Newbie question about saving files

Hi all,
A newbie question here, and maybe it is a dumb question, but I can't get my head around this and sofar found no answer in the forums here.
When I save a file on my macbook, I can only save it to "top" folders.
What I mean is I try to save a file for instance to documents/worddocs/lyrics just to say something, then I have to save the file first to documents, and the move it to the lyrics folder via finder or move it to :worddocs folder and then move it again to the lyrics folder. Hope you still get my drift here
Is there a way to just save it to the subfolders without going through all this moving around?
Thanks in advance for any advice

When you click File>Save As, you will see the Save As window pop up. At the top, you will see a box entitled Save As, which has a space for your to enter the file name. To the right of this box is an arrow pointing down. Click it. The full file hierarchy will be seen. Then you can save directly to the file you want.
Hope this helps.

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    You can have many apps installed but, running all of them can slow it down a bit.
    Make sure you close your apps when done.
    Music should not affect it if stored on the memory card but when you play them it will scan all the files for changes and that might take a bit if you download a lot at once.
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    Perform this Google search: ".dwg files on mac." The results should provide answers for you.

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    Should work fine, AFAIK.
    For this level of issue, I would open a formal support request with developer support.
    From: Adobe Forums <[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]>>
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  • A strange thing about saving files in Mac OS X

    I've noticed a strange thing about saving files in Mac OS X.
    In the save dialog, you click a folder to save into that folder.
    Well, if you accidentally click a file instead of a folder, the name of the document you're saving is changed to the name of that file! Then you have to retype the name, or cancel out of the process and start over.
    I don't see why you would want to change the name of the file you're saving to the name of a file that already exists, unless you want to overwrite the existing file (unlikely), but maybe there's a reason for this I'm overlooking.

    The Mac OS didn't used to do that. There must have been a lot of requests for it though. Especially from Windows switchers I would imagine, since you've always been able to do that in Windows.
    Sometimes I like being able to pick up the a name I do want to replace right from the Save dialogue. Most of the time though, I think it's a dangerous option. I don't know if there's a way to turn that behavior off.

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    Check exception list of your Firefox password Manager and check if your site is there or not?

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    I have two questions about properties files.
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    another properties file?If you write your own code to parse whatever import statement you decide to put in the properties file, yes. But there's no provision to do so in the core APIs or in the standard usage of these files.
    2. Is it possible to have variables in a properties
    file as described below in code snippet.Same as the answer to your first question. Though this kind of thing is more common, so there might be a library at jakarta or sourceforge or mindprod or something that does this.

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    First off, I wanted to ask if this is the proper place to post a question about HTML/XHTML. I couldn't really find anywhere else that seemed to fit better, but please point me in the right direction if this is not the place. Thanks.
    Moving on -- here's my question:
    I'm having trouble with working with HTML files in TextEdit. I'm on a Mac, using TextEdit as my HTML editor (I can not afford one of these other HTML editors, and I like using a simple text editor like TextEdit for HTML). Here's my problem: I open a new rich text document in TextEdit and write my HTML and then choose File>Save As and choose "HTML" under the File Format drop-down box. Having saved this file as an HTML file, I then open Safari and choose File>Open File and select my HTML file; however, when I do this, my web page's text does not appear in the browser window. Instead, the HTML code itself appears in the browser window, as if the browser was not interpreting it as HTML and converting it. The same problem happens when saving the file as a .htm file using Microsoft Word for Mac.
    So, as another solution (at the suggestion of a helpful poster in a previous thread), I tried creating a plain text file in TextEdit (instead of a rich text file like before). Now, in TextEdit there is no option for saving plain text files as HTML files, so I simply save it as a Unicode-8 format and then find the file in Finder and change the extension to .htm myself (I've tried .html as well). This, fortunately enough, actually works! When I open the file in Safari I get to see my web page as expected. However, the first time I quit out of the application TextEdit and then try to reopen my .htm file in TextEdit, I no longer can see my HTML code. Instead, TextEdit shows me the actual web page text that I would expect to see when I open the file in a browser, and my HMTL code is lost.
    Can someone please help me here? There has to be a way to edit HTML in TextEdit without the code disappearing every time you quit out of the application and reopen the HTML file. Any help is greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    That's the problem -- once I convert it to plain text there is no longer an HTML option under the Save As drop down menu. The drop down menu's title is Plain Text Encoding instead of File Format and the only options I get are Unicode-8, Unicode-16, Western, Chinese, and so forth. I can save it as an HTML file, but only if the file is rich text, which doesn't work for HTML.
    So, I can save it as plain text (.txt) and then go and change the extension myself, and like I said, it works if I do that. I can edit HTML in TextEdit and open the file properly in Safari to view my web page. The problem is (I went over all this in my first post) that, after that, if I exit TextEdit and reopen it, my document is no longer HTML code -- it is now simply the text of the web site as if I had opened it in a broswer.
    What do you suggest I do?

