Newbie Question:  How much computer do I need?

Newbie Question:
I would like to use MainStage 3 in a live performance environment to play bars, parties, etc.  I'm not looping, using it to playback recordings, processing outboard equipment or vocal processing.  I want to stop carrying Rolands, Nords, Korgs, etc and get to a controller and a rack with a Mac Mini in it.
I tested a download of Mainstage 3 on my home Mac Mini (late 2012, 3.5 Ghz i5, 4GB RAM, 500GB drive) and it seemed to run fairly well.  $30 well invested so I trekked forward... I purchased a Mac Mini (late 2009,  2.52GHz Core 2 Duo, 6GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for $200.  I started to do more elaborate keyboard setups to see how the CPU would hold up.  It typically runs from 30% to 50% of capacity (CPU and Memory)  It actually boots and runs better than the i5.  I hear the occasion gitch, but it actually seems to be getting better in time (or I'm rock and roll deaf.
I got a rack, an Airport Express, a Radial USB interface and a Nektar Panorama P6.  It's starting to get expensive, but I'm emboldened by the actual quality for the sound and the flexibility of arranging for live performance.  What used to take me two and three keyboards to play, I can now fit on one performance patch.
OK, now the question... am I at the limits of this little Core 2 Duo?  Should I upgrade the i5 with more RAM and a bigger SSD and use that?  Should I get a new(er) i7 and bite the $1,500 bullet for the additional RAM and SSD?
I see that most of you are running pretty nice Macbook Pros with i7 and lots of everything.  My needs are modest; am I OK? 
BTW, I want to run a Mac Mini in a box because I don't want to carry a laptop out in the open.  If I was doing bigger shows I wouldn't care but I play some rowdy bars and constantly have folks hanging off me while I'm playing.  It's fun, but hard on gear.  If you can't drop it or dip it in beer, it won't last long where I work.
Matt Donnelly

Rule of thumb: newer and faster is better. But, depending the complexity of your needs you may be OK with an older Mac. Some glitches that happen in a live performance are due to loss of communication with USB or Firewire inputs, so make sure they're secure. I recently upgraded from a 2010 Mac Mini 2.6 dual core with 16 GB RAM, which was used live for nearly four years, to the latest Mac Mini 3.0 i7 with 16 GB RAM and a 500 GB SSD. I was getting an occasional stuck note with the older one. The new one is rock solid. Some of my patches may have up to a dozen channel strips mapped to three keyboards. The Mini is mounted in a rack next to a MOTU Ultralite Hybrid. It is a good idea to map a panic button on your keyboard to controller # 123(all notes off). Also, you might want to invest in a battery backup power supply(APC, Cyberpower, etc.-$40-$60) to protect your Mac against power loss, which can damage you hard drive.

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    Thanks for your reply, Klaus1.  I'm currently running Snow Leopard.  I'd considered upgrading to Lion but was told, even by Apple, that I wouldn't be satisfied with its slow performance on my iMac 24.
    I have plenty of hard drive space with 160 GB available on my internal hard drive, but I've been storing the archived video clips and the iMovie projects on a fire-wired, external 2 TB drive.  Could it be that using an external hard drive for the iMovie project is part of the performance problem?
    A quick check on the Apple website shows that my iMac 24, which was manufactured in mid-2007, can support up to 4 GB of RAM.  I wonder if I should consider a RAM upgrade before upgrading the entire computer.  How big a deal is it to replace RAM in the iMacs?

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    Hi All
    I am about to get a 27" iMac but am weighing up the options for the processor and memory (and maybe hard drive too). Neither my wife nor I are into gaming or high end graphics stuff, so we do not need an i7 with 16GB ram... but is the bassline 27" iMac powerful enough to run GarageBand with no problems?
    I have not really used it much before as our laptop is about 6 years old and it really struggles running GB, hence I have not been keen. However as I am a musician and am about to get a new computer... I am keen to find out just how much power I'll need.
    At this stage, I want to play around with GB and dop some aranging, not sure how many tracks this will end up equating to as my experience grows... but unless I really get into it, I am unlikely to progress to Logic or similar... but if I did, would I need more than the baseline?
    So in short... do you guys think the 27" iMac i3 with 4GB RAM will cut it for someone who is getting started but wants to spend a reasonable amount of time in GB? Why/why not?

