New mac mini won't accept dvd's/cd's in the combo drive

Hello friends:
i have a new mac mini that I bought about 2 months ago (Intel, 2.0 ghz). Everything was working fine until I went to put in a DVD today. The combo drive won't accept a disc. It's not that it won't read the disc, it physically won't suck it into the drive. Instead it just sits there. If I try and push it in, nothing happens... it just bounces back out at me as if pushed by a spring. And, no, there isn't already a disc in the drive.
Can anyone suggest how to get my combo drive to work again?

Hi jrm27,
I have an older Mac Mini 1.66 GHz, but I haven't seen this problem.
I take it that the disc does go in a little way. I would think that that rules out that the drive thinks there's a CD already in the drive. I know that when I have a CD or DVD in the drive, the little doors (they're really there) are closed and won't let me insert a 2nd CD.
I presume that you have restarted your system since this started to occur?
When the system is rebooting, hold down the mouse button. This is supposed to force eject a CD. It might also trick your system into thinking there's no CD there, or resetting something.
Try different types of CDs or DVDs, just to make sure that there's not something screwy with the media that you are using. Try an old-fashioned music CD or something.
Are there any sounds the drive makes?

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    This is a brand new mac mini (latest model bought two days ago), just opened and tried to open DVD player without any media on the DVD drive and the DVD Player doesn't open and I get this error:
    There was an initialization error.
    A valid video device could not be found for playback (-70017)
    What could that be?

    No. The DVD Player always open even if there is no media in the drive.
    The problem was the Region. I needed to set the region on the drive, but the error message never told what was the problem, I had to figure it out myself.
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    Congratulations on the new Mini. Are you saying you tried burning and it does not play, or do you want to burn it only for the computer to be able to play it?
    OS X Mountain Lion: Burn a CD or DVD may help.

  • New mac mini won't start up...

    I just got my new mac mini today and it won't start up. After some research I discovered that the icon on the screen is telling me to put batteries in my mouse. There are batteries in my mouse. I shut it down and restarted it again, making sure my wireless keyboard and mouse were turned on. That didn't work. Then I tried turning them on after I started the computer. That didn't work either. I'm sad.

    I have had the same issue (new Mac Mini, client OS, new wireless keyboard and trackpad ... connected using HDMI cables through my receiver to my TV).
    First I got stuck on a spinning doughnut right out of the gate. Phone tech support told me I needed a wired keyboard. While I didn't like the idea, I went down to the apple store to buy that and they told me there was something wrong with the Mini and to bring it in. Today I did took the unit in; they discovered a faulty harddisk and replaced the unit without much hassle (nice).
    Before leaving the store, I told them what phone support had to say about requiring a hardwired mouse and keyboard for setup. They told me it used to be necessary but that is not so nowadays. I happily left the store expecting no other issues.
    Now here I sit. My trackpad is recognized but my keyboard is not. I can't get past the nearly indecipherable screen showing me how to power up these devices for discovery and pairing because it doesn't recognize the keyboard. And since I don't have a wired keyboard anywhere in my house, I'm looking at my 60 minute roundtrip to the apple store. sigh
    I'm most upset about that part. If they'd simply set my expectations that I need a wired solution for setup, I wouldn't like it but at least I'd know and wouldn't spend endless time wasting gas simply to get to step 2 of setup.
    I've been a big fan of the iPhone an iPad but I have to say that Windows PC setup (while a tad slow) is MUCH more straightforward than this. At least I have some workaround options that get me moving. Works out of the box, my @#$.

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    I have a new Mac mini with a trackpad. When Mac is in sleep mode I can't wake it as trackpad and keyboard won't connect. On occasion they do but the Mac takes ~5mins to fully wake.

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    Just unboxed my new Mac Mini and have started the install process.  Made it to the wireless mouse ok, then the keyboard.  It finds the keyboard, gives me the passcode, then I enter it and press enter as requested, and nothing happens.  It just spins through the process again and again.  I have installed new batteries, turned all things on and off at random, and turned off bluetooth on all other devices that might be interfering.  Any ideas?