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    Can my old Mac Pagemaker files be open and used in the newer Mac with OS 10.6.8 which my Granddaughter has given me?  If so, with all InDesign versions?  I'm an old **** and this is the first time I'm trying to use a Discussion Group.  How do I know when there is an answer?  Do I have to keep this website open, or check back sometime, or will I receive an Email or phone call?  Please let me know by means other that this site, to get started with.  My Email is [removed by forum host] Thank you,  Gerda May
    Message was edited by: Peter Spier

    Dear Peter (if I be so personal).  First, thank you for deleting my Email
    address on the post and saving me a lot of spam.  Further, you were most
    gracious in sending more specifics in regard to the answer of my question about
    using PM files in InDesign.
    However, I am trying hard to understand your instructions to unembed "links" and
    bring them up to date.  However, I have no idea of what links are, are they
    something I would have intentionally done or are they automatic, and something
    of which I have no control over?  How do I locate them?  Are these procedures
    also necessity for using my old Photoshop 6 files?
    I only use 2 Programs: PageMaker 6.5 and Photoshop 6.  I have inherited a newer
    Mac with OS 10.6.8 which has only the basic Mac programs in it.  As you can
    guess, I need to identify which are the proper newer programs to obtain for it,
    with the least bit of effort and understanding.   
    I use PageMaker to write letters, and compose stories for printing in a Club
    magazine.  I also resurrect previous stories, that I've stored through the
    In Photoshop, I fix up new and old pictures for inclusion in stories and also
    resurrect previous photos I've stored on an external Hard Drive, or placed on a
    If you would be so kind to steer me in the right direction, I will be most
    appreciative.  Trying to understand computer things is hard for me, and often
    times unsuccessful.  Please just smile and don't laugh, I'll bet you can't take
    shorthand or bake Dutch cookies, either!  Looking forward to some instructions,
    if you have the time, with many regards, Gerda May.

  • Question about pictures file in home folder

    I am trying to create more space on my hard drive and have a question about the pictures file.
    In addition to the iPhoto Library I have several folders named 1, 2, 3 etc each containing a bunch of photos; plus several hundred individual photo files.
    My question is whether these files are duplicates of what is in the iPhoto Library - and is there an easy way to find that out?
    And I guess also to find out how they got there in the first place. Could these be imports from disks as opposed to my digital camera?
    Thanks for any help,

    Hey laura,
    I haven't used iPhoto for a while but from memory i think that i work similar to iTunes. Whne files are processed by iPhoto they are catalogued on the hard drive according to the iPhoto preferences. I would check out the iPhoto preferences and see if you can see anything in here that will tell you what is going on.

  • Question about Domain file size...

    I have a dot Mac account, and my iDisk capacity is 1 Gb.
    As I regularly back-up my Domain file from my G5 iMac to a FW external drive that sits on my desk, I have just noticed that the file size is now just over 1 Gb.
    Can someone please explain to me why I still have almost 700Mb left on my iDisk, yet my Domain file size is over 1 Gb?? Obviously, there must be 'internal' files that aren't copied to the iDisk.

