Nokia Lumia 510 wifi problem

when the phone is in sleep mode or screen is lock I dont get push notifications means wifi disconnects but i didnt have problem when I purchased it. Also some times all pending push notifications comes by itself I dont get the same problem when I start mobile data connection... It is not possible to keep phone always unlock mode to get push notifications....Also I went to your care center to update the software.. but the problem is same... I m really fed up with this....

i'm facing the same problem... Can anybody help.??  

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  • Nokia lumia 510 wifi network searching problem

    Recently I have got Nokia lumia 510......nice phone......but it fails to search any WiFi network......somtimes shows notifications at top of the display but doesn't wrk at ol..........So what to help

    Hi kabirx7,
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    Could you check, please, if your wifi connection is turned on?
    > settings>Wifi> Wifi networking on.
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  • Nokia lumia 510 music subscription problem

    Hi am using Nokia lumia 510 when trie downloading I get a error saying " this phone is already registered with a Nokia music unlimited subscription"" am not able to down load any of the music plz help me guys

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    You may want to read the thread from this link which is related to your concern:

  • Issue while making a call through Nokia lumia 510

    Hi, i have purchased nokia lumia 510 around five months back. since then this phone is troubling me in a way or other. earlier there were issues with internet connectivity when i rectified it now there comes a new problem which occurs while making a call. whenever i make a call or receive a call after a few minutes i am unable to get the voice of the person on another side nor the other persons gets my voice. sometimes this happens just after 30-40 seconds and sometimes it happens after 15-16 minutes. then i have to cut the call in between and again have to call that person. this issue comes everytime i make or receive a call. i am so much irritated of this now. i even went to nokia care and they have replaced the speaker of the phone but this issue has not been resolved. can someone please help me to resolve this. please i need a permanent solution of this now.

    Have you tried replacing your sim card?
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  • Nokia Lumia 510 Sync Issue

    I have an issue with my nokia Lumia 510 model. The Issue is Sync is not working if we set "as soon as mail Arrives" for the Outlook ActiveSync. Mails will come if we press Sync. So Push Option is not working for the same in the Handset. Already I logged a complaint with nokia on July 5th 2013 with Service Request Num: 1-14428498979 & 1-14586729991. And the Device surrendered to a nokia Care Centre in Trivandrum (Mobility solution, Karamana on 31st July 2013) and same device came back to me on 20 th August stating tat the issue is resolved. But Still I'm facing the issue. Talked to the Customer Care Executvies and the Store Manager (Mobility soslutions) many times. Nobody is able to solve the issue rather they are not ready to Provide the higher authoroties mail id or contact nums. I dont know what need to be done for the mobile. We have Purchased the Device for a monitoring Purpose in our Office. If anybody face same kind of Issues (Auto Sync not Working/Push ot working in the same device), Pelase help me on this. thanks, 
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    So, is anyone from Nokia going to solve this poor guy's problem, or just leave him hanging there?
    Same with my Lumia 510: why is the push email not working?
    Why don't I have the "as itmes arrive" option?
    Also: why does my bank say: "Sorry sir, but Nokia Lumia is not compatible with mobile banking..."?
    Why did you change, Nokia?
    Why did you make everything so non user friendly and non compatible with the lumia?
    I miss the E-series phones
    Will you help us, or should we accept our fate?

  • How can i install adobe reader in my nokia lumia 510 with window 7

    how can i install adobe reader in my nokia lumia 510... Without it my phone is useless..... Its of great important to me..

    go directly on website from there on search bar type adbe reader  and from there you will be able to download adobe reader and use on ur lumia  510

  • Nokia lumia 510 voucher no

    Plz give me Nokia lumia 510 Nokia a limited voucher no.

    Hi saratnegi,
    Welcome to the Nokia Support Discussions!
    Can you further elaborate on your concern? What type of voucher are you specifically asking? We have 2 kinds of vouchers:
    1. Nokia Music Unlimited vouchers. Previously, Nokia Music Unlimited supported devices come with voucher to activate the service. Now, activation of the service has been made PIN-less. The vouchers are just to extend your subscription and can be purchased via Oxigen retail stores and through online:
    2. Promotional vouchers. This is only being given away as part of a promo or marketing.

