New Front Row, iTunes and Quick Time updater

For user that not aware, there is a new updater for mac which is Front Row 1.3, iTunes 7.0.0 and QuickTime 7.1.3.
For my self, I think the iTunes 7.0.0 is excellent, I found it helpfull to categorize the video and TVshow that I have into a big art image with all the titles next to it instead of showing all as list or as icon in previous iTunes. Not to mention that we can buy a full length dvd movie ($9.99).
I wish the price is the same as songs or regular video ($2.99)
Check the link above or use your software updater on your apple menu bar.
Good Luck and Enjoy.

The Updates
A. iTunes
I like the new iTunes a lot, but my major problem is that my music videos (from iTunes store and other sources) are in my music library! When I am typing or on the internet, iTunes is in mini player mode. All of a sudden a video window pops up and starts playing (what else) a video. I don't like that. The music and video mix transfers over to the iPod also. The main reason I don't like it (on the iPod) is because the audio for a video is different than the original song. An example of this is, Don't Speak -by: No doubt.
B. Front Row
I always liked Front Row and don't really notice any changes to it. It used to be a little slow on the exit, but after the update works like normal again. Therefore, I assume the update for Front Row was for the inner workings of the application. No complaints here.
C. Quick Time
I don't really use Quick Time. I do most of my video watching in iTunes of Front Row because I don't have to pay Apple to watch stuff full screen with those applications. Although, most of my videos are in Quick Time format because it takes anywhere from two (2) too thirty (30) seconds for Front Row to load Windows Media Video files from my external HD. (I guess that IS a complaint for Front Row, but don't tell him. ^_^)
D. iPod v. 1.2
Nice! 1) I can adjust the screen brightness (to conserve battery life). 2) Quick scroll thinggy (I lack the technical jargon to describe it). 3) Screen has a little brightness while it's connected to my computer. 'Nuf said.
E. Summary
I update anything Apple tells me to. But I am having some regrets about iTunes. Nothing that is going to make me uninstall iTunes and reinstall it from a CD (say... the CD that came with my iPod). I have sent a suggestion to Apple, so if you don't like the way things are, I suggest you do the same because posting here will do little to get it fixed. To do it, go to the menu bar while in iTunes and click:
iTunes>Provide iTunes feedback
It should be something similar in Windows, if any of you guys and gals are reading this. Everything else is fine.

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  • ITunes not running after Safari and Quick Time update

    HELP NEEDED!!After updating to the latest version of Safari and Quick Time, i got this error message the next time I started my computer:
    "AppSyncNotifier.exe: The program can't start because CoreCoundation.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."
    I tried to open iTunes but I can't. I tried to uninstall so I can reinstall but it I got another error message that said I do not have the rights to uninstall, etc. I am the only user of this computer and I have admin rights. This PC used to run on vista but I recently upgraded to Windows 7(x64) and I encoutered the same problem - i could not uninstall/reinstall iTunes because "I do not have permission"
    After upgrading to Windows 7 iTunes was running okay until the Safari and Quick Time update.
    I need to sync my iPhone and iPod but without iTunes I can't!!!

    b noir wrote:
    What a strange collation of errors. Taken at face value, each of the three suggests a different problem. Working on an Occam's razor sort of principle, that one underlying problem is going to be more likely than a perfect storm of three different problems at once, I think we'd better try checking on troubles with administrative privileges first.
    Let's try doing a "run as administrator" on an iTunes uninstall first.
    Download and save a fresh copy of the itunes installer to your desktop.
    Now right-click on the iTunes64Setup.exe file you downloaded and select "Run as administrator".
    Since you've already got that version of iTunes installed, you should eventually get to a dialog asking you to repair or remove iTunes. Select Remove.
    Does that go through without the "Windows Installer" message?
    If so, reboot the PC and then try another "Run as administrator" of your iTunes64Setup.exe. Does Apple Application Support get installed for you properly this time?
    Thanks again b noir. Unfortunately, this suggestion did not work. When I did what you said, there was no option to "remove". I see the iTunes thing on my control panel-programs window, but it's no longer in the program (x86) folder on the c:/drive. iTunes on my computer is like gum stuck to my shoe. same goes for bonjour. Please be patient some more. Do you have any more suggestions?? I'm planning to get me an iPad but if I can't get iTunes to run properly on my computer I'm having second thoughts about it now.

  • ITunes and Quick Time upgrade 9.0.2 error downloading and installing

    This morning I recived notification that there is a new update for iTunes and Quick Time. While downloading and installing this upgrade 9.0.2, I received the following error:
    An error occurred during the installation of assembly "Microsoft.VC80.CRT, version= "8.0.50727.4053" type="win32", publicKey Token="1fc8b3b9a1e18e3b", process or Architecture="x86"', please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x800736B3.
    What the heck does that mean???