    Wow, that's quite a discrepancy. 1gb Domain vs. 300mb site? Well suffice it to say that the Domain file contains all the information that is needed to generate your site. But it makes me curious too why you have such a large discrepancy. Do you have a lot of video on your site?
    My site is only about 50-60mb and my Domain is roughly the same size. When I first started using iWeb, I used to poke around inside the Domain file quite a bit more than I do now. You can open up your Domain file by Control-clicking it and selecting "Show Package Contents." At one point early on when I was blithely dragging and dropping stuff into iWeb and publishing just for experimentation, I noticed that even after I deleted images or EVEN WHOLE PAGES, that sometimes the Domain file would still contain images and quicktime movies left over from the deleted pages. I didn't know what was going on and actually tried to delete the "old" items from the Domain file, but I ended up with a non-functional Domain file...lots of error messages saying it was missing this and that. So I started over completely with a new Domain file. I also noticed at the time that my Domain file was several megabytes larger than my site.
    Since then, I have been very careful only to drag items to iWeb that will actually be used. The Domain-to-site size ratio has stayed pretty much 1:1. So I chalked up my earlier experience as a fluke. I don't know. Maybe there is an inconsistency somewhere. In fact, do a search here on "Domain file optimizing" or "Domain file bloat" and you may be able to find my questions about the issue. I never did get any responses, though.

  • Newbie question about loading servlets on tomcat

    I have what is probably a very basic question about loading simple servlets on to tomcat to test its installation. I have followed instructions from numerous tutorials to the letter but still I can't get it to work.
    I have installed tomcat on win2k in c:\tomcat. I set up the jdk, environment vars (JAVA_HOME, CATALINA_HOME, TOMCAT_HOME) which all point at the correct dirs. I can compile a servlet without errors. I can also place a test jsp and html file into the root directory and they both work fine.
    However, now I am trying a test servlet and no matter what I do it gives me a 404. I have a servlet class file called "HelloServlet.class" which I placed into the %install_dir%\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes directory. I try to reference it using this url:
    Tomcat is configured to use port 80 and has been restarted after adding the servlet class file. Does anyone have a clue why this is not working for me?
    Many thanks

    You have to add in the web.xml file that it is in the WEB-INF dir, the information about your servlet. An example:

  • Question about sorting files in media library

    I'm Sam Hoste from Belgium and I have a question about sorting music files in my media library in iTunes.
    My music collection mainly exists of complete albums instead of individual songs. The problem is that I can not play the songs of an album in the same order as on the tracklist of the album in the media library of iTunes.
    I also take very good care of the ID3 tags from my mp3-files, but that doesn't help.
    For example, if I had an album with the following tracklist,
    01. Artist - Song 1
    02. Artist - Song 2
    03. Artist - Song 3
    04. Artist ft Otherartist - Song 4
    05. Artist ft Otherartist - Song 5
    06. Artist - Song 6
    07. Artist - Song 7,
    every music file would have an ID3 tag for tracknumber (1, 2, 3, ...), an ID3 tag for artist ("Artist" or "Artist ft Otherartist"), an ID3 tag for title (Song 1, ...) and an ID3 tag for album ("Albumname").
    When I load this album in my media library in iTunes, I cannot get them sorted by album and by tracknumber on that album. When I sort by artist I get this list:
    01. Artist - Song 1
    02. Artist - Song 2
    03. Artist - Song 3
    06. Artist - Song 6
    07. Artist - Song 7
    04. Artist ft Otherartist - Song 4
    05. Artist ft Otherartist - Song 5.
    But that's normal, but even if I sort by album I get the same list:
    01. Artist - Song 1
    02. Artist - Song 2
    03. Artist - Song 3
    06. Artist - Song 6
    07. Artist - Song 7
    04. Artist ft Otherartist - Song 4
    05. Artist ft Otherartist - Song 5.
    So the songs aren't in the same order as they are supposed to be on the CD. And I would really like my albums to play in the same order than on the tracklist on the CD.
    I think the problem is caused by the fact that when you sort by "album" in iTunes media library, iTunes first sorts by albumname, and second by artistname, and third by tracknumber. In stead of sorting first by albumname, and then second by tracknumber in stead of the artist.
    My question: Is there a way to make sure iTunes sorts by albumname, and then by tracknumber in stead of artist, so I can play my albums in the same order as on the CD? Or is there an other solution for this issue?
    Thanks and kind regards,
    Sam Hoste

    See my previous post on Grouping Tracks Into Albums, in particular the topics Use an album friendly view and
    Tracks out of sequence.

Maybe you are looking for

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