Notify errors in the SXMB_MONI

HI Gurus,
I want to notify if any messages failed in the SXMB_MONI (means if any red flag in the MONI) by the Mails. How can i acces that java code written in background. Please help me in this .
Thanks and Regards,

Configure the alerts..i.e create alert category in ALRTCATDEF and while creating the alert rule in RWB click on notify the errors raised in integration engine.
Refer this

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  • Error in the Receiver SOAP Adapter

    Hello Experts,
           I am sending an order number by running a report on the ECC 6.0 server to a web service for publishing the information on the web site. The receiver side is configured as Receiver SOAP Adapter . I am getting the following error in the SXMB_MONI Transaction. SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Not enough message parts were received for the operation.
    Kindly let me know to overcome this problem.
    Best Regards
    S Joshi

    Hi Ramesh,
        The message Iam getting in MONI is as follows: SOAP: response message contains an error XIAdapter/PARSING/ADAPTER.SOAP_EXCEPTION - soap fault: Not enough message parts were received for the operation.
    This is the response for the request that i am sending for order creation. I did checked the fields also it is same and the values of the fields too. they all are correct. Over and above this it was working fine till last week , but suddendly this week I am getting this error.

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    Have you tried looking at the previous discussions with your same problem that are listed on the right side of this page under the heading "More Like This".

  • Error Logging and notifying users regarding the errors

    we are designing a workflow in which if any user comes across an error (at any branch or while executing an action) must be alerted with the error and must send a notification to the admin that the process has stalled at that particular part of the workflow due to some error.
    my doubts are can we notify the admin and the initiator of the workflow regarding the error a particular user gets.i saw in adminui that there are two tabs for the admin to view the stalled actions/stalled branches.but the admin and the user needs to be notified with an alert or email that a particular action has been stalled.
    i think i conveyed my problem in a correct manner.if its confusing then plz tell me coz i am already confused in this..

    Thank you sir for your immediate response of the query.
    In the workflow which we are designing,a service request from filled by the user will be routed to the particular approver and he inturn will approve/reject the form accordingly.once he approves,the form is routed to the service provider who will fulfill the service requested and approved.
    1.Now,for instance suppose that the workflow gets stalled while the form is with the question is how to notify the user that the service he requested is delayed due to the stalling of the process in between as well as the admin alerting him with the error which stalled the workflow process. said that it is easy to setup an email address within the adminui..but i dont know how to do that as i am a beginner.
    3.Also u asked me to specify the errors for which we need to send alerts and email notifications...whatever error that occurs whenever the workflow gets staleld needs to be notified both to the user and the admin (as per our requirements).it would be helpful to us if u give a solution for this.
    thank you..
    Raghava Kumar V.S.S.

  • Error in the SOAP   Receiver communication channel

    Hi ,
            My scenario is RFC - to -SOAP (synchronous )   i have  specified the TARGET URL inthe   SOAP receiver  comminication chanel.. but  while testing  the interface   by providing the test  data from R/3 ..  I'm not getting any Respose.. ..
    If I check in the SXMB_MONI in  i'm getting the following message ..  but the URL whicjh i provided that is fine.. but my doubt  is  through XI  may be it's  not able to connect the  Target System... .. so, please suggest me...
    <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
      <SAP:Code area="MESSAGE">GENERAL</SAP:Code>
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack />

    By default, the SOAP adapter sends the SOAP message with the content type text/xml.
    When you check "Do not use SOAP envelope", the default contnet type is application/xml.
    You can change the content type like this: Go to the SOAP receiver communication channel module tab. Add the module "localejbs/AF_Modules/MessageTransformBean" before the standard module. Add the parameter name Transform.ContentType and value text/xml.
    Check out this
    One way of testing ur scenario
    Also have a look here
    SAP Note 856597
    reward points if solution found helpfull

