New Ipod Classic syncing problems, restoring problems

Just got my 80gb Ipod Classic yesterday, and have had syncing problems, and now Itunes does not recognize it at all.
I'm using the latest version of Itunes (
Ipod Firmware 1.1.2 (or whatever the newest is)
Windows XP Pro
I'm a long-time user of a 5g 30gb Ipod and never have had issues like this. I am syncing to the same Itunes library as my old Ipod. Connecting my new Ipod Classic, I updated the firmware, and tried to sync. Halfway through the sync, I got an error. I disconnected the ipod and reset it. I tried syncing again, and again it would hang at some point, had to disconnect, and then it said my ipod had no music, but with 60gb free only. So obviously a database problem on the ipod and some mp3 files that my new ipod classic didn't like (though my old 5g ipod has no problem with this library).
Next, I connected and did a Restore.
I removed the culprit mp3 files from Itunes Library, attempted to sync again. Again, it would freeze at some point during sync. Had to disconnect Ipod while Itunes was frozen. Again, Ipod says has no music but with only about 60gb free.
So Ipod is corrupted again. The problem is when I connect it to my PC, Itunes no longer recognizes it, so I can't do a Restore. What do I do?

Just wanted to post my results, for future users benefit:
Putting my Ipod into Disk Mode, connected to computer, Itunes recognized it, performed a Restore.
Still had syncing/freezing issues.
Decided that my Itunes library database was corrupted. Went into My Documents > My Music, and deleted the Itunes Folder, except for the containing Artwork Folder.
Have been rebuilding my Library from scratch since, and have had no syncing problems yet again.
Only problem is that in the outermost Podcast menu, it is always empty. The only conveninent way to access my Podcasts is to make a playlist and put them all in it.

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    I have a similar problem with a 160 gb Classic, about 5 years old - if I move the plug one channel may be heard and tehn the other. The interface works but not the sound. Different ipods eg nano work perfectly.
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    I have been onto Apple by phone, and into the Apple store where both of them recomended that it gets replaced.  I did, got a brand new ipod classic, and i still have the same problem.
    I have attempted to restore, but it won't let me for the same reason.
    On a couple of occations it starts to sync!!  however it goes through practicly the whole syncing process (12,000 songs, heaps of videos) and then just freezes up! The little rainbow orb spins forever until i have to force quit.
    I have had my old ipod and my partners ipod regestered and used on the one itunes with no complications whatsoever, our old ipods sync perfectly with no problems at all.
    very frustrated.
    Is it my Ipod Box?
    Or is it Itunes?
    or does it not like me having more than two ipods registered?
    with the last new ipod which was replaced and the current new ipod that's a total of 4 ipods regestered on the one itunes
    My partner has a Dell Laptop with Microsoft.  I downloaded Itunes on there, ripped one cd, formatted the current new ipod, and it synced the one cd i ripped with no trouble at all.
    Has anyone else had the same problem with their Ipod Classic?

    Is iTunes up to date (10.7)?  Have you tried plugging the iPod into a different USB or using a different USB cable?
    I would recommend doing a disk diagnostic on the iPod's HD using the instructions given by turingtest2 in this older thread to check your Hard Drive's health.  He always covers what the resulting numbers indicate.

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    I have a new laptop and a new iPod classic.  I have checked and both have the most up to date software.  I have logged into iTunes and all the music and films I had purchased previously is showing.
    I thought I simply had to log into iTunes,authorise the laptop, plug in my Ipod and then sync the music and films from iTunes onto my iPod.
    When I do the there is a message within seconds to say the iPod sync is completed but the iPod remains empty.  I can't figure out where I have gone wrong.
    All suggestions gratefully received

    Problem solved.  It seems that iTunes archived my music to iCloud so once I downloaded all the files again they sync'd rght away

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    Figured out the problem!

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    yes i have a solution to my problem only because of a recent phone call from apple they were great.......... in the right hand side of itunes my i pod was displayed.  click on the ipod the top of the page you will see summary,,,,,,music,,,,,,movies,,,,,,tvshow,,,,,,photo,,,,,on this ipod.
    click on music check mark music done and sync
    problem solved
    thanks apple

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    Try posting in the ipod classic forum

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    In my attempts to sync a brand new iPod Classic (160 GB) with iTunes I only get a freeze up of iTunes, where only a force quit helps to terminate the hang. I have of course done all the usual, i.e. restored the entire iPod Classic, restarted my Mac, made sure all software is the latest software. All to no avail.

