New mac mini audio out through usb

Do any of you know what is the output i would get if i connect my mac mini to my hifi stereo to playback my songs that are 24bit 96khz, can i get that resolution out?

You certainly should be able to do that, not sure on your setup, but...
Open Audio Midi Setup in Applications>Utilities, see the input & output options & KHz setting there.

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  • Is it possible to play iTunes audio out through USB to receiver to power speakers?

    I thought you should be able to.Play iTunes audio out through USB to a receiver equipt with USB mode as I can with my iPad Air, but I can,t find in preferences on my 2013 iMac any out put and I get no signal to the receiver/amp. Is it possible? What am I doing wrong?

    A 3.5mm to RCA cable or adapter will work fine for stereo between the Mac's headphone jack and receiver's RCA input.
    for example's
    Additionally if your receiver is equipted with digital input, you could use a Toslink cable with a 3.5mm adapter on the Mac end.

  • My new mac mini does not see usb drives, but in hardware info the usb is visible

    my new mac mini does not see usb drives, but in hardware info the usb is visible
    i'tried several usb flash drives even brand new ones, they are visible onder hardware info but they are not on the desktop nor in the finder.
    what is wrong and doe anyone has a solution ?

    It does not show up in disk utility, its only visible through systeminformation.
    When you plug in the USB flash drive and then refresh systeminformation it becomes visible.
    To remove it I shut down the computer because I cannot eject the USB device anywhere.
    After starting up again when I have removed the flash drive it has gone from the systeminfo USB list.
    By the way my USB mouse and keyboard are working fine, I also changed ports of these and they still keep on working so I don't think the USB ports are defect.
    I guess it some kind software problem, and because I'm new to Apple I do not know much about it how to solve this.

  • New Mac mini audio problem - beeping from audio output

    Hi Apple fans
    Please help me. I recently purchased a new Mac mini from my local store. It's three-and-a-half weeks old as of today.
    It's an i5 2.3 with 8 GB of corsair RAM.
    I like to watch movies and TV on it and have the audio connected to an external amp and speakers via the headphone output.
    After a reboot today I lost the sound through that output. All that I hear through it now is an electronic beeping, six notes, descending in pitch, repeating.
    I have no idea what it is, other than annoying since this happened on a brand new computer. Not looking forward to the idea of losing my mini for a week as Apple figure it out, but it may be all that's left to do.
    Maybe somebody here can help me out - anyone have an idea what's going on? I did an fsck -fy already, and there seems to be nothing wrong, based on that check. For completeness sake, I ran the sound over a USB sound card, and the beeping noise was not there, and sound worked fine. Ditto for the internal speaker - no weird noise there, this seems limited to the headphone out port. I've tried different cables, and even amps, and a set of small speakers without amp. The noise is there when using the headphone jack, and it's absent when using the wee internal speaker or USB-based sound. Please help?
    I captured the sound on a video which I've uploaded. It's kind of jarring, so keep your hand on the volume button.
    Thanks much for any input - it would be very much appreciated.

    Hi Pascal,
    Certainly strange, but I have no ideas other than having it looked at by Apple.

  • Hi can i put a ps3 hard drive in my mac mini its is the newest model before the new mac mini came out thank you

    hi can i put a ps3 hard drive in my mac mini it was the newest model before the thinner mac mini came out thank you

    Yes. You will have to reformat it with the disk utility though.

  • Mac Mini Audio out only sending to right speaker

    I am running a Mac Mini OS X 10.6.4 as media center.  I am running video directly to my TV, which works fine.  I am running the audio from the Mac Mini out the headphone output through a Y audio Left / Right cable to a sub woofer. The issue I am having is that the audio is only coming out the right side?
    When I hook up a pair of headphones I get sound out of both sides, but when I switch it back to the Sony Soundbar it is segemented to the one side.
    Any suggestions?

    If the output works fine with a set of headphones and not the Sony soundbar, that suggests the cable feeding the soundbar or the soundbar have issues. Have you reversed the cable channels at the soundbar to verify that the soundbar is working correctly? If the working speaker switched sides, then get a new cable.

  • Mac mini audio out

    I have a mac mini.  what type of connector/cable do I need to output digital audio?

    Some Toslink Optical Cable Kits come with 3.5mm adapters.
    If you already have an Optical cable, then all you need is a > Toslink to Mini Plug Adapter
    If not, then you will need a > Toslink to Mini Toslink Optical Cable

  • Mac Mini Audio out jack - s/pdif coaxial?