  • Some interfaces are not shown in the sxmb_moni

    Hi all,
    We are facing the following scenario:  we have one interface in XG1 (development environment) which is very simple: it consists of a sender ‘File’ and a receiver ‘IDOC’. The file format has been double checked and apparently is what XI defines but when we execute, we can not see anything in the sxmb_moni and if we look into the ‘adapter monitor’ -> ‘file’ adapter, we can see that the sender seems to execute successfully but the receiver still shows the following: ‘no message processing until now’. So no IDOC is generated and no xml message can be seen in the TCODE sxmb_moni.
    Also we have some interfaces that has ‘file’ receivers and we have the same problems. So, for any reason, the receivers are not working properly. I have refreshed CPACache but the error persists.
    It is preventing a whole team of doing some tests and as the golive date (March-April) is approaching it is impacting us in a strong way.
    Could you please give us some support?
    XIAFUSER is getting locked periodically (i see it in the SLD user management), do you think it will be the main reason of this?
    Thanks in advance and kind regards

    Go to Tcode SXI_CACHE for refreshing the Directory Caches. Go to Adapter Engine link and refresh the same
    Go thru following threads may be useful.
    Message not seen in SXMB_MOni
    Missing Messages - in RWB but not sxmb_moni
    For Adapter Engine you can do as below.
    In addition to above..
    Go thru following link about Processed XML messages.
    Just add on info.
    Hope this helps..

  • Why aren't adapter errors visible in SXMB_MONI?

    My client has an integration scenario that updates an Oracle database through a JDBC receiver channel.  Occasionally an insert/update statement will fail.  The adapter engine logs the Oracle error message, but that error message doesn’t show up in SXMB_MONI.   SXMB_MONI happily displays the checkered flag.  You can only see the adapter error in runtime workbench. 
    Why aren’t adapter errors “visible” in SXMB_MONI?

    > It seems odd that error messages aren’t propagated
    > from one stack to the other so that we  have a
    > COMPLETE view of the lifecycle of our messages.  The
    > left hand doesn't communicate with the right.
    You can't propagate an error which occurs in a later point of the pipeline to a previous point.
    They error may occurr in the adapter, but when the message gets to the AE, the Integration Engine pipeline is already complete.
    But you know, the later point can carry on errors occurred at a earlier point. That is why you can see the Integration Engine errors in the Messsage Monitoring.
    It is a matter of culture. SAP consultants, in general, are more confortable with ABAP stack (SXMB_MONI) than with Java Stack (Message Monitoring). But, in this case, the Java tool is more complete.

  • IDOCs Packaging ... What if one IDOC is in error in the packet ?

    Hi all,
    What will happend to the rest of the IDOC in the packet ?
    Lets say, i packaged my IDOC in a bunch of 5.  The first 3 IDOCs, their payload are ok. However the 4th has a bad payload and it crash in the mapping section ...
    Does the first 3 IDOC (and the 5th one) will be sent and the one in error (4th one) will remain (in XI for mapping error) ?
    michel osborne

    Hi chandrakanth.k,
    Thank for your response. I have seen these blogs. I am not using the BPM.
    I am using the IDXPW + Messages filter (sxmsfilter) to packaged the IDOCs.
    I have made some tests ... wird enough ...
    test #1:
    idoc (1) - error
    idoc (2) - valid
    idoc (3) - valid
    .... etc ...
    test #2:
    idoc (1) - valid
    idoc (2) - error
    idoc (3) - valid
    test #3:
    idoc (1) – valid
    idoc (2) – valid
    idoc (3) - valid
    idoc (4) - error
    In the "test #1", idoc (2) & idoc (3) are processed correctly (idoc sent to the SAP ECC backend system). Idoc (1) is stuck in XI with errror (mapping) which is OK.
    In the "test #2", work the same as in “test #1”, idoc(1) & idoc(3) hs been delivered to the SAP ECC backend system.
    However, in the "test #3"all idoc (1, 2, 3,4) are stuck in XI ... idoc(4) in error (which is ok), idoc(1) – up to -  idoc(3) in sxmb_moni has the racing flag .... but not delivered to the SAP ECC backend system ... they have the status: Message Schedule for outbound side ....
    It seem that each time the package end with and idoc in error, the entire “batch’ get stuck in XI ….
    How can i get sent them (test case #3) !!?!?
    Thank in advance !

