No page break between table header and first line of the table main area

Hi all.
I'm printing a form which contains a lot of tables. Sometimes while printing the table header line remains at the bootom of  the page and the lines of internal table are printed on the next page (also with header because i have marked 'at page break' in the header). How is it possible not to break header line of 'Table'-node and the first line of internal table?
Regards, Nikolai.

Hello Niki,
try to use page protection......
create a folder and place the text that r to be displayed without break.........
and check the checkbox page protection.
I think you cannot put an entire table in a folder & turn "Page Protection" on simultaneously.
Any ideas?

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    Can you pls let me know as to how I read the first line of the table.

    hi check this.
    data: begin of itab occurs 0,
            matnr like mara-matnr ,
            meins like mara-meins,
            end of itab.
    select-options: s_matnr for mara-matnr .
    select matnr
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    write:/ itab-matnr .
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    Our requirement is that we want to fix header and first column of the table.
    It means that when we will move right or down through scroll bar then header and first column should be fixed.

    To fix header, the approach followed can be as following:
    a) Create dedicated table for header with no rows visible
    b) Set the property to FIXED (I do not rememeber proprty)
    c) Create another table with header visiblity to NONE and all data rows visible
    For First Column fix: the following approach could be tried:
    a) New Transparent container: Matrix layout
    b) 2 tables A and B adjacent to each other : B in scroll container[only horizontal scroll enabled] and both associated with same node.
    c) A will have only one column and B will have remaining columns

  • af:table, only the first row of the table is effect

    Hi experts,
    I have an issue about using the <af:table, needs your help:
    1.The default selected line is the first line of the table(This should be ok).
    2.Only the first line can react to my manipulate, such as select one line and click delete button.
    3.While choosing the other line-->click the command button, the page will be refreshed and the selected one will turned to the first line. (Now the selected row, will be the first row). And will do nothing ,and has no action with the command button.
    I have an page OVS_Server.jspx, parts of it is :
    <af:table value="#{backVS.serverList}"
    var="row" rows="20"
    id="serverListTable" width="100%"
    partialTriggers="poll1 commandButton_refresh commandButton_searchServer"
    <f:facet name="selection">
    <af:tableSelectOne text="#{globalRes['']}" autoSubmit="true"
    id="tableSelectOne" required="false">
    <af:commandButton text="#{globalRes['']}"
    <af:commandButton text="#{globalRes['']}"
    <af:commandButton text="#{globalRes['']}"
    <af:column sortProperty="ip" sortable="true"
    <af:commandLink text="#{row.ip}"
    <af:column sortProperty="serverName" sortable="true"
    <af:outputText value="#{row.serverName}"/>
    One JavaBean,and part of it is :
    public class OVS_Server {
    private CoreTable serverListTable;
    private VirtualServer selectedServer;
    public void onSelect(SelectionEvent selectionEvent) {
    selectedServer = (VirtualServer)serverListTable.getSelectedRowData();
    public String deleteAction(){
    if (selectedServer!=null) {
    return "deleteServer";
    Would anyone show some lights on it?
    Thank you very much.

    Thank you for your reply!
    But the example you mentioned also has the issue like one of the comments :
    "Hi, on selecting the first row it displays the correct value, when navigating to another row still it displays the old value and not fetching the new selected row, actually I can see this on your sample screen shots... is there any way we can fix??"
    Is there any resolution?

  • Smartforms: no page break between last line item and footer in table?

    Hello All,
    my smartform has FIRST and NEXT pages. I would like to avoid a page break between last item line of a table in MAIN window and the footer of the same table.
    Here is how it looks currently.
    Output of FIRST page, MAIN window, table ITEMS:
    1.line item
    2.line item
    3.line item
    4.line item
    page break
    output of NEXT page, MAIN window, table ITEMS:
    1.footer line
    2.footer line
    I would like that if a footer does not fit on FIRST page, it would be displayed on NEXT page with last item line.
    It should be like this:
    output of FIRST page, MAIN window, table ITEMS
    1.line item
    2.line item
    3.line item
    page break
    output of NEXT page, MAIN window, table ITEMS
    4.line item
    1.footer line
    2.footer line
    Any ideas?
    Thanks and best regards,

    Do you mean line item text or your want to print footer text?
    If your trying yo display some footer text, then you either place a footer window or you can create a table inside your main window and place text under the footer of the table, then it will display the text without any page break.
    If it is item tem.
    Then you need to build additional logic. As we cannot guess, the total number of item text upfront.
    Example: if page1 can hold 15 line items, check whether your header and item can fit in page one else call a new page by placing a condition FLAG = "X".
    I hope it will help you to solve your problem.

  • Need to skip page break between header and Detail sections

    I am combining two reports in one report (one in header section and another report in the body section). when this report is run, there's a page break between these two sections. Is it possible to eliminate it? Ideally I would like the detail section to start as soon as the header section of the report is completed in the same page instead of starting (detail section report) in a new page.
    Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks,

    I'd put them into one section to control the breaks.

