New Session on click of link

I m having a scenario in which a Admin logins , and searches for other users of the website, the admin can modify the profile of the user, when he clicks the link a new window should open with user login , i have tired out URL rewriting using response.encodeURL but that's not working i beleive. Is there any way i can acheive ?
The current scenario is like this
1. Admin logins - forwarded to next JSP with jsession id inthe URL
2. Searches for the Users srch reults displayed in 6 pages , same jsession Id available
3. When he clicks on the results pages then jsession id is not coming in the URL
4. i didnt use the encoded url for link to open a new window in which the user details should be shown
in the 3rd step if i can get the jsession id also for the srch page links then i beleive when i click the link of new window it will open in a new session .
help needed..........

Ya think we're here 7 days a week? Well we are.I can't stop bragging about you guys at work. I get so much accomplished because of the forums and your feedback (both present and past)..and you work the same hours I do!!!
Regarding the problem, I can definitely say that the Export was not modified by hand (though I have some experience making corrections/changes this way).
I will try and go back through my notes and piece together the chain of events leading to this failure. Until then, there were three "strange" things going on which may have contributed:
1) The data is located in another schema over a database link, so in my local copy I am accessing a view.
2) When I originally created the application, the primary key was named "APP_ID" which caused no end of problems for APEX, but it took several iterations of debugging for it to dawn on me that the APP_ID was coming from the system value, not my table.
3) To correct for this, I altered the view to translate APP_ID to ID. I believe I was in one of the form edit screens when I was doing this and so it may have attempted to reconcile and gotten confused when I left the screen.
I'll try and be more precise from my notes, and may attempt to reproduce it as soon as I have extra time.
Thanks again, as always,

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    ''(please do not comment in bug reports; you can vote instead)''

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    I have on the computer, Aurora too. I doubt that it's a source of the problem, but I had to throw that into the mix. For clarification, this problem is happening while using the Firefox browser.

    You can middle-click a link to open the link in a new tab.
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