the iPhone and iPad):
    Join a network
    If you are still having trouble connecting to Wi-Fi, follow the steps in this article (you can skip any steps you have already taken):
    iOS: Troubleshooting Wi-Fi networks and connections
    Thank you for posting in the Apple Support Communities. 
    Sheila M.

  • Time capsule wifi stops working with MacBooks, but nothing else

    I have a newer model time capsule.  Lately, the wifi stops working intermittently on my macbook pro and the wife's macbook air.  While this is happening, our iphones and other peripherals have functional wifi.  This resolves if I reboot the time capsule.  Even more weird is that the 'guest network' on the time capsule will work fine while the main wifi network remains non-functional.
    Fairly annoyed, please help

    It isn't strange at all.. it is a feature of Lion.. totally unstable useless networking.. particularly wireless.
    I would be very surprised if you came back and told me you were on Snow still.
    If Lion was installed by upgrade, worse and worse.. clean install seems to reduce if not remove the issues.
    So ring Apple .. keep annoyed at their new vista class OS. Did you turn that off and on again??
    I can suggest a few things..
    Short wireless and network names.. no spaces.. pure alphanumeric. Different name for 5ghz to stop band swapping.
    Lock wireless to on a/n -b/g
    Lock wireless channels.
    Use wpa2 personal security only.. with 8-12 character passkey.. pure alphanumeric.
    Set dhcp to very short lease time.. 30min.. might help Lion to remember the name of the TC.. otherwise it suffers from early onset dementia and alzheimer's.

  • Apple Keyboard with number pad doesn't work with Mac Pro?

    I have a Mac Pro, and have used an Apple Keyboard with a number pad (not bluetooth) with it for quite a while, with no problems. But then my keyboard broke and I ordered a replacement Apple Keyboard with a number pad (not bluetooth). This keyboard doesn't work with my Mac Pro. I have it plugged in, but I can't get the Mac Pro to consistently recognize that there is a USB keyboard connected to it. What magical stuff do I have to do to get the keyboard to be fit for purpose?

    It would not hurt to try an SMC Reset. (But if it does not help, it adds credence to lllaass assertion that the keyboard is not working.)
    Intel-based Macs: Resetting the System Management Controller (SMC) - Apple Support

  • Standard Text with ' include' option doesn't work with order created by FM

    Hi ABAPers,
    Standard text with 'Include' Option does not work with all the Order created via the Function Module SD_ORDER_CREATE_WWW. Where as Order created via VA01 display the Standard text with 'Include'.
    On my analysis I found that, Order created via FM use  the '*' 'Comment' instead of ':/' 'Command' in the script editor. So the Standard text inserted was considered as a Text instead of command.
    Hence issuing print or print preview, the Script display the INCLUDE statement instead of the text.
    Can you please let me know the reason and the way to rectify it.
    Thanks & Regards
    N.Suresh Kumar

    Make that * command as /: and try in ur program..
    It works..
    Hope it helps...

  • Map Network Drive to Time Capsule from WinXP Home with reconnect at logon

    I bridged my TimeCapsule on a wired home network. TC provides wireless(n/g) for a Macbook & Dell Laptop, print server, and storage. MAC & PC's all access internet; The Mac & PC's were able to find a reasonable driver for the printer (not a generic); and visibility to the TC and even Mac<-->PC (all on the same WINS Workgroup; file sharing/AFP/SMB turned on) working OK.
    I want to have a single drive letter mapped to a TC folder during a PC login. Using Windows Map Network Drive... I can supply \\server\share as my \\[mytimecapsulename]\[path to folder] and then I use "connect as different user" and supply the username/password as specified in the AirPort Utility setup for TC. Then I click Reconnect at Logon, and Finish. Windows is "happy" and the connection is made, applications on the PC that need the folder have access to the folder according the permissions on the TC. Sweet.
    Until, logoff and logon, and XP burps "not able to establish all network connections". Exploring MyComputer shows the Mapped Drive (but disconnected), double-click I'm prompted for username/password; enter it and I'm runnning.
    This seems to be a workaround, and I'd like to have the reconnect work seamlessly.

    Thank you Steve.
    I want to test my understanding. The TC password and the Windows login passwords should be the same. If there are more than one Windows users, then both of their passwords should be the same as the TC password?
    My understanding of "connect using different user name" is that I supply a username that the TC understands, i.e. the username/password set up in AirPort utility, and I would not supply any of the Windows accounts/passwords. This has worked for me. I supply the time-capsule-username/password not my Windows username and the Map Network Drive makes the connection. But it doesn't make the Reconnet at logon.
    So it sounds like what I should try is to change the timecapsule password to match the Windows account password of the windows user attempting to connect to the TC. Which means I'm limited to one password even if there are more than one Windows users attempting to connect.
    Sound about right? I'll try it out and let you know 6-12 hrs.

