OBIEE and Daily Business Intelligence

Has anyone tried merging the content of BI Apps and DBI?
If you have, please comment on the proposed solution
Thank you

The BI apps which you can buy now from oracle had nothing to do with DBI.
The BI fusion (or something) which you could buy 2 years ago or so had to do everything with DBI. (but oracle stopped with this indeed)
it's all a bit confusing because Oracle still uses the same name.
This was an OBIEE solution on DBI. But custimizations were not supported on this. The BI apps you can be now will support custimizations/extensibilities!
Hope this will help you out for a bit...

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  • HR Analytics and Daily Business Intelligence for HR

    HI All,
    Can anyone explain the difference between HR Analytics and Daily Business Intelligence for HR to me?

    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) for HRMS provides information about your workforce and your human resource management processes. It is a comprehensive reporting solution that provides workforce analysis, and workforce distribution. Built on the proven Oracle Human Resources suite of transactional applications, DBI for HRMS provides executives and Human Resource line managers with a daily view of the enterprise workforce using the HR Management dashboards.
    Oracle Human Resources Analytics provides organizations detailed analysis on HR programs and workforce performance. It integrates
    critical data from across the enterprise value chain transforming information into relevant, timely, and actionable insight.
    Both are for Reporting purpose.

  • "Daily Business Intelligence". what is it and how to implement it?

    Dear Experts,
    I want to implement daily business intelligence but does not know how to do it and what are benefits of implementing it. Please help me on this one.
    Muhammad Noman Shafique

    I want to implement daily business intelligence but does not know how to do it and what are benefits of implementing it. Please help me on this one.Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Implementation Guide Release 11i [ID 246548.1]
    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Implementation Guide Supplement for e-Business Suite 11i [ID 352804.1]
    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence User Guide Supplement [ID 352805.1]
    Oracle Human Resources Intelligence (HRI) Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) [ID 291602.1]
    How to Find Out What Version Of Daily Business Intelligence (DBI) Is Running? [ID 437904.1]
    11i E-Business Intelligence
    R12 Intelligence

  • Error in submiting request set from Daily Business Intelligence Administrat

    I am getting the following error when submitting "ADS Incremental Financials Request Group" request set from "Daily Business Intelligence Administrator" responsibility in vision R12 instance :
    APP-FND-01564: ORACLE error -1116 in SUBMIT: others
    Cause: SUBMIT: others failed due to ORA-01116: error in opening database file 11
    ORA-01110: data file 11: '<path>.dbf'
    ORA-27041: unable to open file
    SVR4 Error: 24: Too many open files
    Additional information: 3.
    The SQL statement being executed at the time of the error was: &SQLSTMT and was executed for the file &ERRFILE.
    OS is Solaris 10.5
    in a document it was suggested to increase the ulimit -n equal to ulimit -Hn and in solaris for R12 nofiles (descriptors) = 65536. Both ulimit -n and ulimit -Hn have been set to 65536 but still the error is showing.
    Plz Helppp

    Check Note: 549806.1 - ADS Incremental Financials Request Group errors out with APP-FND-00806

  • Daily Business Intelligence Designer

    hi i want to make a report in DBI Designer
    all is welll but the issue is how i create a PRIOR PARAMETER in DBI and AS OF DATE PARAMETER..
    please guide me

    What is the application release?
    Please see if these docs/links help.
    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Implementation Guide
    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence User Guide
    How to Create an Automatically Generated (AG) Source Report in DBI Designer [ID 363529.1]
    Publish DBI Content Cookbook [ID 363530.1]
    How Does As Of Date Parameter Find Opportunities By Period In Sales DBI? [ID 989094.1]

  • Daily Business Intelligence Administrator

    Hi ,
    Iam newbie to DBI.
    I have gone through the DBI implementation guide and tried to create a new report.
    Created a report and published it.
    In the process of creating Initial Request set (in Daily Business Intelligence Administrator), could not find the report (that I have developed in Daily Business Intelligence Designer) in Generate Request set window.
    Any help is highly appreciated.
    Thank You