    Take the batteries out of the keyboard
    Turn off the computer
    Put batteries back in keyboard and hit the power button on the side
    wait 5 seconds
    turn on mini
    go back through the setup process
    works every time for me

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    How do you set up a new mac mini with a new wireless keyboard bought separately ... computer does not see the keyboard.
    I've seen this question asked before but the only answer seems to be to get a usb keyboard for set up. So do I need to go out and buy another keyboard to complete the set up or is there a way around this

    see > New Apple Mac Mini and Apple Wireless Keyboard Un-boxing - YouTube
    If you missed the setup, most any cheap'o generic USB keyboard will work with the Mac Mini.

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    Upgraded to Lion a few months ago, and work remotely from home using Timbuktu Pro which I've used for years.Have been using Lion for the past few months without problems. In the past few weeks if the remote computer, a mac mini  (at my office) is not accessed, the screen appears to be gray when viewing remotely and I cannot wake it up. Energy saver preferences are set to wake up with network access, never go to sleep, keyboard is an Apple USB as well as USB mouse. I had used a bluetooth mouse & thought that might be the issue, so I disconnected it at the end of the day although Bluetooth is still on. Tried disconnecting an external drive (USB) but that didn't make a difference. The only way it will wake up is if someone at the office physically clicks the mouse a few times, then it wakes up. I've tried sending a fax to the remote computer as the office fax machine is connected to the remote computer; the fax is received as it shows up in the Dropbox, but that doesn't wake the mac mini. Very puzzled as all worked well until a few weeks ago. Display has not been changed (DVI), have not added new peripherals although I do have a powered hub connected to the remote computer which I haven't tried disconnecting. Bottom line is that nothing has changed other than Lion upgrades. As so many people are having a problem, I suspect this is a Lion issue. The remote mac mini is approximately 2 years old. I upgraded the RAM about 6 weeks ago to 8 GB (Crucial) and haven't tested that, but it was working fine after the RAM upgraded until recently.

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    I have a new Mac mini- changed from Windows XP. I have a peculiar problem. I use an Acer monitorwith the Mac which works fine when the Mac is 'un-sleeped'. But, if I have shutdown the Mac the Acer does  not recognisethe start up - at least it shows nothing on screen. When I have shut down - nowknowing the problem, I use an old Samsung monitor to cope with the start up -it does so fine - and then put the Mac to 'sleep', then change monitors andrestart the Mac - the Acer is now fine. I am using the same cables for theSamsung and the Acer. The Acer had no problems with my old Windows system -from sleep or shut down. I really do not think there is anything wrong with theAcer - could it be some sort of recognition problem? Please can anyone assist.Donald Picton

    I posted the same question a day ago with no response. I'm using an Acer x193w. You actually don't have to switch monitors to get it to work. Just make sure you turn off the monitor after shutting down the Mac mini (actually push the power button on the monitor, not just let it go to sleep). If you turn on the monitor (push the power button on the monitor), then power up the Mac mini, the monitor is recognized. The issue didnt exist with Snow Leopard for me. It only started after I started using Lion. Hope this issue gets fixed In a future OS update.

  • New Mac mini Arrived, how do I transfer files from my external FW drive?

    I noticed my brand new Mac Mini seems to have a different firewire port than I'm used to seeing on my old G4 Dual 1GHz PowerPc.I was hoping to hook up my external Lacie drive to the Mini to transfer my files. Is it a different connector and is there an adapter for the Mini, or am I out of luck?

    It is firewire 800. You can get a firewire 400 to 800 cable or adaptor, or you can use the USB port if your external hard drive have that option. I did a google search and got some information on the firewire 400 to 800 products.

  • Brand new mac mini won't boot

    I bought a mac mini for my teenaged daughter because the lap top options simply weren't in our price range. I have a high end dell monitor that is about five years old. It hasn't been used regularly so I felt this was a good fit. I was reassured by several that my peripherals would work with the mac mini... no problem. We had to buy a new keyboard, mouse and adapter for the monitor. This took several days and two trips to two different stores to accomplish. We finally got everything set up and working properly or so we thought. The system struggled to download office suite for mac. The system stopped working completely after attempting to download norton anti-virus for mac. Now the system won't boot at all. I've only tried to turn the system on and off to get it working again. I had it up for five minutes yesterday but again it shut down for no reason and now I can't get it back up at all. I usppose a trip to the Apple store is next on the list. Any suggestions are appreciated.

