OBIEE-can we link two dimension tables belonging to different fact tables?

Hi ,
I have just started with OBIEE concepts....need your views on this issue:
Fact 1 -> Dim 1, Dim2,Dim3 and so on..
Fact 2 -> Dim a, Dim b,Dimc and so on...
If I link Dim1 and Dim a with a valid key ,would that distort the star schemas to slowflake in BMM layer?
Thanks in advance!

I don't see this that would make it snowflake more like what I think as conforming dimensions. You need to make sure the grain of the measures is at what level , the they are same grain then you should be good however if they are different then you would start seeing null values.
Fact Measures use the same, conformed dimensions like Dim1 and Dim a if you trying to generate from multiple facts, the BI server was able to automatically stitch them together into a single result set. If they came from the same fact table that's easy as its only one single table, but if you are pulling from different fact tables, the conformed dimensions would allow them to be stitched into the same report
Conformance means that these sources can be mapped to a common structure – the same levels – and also the same data members.
Mark if helps.

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    Thanks in advance!

    You are trying to make Fact table as Dim table ???
    Fact table has some dim columns??
    We can do this by making a fact table as dim table ,create a dim hierarchy on that table
    Year level :Extract(year from fact_date_column)
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    My OBIEE version is There is a presentation table which has columns coming from multiple logical tables. I'm dragging 2 columns into the report which are coming from 2 logical tables.
    The result is displaying. When I checked the query, a fact table is also coming and results are getting effected because of this.
    Could anybody let me know if any idea.

    Hi SriramKarthik,
    Aj (bi007) already gave you the answer on how you can change the implicit fact table, the one you are seeing in your physical query.
    I'm just not sure of what is your question: are you surprised to see a fact table is used in the physical SQL and look for a way to avoid it because, as you say, results are impacted by that implicit fact table? You can't get rid of that table, you can only choose it (the implicit one).
    OBIEE must join in a way or another your 2 dimensions, and in your BMM these dimensions are joined by a fact table, that's why you see it in your query.

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    You can use RSRV -> All Elementary Tests -> Database -> Database information about infoprovider tables to get the rows in the fact tables and dimension tables.
    You can also use the program SAP_INFOCUBE_DESIGNS.
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    Re: RSRV not showing number of records
    I would rather advice you to relook at the design than go in for "line-item" dimension. You can go in for line-item dimesnion only if you feel the design is correct. The disadvantage of a line-tem dim is that you can have only 1 char in the dimension and you cannot revert back a line-item dim to a normal dim unless you empty the cube.

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    Is it possible to create cube with only one dimension (dim_a)?
    Data for other two dimensions (dim_b, dim_c) should be aggreagated together.
    Of course i can create second fact table with only one dimension, and then creating that cube would be no problem.
    But is it possible doing this directly from the primary fact table (without creating second fact table)?
    PS:i use AWM 9.2 to create target cubes. Source cubes i create with OEM 9.2

    At the beginning i was confused by the numberous kind of cubes...
    for example when i created cube in MS i just designed cube, picked fact table, and that's all. In Oracle firstly i create project of cube (first cube) in OWB. Then i export it to the OLAP Catalog (second cube). That cube in OLAP catalog is a source cube for the AW cube (third cube). Then i need to enable AW cube for OLAPI by creating another cube in OLAP Catalog (i use 9iR2, so OLAPI doesn't have direct access to AW cubes).
    I spent much time until i could see my first sample cube in Discoverer or Excel as a final user should see it. :-)
    Now i'm facing another problem - when you redesign cube (for example add another dimension), you can't just "refresh" it as it was in MS. You have to delete old cube and create new one. And deleting cube isn't so simple (i'm not sure which elements i should delete).
    For testing and learning purposes i just create every cube in seperate AW. deleting whole AW is much simplier that deleting one cube.

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    [[screen print of issue]|]
    note: Total is just a calulated/derived logical colum such as A+3

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