    I received the same error and spent roughly an hour and a half troubleshooting with the Apple Customer Support before I was told that it was a Windows or Lenovo manufacturer issue -- something to do with a registry key -- and that this was outside the realm of Apple Customer Support.
    If you are able to resolve it, I would be interested in knowing how.

  • Itunes plus quick time update

    Received notice of updating to itunes v9 +quick time + safari. Well Safari update appeared to install ok but the itunes and quick time gets to a point where it say it can't change Config.msi\4843932.rbf
    Tells me to try again as Administator. Well I am logged in as administrator and it still won't install even when I download it and then try to install from the directory folder.
    Runing Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit

    Perhaps your ISP is lying about Google's address?
    Since there is no Mac version of Chrome, it's unlikely that Google is trying to force you to use that Maybe they're hoping you'll write it?
    Try and see how that works (that's one of the addresses that Network Utility shows me for

  • I installed itunes and quick time  but when I try to open itunes I get a message that reads "quicktime failed to initialize (error -2096)"

    I installed itunes and quick time  but when I try to open itunes I get a message that reads "quicktime failed to initialize (error -2096).  I have removed both itunes and quicktime from my computer and re-installed them and I still get the same message.  What do I do to get itunes to work?

    That one is often a compatibility mode problem. Try the following document, only be sure that none of the boxes in the compatibility mode tab are checked (not just the compatibility mode box itself):
    iTunes for Windows: How to turn off Compatibility Mode

  • Help to install iTunes and Quick Time please!

    I really hope you can help me. I have been working my way through this forum for around 5 hours today. I have tried a number of your suggestions and have made some progress.
    - My iTunes hasn't been working for some time. I tried to uninstall it and reinstall a fresh version but it wouldn't uninstall.
    - So following forum advice, I downloaded and ran Windows Install Clean Up and also did a manual deletion exercise. This left a few odd files that wouldn't delete.
    - I have downloaded iTunes 8.2 but it won't install. I get an error message: "error writing to file: c:\programfiles\commonfiles\apple\mobile device support\syncservices\schemas\calendars.syncschema\contents\windows\calendars.ex e Verify that you have access to that directory" and eventually I get a message telling me that iTunes needs Quick Time.
    - I also downloaded the stand alone version of Quick Time. When trying to install it I get the error message "error writing to file:c:\programfiles\quicktime\pictureviewer.resources\ko.1proj\pictureviewerlo calized.dll Verify that you have access to that directory"
    - I can confirm that I am the only user of this computer and I have administrator rights.
    - I have installed the latest Microsoft updates.
    - I have restarted my computer about 3 times, after each major thing I've tried.
    Totally Stuck Now!
    I did read a suggestion about using a Microsoft fix but it involves going into the registry and I don't have the confidence to do that, I don't really know what I'm doing at all, I'm just following my nose!
    When my computer starts up CheckDisk says "correcting error in index $0 16208" and after correcting and sorting it says "an unspecified error occurred".
    Please help!!

    It sounds as though the file referred to in the error message is corrupt and Windows cannot read it.
    Try running a disk check. If it finds and fixes errors, try reininstalling. If not it it doesn't work, go on to the next step.
    Try renaming c:\programfiles\commonfiles\apple\mobile device support\syncservices\schemas\calendars.syncschema\contents\windows\calendars.ex e as ...calendars.old.
    If Windows will not allow that, then rename the containing folder.
    This should allow the install to proceed as it will not see the corrupt file.

  • ITunes and Quick Time is not functioning so I cant use my new iPod!

    My iTunes won't work.
    I've installed and reinstalled it a few times and it just wont work therefore I cant use my ipod. I have also tried opening the Quick Time Player and my pc went crazy. It wouldn't open either.
    Is there anyway I can transfer songs and such to my ipod without using iTunes or is there any other advice please.

    You can try the direct download link from Apple.