  • Lumia 510 Bluetooth problem

    I think lumia 510 must have a basic feature like Bluetooth sharing
    I read on Nokia support about Bluetooth share app but I don't find it on marketplace and one more thing I read on comments that through Bluetooth I don't send or receive data from Symbian or android phone so I want help about these problem

    Bluetooth Share is pre-installed in device firmware upon 510, at least it is upon my 710 running Windows Phone 7.8 which also received an update for this application today.
    Is your 510 running firmware ending in .12460 or .12490 in settings > about > more information?
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  • Message Alert in Nokia lumia 510 or 620

    I am planning to buy a new smartphone in the new year. So I decided to go for Nokia Lumia series Phones.
    So I have only two points to confirm.
    If I buy Lumia 510 or 620. Will they
    1) alert me instantly  if I get a email?
    2) Alert when some ping me on gtalk or Msn ?
    3) Can I use Lync messenger?
    Please If anybody can give answers to them so that I my confusion will go off.
    Thanks for your time,
    Thanking You All
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    Email feting intervals can be set up in the mail settings. I know that on my phone for my main account I get a notification instantly on arriving mail.
    I have my main account set up to get mail 'as it arrives'
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  • Nokia Lumia 920 wifi not working

    My brand new Nokia Lumia 920 cannot connect to my wifi.
    It keeps saying that I type the wrong password, which i do not.
    All other devices in my house connect just fine.
    I have tried switching channel on my router and change from WPA PSK to WEP but nothing helps.
    Any suggestions?

    I'll link to another discussion that had a resolution that worked for me. This is the only place I saw a resolution for the problem.
    Basically, I changed my router settings from mixed 802.11 b/g to 802.11 g only. Now it connects, no problem.
    Good luck.

  • Nokia Lumia 1520 having problems with Voyager Lege...

    I recently purchased Nokia Lumia 1520 and I am having some problems with Plantronics Voyager Legend. Before 1520 I was using HTC Radar 4G with Plantronics Voyager Legend and I don't have any problems. The problems that I am having are, when I am on a call using the Plantronics Voyager Legend the voice of the person will automatically switched between Plantronics Voyager Legend and 1520 through out the entire conversation back and forth. It does read all my text messages without any problems. Another problem is on my HTC Radar 4G once I turn on the Bluetooth under setting Bluetooth stays on even after I reboots the phone. On 1520 after rebooting the phone Bluetooth is off automatically by the Windows 8. Why does it do that? Are there any workaround or fixes for my issues

    My Voyager Legend firmware is up to date.  This Voyager Legend works with all my others electronics without any problems.  Problem with Nokia Lumia 1520 only.  I think the problem is 1520 Windows 8 OS.  I am waiting on Plantronics to contact me but looks like I am at the bottom of the list.  Does anyone know why after rebooting the 1520, Nokia Windows 8 OS automatically turn the Bluetooth off in setting, under Bluetooth everytime?

  • Nokia lumia 800 video problems.

    Hello, my friend in work has a nokia lumia 800 which a couple of days ago just stopped playing all kinds of videos, be it videos he has taken or on youtube or any thing!
    Also xbox live doesnt open either.
    Neither of us are very 'techy' so any suggestions in simple terms would be very much appreciated!

    WhatAmIDoing wrote:
    I seem to have a similar problem. After the most recent software update I can no longer play back videos that I have taken with the phone! I can play you tube videos ok, but not ones I take with the camera. Any suggestions why? I can't find any settings which I could have changed? The files play fine on the computer.
    What happens upon trying to play the videos? Is there any error message or is it just showing a blank screen?
    You can try to copy the videos to your computer, delete the videos on your phone and then transfer them back to the phone from your computer.
    If this would fail, you may consider resetting the phone by going to Settings and then About. As this will delete all the contents of the phone, ensure to sync your files or to create a backup copy. See Reset  and restore your phone found in the below link for more information as regard to syncing your files, resetting the phone and restoring the files backed up:

  • Nokia Lumia 925 Camera problem - Ranlie Basas

    I have bought Nokia Lumia 925, and i has camera problem. My Nokia Lumia, not working properly. Please help. Best regards, Ranlie Basas

    hi mate, have you tried resetting the Nokia Camera settings to default, and also checking that you are fully up to date with the latest firmware for your device, along with the latest Nokia system app updates from the Store?

  • Not able to connect nokia lumia 510 with any other...

    Hi whenever I m connecting my Nokia lumia 51 with other mobile devices via Bluetooth it is showing not supported....please help me how can I connect to other mobile via Bluetooth

    try the post above yours.
    Using the search function and actually reading threads will reveal more that you may think..
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  • Nokia Lumia 1320 Wifi error Could Not Connect To T...

    I'm having trouble with my phone connecting with my Wifi router model Netgear WNAP210 Router, when I type the password in it says either that it is unable to connect or sometimes that the password is incorrect!!
    I have contacted Netgear and they suggested changing the router name to remove any underscore symbols "_", I did this today but still get this annoying message on the phone.
    I've tried deleting found connections and starting from scratch and have also amended the router name (which shows correctly when scanning for Wifi on the Nokia). Now it's starting to get me really wound up....please please help?
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    Hi, AdamTh. Make sure that your phone's software and system apps are updated. You should see 'Lumia Cyan' under Settings> extras+info to confirm that you have the latest software update. For your system apps, go here: After checking that, you can visit this link: Nokia Lumia 1320 - Troubleshooter and try the workarounds listed. The link is intended for the US. Keep us posted. By the way, welcome to our forum. 

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