  • Difference between current row and previous row in a table

    Hi All,
    I am having a problem with the query. Can some of please help me?
    I need to get difference between current row and previous row in a table. I have a table, which have data like bellow.
    Name Date Items
    AAA 01-SEP-09 100
    BBB 02-SEP-09 101
    CCC 03-SEP-09 200
    DDD 04-SEP-09 200
    EEE 05-SEP-09 400
    Now I need to get output like bellow...
    Name Date Items Diff-Items
    AAA 01-SEP-09 100 0
    BBB 02-SEP-09 101 1
    CCC 03-SEP-09 200 99
    DDD 04-SEP-09 200 0
    EEE 05-SEP-09 400 200
    Can some one help me to write a query to get above results?
    Please let me know if you need more information.
    Thanks a lot in advance.
    We are using Oracle10G(

         , nvl (items - lag (items) over (order by dt), 0)like in
    SQL> with test as
      2  (
      3  select 'AAA' name, to_date('01-SEP-09', 'dd-MON-rr') dt,  100 items from dual union all
      4  select 'BBB' name, to_date('02-SEP-09', 'dd-MON-rr') dt,  101 items from dual union all
      5  select 'CCC' name, to_date('03-SEP-09', 'dd-MON-rr') dt,  200 items from dual union all
      6  select 'DDD' name, to_date('04-SEP-09', 'dd-MON-rr') dt,  200 items from dual union all
      7  select 'EEE' name, to_date('05-SEP-09', 'dd-MON-rr') dt,  400 items from dual
      8  )
      9  select name
    10       , dt
    11       , items
    12       , nvl (items - lag (items) over (order by dt), 0)
    13    from test
    14  ;
    AAA 01-SEP-09        100                                      0
    BBB 02-SEP-09        101                                      1
    CCC 03-SEP-09        200                                     99
    DDD 04-SEP-09        200                                      0
    EEE 05-SEP-09        400                                    200

  • How do I sync Pages docs between my Macbook and a PC?

    I want to sync Pages documents between my Macbook and a PC, for when I don't have the Macbook with me. I created a Pages file and saved it to iCloud, but it doesn't appear in the iCloud Pages web interface, even though other docs created in the web interface do.
    Sorry to ask such a basic question, but I can't figure this out. If I'm working in Pages on my Mac and save the document, it's like it goes someplace different than when I create a Pages doc on the web interface...
    Seriously confused, and not understanding how this works. Apologies for being such a beginner. This is really the only thing I want to use iCloud for.

    Thanks, Rick. I have identified another part of the answer -- my husband and I both use this MacBook. We have separate IDs and iCloud accounts. But apparently only one account is allowed to store iWork files on iCloud. Apparently when his iPhone was set up, or maybe when he borrowed the MacBook for a business trip, or when he took some pictures with his new iPhone -- who knows how or when -- the storage capability got attached to his iCloud account on my computer. I started to sign him out, then was told that if that was done, the photostream would be deleted.
    At this point the complexity is beyond ridiculous. We have 3 Mac devices, two computers and a phone, and I can't figure out the logic behind this limitation. I wish I had spent the hours that were invested in this effort in something more productive. I don't think iCloud is ready for primetime yet.

  • Difference between Journal batch,journal header and journal line

    Can someone explain what the difference between Journal batch, Journal header and journal line are?
    Can we post only one batch at a time?

    Journal Batch means it contains batch name, description, status, running total debits and credits, and other information.
    Journal Headers means it contains batch ID, the journal entry name
    and description, and other information about the journal entry.
    Journal Lines means it contains journal entry header ID, the line number, the associated code combination ID, and the debits or credits associated with the journal line.
    So here is the replationships.
    Batch--- 1 to many -- Headers
    Headers -- 1 to many -- Lines.

  • Difference Between Current Day and fist day of the payroll period

    How do i find the difference between the current day and the first day of the payroll period with period parameter XX.
    Operation VARSTFDYXX is used to decide if the current day is the first day of the payroll period. But is there any operation available to check the difference in exact number of days.
    I know hrs=y is used to find difference between current day and a date specification record from IT0041, but i need to check difference between current day and first day from a payroll period parameter.
    Any response is greatly appreciated.
    Imaneul Rajiv

    No! haven't seen it at all! Do I have to drain the battery completely and then charge it? I did that the first day I bought the phone and yet the stats are the same for me
    PS: I am referring to the Call Time stats and not the Usage/Standby stats

  • Difference between local amount and document amount in the same currency

    Dear All,
    Why different between local amount and document amount with the same currency in some FI document line items? Both currency is 'TWD' and update currecy(BSEG-PSWSL) is 'USD'.
    What is the purpose of update currency(BSEG-PSWSL) and update amount(BSEG-PSWBT) ?
    Does update curreny cause the difference mentioned above?
    Thanks all in advance.
    Best regards,
    SAP user

