New key figures in multiCube not available in old query

Hello every one,
I created new key figures in a mult Cube but not I wish to put them in the query based on this multi Cube and the figures are not there.
I already actived the multi Cube, also sign on and sign off the BEx, generate the query using rsrt but until now no solution.
Can you help me out?

did you add the fields using the query designer....
also make a double check that this query is based on that multiprovider...
rgds, Ghuru

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  • New key figures in multiprovider not visible in query designer

    Dear Experts,
    I added a cube and  keyfigures to the multiprovider definition.
    The multiprovider is activated successfully.
    The added keyfigures come only from this new cube.
    I  identified these new keyfigures to this new cube only.
    There is an existing query based on old version of the multiprovider without the new cube.
    When i relaunch query designer and re-open this query, i could not see the new keyfigures.
    When i create a new query, also its not showing the new keyfigures.
    Is there something not refreshed that I do not see these new key figures?
    Kindly advise. Thank you!
    Best regards

    Some time it happens that newly added key figures and characteristics are not visible immediately in Bex query designer. Just check for warnings if any encountered while activating else try editing and re activating your Multiprovider and also proper field assignment.
    Newly added Key Figures should be visible in both New and Old queries without any differentiation. Just log off and log in back after some time, there is a good possibility that this inconsistency would be resolved.
    Raj Rai

  • Adding a new key figure to Info Cube

    Can I add a new key figure to an existing Info cube in which data is loaded?
    Assume that In Info Cube we have the following.
    Stu Id -- Characteristic
    Maths , Physics , Chemistry -- Key figures
    These are the info objects which are already available and transfer rules are already available for the same in the infosource.
    Could any one let me know how to add one more new key figure (total ) , which is the sum of the three marks to the Info Cube and populate the data in to the same.
    I have tried the following steps ,  but could not get the solution.
    1). Create a new key figure info object (total).
    2). Add the same to the communication and pull the same into transfer rules of the existing info source and activate the same.
    3). Add the new key figure to the info cube.
    4). Open transfer rules for the info cube and change the mode from NO updation to Addition for the particular key figure (total).
       When I perform the 4th step it is giving a red symbol beside the key figure in update rules and I'm not able to activate the same.
    Any help on how to add key figures to update rules and transfer rules is highly appreciated and points would be assigned.

    1.add new Keyfigure to Infocube.
    2.Go to Update rules> go to update type of that Keyfigure>selct formula in update method>create new formula>here you can add up your 3 keyfigures-->OK.
    activate update rules and InfoProvider.Check all are active or not..
    by using Export generate datasouce ,you populate data(historical data)  to new keyfigure as well.Then you have to delete historical data requests.
    or iyou can create formula in query designer as well as srinivas suggested.that would be better option.

  • How To Add New Key Figure in Manual Planning

    Dear All
    Please Help
    I Already implement BPS for 2 year.
    Now user want to add new key figure in Cube.
    I already add new key figure to cube and activated it.
    But in Manual Planning, The new key figure not show in selection
    what I must do?
    Please Help.

    not all key figure types are supported in BPS.
    1. All key figure types must have aggregation SUM, SUM.
    2. Supported key figure types:
    - amout
    - quantity
    - number (integer, float, dec)
    - time, only type DEC
    - datum, only type DEC
    All other key figures are filtered out and are not available in BPS.

  • Adding new key figure in Info structure

    Hi all,
    I am in a need to add a new key figure to our info structure here in my company.
    The way I understand it is, it would be best to create a NEW info structure and copy all existing key figure and characteristic and then insert my new key figure into this and rewrite the macro if required.
    So my question is
    1. How to determine which info structure is currently in use in my company? If i check in MC89 - the key figures match what is in Info structure S076. So is it safe to assume that we are using standard S&OP in my company? Is that a correct way to identify the currently used info structure?
    2. For our KMAT, when i open a planned order I see that there in another info structure (not S076) under configuration tab. So can we have diff info structure in use at a same time ?
    Please guide.

