News from a drop-down menu icon possible?

I use Safari RSS feeds; and I have a few News Widgets. But it would be great to have a menubar where I could get news feeds. Does anyone know if this exists?
With a PC I use at work, their "widgets" can float (but be hidden) and one has news feeds that if one mouses-over, gives some details; if one clicks on that, even more details; and clicking on the title takes one to the web and the full article.
Kinda neat! Anything like that possible with the Mac? I believe one can turn a widget into a self-running program---
A menubar item (like Stock Menulet for stock pricing- which has news feeds for the stocks) would be great.
Thanks for any comments -- a variety of things requested here-- some or all would be super to have.

There are several 3rd-party apps - have a look at Butler, or ClawMenu, (run a search on MacUpdate for more).
(Here's a screenshot of ClawMenu's RSS,
There are also some good Yahoo! Widgets where you can set the window level. See for starters.

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    i just downloaded photoshop elements - have opened an existing pdf drawing - 1) I am trying to create layers; however, the option is not available? (i.e. greyed out rather than black) from the drop down menu - "layer" - "create new"? what do i do

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    I'm going through a Java Web Development class and trying to produce a small web app through Sun Java Studio Enterprise 7 2004Q4. I have two servlets, a couple of classes and two JSPs. At seemingly random times the "Execute" and "Execute (force reload)" options from the drop down menu you get when you right click a JSP fails to show up. It isn't grayed out, it just isn't there. Most of the time these options are there. And they can be there one time and then for the same project, same set of JSPs everything, they just disappear.
    Can anyone tell me what dumb thing I'm doing to cause this?
    And can anyone tell me how to fix it once I've done it?
    DR Crowley

    First of all thank you for all the time you are spending on this. Believe me I know how frustrating it can be to figure out what is happening when you can't reproduce the problem.
    On to your questions: I am running Windows XP Professional. I have checked and made sure that the extension is still .jsp and that it isn't changing. No I don't have the IDE set up to show extensions, however the icon beside the file is the jsp icon and when I go to Windows explorer (where I do have it set to show known extensions) it is a .jsp file and does not have the ever exasperating hidden extension that windows is infamous for. Sun Studio seems to recognize the file as a proper jsp (due to the icon).
    As to your further questions. I am executing it by right clicking on the jsp file itself. And the jsp file is in the documents folder not in the web/inf folder.
    At this point we are out of the class and it isn't nearly as important that I get an fix. We (our company) will probably not do jsp files and servlets thourgh Sun Java Studio Enterprsise. Instead we are looking at using Sun Java Studio Creater to do the view layer.
    Thanks for all your help and the time you took to try to figure this out.

  • Reading from HTML Drop-Down Menu into JSP

    Hi folks. I'm am just delving into JSP, and I have a very basic question. I've been looking around the internet for a good tutorial on how to read HTML form input data into my JSP page. I really haven't found anything, and was hoping that you could provide me with some good resources. I want to have just a basic HTML drop-down menu with a SQL query executed based on the menu selection. The selection from the drop-down menu should go into the SQL query where "Shawnee" currently is. Here is my JSP code:
    <%@ page contentType="text/html;charset=windows-1252" import="java.sql.*"%>
           Connection con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:jtds:sqlserver://khrcs4:1433/Mail_List;user=xxxx;password=xxxx");
           Statement st = con.createStatement();
           ResultSet rs = st.executeQuery("select * from contacts where class like '%First Time Home Buyer Lenders%' and served like '%Shawnee%' order by company");
              out.println(rs.getString(3)+"<br>"); //company
              out.println(rs.getString(12)+"<br>"); //address
              //out.println(rs.getString(13)+"<br>"); //address2
              out.println(rs.getString(8)+", "+rs.getString(9)+" "+rs.getString(14)+"<br>"); //city, state zip
              out.println(rs.getString(7)+"<br><br>"); //phone
    catch (Exception ex)

    ArrayList recList = new ArrayList();
    put the recList in the session.
    Then in your jsp, get the recList from the session and loop it,
    ArrayList recList = (ArrayList)session.getAttribute("allrecords");
    for (var i=0; i < recList.size();++i){
         addOption(document.getElementById("drop-down box name"), valarray, valarray[i]);
    function addOption(selectbox,text,value)
         var optn = document.createElement("OPTION");
         optn.text = trim(text);
         optn.value = trim(value);

  • I have lost all of my bookmarks from the drop-down menu. It says it is empty, but never have I deleted them. And when I bookmark a page it does not save it. Please help

    I have lost all of my bookmarks from the drop-down menu. It says it is empty, but never have I deleted them. And when I bookmark a page it does not save it. Please help

