New Mac mini won't connect with monitors stating 'unsupported Mode'

Hi I'm new to Mac and just purchased a Mac Mini.
The guy in store gave me an adapter so I can use my current screen.
However when I first tried it the screen was very large however I put this down to needing to change the settings on the screen. Although when I tried it didn't work.
Now it is sating it's 'unsupported' and is also very large and appears in an equivalent 'safe mode' as you would get on windows - if that's makes sense?
Please can someone help as I don't really have time to get to store, and need this for our business

The monitors are;
Optronix OP-158BS
Digix screen which does both tv and PC.
I believe it's a VGA connection and the apple store gave us an adapter for this.
Many thanks

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    I connected the power cord and then the HDMI from Mini to Monitor, but it said it needed a DVI-D cable. or it would in 5 minutes go into power save mode, which it did, so there's no picture from Mini Where would that connect on the Mini? Where can I get one and what is on the other end?
    BTW, How can I tell if the Mini is on? I don't see any lights, but I did hear a sound the first time

    There is a little light next to the black dot on the front of the Mac Mini.
    light on = mac mini is on
    light blinking slow = mac mini is sleeping
    light off = mac mini is off
    Did you push the power button on the back right hand corner of the mac mini.....?

  • New mac mini won't pair with new wireless keyboard

    How do you set up a new mac mini with a new wireless keyboard bought separately ... computer does not see the keyboard.
    I've seen this question asked before but the only answer seems to be to get a usb keyboard for set up. So do I need to go out and buy another keyboard to complete the set up or is there a way around this

    see > New Apple Mac Mini and Apple Wireless Keyboard Un-boxing - YouTube
    If you missed the setup, most any cheap'o generic USB keyboard will work with the Mac Mini.

  • Mac mini won't connect to monitor

    My son's mac mini crashed. He had to reboot and now he can't connect to the monitor. It's saying he can't connect with the HDMI connection, which he doesn't connect with anyway. Where should we start looking? Thanks!

    Gloworm, I'm having the same problem.  If you are using a flat screen TV, you can reboot by turning on your Mac mini, then depress the following keys: Option+Command+P+R.  Wait until you hear the second or third chime, then let the keys go.  It will bring you back to the sign-in page.

  • My mac mini won't connect with a win 7 pc

    we've just bought a new PC at work,(running Windows 7) the PC can find the Mac Mini but The MM can't find the PC.
    The MM is fully trusted by the norton anti virus on the PC, we've changed the encryption on the PC from 128bit. I've been into the MM advanced prefs and added the workgroup into the WINS section. I Just want to print, this is so frustrating.

    no need to apologise, Always good to check. I've double checked and the windows printer's sharing is ON.

  • Mac mini won't connect to my wireless router!

    I just bought my mac mini server then connected it to wifi, then after 2 weeks I had to go abroad for a week so I just turned off the switch connecting to my mac, without switching off my mac mini server. then when I get back home my mac mini won't connect to my wifi. I tried everything from manually setting up IP and DHCP nothing works. What happened?
    thanks for help,

    I didn't reset the machine/router itself because 2 of my computer is still connected to wifi-and working perfectly, but the mac mini server cannot connect to wifi.
    what I did was to set up the "networking utilities"-having said that, what I did was to connect all over again to wifi, this did not work. I did tried to change from DHCP to manually set up IP, neither of these didn't work.
    I'm now stucked!
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  • Mac mini won't connect to printer unless other mac on network turned on

    mac mini won't connect to printer unless other mac on network turned on

    Copy the IP address of the printer from the Mac that can connect to it by itself. The IP shows when you start any print job.
    Disable Printer sharing on this Mac.
    Go to the Mac that cannot connect by itself and set up the printer from scratch using the printer's IP. To do this:
    System Preferences / Print & Scan, then click the + sign, nxt select Add Printer or Scanner and click on IP. Fill in the info.

  • Mac Mini Won't Boot with VGA Monitor Connected

    I have a new Mac Mini connected to an older VGA monitor using the Apple brand VGA adapter.  The mini is fully up to date and runs perfectly when booted.  However, if I reboot the mini with the VGA monitor connected, it fails to boot.  I just hear the faint chime sound every other second.  There is no output to the monitor and the only way I can get it to boot is to disconnect the monitor and then power cycle the mini.  I can reconnect the monitor just seconds after powering back on and it finishes booting properly.
    Anyone else experience this?  It is very frustrating.  I've also tested with an HDMI connected monitor (without the VGA adapter) and it boots just fine and the display works properly.

