Not appearing task list in object links tab of document type

Hi guys,
I had an small issue in document type, which is in doucment type object links tab I am unable to find task list data. Nothing is coming up here when i click this task list.  Could any one can help me to get that data.

Hi munny
Whats is ur issue ? explain it clearly
. pithan

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    Hi Friends,
    Can anybody help me out in Customizing Object Links tab for Transaction CV01N.
    I want to know exactly how could we add a customized tabstip in object link other than SAP Standards like  Material Master, WBS element and etc.
    I want to know whether do we have any SAP Note or any Badi  to get the tab strip in Object Link tab.
    Thanks in advance.
    Satish Raju

    Material master is standard object to link to
    Go to IMG ->Cross-Application Components->Document Management->Control Data->Define Document Types
    choose the document type and double click at  Define object links and "New Entries"
    and enter
    Document Type: Your document type
    Object: MARA
    Screen no.: 201
    When New Version: Decide what you want
    Create Document: Decide what you want
    Document Version:Decide what you want

  • Save status when adding cARC link under Object Links Tab

    Hi Experts,
    I want to know how to save status for cARC or SAP spec links added as Object links under the object Links tab.
    Even though I maintain the status it is not saved except for WBS elements.
    Best Regards,

    Do you mean that you have multiple object link types?
    I am having the same problem.
    For object link type A, I can set and save the status (severity) correctly, but for object link types B and C, it does not work. The status can be set, and it is shown on the UI, but it is not saved correctly, so that the status is gone when I reload the project.
    Maybe somebody can help here?

  • How to get CV03N object link tab data

    Hi friends,
         In the tcode cv03n, OBJECT LINK tab is there. in that object link screen has 2 tabs 1 is legal entity and another one is Project code.
         I want to get the project link tab data. is there any function module.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Hi Vallamuthu,
    Please try to provide the solution so that it will be easy for others to arrive at a solution while searching.

  • Epson DX5000 driver does not appear on list in'print using' box

    Epson DX5000 driver does not appear in list despite the fact that I have downloaded the software.
    When the printer is connected and I try and print I first go to 'add printer' in the print dialogue window. This takes me to the printer browser where the Epson DX5000 appears - at this starge I can't add as this option is not highlighted. Instead I have to go to 'print using' where I click on Epson - this is where the problems start as the DX is not on the very long list.

    Hi Ali
    Yes I have installed the software
    I have been using another printer so I realise that I don't need to add printer each time - this is the first time using this new printer
    After I 'add printer' I am taken to the printer browser where the RX5000 is listed (this is in the default browser mode) when I then click the RX5000 the name and location appear in the appropriate boxes but I am unable to press the 'add' button. I have to go to more printers where I then go on to look in the epson folder.
    this is where I get stuck as my printer is not listed

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    First of all, have you installed the TWAIN driver?
    TWAIN not installed | Photoshop Elements 9 and later

  • GP, callable object Web Dynpro Application (bespoke) not appearing in list

    Hey y'all
    We're developing our first GP, and we would like to call an existing bespoke Web Dynpro. When creating the callable object, we're selecting type Web Dynpro Application, but our Web Dynpro screen is not appearing in the drop down list on the next page. We think that this is because the application has been deployed to a different server (i.e. it has not been deployed onto the portal server).
    So the question is, has anyone faced this problem before, and is there a solution?
    Kind regards

    Hi John,
    Please have a look at this Exception on creating GP Action
    This will solve your issue definitively. Do not take care of a given SDA, just redeploy everything and make sure that everything is overwritten by selecting the right option.
    Best regards,

  • Artist name not appearing in list

    I received a new Ipod Classic 160GB for Christmas. I have transferred some CD's to it and some of the names of the artists are not appearing in the list of names. The albums are there - is there any way to get these to display? Thanks!

    ... and as well as the helpful answers provided by planb77 and Jeff there is another little trick you could try.
    Remove the Compilations heading from the *Main Menu* of your iPod. This will then cause all the artists who only appear on compilation albums to appear on the iPod/music/Artists* list.
    To remove the Compilations heading, go to *Settings/Main Menu* and make sure Compilations does not have a tick next to it.

  • Object Link to DMS document - does not allow to link to docs not released

    Hi Folks,
    I am trying to create an object link from cProjects 4.5 to a DMS document. When I select a document in DMS I am getting the message "26 223 Document <doc_number> has not been released". If I set the status of the DMS document to a released status I am allowed to create the object link.
    My question is - why am I only allowed to object link to released DMS documents? I want link to a DMS document regardless of the status.

    Hi Lashan,
    Not sure whether this works, but do check in CFC01 and see "Document Type Dependent Data'

  • Yahoo toolbar appeared without my consent. Can't get rid of it. Does not appear in list of add-ons or in list of programs installed for uninstall. (Win7; FFx5) Please help me delete this annoyance.)

    I was prompted to update Java. I got a YAHOO toolbar which I did and do not want. I can't get rid of it. It does not appear on the Add-on list, not in the programs list (to uninstall). Can't find anything with Yahoo in the name. I do not want to use View, because it keeps coming back into view without my consent -- I want it gone permanently.
    The uninstall directions in Yahoo help call for click on pencil tool (which tool is not found on this toolbar). Firefox instructions say go to Add-on list, but the Yahoo bar is not there. There are several Java add-ons, but I don't know what they are and what happens if they are uninstalled.
    Win 7; Firefox 5.0; Yahoo toolbar ver
    Perhaps it is disguised as something else. If so please tell me what to uninstall.