    Ok this is bizzare!
    Thank you for your response, I went throught each and every step without any luck, even got the recovery programme, and painstakingly tried to sift through all that mumbojumbo to find what i needed. finally found the bookmark bit, but it had been fully overwritten :(, so on reading about previous ff versions, found the sqlite thingys, and they were relatively unscathed(partly written over, but saveable apparently TG), saved them to adiff drive, amongst other possibly good folders. Then looked up how to install them, and it said to close FF, and install to profile folder.
    So i tried to close FF, and the original problem from a few days ago, where it asked me if 'i was sure i wanted to close this window as it has X tabs open', popped up again. This is where 'open blank page' selection was set, over 'open previous tabs'. Wanting to save that info on how to sort out these friggin files, I reset the Option to 'open previous tabs', and closed FF. After unsucessfully searching for the profile folder on my laptop, i opened FF intending to search online for where i could find said folder.
    AND BANG, surprise surprise, the FF I had just closed with only tabs open about finding out what the heck to do, had disappeared, and instead my original saved tabs were up, and my bookmarks are there..... I am gobsmacked! what the heck just happened there???
    I have made 3 back up in different folders now, of those friggin bookmarks. I am weary now tho of shutting it all down.... what if its back to the other pages I had with no bookmarks, tomorrow :(

  • Filter query based on a value from a drop down menu

    I am using ADFBC/JDev 10.1.3/ADF-faces (JSPX)
    I would like to display a table of data based on a view object and have a drop down menu of values that the user can select from which would filter the table of data. The filter would be applied to a field in the VO. For example, have a JSPX page that shows all employees and have a drop down menu that filters the employees by a specific department with an option to show all departments too in the drop down. I'm not sure if Steve Muench's example #76 ( would serve as a basis for this requirement or not.
    Can anybody give me high level guidance on how to do this? Both declaratively and programmatically would be great.

    I can't get the JSPX page to display the correct data. It's displaying the entire VO and when you try to select Yes or No or All from the drop down menu, it just changes the Active Flag column in the table to whatever you select for the first row only and still displays the rest of the rows in the VO.
    Here's my JSPX code:
    <?xml version='1.0' encoding='windows-1252'?>
    <jsp:root xmlns:jsp="" version="2.0"
      <jsp:output omit-xml-declaration="true" doctype-root-element="HTML"
                  doctype-public="-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"/>
      < contentType="text/html;charset=windows-1252"/>
          <afh:head title="showEmployees">
            <meta http-equiv="Content-Type"
                  content="text/html; charset=windows-1252"/>
                <af:selectOneChoice value="#{bindings['bind_active_flag1'].inputValue}"
                  <f:selectItems value="#{bindings['bind_active_flag1'].items}"/>
                <af:commandButton actionListener="#{bindings.ExecuteWithParams.execute}"
              <af:table value="#{bindings.EmployeesView.collectionModel}" var="row"
                        emptyText="#{bindings.EmployeesView.viewable ? 'No rows yet.' : 'Access Denied.'}">
                <af:column sortProperty="EmployeeId" sortable="true"
                  <af:outputText value="#{row.EmployeeId}">
                    <f:convertNumber groupingUsed="false"
                <af:column sortProperty="FirstName" sortable="true"
                  <af:outputText value="#{row.FirstName}"/>
                <af:column sortProperty="LastName" sortable="true"
                  <af:outputText value="#{row.LastName}"/>
                <af:column sortProperty="ActiveFlag" sortable="true"
                  <af:outputText value="#{row.ActiveFlag}"/>
    </jsp:root>Here's the bindings page:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    <pageDefinition xmlns=""
                    version="" id="showEmployeesPageDef"
        <iterator id="EmployeesViewIterator" RangeSize="10" Binds="EmployeesView"
        <variableIterator id="variables">
          <variableUsage DataControl="AppModuleDataControl"
                         Name="EmployeesView_bind_active_flag" IsQueriable="false"/>
        <iterator id="DropDownIterator" RangeSize="-1" Binds="DropDown"
        <table id="EmployeesView" IterBinding="EmployeesViewIterator">
            <Item Value="EmployeeId"/>
            <Item Value="FirstName"/>
            <Item Value="LastName"/>
            <Item Value="Email"/>
            <Item Value="PhoneNumber"/>
            <Item Value="HireDate"/>
            <Item Value="JobId"/>
            <Item Value="Salary"/>
            <Item Value="CommissionPct"/>
            <Item Value="ManagerId"/>
            <Item Value="DepartmentId"/>
            <Item Value="ActiveFlag"/>
        <action id="ExecuteWithParams" IterBinding="EmployeesViewIterator"
                DataControl="AppModuleDataControl" RequiresUpdateModel="true"
          <NamedData NDName="bind_active_flag" NDType="java.lang.String"
        <attributeValues id="bind_active_flag" IterBinding="variables">
            <Item Value="EmployeesView_bind_active_flag"/>
        <list id="bind_active_flag1" IterBinding="EmployeesViewIterator" StaticList="false"
              ListOperMode="0" ListIter="DropDownIterator" NullValueFlag="1"
            <Item Value="ActiveFlag"/>
            <Item Value="Value"/>
            <Item Value="Description"/>
    </pageDefinition>Any ideas?