  • Can't play HD items on iTunes and Quick Time

    Hi everyone,
    I think I went through all the posts I could find on the subject. If I missed the solution, please forgive me. First time around here.
    Here's the problem:
    Whenever I open a tv show or movie I purchased on iTunes in HD mode, the audio will play just fine. However, the visual will consist of yellow, magenta and green colors and nothing else. Much like having the wrong codec installed. (Note: When the recent Mountain Lion update and iTunes update came out the vidoes played fine - until I rebooted.) All videos worked just fine on my old iMac. I should also note that VLC will show a progress bar, but neither play video nor audio.
    What lead to it:
    I recently got a new iMac and migrated everything from my old iMac to the new one. Everything went just fine, except for the problem mentioned above.
    What I tried up to now:
    - switching to SD (works - but doesn't really solve the problem, does it)
    - creating a new user account without any apps installed on it (still get the same result)
    - rebooting several times, of course
    - finger gymnastics with P+R+cmd+ctrl at start-up
    Basic system:
    27" (mid 2011) iMac, 3.4 GHz Intel Core i7, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, AMD Radeon HD 6970M, OS X 10.8.2, iTunes 10.7, Quick Time 10.2
    Hope one of you guys can think of a solution to this. I'm all out of ideas. There are some suggestions and  good insights in this thread
    If a forum member gives an answer you like, please give them the Kudos they deserve. If a member gives you the answer to your question, mark the answer as Accepted Solution so others can see the solution to the problem. Thanks !!!

  • E and F drives disappear after I install iTunes and Quick Time

    Whenever I install iTunes/Quick Time on my computer, my E and F drives "disappear" and I have no way of accessing them or playing CDs/DVDs. The only way I know how to get them back is to restore my computer to an earlier date. When I do that, I no longer have iTunes/Quick Time on my computer. My computer is an HP Pentium 4 with Windows XP.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can fix this problem? It drives me crazy and I can't update my iPod Shuffle very often because of what I have to go through to get my drives back when I'm done. I'd appreciate any help you can give me.

    First since you have done restores, you need to goto microsofts windows update site and update windows. Then goto the PC makers site and install all updates for your model, especailly BIOs IDE controller and CD/DVD ROM updates.
    After that install itunes.
    Then rightclick "My COmputer" hit Manage>Device manager and see if theres a "Code 41" error message showing beside your CD DVD Drives

  • Fatal error when I open Itunes and Quick time.

    EventType : BEX P1 : QuickTimePlayer.exe P2 : P3 : 47edaedf
    P4 : QuickTimePlayer.exe P5 : P6 : 47edaedf P7 : 0000130d
    P8 : c0000409 P9 : 00000000
    cant uninstall quick time gives fatal error, stems from same error when I try to open Itunes.

    Checking on a possible cause of similar symptoms. Have you ever install an ACE or K-Lite Mega Codec pack, a copy of QT Alternative or QT Lite, or a copy of Storm Codec on that PC?
    (Checking on this because those programs, and some others, can install "QuickTime" componentry on the PC that can break a copy of the QuickTime on the PC, and as a consequence break iTunes. The "fatal error" when attempting to uninstall QuickTime is often a symptom of that, too.)

  • Is there a problem with the itunes and quick time download pages or is it my internet.

    Is there a problem with the itunes and quicktime download pages or is it just my internet.

    Some more developments ... the issue appears to be browser-specific. I can't see the download controls at the moment in either IE 8 (I'll get your message) or Safari for Windows 5.0.5 (I'll just get the blank box). But I can see the download controls in Firefox 4 and Chrome (whatever version I have of that).
    So it might be worth installing Firefox and seeing if you can get the downloads via that:

  • How to download and run iTunes and Quick Time in English?

    I just bought a new Windows laptop and tried to download iTunes and QT. But after I've downloaded it and try to "Run" (and install), a Chinese window appears and I can't read Chinese. My OS (XP) was installed in English, what is the problem?

    download and install its free
    I just bought a 4th gen nano today, and running windows 2000.
    This was my first ever Apple product, and i was pretty angry when i ran into the same problem as you. with some frustrating research I found MediaMonkey and listening to my new iPod as i type this

  • Trouble installing itunes and quick time

    When I attempted to install the new version of iTunes the installer gave me the message "there is a problem with this windows installer package. a program required for this install to complete could not be run." I have downloaded the installer several times. I have windows vista home premium 64 bit.

    "There is a problem with the windows installer package. A program required for this install to complete could not be run.
    With that one, I'd start by trying the measures from the following polydorus post:

  • Front Row, iTunes, and Rentals

    Is Front Row going to be updated, when AppleTV is updated, so I can rent from front row or even watch Rented Movies from Front Row?

    It is a good question... I guess we have the answer given that the @tv has been updated.

  • Initial install of itunes and quick time locked up Windows 2000 @ restart

    I installed itunes and quicktime from the disc provided. After install the installer asked to restart the computer and I clicked yes. It has not booted since. Windows 2000 Pro locks up about 75% through process. I did hear the speakers activate then nothing. I have attempted a hard boot and restart in safe mode without success. My emergency disk did not work. Where should I go next?

    just checking something before we proceed ... did you have an copy of the Adaptec version of Easy CD Creator 4.0.x installed on that PC?

Maybe you are looking for

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