    Dear Sir,
    Thanks for your kindly response!
    These fields of the FI document header are following:
    Local currency 1(BKPF-HWAER) : TWD
    Local currency 2(BKPF-HWAE2) : null
    Local currency 3(BKPF-HWAE3) : null
    Document currency (BKPF-WAERS) : TWD
    Transcation currency means which field ?
    Transaction code (BKPF-TCODE) : FB1S
    The line items as following :
    Itm PK Account    Account  short text   Amount
    1   40   21302500  A/E-Maintenance     1,119,350
    2   50   21302500  A/E-Maintenance     1,119,350-
    Amount in document currency is 1,119,350(TWD) but amount in local currency is 1,087,998(TWD).
    The line item's additional data :
    Amount for Updating in General Ledger : 33,894.02(USD)
    Thanks a lot !!
    Best regards,
    SAP user

  • How to show employee names in descending order but 3rd row is fixed and always top on the table ?

    how to show employee names in descending order but 3rd row is fixed and always top on the table ?
    for example employee names is A,B,C, D, E
    and output is     C,E,D,B,A

    Since you are posting in the design forum, the short answer is - you don't.  Rows in a table have no inherent order that you can rely on and the "position" of rows is a visual characteristic that should be implemented by the application that displays
    this information or by the query that is used to generate the resultset.  
    So the next question is how one accomplishes this particular order within a select statement.  That is a tsql question which, for future reference, is best posted to the tsql forum.  In addition, many of the questions or issues that you will face
    have been discussed in the forums - often many, many times.  The first thing you should do when faced with an issue is to simply search the forums and leverage the the knowledge that has already been discussed.  In doing so you are quite likely to
    see suggestions or related issues that you should consider in your search for a solution.  
    Now, to answer the question - you need to formulate a order by clause that forces the rows to be sorted in the manner you desire.  Effectively you have 2 levels of sorting.  The first level divides your rows into 2 groups.  Group 1 consists
    of rows where name = E and Group 2 is everything else.  Following that you then need to sort the rows in each group by name in descending order.  Something like:  
    order by case name when E then 1 else 2 end, name desc

  • HT1222 ipad apps 1 I lost all after I installed new windows and I tried to connect it between your computer and iPad, what's the solution? (Please Inbox : Thanks

    ipad apps 1 I lost all after I installed new windows and I tried to connect it between your computer and iPad, what's the solution? (Please Inbox : [email protected]) Thanks

    Sounds like it isn't to serious. the Bluetooth connection had an error and that is that generated
    the Problem report.
    When the Blackberry started to use Bluetooth the "gold standard" was using Microsoft's
    "native" windows drivers. Now, every major PC company has there own version
    Thus the problem report.
    There is  rather involved and lengthy procedure to check and install the correct Bluetooth drivers
    in the Dell, but I really don't think you want to take that on.( Nod you head and say H*LL YES)
    Here is what I propose;
    The problem report needs to be resolved or it wont go away. Read the manual, call Dell,
    try apologizing to it and that you'll never never do it again, what ever it takes!
    Make the best investment you can make for your Blackberry, buy a media card.
    All the memory in the BB is dynamic, this facilitates the functions of the phone.
    By storing media in that memory, you effect are wasting X amount for file storage.
    Store all media and files on the media card, and you will have a smooth running device.
    They run about $25.00usd, they are easy to install, and they also make moving your
    media a snap. You will need the USB adapter that came with it, but you can get that at
    your local carrier store.
    So if you agree with this I need some info.
    On the Blackberry go to the options icon,click then scroll up to ABOUT.
    I need your software version number, it's listed in this format:
    Send it back to me and I can tell you what size card you can get.
    Let me know your thoughts!
    Click Accept as Solution for posts that have solved your issue(s)!
    Be sure to click Like! for those who have helped you.
    Install BlackBerry Protect it's a free application designed to help find your lost BlackBerry smartphone, and keep the information on it secure.

  • Pie Chart Only Displays the Data of the First Row of the Table

    Hi Experts,
    I have a problem that the pie chart will not change when click on a second row or other rows on the table. It only displays the data of the first row of the table. How can I set up to make it reflect on any rows when I click the table? Please help, and I would very appreciate that.

    Thanks a lot for your response. I have realized that the pie chart behaves that way, so I just use the filter to see the specific data that I want. Also, you can drag the row and drop it right at the first row to see the data in the pie chart.

  • Remove table border and grid lines

    i have and adf faces table on my page and I would like to get rid of the table border and grid lines. i tried using the inline style properties of the table and columns in the table (border-style:none;), and the GridVisible = false property of the columns, but the lines still appear.
    any suggestions?

    We can design frames in so many ways so check all those one by one
    Check the output options tab in all your window, table & text nodes.there check whether Box & Shading is check or not if it is check remove it.
    sometimes for vertical lines we create seperate windows with low width like 0.01 cm & in its output options check 'box and shading' frame & this window postions are as you required & you can adjust the line in the preview option of box & shading in the output options.
    & in the table node table tab check the select pattren here patterns are again two types with frame & without frame.
    Let me know your exact requirment & your trails if its not working.
    Edited by: phani kumar on Aug 26, 2008 1:56 PM

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    recently when opening a new URL the browser puts the new window in a partially visible window on the left of the original window. The partial window is not wanted. I want all windows to open in their own space/tab or a new window. What must I change

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