  • Selecting the XML data from a drop-down menu or links

    Hi, I have this page:
    There are prints of lemons/limes and prints of oranges. I
    want to have the visitor select which kind of fruit from either a
    drop-menu or from two links that look something like this:
    Lemons/Limes | Oranges. Looking at other help docs I found the
    region/state mapping demo at,
    and copied the code and tried to modify it. But I don't really
    understand the technical shorthand of the help docs (an ongoing
    problem I have with the Spry documentation) and I couldn't find the
    XML docs that the region/state mapping demos are based on so I
    couldn't see how they were set up.
    I got as far as this: nothing loads initially when you open
    the page (I'd like the lemons to load), but if you select Oranges
    from the drop-down menu you see the oranges, and THEN once you've
    done that, you can select Lemons/Limes in the drop-down menu and
    see those. I have three XML files I've been playing around with to
    get this to work: lemons.xml, oranges.xml and inventory.xml, which
    combines the two.
    I also suspect region/state mapping might not even be exactly
    what I'm trying to do here, but I can't figure out from the
    documentation exactly what this thing I'm trying to do is called. I
    know the photo album demo accomplishes something similar, and I
    could do that, but it seems way more complicated than what I need
    here (right?). Help will be appreciated!

    I made a different test using the file
    where I sent up the inventory xml form like one I found in the
    Nested XML Data documentation where you have item ids and types, so
    all the oranges and lemons are in one XML document (which I'd
    Here's an abbreviated version of the inventory.xml:
    <inv_item id="1" type="lemon">
    <name>Lemons and Limes</name>
    <title>Cedro Ordinario</title>
    [and more lemons follow]
    <inv_item id="19" type="orange">
    <name>Oranges and Others</name>
    <title>La Zucchetta Imperiale</title>
    [and more oranges follow]
    What I'd like to do is display the names "Lemons and Limes"
    and "Oranges and Others" and when you click on "Lemons and Limes"
    you see only the thumbnails for lemons and limes, and when you
    click on "Oranges and Others" you see the thumbnails for only
    those. I'd like the Lemons and Limes to be selected when the page
    is opened.
    Help greatly appreciated!

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    When i pick my brush tool and try to get a soft brush from the drop down menu they all look white, i don't see a soft brush from a non soft brush.How can i fix this issue in photoshop? Thanks

    Hi tvilela,
    Do you, by chance, have the Pencil Tool selected in place of the Brush Tool.

  • Since I upgraded to os x maverick when I try to close with cmd + q from the drop-down menu the app store and I IMOVE reopen continuously.

    since I upgraded to os x maverick when I try to close with cmd + q from the drop-down menu the app store and I IMOVE reopen continuously.

    2 GB of RAM is pretty tight. I imagine that's at the very low end of what Yosemite wants, which could slow things down.
    As far as scroll direction, you can always change it in the trackpad settings. Unsure why it got flipped, but you can fix it in about 5 seconds. Choose "natural" (or don't) depending on how you like it.

  • HT1918 Trying to make make account changes to my itunes account.  Receive error message regarding province "enter at most 3 letters" when the only option I have is to select from a drop down menu.  Cannot make changes to my account.  How do I get this fix

    As you can tell, this is my first post
    I am attempting to make changes to my itunes account, but when I hit done, an error message "enter at most 3 letters or numbers for province" appears.  I have not attempted to make any modificaitons to this field.  The only options I have for data in this field are picked from a drop down menu.  I have no idea why this msg is appearing.  Any ideas on why it is showing up?  Thanks.

    There seems to be at least one package that can't be located. See the message below from you log file
    Requesting locations synchronously for content SDC00003.2
    with priority Medium    ContentAccess    4/3/2015 1:30:51 PM    2644 (0x0A54)
    The number of discovered DPs(including Branch DP and Multicast) is 0    ContentAccess    4/3/2015 1:30:51 PM    2644 (0x0A54)
    My Blog:
    Follow me on twitter: pvanderwoude

  • Linking a page as a browser window from a drop-down menu item

    I have tried to link from a drop-down menu item to link to a small browser window instead of a full page.  I tried using the "behaviors" but I got both the regular page and the browser window.  Is there a way to make it just the browser window.