  • Capturing Application Error log from SXMB_Moni

    I wanted to capture the error information from Application error log from ECC sxmb_moni and forward that as email alert.
    We have already alert configuration in place with alert category using standard variables. Was wondering if I have to capture application error log from sxmb_moni what would be steps involved. Please let me know if anybody has worked on this and appreciate your help on this.
    Sample Error message from sxmb_moni of ECC system
    Error in Application System
    Detailed Information
    Process Order invalid
    Edited by: Selvam_muthu on Jun 23, 2011 5:40 PM

    Hi Selvam,
    As the exception is raised in ECC system, alert cannot be trigger, alert will get trigger when there is a error in PI system. To raise a email, write additional code in ECC to trigger the e-mail with proper error content

  • The BPM stops, with a "green flag " in the sxmb_moni enrty

    i have a file to file with a BPM,
    the BPM contains:
    1. a loop which runs five times which contains a receive step with [start transaction] and a using and activating correlation value.
    2. a container step that appneds the messages picked one by one through each iteration of loop into a multiline container.
    3. a send step.
    the purpose is to collect 5 files with a particular correlation value and merge them and send them,
    the problem is, as soon as the file is picked and the message is received at the receive step, the BPM stops, with a "green flag " in the sxmb_moni enrty,
    i cant make out anything from the PE in the moni entry....
    is it some problem with the me out...

    yes Raj,
    i have a transformation step ...that transforms the content of the multiline container into a normal container before sending.............
    this is the problem, i can never see the wait symbol, and
    its sometimes strange, some times the process ends with "red flag" on the outbound side (right hand side of the moni entry)...
    i can see the graphical............
    i forgot to mention...all the steps are in a block....
    so in the graphical wf log,  i can see an error at the entry of the block, except that there is no error.....

  • How can we make pe_adapter errors visible in sxmb_moni

    We are running on xi 3.0
    Some errors that occur in mapping are not visible in sxmb_moni
    The only way to see them is to open the successfull message and see that the second message of adapter is in status : 29 "Transfer to process engine"
    or to open some workflow transaction monitoring were we can see work item is in error.
    Is there a way to see this error in sxmb_moni or to modify the message status?

    hmmm.. Unfortunately No
    Best way to avoid manual monitoring is to use XI 's Alert Framework.If an error occurs, the Alert is triggered and the Alert contains the Message ID and this will help you locate the message immediately.
    We have used XI Alerts and I have found them to be really useful!

  • Detailed error message in sxmb_moni

    Hi guys,
    is it possible to get detailed error information in sxmb_moni like the error information in the integration repository when using the test tag
    sample error message in test tab
    in sxmb_moni the error message is truncated
    +During mapping com/sap/xi/tf/_JDBC_ZPRUCK_2_ZMOZPRUCK_envelope_u~ a RuntimeException occurred. in Message-Mapping transformation: Cannot produce target element /ns0:ZMOZPRUCK_en~</+
    This will save myself for copy/paste the payload in the test tab. In case of big message the Java GUI of the ESR lacks and it is impossible to test the mapping with such big messages.
    any suggestions on that?

    Check this thread and the blog:
    level of trace
    Usually 1 should be good in prod.

  • Error writing the handshake string to the newly established connection. (02

    I am having problems connecting from my Master to the Local Distributor server both on Solaris 10
    I am using ssh with ssl and select encryption, no authentication on the Master
    I was able to ssh from master to LD with prompt
    I check the path it was correct
    When I installed the LD I specified ssh
    I turn on the Debug and got the following results
    Debug from SPS Viewing Host Information
    Trace route to failed. (022167)
    Error writing the handshake string to the newly established connection. (022181)
    Connection handshake failed, invalid handshake string. Ensure that the path to the N1 Service Provisioning System application is correct, the application is configured to accept ssh connections and that you can ssh to the machine without any prompts.
    [debug1: channel 0: obuf empty, debug1: channel 0: close_write, debug1: channel 0: output drain -> closed, debug1: channel 0: almost dead, debug1: channel 0: gc: notify user, debug1: channel 0: gc: user detached, debug1: channel 0: send close, debug1: channel 0: is dead, debug1: channel 0: garbage collecting, debug1: channel_free: channel 0: client-session, nchannels 1, debug3: channel_free: status: The following connections are open:, #0 client-session (t4 r0 i3/0 o3/0 fd -1/-1), , debug3: channel_close_fds: channel 0: r -1 w -1 e 7, debug1: fd 0 clearing O_NONBLOCK, debug1: fd 1 clearing O_NONBLOCK, debug1: fd 2 clearing O_NONBLOCK, debug1: Transferred: stdin 0, stdout 0, stderr 0 bytes in 0.1 seconds, debug1: Bytes per second: stdin 0.0, stdout 0.0, stderr 0.0, debug1: Exit status 1](022138)
    Debug from cr_server.out
    2007-07-12 15:49:57,342 ERROR [Connection []-[10.233.12 .38:70001]:Reader]$Rea
    dThread ( - Exception when reading from connection in
    put:Connection []-[]:Closing connecti
    Unable to make connection handshake using data, "0". (022195)
    Ok what am I mssing

