No Planning server/database is listed in Business Rules Cluster 11.1.2.

Issue: no planning server is listed under "Planning" located under available servers list while adding a cluster. However Essbase server is listed.
Have I created a cluster for planning and registered/configured properly? Yes I did after going thru lot
(you can read more here: Re: Unable to connect to Planning URL after new instal & configuration 11.1.2
I have configured Planning after Essbase/EAS. I am not sure if this is anything to do or not. I went thru following thread and read up listed doc and did not find any resolution. Error creating planning locations from eas console

I'm still having this problem. I checked that RMI is running but whenever I try to enter in Planning the logs write that it can't connect to the eas database, and HBRPluginData relational table isn't being filled.

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  • How to validate a node list using business rules

    Hello everybody:
    I'm developing with Oracle SOA Suite
    I'm using business rules to check some business requirements from my processes and I am having a situation that I like to share with you in
    order to receive some advices to solve it.
    In the rule input variable I have an element with the following structure (example):
        <Name>Big Boss</Name>
    Using business rule I need to check that all the users departament code *<DepCode>* match with an specified code, besides another
    validations. As it's showed in the previous XML I have a user list inside the *<User>* node and I have to use a loop to check all the users
    assigned to the Big Boss user. My question is: Which could be the most "efficient" way to make that loop?
    I have been thinking in some options:
    1- Create a ruleset for users validation and make the loop inside the process executing the user ruleset many times as users exist?
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    Could anybody tell me how can I use the foreach available in the ruleset advanced mode? Can I execute a desicion table in a loop?
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    I guess you will need a CX.
    when user enters a value to the node,your CX will get fired.
    it will take the current value and check with your database.if value already exists then you have to empty that node in the CX. and show a message that you needs to change the value of node.
    Let me know if you need code.
    send a mail on [email protected]
    I will provide you the code.

  • Creating numbered list via business rule in a form

    The problem is explained in thread subject, i have a need to create a numbered list in a coulmn of some form via business rule.
    i tried this, but numeration start from 1696 and adds 2 for every next row
    set createnonmissingblk on;
    "HSP_InputValue"(sn = sn + 1; "Region" = sn;)
    set createnonmissingblk off;
    sorry, that was stupid question, overworked, didn't notice i fixed the same dimension twice via two different members, after i worked ths out everything became fine.
    Again sorry for unnecessary disturbance.
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    one more suggestion i want to give it to you,
    when you are writing a Base fix
    you can also write in this way
    FIX("plan1","Final","NormC_NA","Local",[RTP_Year], etc)
    /* Your Calculation */

  • Planning Admin or users cant see Business Rule

    Hi - When I log onto Planning with the 'owner' id, I am able to see all the Business Rules associated with that cube. But when I log in with an ID that has Administrator permissions for that Planning application, I'm not able to view any of the Business Rules. I am able to see all the calc scripts associated with that cube.
    I have created a group in Essbase with permissions to that cube and have calc access. then I log onto Business Rules designer and assigned my Rules to that group, but I'm still missing some permission somewhere and I can't figure it out.
    Planning 3.5.1
    Essbase 7.0

    Something else I have noticed, when I create a form in Planning using the 'owner' id and then associate Business Rules with it. Then I log in with Planning Administrator permissions and go into that form to in 'enter data' mode, I dont see that 'Launch Rules' button to select the rules to run on that web form.

  • Business Rules are disappearing from forms in Hyperion Planning v

    We are using Calculation Manager to create business rules in a planning v application using EPMA, web logic and SQL Server. We have had several instances where business rules that were attached to forms suddenly would disappear. The form still is aware that there is an attached rule, because the application and database name appears in the Business Rules section of the form. However, all of the business rules in the application are no longer visible (i.e. the rule names are blank). The only way we have found to correct the problem is to make a copy of the rules in Calculation Manager and then redeploy the rules and re-attach them to the forms. The old rules still show up with blank descriptions. This has happened at two different locations and seems to corresond with application deployment, although intermittent. Any help would be appreciated.

