New features for uc320

Dear Cisco-Team,
There are already some threads open regarding the implementation of new features. Some of them are maybe not more actual, so I open a new discussion to have hopefully answers on the following feature requests:
PPTP-Implementation: It's still not possible to get PPTP running with the UC320. (Teleworker)
Remote-Phones: It's still not possible to connect SPA phones remotely to UC320
Dial-Plan: With the new firmware 2.3.2 (6) there was one great improvement: "Return Call without Edit Dial". But it doesn't work for Austria.
"Enhanced Caller ID Directory Mapping" - also new in version 2.3.2 - but doesn't work.
soft-phone: annouced many times and since years. promised by Cisco. Still not implemented.
I hope that someone from Cisco can give me a qualified answer incl. a timeline!!!
Greeting from Austria.

This is not very reassuring as to the future, and Cisco's commitment, to this platform, as these features (teleworker, softphone, wireless portable phone, etc.) have previously been touted as "on the roadmap". Being "on the roadmap" and being "re-evaluated" are different objectives.
It appears that the UC320 is just a repackaging of the SPA-9000 + the SPA-400 without the ability to use the SPA9xx phones. What a disapointment and missed opportunity for Cisco.
"The teleworker and softphone features mentioned in the posting above are  been re-evaluated by the team. There is no commitment yet on these  features."

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    Welcome to the Forums!
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    Nokia do not make the changelogs available publicly but often they do appear on unofficial sites. Searching google may provide you with more detailed info that cannot be posted here.

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    Getting rid of defaults from the past (brightness +50, contrast +25, blacks 5,. medium-contrast curve) is also nice, as it didn't make any sense with camera profiles
    I'm also glad that clarity is now usable for me, so I don't have to apply wide radius USM in PS anymore ... The same with highlight & shadows tool, that is now implemented here ... etc ...

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    The book you mention is for those individuals who are upgrading their 9i OCP to the 10g OCP. Since you are apparently upgrading from 8i OCP, there is possibly a gap in your learning. You might want to take a look at OCP Oracle9i Database: New Features for Administrators Exam Guide (Paperback) which explains the new features for Oracle 9i to someone coming from an 8i background. No additional exam would be needed in your case but this book may help to fill out your knowledge a bit. You could also take a look at if you would rather not buy an additional book.

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    I've not been able to find anything about the new services that OS X integrates with. For example, in Safari I can only choose between Google, Yahoo and Bing. In QuickTime Player I can only upload to YouTube and Vimeo, and the only microblogging service I can add is Twitter.

    Z. Zepto wrote:
    Is it impossible to use the those features without making the computer chinese?
    I forgot, yes, you can you can always add an account for a specific service in the Messages, Calendars & Contacts Preferences pane.

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    I have a question too.
    I am 10g certified and looking to take the 11g New Features For Administrators course in the new year.
    Previously when I certifed from 8i to 9i and then to 10g it was only required to take the exam and the course was optional although my company sends me anyway.
    Looking on Oracles website it seems to be that to do the 11g New Features you now have also have to attend another instructor led course. I have posted a link.
    Can someone confirm if this is the case and that Oracle have changed the format of the New Features upgrade path,

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