    TuningPeg wrote:
    In order to fully understand what you just said to me... I had better find out what an 'Addictive Drum AU' is. I am quite teh newbie when it comes to digitally recording, either from a real instrument or a virtual one.
    I am assuming that the Addictive Drum is fairly intense when it comes to the CPU? Are there many other virtual instruments that are hard on the CPU? For an average user I am assuming this will not pop up to often, correct?
    Garageband is not a 'closed system' in that you are stuck with what it offers. You have the option to use 3rd party software to enhance your productions. AU stands for Audio Unit, a coding standard around which many 3rd party developers use to integrate with Mac products. As you develop your own habits and tastes with your productions, you might decide that the options GB offers you are not to your liking. This is where these sorts of products come in. They are very easy to use with GB. Addictive Drums is a Drum program that is actually lightweight on your system compared to others. The only reason I had 8 instances (one loaded on 8 individual MIDI tracks) was because of a limitation GB has. It suited my workflow to do it this way.
    There is a huge range of AU's available, Native Instruments being a company that does a very good set of products. Some are indeed very CPU intensive, others are not. You have to do your research by asking questions on various forums and seeking reviews etc.
    The term 'Average User' really means nothing in my honest opinion. Depending on your preferred genre of music and how you go about hooking into this slippery slope of hobby home recording, you may bump into a variety of limitations either in GB itself or limitations because of your machine. Because RAM is easily replaced by the owner and hard drives are easily obtained for extra storage, CPU is the thing your are stuck with from day one. Programs are getting bigger and they are relying on lots of number crunching. Amp simulations are a good example of CPU intensive software. It is easy to find yourself spending $60 here and $99 there on all sorts of cool Software, and before you know it you have quite the quiver full. I am not a heavy GB user, in that I don't run 30+ tracks on my projects. I am a 12-16 track average user most of the time. However, the reason I upgraded to my iMac recently was because I had one piano AU, yes just one, that stopped my 2 year old macbook in its tracks when using another recording program. I had all the RAM that GB could use, an excellent hard drive and a very good sound card, but the computers lack of grunt made working with it tedious and sometimes frustrating. You more than likely have a budget to work with when getting your machine. The advice I would give any personal friend who was getting their first computer for recording is to get the most CPU you can for your budget. You could be staring at this machine for the next 4-6 years. Typically RAM and hard drives get cheaper over time should you need them, relatively small prices to pay in the long run.

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    I plan to buy a new MacBook Pro in the next month for school and hopefully for work. I would like this computer to get me at least 4 years of use. I will be majoring in software engineering. My question is how much ram would I need in a Macbook Pro for software engineering? I am currenty looking at the 15" 2.3ghz base model with 8gb of ram as well as the 15" 2.4ghz base model retina. I really like the retina but its at my max budget. Will the 8gb of ram be enough since it is not upgradable? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    I am currenty looking at the 15" 2.3ghz base model with 8gb of ram
    The MB Pro 15" 2.3Ghz with 8GB of RAM should do the trick.
    Save your $$$ on the retina and stick to your budget 

  • How much memory do I need for iPhone?

    Before I purchase an iPhone 4s I would like to know how much memory I might need.  I will have some songs though currently I use only about 2GB on old iPod.  I will no doubt have some pictures and perhaps a video and, of course, some apps though I really don't know how many. I tentatively planned to buy 16GB.  My daughter is shooting for 32GB.  Suggestions and guidelines? Thanks

    Hi, from what you have said above, the 16GB iPhone 4S seemsmore than enough space for a user with the outlined above, bearing in mind youdo not necessarily get 16GB, as there is the operating system and otherprogrammes that use memory, for example I have a 64GB iPhone 4S and it comeswith 57.42 GB or storage.
    If you purchase a 16GB and you do seem to be running out ofspace, you can always back up your data to a computer and it can be deletedfrom your phone - meaning you have more space. If you are worried about havingthis problem 32GB will probably be the best option and will be more thanenough.
    Hope this helps, any further questions feel free to ask, andI will try to answer them.

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    This is not Adobe. Rather user to user.
    What did you do....purchase an online download of Photoshop Elements 13 from Adobe. Are you within 30 days of the date of that purchase?
    In that case, please direct this question to Adobe Chat Orders to sort out the details of the purchasing situation and what you would like to do. Consider
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    Contact Customer Care
    Premiere Elements
    Membership, Account, Payment
    Payments, Invoices, Orders
    Chat Panel
    If the link does not hold its set, you will need to navigate to the Chat Panel using the above titles as guides.
    Any questions or need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.
    Thank you.