    Hi Nisha,
    1. First of all, How would I determine which info structure is being used at this time in my company?
    I need to know this so that when I am creating my own custom (S500 - S999) info structure, i can copy the existing KFs and Characteristics and add them to my info structure and then Add a specific key figure on top of that.
    Info structures are nothing but tables so in se16 you can check which are Info structures are having update values.
    Yes you can add the specific key figure on existing self defined info structure in MC22 after that you need to generate it.
    2. Can multiple info structure be in 'use' at the same time in any scenario? 
    For self defined info structure are application specific you can not have multiple info structure for same scenario. If you take the example of flexible planning with self defined info structure then you can transfer the demand from only one info structure.

  • Addition of new key figure in ODS

    Dear all,
    In ODS, delta is loaded everyday through process chain. Now according to business requirement, we need to add one more key figure in it. I don't have to map it with any of the R/3 field. Only i have to create update routine to assign value in it using already existing key figure.
    Can i directly add new key figure in the ODS? Will it affect my data present in ODS as well as daily delta load process?
    If i can do this, can i assign exact 'key figure' value for the existing data also?
    Please guide me for the same. We are using BW 3.5.

    I am not sure that it is true that you need to delete data.  I am sure one can add a field to the ODS without deleting it.  The field will remain blank after creation, unless you fill it:
    1.  manually using a flat file for past data; mapping will work for subsequent data
    2.  Use a self reference if the value is already present in another key figure.
    The change may take a long time to activate depending on the following:
    1.  Size of the ODS
    2.  Existence of indexes.
    However,  as you are running a delta you need to be careful of the delta queue if you also intend to touch the datasource.

  • How to append DATA_PACKAGE strucutre to include new key figures?

    Iu2019m a newbie to ABAP and need some help with a start routine in BW 3.5
    In the source DSO I only have  the u201CYTD amountu201D key figure. The destination DSO should also contain the key figures u201CCurrent month amountu201D (ZAMTMO) and u201CLast 12months amountu201D (ZAMTLTM). So in the transfer rule I want to have a start routine to do some calculations and add the 2 new key figures.
    I use an internal table LCYEARDATA do the calculations:
      DATA: LCYEARDATA type sorted table of /bic/aZHYP3_O00
            with unique key CALMONTH /BIC/ZHYP_ACC /BIC/ZHYP_ENTI
            with header line.
    *Get the YTD This Month.
            WITH KEY
          IF sy-subrc IS INITIAL.
    *Last 12 Months = (YTD Last Year - YTD Month Last Year) + YTD This Month
         modify DATA_PACKAGE.
    Since the DATA_PACKAGE have the same structure as the source DSO, and donu2019t contain the new key figures, I canu2019t add the new calculated key figures at the end of the loop. I get an error message saying that ZAMTMO and ZAMTLTM canu2019t be found.
    So the basic question is: How do I append the structure of the Data Package so it can include the new key figures?

    Hi Karsten,
      Similar post... have a look...
    Re: data package error
    DATA: varighed TYPE i.
    LOOP AT DATA_PACKAGE into wa_temp.
    varighed = 100.(<b>What this means....?? condition..?</b>)
    wa_temp-/bic/iotvarig = varighed.
    wa_temp-/BIC/IOTOBJFOR = 'TEST'.
    -->> <b>you have to write modify wa_temp</b>.
    modify wa_temp.
    LOOP AT wa_temp.
    Hope it Helps

  • Added new key figure in the report

    I have added new key figure in the report .If i display this key figure value in the report it is populating correct value with ERROR(example 22.5 ERROR).The report is on the multiprovider .i have check the value for this in multiprovider it is populating correctly .There is no calculation in the report for this .While extracting in to report i am getting this. Help me to resolve this issue.

