OBIEE 11g Session variables

Would anyone know who to setup the USER session variables in the RPD for OBIEE 11g?
The security setup we have is LDAP Authentication & Default authenticators in Weblogic. Is there a way to retrieve this in the RPD or in answers?
Lastly, would proxy (act as) functionality configuration differ from 10g because of the above?

Use VALUEOF(NQ_SESSION.USER) whether you are in the front end or .RPD, :USER doesn't work anymore. Also, there is no need to wrap the syntax in quotes, if you do, it won't de-reference the variable.
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  • OBIEE 11g Session Management on a Scaled Out Implementation

    We have a scaled out environment of OBIEE, and noticed that Manage Sessions does not show all of the Sessions and queries.
    For example,
    User1 is Admin
    User2, 3 and 4 are normal users logged it to OBIEE.
    When I logged in as admin first time: I could see User1 (myself) and User 2. Then I signed out and signed in again. This time I could see User1 and User 3, 4 but not User 2.
    Could this be due to sessions being show only for the presentation server I have logged into?
    4 Presentation Servers
    2 BI Servers
    2 Java host
    1 Scheduler
    1 Cluster Controller
    Thanks for your help in advance.

    "Katie Wright" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:40030a6b$[email protected]..
    I would ask these questions in the weblogic.developer.interest.servlet
    I am currently scouring through documentation to find out if there ispre-existing
    support for the following or if I need to implement it from scratch. Andif I
    need to implement it from scratch, what is the best way.
    I have requirements to be able to support a session timeout value on auser-by-user
    basis instead of a server wide basis.
    Also, I would like to be able to get a handle of the request sessions asthey
    exist in the server for people that are logged on. Or, would like toretrieve
    the session of user given a username.
    Also, would like to get a list of users that are logged in.
    there is no way to get a list of users logged in with the default providers.
    I would like to do as much of this within the container as possiblewithout having
    to manage data and fields in the database, however, I know that I am goingto
    have to put some things in the database.
    Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks for reading,

  • OBIEE 11G Presentation Variable

    Working with two column prompts, and I need one to feed off of the other.  I was thinking I need to set one column as a presentation variable, and create sql for the other, so that it responds to the first.  The columns are Organiztion and Department.  The departments will change based on which organization you select.  How do I start this off?
    Please advise

    SV....... simply clicking the box didn't quite work fully.  Before I posted this, this morning, I attempted what you suggested.   Column 1 = Org  Column 2 = Dept.   I tried this:    select column 2 from table where column 2 = pvcolumn1.  And of course I set the presentation variable on column 1.  

  • Session variable in the title

    I want to add my session variable in the title.
    I used the following:
    and I got the default session variable value and not the current one.
    I know about the way to add column and use it in narrative text, but I want it in the title.
    Can someone please assist?

    Look into these
    Display Session Variable in Title View
    hope answered.

  • "No Log Found" in OBIEE 11g Administration- Manage Sessions

    I am using and have set the Repository logging to Log Level 2..and have also made the User logging to Level 2 as well. I know there is a session variable called LOGLEVEL and I have also tried to edit that. Despite this, I am still unable to see the physical SQL generated by the BI Server under Administration->Manage Sessions. Any idea what I may be missing?

    It's bug. you do workaround method.
    Method 1:
    create session veraible and set it log level 0 ro 7 then u can able to manage session view log (physical query)
    see my screen short
    and just add dummy table mentioned below kind
    select 7 from IW_POSITION
    assign system session variable:
    then save it and try to login weblogic then u can able to see the view log.
    Method 2:
    for the particular report do it in answres -->advanced tab
    can you try putting the below syntax in prefix section of advanced tab.
    It should generate the log with database sql as well.
    for more
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  • OBIEE 11g Prompt's default value doesn't work with a presentation variable

    Hi, I'm using OBIEE 11g and I have two dashboard prompts (Product Name and Product Number). Theses prompts are hierarquical, so the values that are displayed in the Product Number prompt have dependency with the values chosen on the Product Name prompt. This I was able to do, but now I want to put a default value on the Product Number prompt. The steps are:
    1 - The user chooses the value for the Product Name Prompt and by doing that the Product Number prompt is automatically filled with the correspondent value.
    But unfortunatelly this is not working, after choosing the value for the Product Name the default value for Product Number is not displayed (when you open the prompt the values displayed are correct and already filtered considering the Product Name but the prompt is not automatically filled with the default value).
    What I did is:
    On the Product Name Prompt I've created a Presentation Variable called PROD.
    On the Product Number Prompt I've selected:
    1 - For the "Choice List Values" field I've checked the option "Limit Values by All Prompts"
    2 - For the "Default Selection" field I've chosen the SQL Results option and enter the following SQL:
    SELECT "Products"."Product Number" FROM "Sample Sales Lite"."Products" WHERE "Products"."Product"='@{variables.PROD}
    What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you,