  • Imaq 3.0 Driver, How much memory do I need to run

    (1) When I am using ROI in the, the array should be in order of Left, Bottom, Right and Top to work it right, which is different from what Help says, that is, Left, Top, Right and Bottom. Which one is right?
    (2) How much memory do I need to run the 3.0 Driver seems to need more memory than 2.5.1 Driver did. I have 255 MB RAM on my computer, but in reality, the memory usage is used over 255 MB to capture 640*480 picture.
    Could you give me a comment about this memory issue?

    Hello GraceSun.
    (1). The help menu is correct, the array should be Left, Top, Right, and Bottom for the ROI input.
    (2). I am not sure exactly what behavior you are seeing with the memory problems in 3.0. You should be able to run an image snap no problem, the memory useage will vary, but will be much less than the RAM on your computer. Be sure that you are not running an IMAQ inside of a loop.
    Try running the example VI called HL, which can be found by going to Help&#187Find Examples. . . and browsing by directory structure. This VI should not be taking up too much RAM on your computer.
    Hope this helps!
    Colin C.
    Applications Engineering
    Colin Christofferson
    Community Web Marketing

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    I have iphone 32gb how much icloud storage i need?

    Music on your phone is either purchased from iTunes or synced from a computer. If from iTunes, it doesn't use your iCloud allocation and can be redownloaded from the store if necessary, if from your computer then it is already elsewhere.
    I'm not suggesting your use will be identical to mine but I have the 32 GB phone I use less than 1 GB for syncing documents and data, however I back up to iTunes rather than iCloud, but if I did back up to iCloud, I'd need about 4 GB.

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    How do I know how much iCloud storage I need?  I bought 10 GB and it said not enough, I bought 25 GB and it still says not enough.  I'm only backing up Contacts, Calendars, Photo Stream & Find my iPhone.

    Are you sure it's storage on icloud that you're getting messages about, and not your device.  If your device's memory is getting full, try deleting video, photos (after syncing them to a computer - but you should always be doing that), and any other large files and try doing whatever you were doing that led to those errors/warnings.
    It would also help if you told us exactly what operation(s) led to the warnings.

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    Download New Adobe CC Trials: Direct Links (no Assistant/Manager) | ProDesignTools

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    How much disk space is needed to run Boot Camp using Windows XP?

    The hatter wrote:
    But you can't install XP if you have a new Mac.
    Try running XP in a VM or aquire Windows 7 which is the only one supported now.
    And you will need more like 60GB for Windows 7, so I would skip on 20GB just to be safe.
    20G is a fine minimum for XP, I was not responding to any inquiry about Win 7.

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    how much internet cap is needed to doawnload full version of creative cloud?

    Depends. Depends on if you really need everything and how fast do you want it.
    The only table I have seen with file sizes, so far, is at ProDesign Tools:
    Then, there are the updates too. But those, I have no idea.

  • HT1414 how much disk space is needed for backup and restore.

    i want to unlock iphone,for this how much disk space is needed for backup and restore activiti

    OK... now subtract the music. That's not part of the iPhone backup. Neither are apps, but in app data is.
    Why are you asking? Did you get an error?  If so, then clear out some disk space.

  • How much memory do I need? 16gb or 32gb?

    If I will be using my iPad primarily for iBooks (a couple hundred ibooks) and iWork documents (maybe 100 different documents), how much memory will I need?
    Right now, I have about 7gb worth of music, photos, and apps on my iPhone.
    Also, if I subscribe to video podcasts, will that take a lot of memory as well?
    Can I get by with a 16gb?

    KC eh? I live near the area :P anyway, I would recommend 16GB. I'm debating as well but I'm going to get the 32GB version as I plan to watch movies/TV shows on mine. They do take up some space. I've been getting by on my iPhone 3G which has 8GB but now I wish I had more... I think this would be the case for me and the iPad as well so I'm getting 32GB.
    As for you if you're not planning on watching movies or tv shows (not using Netflix) then I suggest 16GB.
    The iPhone OS uses a little less than 2GB so you'll havel ike 14GB to play with.
    but if you can spare the extra $100 I'd get 32GB.

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    How do I start to learn Actionscript?
    I have been reading many post regarding similar situations
    but I just need to know which direction to take.
    The deal is, I am more into learning ASP.NET 3.5, PHP,
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    can create Flash banners and slide shows but I would like to learn
    to do these on my own.
    Where do I start?
    Please be patient with my ignorance.

    I think you will find some useful information/tutorials here:

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