    If I understand what you're saying, I had the same or similar thing happen to me recently with v11.1.1.3, only I'm using classic Business Rules. I don't know why the problem occurs, although I think the root cause is probably related to inter-server communications, not to the corruption or loss of metadata. It happened to me in the target environment when I exported the rules from one environment and imported them into another.
    When I encountered the problem, I opened and then saved (without changing anything) the business rule cluster I use for managing access rights. That resolved the problem, my guess is by giving the application servers enough of a kick in the pants to start talking to one another again.
    I don't know whether this helps any, but I just thought I'd let you know you're not the only one who has seen this problem.

  • Unable to refresh database after forced stop of the business rule

    Hello, Experts!
    I am currently testing and tuning performance of business rules in Hyperion Planning 9.3.1. I launched a business rule in EAS Console that was running way too long so I decided to stop it manually. But after this manual stop when I try to refersh Essbase from Hyperion Planning (Administration>Manage Database>Database Refresh) I get the following error:
    +com.hyperion.planning.olap.EssbaseException: Cannot restructure. There are other active users on database [%s] (1013101)+
    I remember having done forced business rule stops earlier in other Hyperion Planning 9.3.1 deployments and they did not generate such errors. So could you help me on how I prevent Hyperion Planning from this error after manual business rule stops because most likely I will have to do them in the future? Thanks very much!

    John, you are right. I erred earlier: I was thinking that I had stopped the business rule, but it still was running. I had not seen this rule running because of lack of permissions for my user name. After adding extra Essbase permissions to my user name in HSS, I was able to see in EAS Console in Ediit>Sessions window that the rule was still running and Hyperion Planning definitely will produce the above error message if one tries to refresh Essbase cube while the rule is still running.

  • Cannot see existing Business Rules in Hyperion Planning ?

    I'm working on Planning :
    I've developped several Business Rules with the EAS console (theses HBR are attached to a project).
    But when I open the application in Hyperion Planning with my admin accounts. I can't see any Business Rules in the list of Business Rules, only Calc sCripts.
    Is anyone as an idea ?
    Thanks for your help.
    Best regards

    1. Make sure that you have used the planning outline and not the Essbase outline to develop the rules.
    2. Also access needs to be given to the rules for a location (even to admin - somtimes). Ensure that you have given the access rights correctly.

  • Hyperion Business Rules cannot connect to Hyperion Planning

    I've deployed these applications into one machine server:
    - Hyperion Essbase 7.1.3
    - Hyperion Planning 4.0.1 (including Hyperion Business Rules)
    - Essbase Administration Services 7.1.3
    Everything runs well except that Hyperion Business Rules cannot connect to the Hyperion Planning as described in some error lines below:
    Can not login to Planning Application because no token.
    2009-10-07 15:12:15,125 WARN HttpProcessor[10090][1] com.hyperion.hbr.plugin.planning.PlanningMetadataAppElement - Error retrieving Essbase dbs from server: win
    2003server1/myPlan app: {1}.
    java.lang.Exception: Could not log in to Planning Server
    at com.hyperion.hbr.plugin.planning.PlanningMetadataAppElement.getChildren(Unknown Source)
    at com.hyperion.hbr.plugin.planning.PlanningMetadata.getChildren(Unknown Source)
    at com.hyperion.hbr.core.MetadataCmdListener.getChildren(Unknown Source)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAcces
    Anyone knows how to handle this error?
    Mr. Goodwin?
    Thanks in advance!

    Have they ever worked ?
    Have you followed the golden rule, start RMI, EAS, Planning, Log into planning application through the web, Open EAS, create bus rule, select outline of the planning application you logged in.
    Also it is definitely checking out document ID 763345.1 in metalink3 (My Oracle Support)

  • Error seeing business rule ( to be assocated with)in Manage Data forms list

    I have a business rule, I see it in EAS console, but when I try to associate it with my Data form in Planning, i do not see this business rule in the list fo business rules that appear in Manage Data forms-> business rules tab. I hae associated thsi Business rule with my planning applicatiosn outline still I am not seeing it. Can someone please help.