    Syncing a 160GB iPod Classic, may take a long time, so better to stop all other process or apps, when you do it.
    Especially, disconnect all other USB devices and connect the iPod directly to the body of the Mac and not to the Keyboard USB port or any USB hub.
    I think you have done all other suggestions, that I can think of.
    Except doing a Disk Diagnostic on this new iPod, and send it back to Apple if the DD report is bad, refer to this earlier post by tt2
    Have a nice day!

  • Just got a new iPod Classic and can only sync 536 songs of the almost 8,000 that I have stored in the cloud. How can I download all my music to the new iPod Classic?

    Does anyone have an idea how to transfer music stored in the cloud to a new iPod classic?

    You must download it to your iTunes library first, before syncing the iPod classic.

  • New ipod classic won't  sync with itunes on windows 8

    I transferred my itunes library (via an external hard drive) from laptop windows xp to new laptop windows 8. I am now unable to sync my new ipod classic 160gb. I have also tried my old ipod classic 80gb but it won't sync either. 

    Hello jennebb,
    The following article can help get iTunes and your new iPad Air working together.
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

  • Songs in music library downloaded from a CD and synced to my old IPOD are not recognized by my new IPOD classic.  What is the fix?

    Songs in music library downloaded from a CD and synced to my old IPOD are not recognized by my new IPOD classic.  What is the fix?

    If you are using automatic syncing with your old iPod, select that iPod in iTunes and go to its Music tab (next to Summary).  Note how this Music tab is set up.  Maybe you can do a screen shot.
    Now, select the new iPod in iTunes.  Go to its Music tab, like you did for the old iPod.  Set up the new iPod's Music tab exactly like the old iPod, and Apply the change. 
    The music on your new iPod should now match the old iPod.

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    I have an Ipod classic sync'd to a PC. The PC is no longer working. I purchased a new MacBook pro. How can I sync the Ipod to the new Macbook pro

    Your iPod is designed to sync with only one iTunes library at a time. It will recognize the iTunes library on the Mac as a new library. If you sync the iPod with this new library, all content will be erased from the iPod and replaced with what is in the new library. So what you will want to do is copy everything from the iPod to your new iTunes library on your Mac first.
    See this older post from another forum member Zevoneer covering the different methods and software available to assist you with the task of copying content from your iPod back to your PC and into iTunes.

  • Brand new iPod Classic will not sync with iTunes.  All my older devices are fine, but as soon as this is connected, iTunes stops responding when it says it's "determining tracks to sync."

    Also, the iMac I'm connecting it to is brand new as well - replacing a slightly older one.  My complete library got imported during setup and, like I mentioned, my older iPod classic synced fine, as did our iPhones.  Thoughts??

    Is the Convert higher bit rate songs to 128 kbps AAC option ticked from under the iPod's Summary tab in iTunes?  If so disable this feature and then try resyncing the device.

  • Ipod classic sync to new macbook pro

    I bought a new ipod classic and did use it on my old PC but now have a new macbook pro.  What, if anything, should I do when I attach my new ipod to the new computer??

    Your iPod can only be synced with one iTunes library at a time.  If you try to sync it to a new computer/iTunes library the process will erase what is currently on the iPod and replace it with the content that is now in your new iTunes library.  If possible, copy your entire iTunes library from your PC to your Mac first.  Here are a few ways to do it.
    One way to do it is to use your iPod Classic as an external hard drive and copy it that way.
    Otherwise, you'll need to use one of the methods described in this Apple support document to copy content from your iPod back to your Mac.

  • New computer, new iPod Classic - doesn't sync my purchased tunes

    In a perfect storm of technical catastrphies, my desktop PC went belly up, followed by my iPod. When I bought a new PC, the dealer transfered all My Documents, including Music to the new PC. 2 weeks later, my old iPod likewise demised but my wife bought me a new iPod Classic for my birthday. It was easy to sync my iTunes library to the new iPod except I have notice that many tunes are not being synced to iPod. Looks like none of my purchased tunes are being transferred and I get a message informing me something to the effect that this PC wasn't liked to this iPod or somesuch.
    Any body know how to get around this?

    Hey there,
    Before you can transfer of play any songs from iTunes you have authorize your computer first. To do this just head to +Store->Authorize Computer+ and see if that does anything for you. Hope this helps.

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