    Sorry I was wrong in my previous thread.
    Actually your approach is not correct, Product Number choose constraint that will show as per the selection of Product Name.
    Coming to default value for Product Number you are going for sql override that is okay but not work with variable, instead of setting default values for product number set that to product name.
    if not you need to go for 2 different prompts
    Prompt 1 Product Name hit GO
    Prompt 2 will work based on as you defined earlier with variables
    Hope this helps

  • Presentation Variable in obiee 11g

    Hi all ,
    I had a dashboard report with year , quarter , month and order type name as prompts .
    Now my client requirement is , when order type name is "Ord" , the reports with order type name starting with 'ORD" should be displayed.
    In simple i know we will use " Like" operator .
    But now my problem is we have to assign a presentation variable for order type name.
    So can some one tell me how to add a presentation variable in OBIEE 11g , i tried in web , but none of it helped me to finish the job ,, since i am very new to obiee can some one please explain me in non technical language
    Thank you for your help

    Hi Jay , Thank you very much for reply , now i got a little idea , but few doubts abt ur reply .
    Yes i will edit dashboard prompt and assign a like operator and will save the prompt , but when editing the report , you said to apply a filter *LIKE @{presentation_variable}{default_value}%*
    In the above what will be in place of presentation_variable and what should be in default_value.
    I have tried it in this way : Like @{Sales Order Lines Order Type Name} , where Sales Order Lines Order Type Name is my dashboard prompt .
    but it didn't worked when i have given 'Ord' in dashboard prompt the error says: Sales Order Lines Order Type Name is LIKE (pattern match) ord

  • Bind variable in OBIEE 11G

    Is there any bind variable concept in OBIEE 11g.
    If it is not there then how to achieve this.How to write a where clause to get the result set dynamically.
    Thanks-Bhaskar Gouda
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    I can make use of repository variable ,but my scale marker doesn't get changed .I am giving all the details .Please help me if you can.
    My scale marker SQL Query is as below.
    select trucks.factrucks
    from "plant model"
    Now i want to add a where clause say:
    select trucks.factrucks
    from "plant model"
    where truckid=:p_truckid;
    How can i do this and pass the parameter from go_url.Please help me out.

  • Presentation Variable issue in OBIEE 11g

    I have 2 reports, report 1 and report 2
    When i drill down on report 1 column 'Number of id's' will open the details report of Id's report 2
    I am using a Presentation variable in report 2 filters (detail report) which is generated in Main report dasnbord prompt.
    They have separate star schema.
    Main report(reprot1) using Aggregated table.
    Sub report(report2) using detail table.
    After upgradation from OBIEE to OBIEE,(Unix server) The presentation variable value is not getting passed to the detail report. This is working completely fine in OBIEE 10g.
    Is there any BUG in OBIEE 11g wrt presentation variable or do we want to change the configuration?

    Not sure about the behaviour in 11g, but we faced a similar issue in 10g while passing the presentation varaibles to detail report where main/detail report where coming from different subject areas. The behavior was a little unpredictable. To overcome this, we tried using request variable instead of presentation variable and it worked for us.
    You can give it a try by doing the same and see if it works for you.

  • Data and Dashboard Security using ROLES Variable in OBIEE 11g

    Hi all,
    I'm currently using OBIEE 11g. I'm wondering how to implement the security for data and dashboard in the 11g.
    Below is the sample of how the security matrix requirement when I use the 10g version. In 10g, we usually use GROUP (for the data filter in RPD) and WEBGROUPS (for dashboard objects) variables in my initialization block to read from database. As we have 2 different variables, it is possible to control security separately for data and dashboard.
    GROUP | Country
    G1 | US
    G2 | FR
    G3 | UK
    WEBGROUPS | Dashboard
    WG1 | D1
    WG2 | D1
    WG3 | D1
    WG1 | D2
    WG2 | D2
    WG1 | D3
    WG3 | D3
    WG3 | D4
    Now, in 11g, the recommendation is to use ROLES variable (for application role). So, how would I apply the required security matrix above in 11g using just ROLES variable? Do I still create G1, G2, G3, WG1, WG2, and WG3 as application roles then only use G1-3 in the RPD to filter the data and only use WG1-3 in the analytics to serve as webgroups?
    Any advice on this? Thank you very much.

    "...Could you elaborate more?"
    I mean that role creation and user->role assignment will be managed outside of to the obiee interface - whether that's via the database, LDAP, fmw etc.
    Webgroup creation and assignment is managed within the obiee interface and I think that has a lot of benefits - generally you have people responsible for shared folders and dashboard creation, so having them responsible for webgroups and presentation permissions is preferable for me.
    "are you saying that I use the role G1-3 only in the RPD, while using the role WG1-3"
    Yes .. I'm assuming you have something like
    G1 | US
    G2 | FR
    G3 | UK
    WG1 | Finance
    WG2 | Marketing
    WG3 | Sales
    Which becomes
    R1 | US
    R2 | FR
    R3 | UK
    R4 | Finance
    R5 | Marketing
    R6 | Sales
    And John belongs to R1 and R4, Fred belongs to R2 and R4 etc. So you would set your data filters against R1-R3 and use R4-R6 like webgroups in the presentation services.