    I have already created a formula like NODIM(Key field).that only i am using .
    and mapping I did in this way. I went to multiprovider and I have selected this key figure and right click and select (assign) then I have click on create proposal for all infoobjects option.
    Please suggest any thing need to do.
    I am sorry .I did not understand the lonterm solution suggested by you .what is UOM .Please tell me how to map.can you pls tell me clearly please

  • Hi Gurus, To Add New key figure in BW 3.5 flow ODS- Infoset

    Hi Gurus ,
    I have rquerimennt to add a new  keyfigure in ODS and then into  Infoset .  The histrorical data for this keyfigure is not needed . Can you please let me know what the are changes needed to be done in Transfer structure -> cs->updaterules->ods->infoset.
    should i delete data from dso before I add keyfigure?

    are going to get the values for the new key figure from source or is it going to calculate in BW side?
    If yes, then add that key figure in source DS, replicate the same BW system.
    Now add this key figure to your ODS and activate.
    create transformation for this. and activate.
    as this is key figure, you will get data for this in info set automatically.

  • Add new key figure to an Infocube

    Hi Experts
    I need add two new key-figure to the Infocube with data.
    Can I do this, or I need have an empty cube in order to made the changes?
    Thank you in advance!

    Yes the same, no need to delete data unless you recategorize the existing characteristics the same is true for the ods too. Adding is not issue, only removing.

  • Virtual Key Figures in RSR_OLAP_BADI not re-calculated correctly

    Hello BW/BI Experts!
        Please clarify why is the COMPUTE METHOD of RSR_OLAP_BADI not triggered or executed
    if you remove a drilldown to a certain characteristic.
        For instance, my query is drilled down by customer and material by default. Upon
    opening the query and after entering the appropriate selections, the virtual key figures
    that I have used in the query are correct .
        However, if you remove the drilldown by customer(for example), the virtual key figure
    is not re-computed. I was able to verify this by setting break-point in the COMPUTE
    method. However, if you drilldown by customer again, the re-calculation for the virtual
    key figure is correct likewise, if you refresh query, the results will be correct.
         Is this really the normal behavior of the said BADI? Why is it unstable? If I will
    use RSR00002(the user exit version), will I not have the same issue?
    Thanks in Advance!

    If I will use RSR00002(the user exit version), will I not have the same issue?
    I dont see any reason why this wouldnt behave the same way.
    I assume from ur post that you need to read ur customer and material to derive ur virtual KF in the BAdi. When you remove the drilldown the customer value is no more available for the exit to calculate  the KF, thats when it throws out a wrong number. I havent seen a work around for this. Please update the form if you find a solution to get the customer values into the exit even after removing the drill down.

  • New Key figures and Macro updates

    Is there a way to ensure that a change in the data view design  by adding additional key figures and changing the positions of the key figures/macros DOES NOT result in changes in Macros already present. This seems a little ridiculuous when i compare this to spreahseet functions, where only fixed references in the cells  are impacted by changes in rows and columns, adding columns and deleting rows etc, else the formulas/macros in excel adjust automatically. The Macros in my planning are adjusted and deactivated after inserting some more key figures and shuffling some up and down to organize the book for some new functionalities. Is there a report/technique to reset the macros so that they work as intended with proper references as defined.

    As Somnath says this is unfortunately the "normal" behaviour of the system. The macro workbench basically allocates a number to each key figure internally, so if new key figures are introduced, or even if you change the order of key figures in the data view, then this can affect the macro functionality.
    As long as the new key figure is introduced and placed at the end of the list in the data view then this will not normally affect the macro, it just needs re-activating.
    I find it frustrating when I have to re-order key figures in a data view then I have to check all macros are still working correctly and that the key figures used in the macro are the correct ones but unfortunately SAP will just say "as designed"!! 

  • What makes this a Key Figure Model (and not Account Model in BW) ?