    Please post your issue on more related forum part which is Forum Home » Business Intelligence for your issue.
    PS: If you open thread there please change thread status to answered if it possible when u belive your thread has been answered, it pretend to lose time of other forums user while they are searching open question which is not answered,thanks for understanding

  • Daily Business Intelligence- DBI

    Hi ,
    Iam newbie to DBI.
    I have gone through the DBI implementation guide and tried to create a new report.
    Created a report and published it.
    In the process of creating Initial Request set (in Daily Business Intelligence Administrator), could not find the report (that I have developed in Daily Business Intelligence Designer) in Generate Request set window.
    Any help is highly appreciated.
    Thank You

    To enable dashboards and reports:
    1. Using the Daily Business Intelligence Administrator responsibility, navigate to
    Setup : Global > Administer Content.
    2. Query the dashboard or report that you want to implement.
    3. Enable the Implement check box next to the dashboard or report. You can enable
    several dashboards and reports at the same time.

  • Daily Business Intelligence V/s Balanced ScoreBoard

    I'm a discoverer developer trying to understand the difference between Daily Business Intelligence and Balanced ScoreBoard. Both of them use KPI's right? I've a vision installation of 11.5.10 and I guess I need to install patch to get DBI as I couldnt find DBI Admin Responsibility in it.

    Hi Raj - Nilesh may back me up on this one?
    May be a bit late for you question - However;
    If you are commencing a new DBI implementation - always go with the latest patch version - currently version 7.2. This is to avoid issues being resolved by Support - who will inevitably, where DBI is concerned, suggest the latest patchset before commencing on any troubleshooting (particularily for FII and FDHM).
    Once you have installed DBI 7.2 and you find you need to create new KPIs, then you do this through DBI Designer - straighforward!
    The only issue is in order to utilise this functionality in DBI Designer on 7.2, you will need to patch up for BSC 11i.BSC.J Version 5.3 [(released 21JUL06)  so not available at the commencement of your thread]. Complete 2 Global Setup steps after patching [TIP: Use the old 'Balance Scorecard Manager' responsibility, not the new 'Performance Management Administrator' responsibility as suggested in Cookbooks for DBI Designer to avoid a security issue] - then you can utilise the DBI Designer functionality to 'generated data source' and new KPIs for use in DBI Designer. If you dont do this step and implement BSC then you wont receive the option to generate Data source and create KPIs....

  • How to enable Daily Business Intelligence

    Hello Team.
    I'm new on this Daily business intelligence, I know this product is part of EBS but can anyone can help me with a document or note of metalink to know how to enable this tool or install?
    My EBS is release 12.1

    Go to the following link and you should find plenty of material:

  • Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Help

    Friends...I need some "Oracle Daily Business Intelligence". Please suggest me some exercises to create a KPI using Daily Business Intelligence if you know.Your help is highly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance
    Ravindra Thota

    Please refer Metalink Note: 364452.1 for KPI Report Design.
    For creating KPI you should add 'Daily Business Intelligence Designer' Responsibility.
    Additional information:
    DBI Cookbook Master List and Flows (Metalink Note: 363948.1)
    Publish Dashboards and Reports (Metalink Note: 363530.1)
    Implementation Guide (Metalink Note: 246548.1)
    Implementation Guide Supplement (Metalink Note: 352804.1)
    User Guide (Metalink Note: 246547.1)
    Thanks & Regards
    Jaggi Reddy

  • Daily Business Intelligence Administrator is not a valid responsibility for

    Hi there
    I am trying to access the Business Intelligence through Daily Business Intelligence Administrator responsibility I am getting following error.
    Daily Business Intelligence Administrator is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator.
    How I am going to find out that Business Intelligence is fully installed and enable?