    The MAC mini manual says " the headphone port is also a S/PDIF stereo 3.5 mini-phono jack".
    So how do I hook up the MAC mini to my receiver's coaxial S/PDIF ports (standard RCA connector) - not optical Toslink ports.
    Are there three choices:
    1. stereo headphone (analog) output to analog input on receiver
    2. optical Toslink S/PDIF via mini-Toslink adapter
    3. mini 3.5mm S/PDIF jack to coaxial cable to RCA S/PDIF input (google search turned up a report this should be done with a monoaural 3.5mm jack)
    Or is option 3 a misunderstanding of the Apple manual?
    Will plugging a mono jack into a stereo headphone jack short circuit the two audio channels or do some other damage?
    The guys at the local Apple store didn't have a clue about coaxial s/pdif nor did Apple support by phone.

    You'll need three parts (this is exactly how my Mac mini was plugged into my coaxial digital audio receiver, but with a converter from Radio Shack that doesn't seem to be available):
    1. mini-Toslink to Toslink cable (or Toslink cable with one mini-Toslink adapter)
    2. An optical to coaxial adapter, like this:
    3. A coaxial digital audio cable (as you mentioned, could be a standard RCA cable)

  • Audio out via USB

    Mac mini audio out port was working on and off. No cause found. So thinking of other alternatives for audio out.
    Is it possible to get audio output via USB such that I can connect it to my Hi-Fi?


  • Possibility to use new Mac mini with an USB-DAC?

    Anybody knowing anything about the possibility to use the new Mac mini with an USB-DAC. My reason for the question is that I've heard that USB3 doesn't handle sound. I'm thinking about to buy a mac mini and use it as an HTPC and signalsource together with NAIM DAC-V1.
    // Rode orm

    What I have heard that there are a few USB2 audio devices that
    have had some issues with USB3, but USB3 itself is supposedly
    backward compatible to USB2.
    I would check with the makers of the DAC to see if there are any
    USB3 issues.

  • Problem with USB speakers and new Mac Mini

    I have a USB sound system consisting of a pair of Harman Kardon soundsticks and a woofer from probably 10 years ago (bought and used originally with a Mac). I have tried driving it my new Mac Mini. It works fine for about a minute; then the music stops. Here's what I've tried to diagnose the problem:
    1. The problem does not occur when these speakers are driven from my Macbook Air (about 3 years old).
    2. The OS and iTunes software is up to date on both machines (10.9.5 and
    3. It does not depend on which USB port I use on the Mac Mini.
    4. Using a port on a USB extender on the Mac Mini does not solve the problem.
    5. The iTunes Preference settings are the same on both machines.

    Sorry, no actual experience with USB Audio devices.
    I found this in the Pro forum, but the outlook doesn't seem good:

  • My new mac mini not recognizing usb dac

    mac mini stopped recognizing external usb dac. i've reloaded osx 10.7.3 and run 10.7.3 combo.  nothing, it appears audio mini setup is not working. the dac lists in devices in finder, but nothing in audio devices. have downloaded driver numerous times....nothnig.
    can anyone help?

    sorry...been away for a hile. it appearsbthatbit fixedbitself......until the power went out earlier today and its now doing the same thing. itnwill not connect to the dc. it is a eastern electric dac plus.

  • New MAC Mini w/OSX Lion - will not boot from USB or external optical drive when attempting to use BootCamp to install Windows 7?

    The University recently purchased 6 brand new MAC minis for deployment in classrooms I support.  I am attempting to create a dualk--boot environment comparable to our existing computer systems, only these machines wil be running MAC OS X Lion and Windows 7.  After following the procedures outlined in the BootCamp on-screen prompts, and attempting a few techniques I found in the tech support user-base, I am still unable to get the MAC mini to boot up from the USB flash drive, or from an external optical drive, so that I can complete the installation of Windows 7.  When using the Boot option key at start-up, all devices are displayed suggesting that they are being properly recognized, however the computer boots to a black screen with an error message indicating that "No bootable devices are  found - press any key to continue." I am able to boot into the computer's internal drive, but not from any external devices.  I fully expected that the semi-automated BootCamp procedure properly prepares the USB device for booting, and for installing the Windows 7 OS.

    Meh, with the price they take for a drive in Denmark, I don't think it's worth it... They take around 160 $ for the drive (that's the cheapest MacBook drive I could find), and I am not even sure that's the one I need.

  • Just got a new mac mini and I can't figure out how to authorize it. Help!

    Just got a new mac mini and cannot figure out how to authorize it.  Help!

    Link your phone number and Apple ID for use with FaceTime and iMessage

  • I just bought a new mac mini and an external DVD burner. I want to burn a DVD video and it will not play on the TV but only on the computer? Need this figured out for tomorrow.

    I just bought a new mac mini and an external DVD burner. I want to burn a DVD video and it will not play on the TV but only on the computer? Need this figured out for tomorrow. Can anyone help me?

    Congratulations on the new Mini. Are you saying you tried burning and it does not play, or do you want to burn it only for the computer to be able to play it?
    OS X Mountain Lion: Burn a CD or DVD may help.

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