No oveclocking the PM8PM-V (MS-7222) even though the manual says yes.

I have a New PM8PM-V with Intel Pentium D 840 3.2 CPU.
The system has the latest BIOS and drivers, via live update...
The systems works great and I have no issues, with running my apps, but here is the issue.
I bought this Mobo because the manual stated it can be overclocked. The BIOS does not support any over clocking at all, so I tried the utility that came with the mobo
I tried
Core Center
Dual Core Center
the software installs fine, but when i try and run it, I get a message that says "MOTHER BOARD NOT SUPPORTED"
When I look at the included text file, the mobo (MS-7222) is NOT listed in the file as supported
I got these utilities files from the PM8PM download area on MSI site, so these are utilies that are made for the mobo, yet they say they are not supported.
I download the ones from here
I also tried the newer version located here
When I run V-Center it pops up and then closed
When I run Core Center or Dual Core Center I get the Mono not supported error.
I really need to overclock this mobo, so is there any other utility that supports this motherboard and PLL chip?

What exacly does the manual say/state for overclocking an how (via bios , via application or what)
Could you quote what it states .
An option is always to load the initial bios version ( this if often what the manual is based on) .
Though to do this you have to flash bios manually (not liveupdate) with initial/first bios version downloaded from the boards bios page.

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