    Try using the FUNCTIONAL ADMINISTRATOR responsibility.
    Navigate to core services > caching > global components (can't remember if that's exactly the right names)
    Then press the clear cache button.
    Sometimes you get this error if you haven't performed these steps.

  • How to handle vacation and daily business workload in cProjects

    we are planning to use cProjects for our ressource-management. The goal is also to take care of vacation and daily business workload. We would like to see that a ressource is not available on the specified day. Therefore we are thinking about a project with vacation and a workload and assign people to this project? Is there a best practice to handle vacation and the daily business workload?
    Regards, Vanessa

    Hi Sammar,
    thanks a lot for your answer. This helps.
    I have seen that my question is not really clear and therefore I would like to make it more concrete.
    I am searching for a possibility to see - during staffing - that an employee is not available on several days. I don't care about the reason the ressource is not available but need to see this that the ressource is not available. If the worker is assigned to another task the demand is clear because it is handled within cProjects. But what about blocking of ressources (i.e. vacation) because this happens in an external system / HCM module? (Therefore I was thinking about to create a project for vacation and plan there the absences of my workers (because of vacation and other reasons). But is it not possible out-of-the-box to specify that the worker is not available on several days because I would setup a task for vacation and would need to assign him on several days and not only for a given time range.) Am I right with this assumption?
    Also for the ressource planning: Sorry but I don't get the point with your answer (surely because I am not deep enough into the topic). How is it possible to have a project (lets call the task "daily business") and assign several ressources 25% to this tasks? I need to distribute the demand to several days. For example there is a worker that is using 25% for his daily time for training. In this time he is not available for other tasks. Therefore I would like to create the task, assign him to the task and cProjects should take the demand (8hrs / week) and split it into an demand of 2hrs / day. In this way I can block a ressource for everyday and in the ressource planning I see that he is only available 6hrs because there is already the demand of 2hrs on a daily base.... It this possible?
    Regards, Vanessa

  • Setup steps for Daily Business Intelligence in EBS R12

    Can anyone advise me in setting up/implementing Daily Business Intelligence in E Business Suite R12. I have gone through the Daily Business Intelligence Implementation guide but was not able to clearly understand. Please share if you have any useful document to implement DBI. Thank you.

    Please see these manuals.
    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence Implementation Guide (zipped)
    Oracle Daily Business Intelligence User Guide (zipped)
    Oracle Applications Documentation

  • How to setup Daily Business Intelligence?

    can anyone give me an idea on how to and steps in seting up DBI?

    user10711997 wrote:
    - What questions would you have to pose in order to setup a business intelligence department Real answers from the corporate world? That would be along the the lines of..
    Who is the executive or board sponsor? What's the budget? What are the strategic goals? What authority will you have for setting up the department? Who will you report to?
    And yes, it will be more about dealing with corporate politics when managing a department than anything else. Not about shiny CV's. Not about publishing papers.
    and what types of questions would you ask yourself when generating key measurements?Single question. Can the answer facilitate in either cutting losses or increasing profit? That is what the bottom line is. If you fail to show that there is a RIO for such a BI department, the department (and you) will have a very short future in the corporate.
    I find these questions a bit weird though as they have nothing really to do with BI and everything to do in dealing with the culture, internal structures and operational procedures of a corporate. A simple issue like fully understanding HR procedures and policies can spell the difference between employing an excellent BI candidate, or loosing him/her to the competition. Or not following Procurement's red tape trail can delay purchasing of critical software or hardware by months.
    People and management skills are by far more critical in such a position than claiming years and years of BI experience.

  • Java and Oracle Business Intelligence Tools

    Never used Oracle Business Intelligence Tools before. Could anybody tell me how they are friendly to Java. Thanks in advance.

    Here's the link to download Discoverer
    In this, there are 3 types of download available :
    --Oracle Discoverer Standalone downloads ,
    --Oracle Application Server, Discoverer Downloads ,
    --Oracle Developer Suite, Discoverer Administration Edition Downloads                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Maybe you are looking for

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