    I am not quite sure where exactly you get an error. Are you trying to prepare an agent that connects to your newly installed LD?
    You did mention the following:
    I was able to ssh from master to LD with promptDo you mean you could login from the MS to the LD without password and got the OS prompt? What you have to make sure is that your ssh authentication works for the n1sps user (or whatever you have chosen during installation) from MS to LD and from LD to RA. That involves copying the public key from the MS n1sps user to the .ssh/authorized_keys files on the LD and RA. And after that, you should check the connections manually:
    1. From the MS: ssh <LD> ls -al
    2. From the MS: ssh <LD> ssh <RA> ls -al
    These both commands should work without any prompts and after that, you shouldn't get any error messages in SPS anymore.

  • How to catch errors watched in sxmb_moni through abap program??

    Dear Gents,
    I have one scenario which is proxy -> xi -> jdbc. Scenario works fine when every thing is good, but if there are any errors in XI usually we catch the exception after calling the proxy as :
        CALL METHOD cl_rfq_sapin->mios_rfq_sapin
            output = output
            input  = input.
        COMMIT WORK.
      CATCH cx_ai_system_fault INTO cl_system_fault .
        gv_system_fault = 'X'.
      CATCH cx_ai_application_fault INTO cl_application_fault.
        gv_application_fault = 'X'.
    But by this code we are able to know whether it is system error or application error. But we cant get actual error. To see the actual error we need to go to SXMB_MONI in XI. The some sample error in sxmb_moni is as follows :
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes" ?>
    - <!--  Inbound Message
    - <SAP:Error xmlns:SAP="" xmlns:SOAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1">
      <SAP:Code area="MESSAGE">GENERAL</SAP:Code>
      <SAP:P1 />
      <SAP:P2 />
      <SAP:P3 />
      <SAP:P4 />
      <SAP:AdditionalText> Error when attempting to get processing resources: Unable to create new pooled resource: DriverManagerException: Cannot establish connection to URL 'jdbc:microsoft:sqlserver://;databaseName=SXD': SQLException: [Microsoft][SQLServer 2000 Driver for JDBC]The requested instance is either invalid or not running.</SAP:AdditionalText>
      <SAP:ApplicationFaultMessage namespace="" />
      <SAP:Stack />
    So is there any way we can catch the above error in the abap program ??
    Your responeses were highly appreciated.

    did you try using acknowledgments?
    (code at the bottom of this page)
    Michal Krawczyk

  • Green flag on the sxmb_moni

    Hi Guys
    I am working on the BPM Scenario to merge two file on the correlation so, my problem is that I  am geting a green flag when testing on the sxmb_moni, and on my receiver  I dont get a file but it does pick it up from the Sender.
    Can u please advice on this error

    Check your BPM design , check the IP flow once if there are any errors.Go to SXMB_MONI_BPE and see the return code
    it should be 0 , if you see 99 etc, please delete the IP from ID and reimport and rerun the scenario.
    Check the status in the transaction SMQ2 in the PI.Do u see any Queue locked or sys failure there?
    If you are in DEV box and if its ok to delete the queues,then delete the queue.
    You can try running the report RSXMB_REGISTER_QUEUES also in SE37.
    please refer the following blog if its useful /people/sap.user72/blog/2005/11/29/xi-how-to-re-process-failed-xi-messages-automatically
    Sometimes PI restart might also help.

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    gurus when doing GR  the followings errors  maintain fisical year varient to compay code my  FI. Year - is  maintaing - K4 in oby6 - mainted   -- april to march how to do in ob29   and  ob52  ??? pls expin step by step i checked ...omsy  - k4 pls hel

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