    Okay, I'm back with good news: I have found two remedies for the problem which will hopefully solve it for you as well.
    Given that the issue only occurs when certain monitors are connected, I concluded that the root of it must be a bug in the Mac's firmware related to DDC (Display Data Channel) handling, and that the most promising way to address it should be to just disable the DDC.
    Workaround #1: If your monitor has BNC connectors, use a VGA to BNC cable.
    In this configuration the DDC pins are not connected to the monitor at all. This did indeed fix the problem - my Mac mini booted without a problem with the monitor connected. However, I was not completely satisfied with this solution, because VGA to BNC cables are usually quite heavy and inflexible, and do no go together well with Apple's MDP to VGA adapter and the Mini Displayport/Thunderbolt port which has no locking mechanism.
    Workaround #2: Remove pin 12 of the VGA plug.
    Pin 12 of the VGA plug connects the serial data line of the DDC. Pulling out this pin with a pair of needle nose pliers will effectively disable DDC. I hesitated to do this to my cable (a direct MDP to VGA cable which eliminates the need for a separate adapter dangling from the Mac) and therefore bought a tiny VGA male to female adapter (also called port saver, e.g. Delock 65250) to perform the surgery on that. This has done the trick and my Mac mini has started up fine ever since.
    Of course, without DDC the Mac won't know the model name and capabilities of the attached monitor and thus offer some resolution and frequency settings which the monitor may not support, but that's a small drawback compared to having to pull out the monitor cable everytime you turn on or restart your Mac.

  • How can I connect a new mac mini to my old vga monitor? There doesn't seem to be a mini display port

    I have an old monitor with VGA port, and was wondering if anyone knows how to connect this to the new mac mini. Older mac minis have the mini display port, and if that were the case I would use the mini display port to VGA adapter, but this new mac mini doesn't have one. It just has the thunderbolt port or HDMI port for displays... I've been looking for an adapter to connect my display to one of these but cannot seem to figure it out. Any advice? Thanks in advance.

    The Thunderbolt port is the one to use; you use the same mini-DisplayPort adapter you used for the older minis.

  • New Mac mini won't come out of sleep because trackpad won't connect

    I have a new Mac mini with a trackpad. When Mac is in sleep mode I can't wake it as trackpad and keyboard won't connect. On occasion they do but the Mac takes ~5mins to fully wake.

    I have a new Mac mini with a trackpad. When Mac is in sleep mode I can't wake it as trackpad and keyboard won't connect. On occasion they do but the Mac takes ~5mins to fully wake.

  • New mac mini won't start up...

    I just got my new mac mini today and it won't start up. After some research I discovered that the icon on the screen is telling me to put batteries in my mouse. There are batteries in my mouse. I shut it down and restarted it again, making sure my wireless keyboard and mouse were turned on. That didn't work. Then I tried turning them on after I started the computer. That didn't work either. I'm sad.

    I have had the same issue (new Mac Mini, client OS, new wireless keyboard and trackpad ... connected using HDMI cables through my receiver to my TV).
    First I got stuck on a spinning doughnut right out of the gate. Phone tech support told me I needed a wired keyboard. While I didn't like the idea, I went down to the apple store to buy that and they told me there was something wrong with the Mini and to bring it in. Today I did took the unit in; they discovered a faulty harddisk and replaced the unit without much hassle (nice).
    Before leaving the store, I told them what phone support had to say about requiring a hardwired mouse and keyboard for setup. They told me it used to be necessary but that is not so nowadays. I happily left the store expecting no other issues.
    Now here I sit. My trackpad is recognized but my keyboard is not. I can't get past the nearly indecipherable screen showing me how to power up these devices for discovery and pairing because it doesn't recognize the keyboard. And since I don't have a wired keyboard anywhere in my house, I'm looking at my 60 minute roundtrip to the apple store. sigh
    I'm most upset about that part. If they'd simply set my expectations that I need a wired solution for setup, I wouldn't like it but at least I'd know and wouldn't spend endless time wasting gas simply to get to step 2 of setup.
    I've been a big fan of the iPhone an iPad but I have to say that Windows PC setup (while a tad slow) is MUCH more straightforward than this. At least I have some workaround options that get me moving. Works out of the box, my @#$.

  • New Mac Mini today, no picture with HDMI

    Good evening,
    I just picked up a brand new Mac Mini late 2012 model to use as a HTPC through my AV system in the livingroom.
    I connected a HDMI lead to my Mac, changed to the correct source & switched it on. I can hear the start up chime through my speakers but my TV remains blank, just black. I tired in another HDMI port but the result was the same.
    I don't have a PC, so have no monitor & I was going to get a loan of a mouse & keyboard to set up before I get an app so I can use my iPhone as a mouse/keyboard.
    Does the very first set up have to be done through a monitor? How can I get the picture on my TV? (Pioneer PDP 5080 LXD)
    Currently sitting with a £500 brick :(

    The following may be painfully redundant to you, yet I hope it helps you solve this HDMI issue.
    WIth the Mac mini and TV powered off, disconnect the Mac mini HDMI cable.
    Power on the TV and do the following settings:
    Select the desired HDMI port.
    Home menu > Option > HDMI Input > Video > Auto.
                                    > HDMI Input > Audio > Auto.
    Power off the TV. Reconnect the Mac Mini HDMI cable and ensure a good connection. Power on the Mac mini and let it boot up, before turning on the TV. Now, switch the TV to the appropriate HDMI port. You may have to twiddle with your mini display settings in system preferences, and possibly cycle power to the TV.
    I believe HDMI ports input4 and input5 accept HDMI video and audio in from a computer, while ports input6 and input7 are strictly HDMI video in. This Pioneer model supports HDMI v1.3. You might reconfirm that your HDMI cable supports this version of HDMI or higher.