  • Print to pdf often doesn't work with multiple pages?

    When I try to print to pdf, it often doesn't work right.
    I can select, for example, multiple Excel worksheets to print. It looks fine with 4 pages in Preview, but when I select save as .pdf, it only prints 2 of the 4 pages, and it prints those in 2 separate documents rather than a single .pdf document with multiple pages.
    Is there a way to do this? Is this an Apple error or Microsoft error? Since it looks fine in Preview, my guess it is an Apple error?

    It sounds like this is the problem with the way Apple handles multiple orientations in a pdf document. You can use Acrobat to print the files - it handles multiple orientations correctly. There was a previous thread on this:

  • My time capsule will only work with one device at a time

    I just purchased the Airport time capsule.  I have it set up with my imac, but I also run a macbook air, older macbook, PC laptop, PC desktop, wii, xbox, and 3 iphones off of this device.  My issue is that my ISP does not serve more than 1 IP address and with previous routers, the IP address they recognized was only on my router.  Now, each time a new device tries to use the internet, my ISP is bypassing time capsule and recognizing the device IP address.  It's very frustratitng!  How do I set up my Time Capsule so that it's IP address is the only one my ISP recognizes, but all my devices are able to run off of the Time Capsule as the router.  (obviously I am not over educated in this area so solutions in simple language are greatly appreciated!) Thanks!

    I read the same solution somewhere else in the forum but it does not solve my problem.  When I set up the Airport, it sets up in bridge mode by default. When I contacted my ISP they said it needed to be in bridge mode (their rationale is that they only allow 1 IP address).  I just switched it to DHCP and NAT and this is what the default settings go to:
    After I update it with these settings my internet won't work at all and this is the error message I get:
    Any suggestions?
    My internet "Digis".  They are a smaller company and put a dish on my roof.  The modem is very small, does not have a router.

  • Time capsule don't work with Canon PIXMA ip4850?

    I have a Time capsule (third generation) and a new Canon PIXMA ip4850.
    When I connect the priner directly to my MBP I can print without problems.
    But when I connect the printer with the TC USB port, then the TC can't find the printer.
    Can somebody help me? Is this printer not compatible with the TC?
    Because with my old Brother printer I've had no problmes to print with the TC...the TC found the printer once I connected him with TC USB port

    Unfortunately, this would indicate that the Time Capsule does not support this Canon model.
    You might try the Canon support site to see if they have any newer drivers available for download that might do the job. Apple also has updates from time to time, so a future update might incorporate this model.
    Since Canon supplies the drivers to Apple, you might also want to ask Canon if they plan to provide the drivers for this model for the Time Capsule.

  • Time Capsule and iTunes working with external HDD

    Hello all.
    I have a situation I would to share with you and see if there is a solution.
    I have a PC and a Macbook Air. I had a Time Capsule which had my iTunes library but the drive failed and I lost everything. However when it was running things weren't going great. Because the Time Capsule was a bit clever, it only spun the HDD when TIme Machine was backing my MBA.
    This meant that I had trouble accessing my iTunes library because it wasn't always available. So I would have to locate the library on most occasions and on even more occasions iTunes lost the links with my media files and had to go through the time consuming 'Find files' process.
    I was wondering if an answer to my problem would be to store all my music and other media on an external HDD (like the GoFlex). The I could plug it into my PC, then my MBA and if I wanted to make it avable to both I could plug it into Time Capsule and it would 'broadcast' it to both.
    I was wondering if anyone had tried this and how it worked, Would iTunes see the HDD plugged directly into the MBA as the same as the HDD being plugged into the Time Capsule?
    I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

    Scipio7 wrote:
    it shows 3GB out of 3GB instead of 3GB out of 40Gb total.
    Where are you seeing those values?

  • AirPort Time Capsule doesn't work as Time Machine

    When I try to connect AirPort Time Capsule as Time Machine the following message is displayed: The backup disk image “/Volumes/Data/Constantin’s MacBook Pro.sparsebundle” could not be accessed (error -1).
    How can I resolve this issue?

    Often just a reboot of the TC is enough to get things going.
    Or a whole network restart in correct order.. ie modem.. wait 2min.. TC wait 2min.. computers.
    It is a standard issue.. see C17 here.

  • Does Time Capsule able to work with a Wireless USB Modem (3G-HSUPA/HSDPA...

    Not everyone can enjoy an efficient Landline provider. Apple advertizes that the future is wireless but still, I can not find any Mac product which take the more and more growing wireless mobile web connection... still stick to Wi-Fi and bluetooth. It would be great if Time Capsule could have a USB port dedicated to USB wireless modem (3G -HSUPA, HSDPA...) for web connections instead of only DSL. Any idea if possible?

    There are products which do work as 3G routers to which you could plug in the Time Capsule via ethernet. 093298732

Maybe you are looking for


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