    I tried that target=_Blank" but I still got the regular page plus the small browser window .  I got rid of the Behavior for now.  My aim is to would display the page in a simple 450 wide x 450 long browser window with a scroll bar with nothing else.  If you can give me a code hint to do that, It would be appreciated.  I'll figure out the rest.
    My HTML coding skills are limited, as I'm used to using FP.(FP seems to be to the Web circles as the Bard's Scottish Play is to the theatrical world)

  • How to make chooser drop down menu, Example i want choices 1 or 2 or 3 from the drop down menu or Location , Egypt , USA , Canda

    how to make chooser drop down menu, Example i want choices 1 or 2 or 3 from the drop down menu or Location , Egypt , USA , Canda

    Where do you want to insert it in Muse. Do you want to add this in Muse Form widget then you can use the widget mentioned in the link below.
    Forms+ Bundle Widget – Widgets.Mu
    If you want to insert it anywhere else in Muse and if you have the HTML codes for that then you can insert its codes in page from Object > Insert HTML.
    You may also require to use some java scripts to make them working as expected.
    How to Make JavaScript Dropdown List - YouTube

  • Enabling certain functions from a drop down menu

    I am using the run-time menu along with case statements to control the flow of my program.  I would like to ensure that a certain option is disabled until a number of other options have been selected.  It is for a near field emissions scanning program.  Basicly I would like to make sure that the file path and any notes about the sweep (product serial number, position, mode) are entered prior to selecting "run sweep" from the drop down menu.  I know that an option can be disabled permenately by selecting disabled and grayed while the run-time menu is being setup, but this not what I want to do.  I simply the "run sweep" option to be disabled until the sweep info and file path have been setup.  How can I go about doing this?  Thanks everyone!
    Kirk Fabbri
    Associate EMC Test Engineer
    Gentex Corporation
    Zeeland, MI
    (616)772-1800 ext 4571

    On the block diagram, right click on the list control, select Create -> Property Node.  Usually this will create a Visible property node.  Left click on the word Visible, and select Disabled Items [ ] from the list.  Then right click again and select Change to Write.  You can then wire a numeric 1D array into the property node.  Whatever numbers are in the array, those corresponding elements in the list will be disabled.  So you can disable whatever you want before a certain action, and then use the property node again to enable items after the action is done.  To enable all items, wire in an empty numeric array.
    - tbob
    Inventor of the WORM Global

  • Can you eliminate an item from a drop down menu after it is selected once so it isn't selected again

    Can you eliminate an item from a drop down menu after it is selected once so it can't be selected again be someone else?

    I am sorry but Formscentral doesn't support any type of dynamic form content updating.

  • Information Broadcaster --can't add recipient from the drop-down menu

    When I create the setting in the information broadcaster, on Recipient tab I can type in the users separated by semi colon, but when I select user(s) from the drop-down menu the recipient field is filled with 'on' 'on' and when I click check the error message says 'on' is not a valid user.
    The same happens when I select a role from dropdown menu.
    In short I can schedule the reports with manually entered recipients but can't select recipient from dropdown menu.
    Have you guys run into this situation and got solution?
    it's BW3.5 SPK16, mail server is configured, users are maintained in SU01 with valid email addresses.
    Your helpful answers will be rewarded.
    Thanks again,

    Hey Gopi,
    Nice to meet you here!
    I did try to add my own user id which is a valid user from dropdown menu but got an 'on' on the field. When I typed my user id on the field, it accepted it. Basically the pop-up selection screen from the drop down menu is not transfering the correct values to the field. Very wierd?
    Help me out Gopi if you are the Gopi I know.

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    So, I have my MBP Retina and I would like to connect it to my television via HDMI. I have my Mac connected to my TV via HDMI, and it shows the picture, but there is no sound! How do I fix this?!?!?!?!?!?! I need help ASAP!!!! Thanks, Kynan

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    I am interested in running AutoCAD Revit MEP on my macbook. My current specifications are: Mac OS 10.6.8, Processor 2.4Ghz intel core 2 Duo, Memory 4GB 1067 MHz DDR3, Griphics NVIDIA GeForce9400M I'm also running Windows XP 32 bit Professional throug

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    Hi ALL, I has the following Integration Process: Receiver-----Synchronous Sender-- Sender(async) When iam trying to Split the Message in Synchronous Sender where the receiver for Synchronous send message is a HTTP adapter iam getting the following Er

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    is it fine to charge mac book pro when its switched off, or not in use. or one always keep it open during the charging?

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