    Try RIGHT clicking on different areas of the toolbars on Firefox, mainly try right clicking on/around the url bar & forward/back navigation buttons. When you get the correct spot if will give you a menu with the toolbars available (whether or not they're active) and a couple other options. Just uncheck the Yahoo one & you should be all set.
    As you say though it may be some other bar disguised as a yahoo bar. Any chance you can get a screen shot of it & post it here?

  • Airport BaseStation's name does not appear in list of workgroup's members

    I have a windows workgroup called NUCFAM with two PCs running XP Pro in it.
    I have replaced my linksys router with an Airport Extreme Base Station to which I have attached two printers and a disk. I have configured the AEBS to have the Airport Extreme name "celery" and I have configured the AEBS to be in the workgroup NUCFAM by using the Airport Utility>Disks>File Sharing panel.
    On Windows, where I have installed BonJour, each of my printers is listed as located at celery in the printer's properties.
    However, in Windows Explore>Tools>Map Network Drive if I click the Browse button
    a dialog appears that lists, under a node labeled NUCFAM, the names of my two PCs but not the name of the AEBS, i.e. celery. Instead the AEBS is named by the same twelve hex digits that Airport Utility lists as its Ethernet ID.
    And in a CMD shell
    net view \ \celery
    fails to find the network path. However,
    net use \ \
    does find the AEBS and lists the disk's name.
    Can I get the AEBS to appear on the Windows side with the AEBS's name?

    I just found the answer on the discussion board.
    In my SETTINGS I had compilations turned on.
    When I switched it off, Carly Simon was back in my
    ARTISTS list.

  • Boot DVD does not appear in list on Option Restart

    Greetings - I am attempting to run Stellar Partition Manager to adjust two partitions on my SSD drive.  I have setup a dual boot configuration where 10.6.8 as well as 10.7.2 reside on that SSD drive in two separate partitions.  To adjust the partitions I must restart the workstation from a Boot DVD created using that software, however after restarting while holding down the Option Key, the DVD disc does not appear as one of the choices in the bootable drives list.  I believe the DVD drive is functioning properly as I routinely use it to read and write discs, including loading software.  I have reset the PRAM, but that has had no affect.  So far I have not received knowledgable support from Stellar, and have kind of gotten the run-around.  I am hoping I can independently work around this issue.  Thanks for any thoughts.   Scott

    Hi Larry,
    According to your description, my understanding is that the Edit web part option disappeared in the list web part.
    I recommend to check if the account has permission to edit the web part, please check the permission of the account in Site Permissions and the list permissions.
    Please also check if the target audience is set in the web part.
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Substitutions - field does not appear in list of 'substitutable fields'

    Specifically, I would like to use a exit substitution to replace the content of the Structure PRPS-POSID field.
    However, I cannot seem to use a simple substitution rule (since PRPS-POSID does not appear as a substitutable field in the PRPS list of fields that pops up when creating a 'Step').  Most of the PRPS field are availed as 'substitutable fields' but not POSID.
    The user exit approach is proving difficult since I cannot add the following code unless I put in a data or tables statement (which is NOT recommended).
    If proj-PSPID(7)  <> prps-POSID(7) .
      prps-posiD(7) = PROJ-PSPID(7) .
    Please help!

    Hello Shrikant;
    The requirement is to ensure that the WBS element numbering (prps-posid(7) ) will always match that of the Project Definition (proj-pspid(7) ).  This numbering rule is required to comply with the Fund Centre numbering since the fund center number utilizes the Project Definition number as an identifier ( I will email you some screen prints).
    If there is a discrepency between the WBS element numbering (prps-posid(7) ) and the Project Definition (proj-pspid(7) ) number, the requirement is to assign Project Definition (proj-pspid(7) to the WBS element numbering (prps-posid(7) .  The transaction used to call the substitution exit is CJ20N.
    A big thanks for your comments so far.
    Peter Forster.

  • Purchased ringtone does not appear in list in settings/sounds/ringtones

    Hi I bought a ringtone on my iphone today and I can see it in the purchased downloads, and I can see on my MacBook after sync, but it does not appear in the list of ringtones on my iPhone, so I can't set it as my default. Can anyone tell me how I find this purchased ringtone and set it as my default ring?

    I pressed the itunes icon on my iphone, up came the title screen, and one of the offerings on it was "Ringtones RCP Ringtones 1.0" you either buy the full library of the tones for $3.99 or just one for .99, which is what I did, I found the one I wanted (it sounds like a British telephone with that double ring-ring) and hit the buy button. It asked for my iTunes password which I gave, and then it downloaded. In other words, exactly like any other itunes song does.
    Now it's sitting on my iphone in the downloads file. When I couldn't get it to appear in the settings/sounds/ringtones section so I could choose it, I thought maybe I should do a sync with my itunes on my computer, so I did that, making sure that "sync ringtones" was checked. Now there is a new file on my computer itunes called "Purchased on [my name]'s iPhone" however there is nothing in the ringtones folder on the computer itunes, and I've tried dragging it out of that purchased folder into the library and into the ringtones folder and it won't go in.
    I can play it on my phone, and I can play it on my computer. it appears like any other song on itunes. but I can't make it become the ringtone on my phone!

  • App does not appear in list of apps to sync

    Help!  I downloaded an app that is in the genre of Education.  When I click on the device (iPod Touch), this app does not appear in the list of apps that I can select with a checkmark in order to sync from iTunes to the iPod.  Also, when I display the apps in my iTunes library, the app is on the list, but I cannot drag it to the device.  I can add other apps (games, etc) to this device using either of these procedures (syncing or dragging).

    Is the app compatible with your model iPod?

Maybe you are looking for

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