    I am reviewing a document on Key Figure Model versus Account Model in BW.
    this example is said to be "Key Figure" Model
    Customer     Revenue     Deductions     COGS
    A            100 DM      390 DM         50 DM
    What makes this a Key Figure Model (and not Account Model in BW)

    Hi Amanda,
    Consider the simplified a company income statement:
    -- Gross profits
    Selling and Administrative expense
    Deperication expense
    -- Operating profit
    Interest expense
    -- Earnings before taxes
    -- Earnings after taxes
    Each of this lines is represented in BW as a key figure (lines with '--' represented as calculated KFs).
    Different persons or companies may use their own details of income statement. For example, someone want to see instead of one line "Selling and Administrative expense" two - separatly selling and administrative expenses, or even break down of these expenses by category. In the KF model every new introducted line should be represented by a new KF.
    In the Account Model every line is represented by one KF only. Let name it as 'Amount'. Another characteristic is telling us what kind of amount it is. Imagine that you have accounting trial balance that lists accounts, starting and ending balances, and debit and credit turnovers for each account.
    An accountant will tell you that a credit turnover in account #XXXX represent the company revenue (sales), a debit turnover in account #YYYY - cost of goods sold etc.
    Simplified inflow of transactional data will consist of:
    Account Amount
    XXXX    -12345
    YYYY    8765
    In this model (assuming that you load data for all accounts) you can easily change the scheme of calculations and their presentations (groupping, regroupping etc.) in reports without creating new KFs.
    In your example you provide a KF model because every distinct type of amounts is represented by its own KF.
    Best regards,
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  • Adding new key figures to DP planning area

    I am using APO DP.
    When adding new key figures to a planning area, is there any way of avoiding having to deinitialise and then re initialise the planning area?
    Thanks for any advice on this...

    First of, let us know which version of DP are you using.
    If you are using 7.0, all you need to do is right click on your planning area and select Change Keyfigure setting and you should be able to update the key figures there.
    The below is from SAP help for SAP APO 7.0, you should be able to add the key figure without deinitializing the planning area.
    Key Figure Settings
    Here you can change the properties of the key figures of a planning area, if the planning area has already been initialized. You can also add or delete key figures. However, you can only delete key figures that are no longer used in planning books, data views, macros, or demand forecasts. You can find out in which objects a specific key figure is used with the where-used list.

  • The macro attempted to modify a key figure that is not locked

    In my planning area I choosen detailed lock, keyfigure specific lock and do not lock read only keyfig after that In interactive DP, I have 2 Planning Books A and B .when I load the selection for book A itu2019s loaded well because all are editable key fig but when I load book B I get error u201CThe macro attempted to modify a key figure that is not lockedu201D in this book 3are editable keyfig 3 are display. I am in SAP SCM 7.0,I had seen the SAP NOTE 851731but its too old i think now iam in advanced that that but that note is not there in my system .
    Any ideas on why this is happening?
    Edited by: sivaram2411 on Feb 3, 2012 1:52 PM

    According to your setting in the palnning area ("do not lock read-only key figures"), if you have set a key figure as "Output Only" in /sapapo/mc8b or by a default macro, then this key figure could not get locked.
    It is not allowed to make changes to unlocked key figures. So if there's  a macro that tries to update this key figure, you'll get the error message.
    If you have "do not lock read-only key figures" set, you must make sure that your macros do not make changes to those key figures that are output only (read only).
    Best Regards,

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    we have dev and qal on one server ,  we are unable to start dev and qal simultaneously  the error I am getting is the paging file. I have increase the virtual memory but tht doesn't work. logs ES initialized. ERROR => [CreateOsShm] CreateFileMapping(

  • Cannot connect to BW query and MDX error

    i have few issue encountered on webi connected to SAP BI 7 and BW 3.x SAPBI7 1)while select the cube/multiprovider on universe connection, i cannot see all the query availbale at BW, only show some query. but i can see all cube/multiprovider. whey? 2