  • OBIEE Session Variable Problem

    I created a new session variable and initialization block. The default value of the variable is 1. The query for the initialization block is SELECT 123456 FROM DUAL. The query in the initialization block tested fine. I bounced the OBIEE instance.
    When I use the Administration Tool to view the Session Manager, I see that the value of the variable is 123456.
    The problem is in an Answers report the value of the variable is 1.
    Can anyone offer a suggestion as to why the value in Answers is the default value of the variable?

    Thanks for your reply. I agree that the expression NQ_SESSION. <<variable name>> will display the variable. And it is with this command, in Answers, that I see the default value. Only in the Admin Tool do I see the correct value assigned with the Initialization Block.
    Again, my problem is I cannot display the correct assigned value in an Answer report, only the default value.

  • Session variable filters in the integration between OBIEE and webcenter

    Hello All,
    I have a customer with the requirement to make sure that reports created in answers and containing sessions variables in filters definition will be correctly filtered once called from webcenter.
    So if an OBI report is diplayed in webcenter and contains the same type of filters (based on session variable), will the results be filtered based on the specified variable?
    In other words can we use session variables in the integration between OBIEE and webcenter?
    Thanks Olayinka

    Have you follow all the steps written here :
    Do you have create the groups ?
    Do you connect as a member of the group XMLP_ADMIN ?

  • OBIEE | Using Dynamic Session Variable in Physical Layer

    Hi All,
    Any idea if we can use Dynamic Session Variables (I think they are also called Repository Variables) in our physical layer. I basically need to set the value of this variable from dashboard when a link is clicked, and then use this in my SELECT query at physical layer so that OBIEE does not pull all the data from the database tables.
    Adeel Javed
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    Thanks for the quick response, ok we have actually moved to a different solution now, we are actually using Direct Database Request because one of our reports is supposed to be accessing direct transactional system i.e. for this report we are using OBIEE as a reporting tool. We are able to do that and even create links between different reports i.e. based on prompt in Report A filter Report B, but the scenario now is that we need to set a presentation variable from Report A when a navigation link gets clicked, because so far according to our knowledge direct SQL only allows presentation variables in its WHERE clause. So, any ideas how can we set a presentation variable when a navigation link is clicked. Thanks.
    Adeel Javed
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  • Alternative for session variable in OBIEE Translation

    Hi all,
    I am working on translating OBIEE reports to various languages. I am using specific xmls for particular language which has entries for translated text.
    Now in few of the reports I have case statements/BINs defined in column formula. This 'column formula' content is not a part of xml and hence not getting translated.
    One of the solution that i found was use of language specific session variable defined in rpd. When user logins with specific language, corresponding translated text is provided by session variable. This approach was correct and is working fine.
    But the problem is in few of my reports there are about hundreds of such case statements and hence thousands of texts to be translated for each particular language. hence it is a cumbersome task to define session variable for each of these column formula. Plus I am not sure about the performance issue that will be there after defining thousands of such session variables.
    Is there any alternative available for use session variable in OBIEE translation? Please reply.

    Check if this helps-

  • OBIEE 11g: Admin= Manage Session= View Log throwing error

    When we are trying to see the logs from obiee 11g admin screen=>manage sessions, it is throwing the following error:
    Log Could Not Be Retrieved
    Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW).
    Error Details
    Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS. [nQSError: 27002] Near <3791257602>: Syntax error [nQSError: 26012] . (HY000)
    - But we are not getting any error while running report or dashboard or anything else.
    What could be the possible reason for this? Where to check?
    Thanks in advance

    Sudipta Gupta wrote:
    When we are trying to see the logs from obiee 11g admin screen=>manage sessions, it is throwing the following error:
    Log Could Not Be Retrieved
    Odbc driver returned an error (SQLExecDirectW).
    Error Details
    Error Codes: OPR4ONWY:U9IM8TAC
    State: HY000. Code: 10058. [NQODBC] [SQL_STATE: HY000] [nQSError: 10058] A general error has occurred. [nQSError: 43113] Message returned from OBIS. [nQSError: 27002] Near <3791257602>: Syntax error [nQSError: 26012] . (HY000)
    - But we are not getting any error while running report or dashboard or anything else.
    What could be the possible reason for this? Where to check?
    Thanks in advanceIf you restart the service the problem would resolve but every time its not a good idea to bounce the services the problem is with cache/queries stores in nqquery.log have a script to clear the cache files periodically
    upgrade to the problem is fixed

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