  • New Mac Mini OS X Server - 2 monitors & hard drives?

    I'm considering a Mac Mini for my next Mac and am looking at the OS X Server version.  I currently use 2 monitors on an old Mac Pro and would like to keep that set up.  I also like that the Server version of the Mini has 2 hard drives, where I would probably install 2 SSDs.
    My main question is about if it's possible to connect 2 monitors to the current 2013 Mini and if so, what's the best way to do so?
    Also, how difficult is it to install a second hard drive if I purchase the Mini with just one to start with?
    I'm also thinking maybe I should wait a little while in case a new Mac Mini is announced in the next few months.

    Hi, not quite sure why you're considering Server, but...
    ideo Card:
    HD Graphics 4000
    VRAM Type:
    This model has an Intel HD Graphics 4000 graphics processor that shares memory with the system. Also see: What type of video system is provided by the Aluminum Mac mini models? Which are integrated and which are dedicated? Can the video be upgraded?
    Standard VRAM:
    512 MB*
    Maximum VRAM:
    768 MB*
    Display Support:
    Dual Displays
    Resolution Support:
    2nd Display Support:
    2nd Max. Resolution:
    *This model simultaneously supports 1920x1200 on an HDMI or a DVI display (using the included HDMI-to-DVI adapter) and2560x1600 on a Thunderbolt or Mini DisplayPort display or even a VGA display (with an optional Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA adapter, which is compatible with the Thunderbolt port). 012-server-specs.html
    Rather than rely on the slow internaldrives... lest you replace them with SSDs, I'd opt for external mTB drives to boot from.
    I'm also thinking maybe I should wait a little while in case a new Mac Mini is announced in the next few months.
    Personally, I wouldn't buy a Mini with Intel HD4000 integrated graphics, I'd wait to see if the HD500 is twice as bad, or Apple incluses a real Video card option in the next release... but I hold little hope for that.

  • New mac mini won't accept dvd's/cd's in the combo drive

    Hello friends:
    i have a new mac mini that I bought about 2 months ago (Intel, 2.0 ghz). Everything was working fine until I went to put in a DVD today. The combo drive won't accept a disc. It's not that it won't read the disc, it physically won't suck it into the drive. Instead it just sits there. If I try and push it in, nothing happens... it just bounces back out at me as if pushed by a spring. And, no, there isn't already a disc in the drive.
    Can anyone suggest how to get my combo drive to work again?

    Hi jrm27,
    I have an older Mac Mini 1.66 GHz, but I haven't seen this problem.
    I take it that the disc does go in a little way. I would think that that rules out that the drive thinks there's a CD already in the drive. I know that when I have a CD or DVD in the drive, the little doors (they're really there) are closed and won't let me insert a 2nd CD.
    I presume that you have restarted your system since this started to occur?
    When the system is rebooting, hold down the mouse button. This is supposed to force eject a CD. It might also trick your system into thinking there's no CD there, or resetting something.
    Try different types of CDs or DVDs, just to make sure that there's not something screwy with the media that you are using. Try an old-fashioned music CD or something.
    Are there any sounds the drive makes?

  • New Mac mini won't recognize iPhone or iPad w/o cord

    My new Mac Mini doesn't seem to want to sync with my iPad 2 or my iPhone 4s without plugging them into the mini with a cable. Why is this, and can I change some settings to make it recognize them without a cable?

    Upgraded to Lion a few months ago, and work remotely from home using Timbuktu Pro which I've used for years.Have been using Lion for the past few months without problems. In the past few weeks if the remote computer, a mac mini  (at my office) is not accessed, the screen appears to be gray when viewing remotely and I cannot wake it up. Energy saver preferences are set to wake up with network access, never go to sleep, keyboard is an Apple USB as well as USB mouse. I had used a bluetooth mouse & thought that might be the issue, so I disconnected it at the end of the day although Bluetooth is still on. Tried disconnecting an external drive (USB) but that didn't make a difference. The only way it will wake up is if someone at the office physically clicks the mouse a few times, then it wakes up. I've tried sending a fax to the remote computer as the office fax machine is connected to the remote computer; the fax is received as it shows up in the Dropbox, but that doesn't wake the mac mini. Very puzzled as all worked well until a few weeks ago. Display has not been changed (DVI), have not added new peripherals although I do have a powered hub connected to the remote computer which I haven't tried disconnecting. Bottom line is that nothing has changed other than Lion upgrades. As so many people are having a problem, I suspect this is a Lion issue. The remote mac mini is approximately 2 years old. I upgraded the RAM about 6 weeks ago to 8 GB (Crucial) and haven't tested that, but it was working fine after the RAM upgraded until recently.

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