    How does this relate to the Oracle Forms product?
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  • Business Rules not visible in Hyperion Planning

    I created a group in Shared Services and added 6 (native) accounts.
    After that, I assigned Access Privileges to Business Rules in AAS for this group.
    When I open Planning Web and go to Tools - Business Rules, 5 of the 6 users can see the Business Rules,
    but one users only sees the CalcScripts.
    I think I tried everything; removed/added the account from the group, refreshing security, refresh in Planning-Desktop
    I'm using version 9.2.03
    Anyone knows whats going on here?

    Thats the strange thing; We use (native) groups to provision. This works fine for the other 5 users.
    But even if I provision this one user for the Business Rules, they remain invisible to this user. (in Planning)
    I discovered this morning that this user can create a new BR, but when I try to open it in AAS console I get an error
    "Exception occured, Please check your log file for details."
    Unfortunately, the log doesn't provide any more details. (even if I set the level to Debug)

  • Business rules and CalcScripts in Planning

    Hi Friends
    In Planning if we go to Tools-> Business Rules, we can see all the calc scripts and Business rules associated with the available plan types.Is there any way we can limit to see only business rules not the calc scripts.some of our Finance users have admin access to planning, so we do not want them to access and run calc scripts in planning.
    We are on 9.3.3
    Please suggest.

    If they are admins they are probably going to see everything.
    Some Oracle support docs may be of some use for users that are not admins:
    "Planning Interactive user is not able to see and run calc script within Planning web [ID 738394.1]"
    "Set Access Privileges For Calc Scripts In A Planning Application [ID 753367.1]"

  • Business Rules Runtime Prompts

    in my planning application, i have a few business rules that cannot be linket do any dataform. Users must run them directly via "Tools->Business Rules" menu'.
    These Business Rules have Runtime Prompt. User can fill them directly in the text field or navigate the outline using the "Select Member" icon.
    1) Is there a way users can navigate the outline using Alias table? All members have aliases but i see only member names.
    Using Administration Services i use limit to filter variable's members. Again, my outline navigation in "Select Member" icon in Planning is on a non sorted member list. 2) is there a way to avoid the behaviour?
    Planning versione: on windows server.
    thank u.

    If you need to arrange your outline in proper order you need to go to:
    workspace navigate-> application library ->double click the application and you'll need to edit the application members.
    right click the parent member->reorder children (select the proper order of members)
    you need to deploy the applacation after you have done this. try this if it works

  • Business Rule Repository has not been configured?

    In EAS trying to open Business Rules, I get "Repository has not been configured or you are not authorized to use Business Rules" (I get this with the admin creds)
    In details, "Error loading objects from Data Source", "SQLSyntaxExceptionError: ORA-00942 table or view does not exist"
    This is relatively new Production install running v.
    I ran into this after my LCM migration of a Planning app failed, unable to create business rules.
    IT folks tell me "the database looks fine" when I asked them about the ORA-00942 table.
    Can anyone help point me to a configuration step that might have been missed?
    Everything works in development environment, so if there's something to compare between the two, I'd appreciate any help.

    Its necessary to do the following
    SE80 -> BSP Application -> Tunguska -> Pages with Flow Logic -> start_sts.htm   or  start_sts2.htm-> Right click & display in same window -> Properties tab -> Transfer Options -> HTTPS should be UNCHECKED.

  • Does sap xi has business rules engine?

    Dear experts,
    i am dealing with microsoft biztalk server,i come across this business rules engine.this framework comprises policies,facts,vocabularies, and rules.
    so does <b>sap xi </b>has this business rules engine??if yes plz eloborate?? if no whats the sap's alternate for this??
    thanks heaps in advance

    well alternative would to develop some web page or ABAP screen which you can fromulate rule and in background you can use R3 Custom tables or any database tables to store the rules...
    while mapping you can do RFC lookup in case you have used R3 tables or database lookup to read the rule in case of other database....
    look possible but we have yet started working on this approach..

  • Unable to see Business rule in Dev in

    In Planning while editing the webform under business rules I could not see the business rules when im trying to assign them to a dataform in Dev but I could see only calc scripts. But I could see the business rules in Prod.
    Anyone faced this issue then plz provide ur suggestions on this.

    Have a look at the following doc in Oracle Support - "Have a look at Troubleshooting Hyperion Business Rules Issues (Doc ID 763345.1)"

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