    That is good news...the genius bar folks are generally great to deal with.  Especially when you make an appointment and don't get all upset while waiting for someone to get free
    As was said at the outset, be careful about software you install, not all is really good or necessary.  If in doubt, just pose a question on here and you will get sound advice.  We are all fellow users, many of whom have learned the hard way.
    Keep in mind, this is a Mac OS X machine, not Windows which has everyone in the world writing viruses to attack.
    Have a Happy New Year.

  • My brand new Mac Mini won't start up

    the light comes on, but thats it. No sound, no program. It did work for about an hour. What happened? I tried everything...Take it back.
    Opinions please.

    Having the same issue with my brand new Intel Mac Mini. Happened earlier this week for the first time it went into sleep mode and wouldn't wake up (the light came on, but no chime, no video) - even after shutting it down and trying to boot it up again.
    I called tech support and they had me reboot the bios by unplugging it, pressing and holding the power button and plugging the power back in then releasing the button. After that I pressed the button and it came on - when I turned it on again the fan came on full tilt. I called tech support again they had me unplug it for 3 minutes then it came back on again and seemed fine.
    Today it happened again - I was able to get it rebooted it but called tech support anyway. I am very concerned that a brand new machine is acting this way. While working with tech support it again became unresponsive. After trying a few things I was connected with another product specialist that agreed that their was a problem and has arranged to get me a new machine.
    I am very disappointed as this is my first Mac experience, but hoping it is an isolated issue. Tech support seemed very responsive and I am happy with Apple's response thus far - although it would be nice if they would send the new Mac overnight!
    Anyway since others are having a similiar issue I was curious if there are any common threads to our experiences? If you have a chance list your specs - might see something interesting.
    Ok here are mine:
    - Mac Mini Intel Solo Core
    - Upgraded the RAM to 1 Gig (Ordered it this way)
    - Upgraded to the SuperDrive (DVD Burner)
    - Using a KVM (Also have a PC on the same KVM)
    - Acomdata 160 GB Mini Pal Hard Drive / Ports
    - iPod dock connected
    - USB Camera cable connected
    - Keyboard and mouse are USB wireless PC based
    Anyway post your specs if you are having an issue - maybe we will see a trend.
    Mac Mini Mac OS X (10.4.5)
    Mac Mini   Mac OS X (10.4.5)  

  • New Mac mini won't connect with monitors stating 'unsupported Mode'

    Hi I'm new to Mac and just purchased a Mac Mini.
    The guy in store gave me an adapter so I can use my current screen.
    However when I first tried it the screen was very large however I put this down to needing to change the settings on the screen. Although when I tried it didn't work.
    Now it is sating it's 'unsupported' and is also very large and appears in an equivalent 'safe mode' as you would get on windows - if that's makes sense?
    Please can someone help as I don't really have time to get to store, and need this for our business

    The monitors are;
    Optronix OP-158BS
    Digix screen which does both tv and PC.
    I believe it's a VGA connection and the apple store gave us an adapter for this.
    Many thanks

  • Does new Mac Mini 2011 have a DVD option?

    Will the DVD Air External Superdrive work on the 4 gb Mac Mini running Lion?

    stevenfrompalmyra wrote:
    Will the DVD Air External Superdrive work on the 4 gb Mac Mini running Lion?

  • Brand new mac mini won't start up

    Hi guys, I've read a few threads but nobody seemed to have encountered the problem I have with this new mac straight out of the box.
    It starts with the chime, white screen, wheel, apple pops up but then suddenly the screen turns blue, then grey n displays two images alternately. Both indicate i need to do something with the power button but the power cable is definitely plugged in. What's more bizarre is that neither image features the mini, one is of a MacBook and an arrow points at the power button, the other image of a full size mac hardrive with a power slide on top front. I've never owned a mac until now so really unsure what to expect but the fact that the power light is solid and I can hear the disk spinning must be a good sign?
    I've tried turn off n unplug, wait for 30sec then restart, reboot the RAM but nothing works.
    Would be very grateful for any help you could give.

    since the Mac is brand new, i'd take it to the nearest Apple Store or AASP.
    a new Mac shouldn't behave like this.

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