New Macbook: What's the first step?

Hey everyone. First of all I would like to say that I have read a lot of the posts and really been able to gain a lot of knowledge about all kinds of stuff, so thanks.
My question is pretty simple for those who have opened their macbooks, hah. I am getting a new macbook really soon and i was wondering what the first thing i should do is. Do i turn it on, use it till about 40 percent then charge it up, or start fully charging it right away and calibrating it. I've read a lot of the info on battery care and all those links posted of that sort, but i was just curious as to what i should do first.
Thanks a lot for your time!
I appreciate the help

Below are some good links for you. Discharging your battery to 40% will do nothing for your battery. That is a long term storage number that is bandied about on the forum and in my opinion used incorrectly by some people. Follow the instruction in the calibration link I gave you. Be sure to not miss letting the battery chemistry resettle after charging and discharging. I am referring to step 2 and 5 in the procedure. Those are steps some people miss and the reading on the monitor is not accurate.
These are good things to know about the MacBook and it's battery.
MacBook reduces processor speed when battery is removed while operating from an A/C adaptor
Apple portable computer's battery does not show a full charge in Mac OS X
You should calibrate your battery at least every month or two. I do mine every other month and have had no problems.
Look here and here for some good tips about battery care.

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    Create a new file of the HTML type. (CTRL-N). Then type or paste text.
    Images you add to your new site must first be included in the site folder. Then you can drag and drop them.

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