Object Class Invalid when downloading the pricing procedure from ECC to CRM

I want to download the pricing procedure for that I have created the ZDNL_CUST_CND which contains only the following tablesT683, T683S, T683T and T683U.
When I check in R3AM1 status is Red.
The following Error have been found in SLG1
•     Object class invalid
•     Error in inbound data check
Message no. CND_MAP120
During the receiving inspection, serious errors were found in the consistency of the exchange object.
System Response
Data exchange is terminated
•     Data exchange terminated     
Message no. CND_MAP122
Data exchange has been terminated due to serious errors. No exchanged data has been posted in the system.
The following Error has been found in SMQ1
Details of STOP
Set by Host name: litldq; Transaction: ; Report: SAPMSSY1
I have checked the connection, everything is perfect.
What may be the problem?

  Please try to re-generate the adapter object (ZDNL_CUST_CND) services using trx.
. After this, try re-running the load.
I assume that your CRM inbound mapping module are correctly coded. If the problem persists, try de-registering the R3AD_CONDITIONS inbound queue using trx.
and then debugging the inbound queue from the same trx. after re-starting the load.
Reward if this helps!

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    Hi Rghunandan,
    To carry out the product replication from ECC to CRM,you need to carry out the foll steps.
    First download the customizing objects using R3AS
    DNL_CUST_PROD0 u2013 Material number conversions
    DNL_CUST_PROD1 u2013 Product : Categories
    DNL_CUST_PROD3 u2013 Material : R/3 sales status
    DNL_CUST_SPROD u2013 Sales product item
    DNL_PLANT - Plant
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    Cross-Application Components  SAP Products  Basic Settings  Define Output Format and Storage Form of Product Ids
    This activity describes how to synchronize the product Ids in the CRM system and the R/3 system.
    The material master length is R/3 is defined in transaction code OMSL and is set to 18.  (also check note no. 545824)
    2.Make sure that CRM item categories and R/3 item categories are the same.
    In CRM, item categories and item category groups are seen via
    Customer Relationship Management  Transactions  Basic Settings
    3.Selecting specific objects for replication : R3AC1
    Use adapter object MATERIAL
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    Hi Mustafa
    You can load this data from R/3 to CRM by going to transaction R3AS in your CRM system, and using load objects EQUIPMENT, MATERIAL, and CUSTOMER_MAIN.
    Best Regards

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    Hi Gurus,
    I am new to the Middleware.
    I have defined the new pricing procedure in ECC 6 and I require downloading the same pricing procedure to CRM 5. What are the initial objects I have to us for initial download?
    I have used the following things in the pricing procedure
    •     56 Sales org. of order/plant  Condition Table     Standard one
    •     PI02 Sales org/plant            Access Sequence      Standard one
    •     I have defined 6 condition types.
    •     I have created the condition records for the condition types that where in the pricing procedure.
    Can any body help me out?
    Thanks in advance.

    You told me that for the particular download use T.C - R3AR2 when I go there I found lot of objects but I am not sure which object i have to use? How to find the right object
    If i want to download the Z00001 pricing procedure, 56 condition table , z001 to z10 condition table and condition records for the condition types.
    I have also used the following things in the pricing procedure they are
    In the subtotal column of the pricing procedure I have used
    •     1          Carry over value to KOMP-KZWI1
    •     A     Carry over price to KOMP-CMPRE (credit price)
    •     B     Carry over value to KOMP-WAVWR (cost)
    In the requirement column of the pricing procedure I have use
    •     2     Item with pricing
    •     4     Cost
    In the Condition formula for alternative calculation type column of the pricing procedure I have used
    •     2       Net Value
    •     11     Profit margin
    Thanks in advance

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    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Shubham,
    Please check the queues in SMQ2 and what status they are showing?.

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    There is no way to troubleshoot this by looking at a picture of the diagram. LabVIEW 6 is almost prehistory and many things have changed, especially the file IO all looks different so it is impossible to tell what you are doing.
    Error 7 is file not found, so most likely your string operations are not correct. What are the full strings? What is the final file name (maybe you are missing a "\" or maybe you are on a different OS type). Put an indicator at the path wire to see what's happening!
    Is this a datalog file?
    (Overall, the code is a bit suspect. Nobody needs a seven frame flat sequence. ) Why do a control and an indicator have the same label?)
    LabVIEW Champion . Do more with less code and in less time .

  • Need to download new pricing procedure

    Hello Al,
    I have to download a newly created pricing procedure from ECC to CRM system. I am new to Middleware.
    Should i create a request in r3ar2?
    What should be my request details? Request should include all the tables mentioned in the Adapter dnl_cust_prc or only T683 shoudl be fine.
    Thanks and Regards

    Go in tranaction R3AS and download object DNL_CUST_PRC and also DNL_CUST_PRICE. check in R3AM1 the progress to see when the transfer will be finished (green sign).

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  • Last conditon type is not active in the pricing procedure

    Hi gurus,
    In the standard system, when there are multiple Condition types exists in the pricing procedure for the same condition class ( Example : Price) then the value of the last condition type should be active and rest all should be inactive. Where as in my case i have 4 pricing condition types , instead of last condition type 3rd condition type is being active. Can any one suggest what would be the reason for this and how to make sure that last condition type is set as active?

    I found that as the condition value is less than the condition base value , even though conditon type was last in the list it was not set as active. This can be seen by selecting the condtion type in the pricing details and then click on the details icon ( Lens ) .

  • Excise duty in the Pricing Procedure for Local Purchase / Importation

    I'd like to know how to set up the pricing procedure for the purchase of an IS Oil Material; for local purchase and importation, especially with regards to the excise duty posting.
    Local purchase:  the vendor will bill us inclusive of the ED tax he previously paid, so the tax is just passed on to us..  My receiving location has ED paid status. In the PO item, we need to see this price (inclusive of tax) in the net price field.
    Importation:  the vendor only bills us the cost of the material.  When we received the fuel, we paid ED tax to local tax authorities.
    I know that both in these scenarios, the system has to determine the excise duty.
    My questions are (1) how do you set up the excise duty condition type  in the pricing procedure(or do they have to be maintained in the pricing procedure?) ?   and (2)  how do you set up this condition type in the config?
    Thank you and hoping for your immediate feedback.

    You can use same pricing procedure
    put 4 in subtotal in pricing procedure against the Discounr or freight cond
    and in taxinn
    BASb ALTCBV 362 and for jmop 363
    But this will work only if same  discount or freight value is in IV as that given in PO
    if freing value changes in IV then its a problem
    This is SAP bug, and SAP workes in that way only, freight value should be same in PO and IV
    other solution
    in taxinn create tax code like v8 vat 4% for 003 tax clasification
    in ftxp create tax code V8 desc vat 4%
    in fv11 for jvrd put 4
    and at the time of IV put this tax code for freight amount
    and for regular material value V1 tax code
    this will work only if u have used acess seq MWST instead of JTAX pr JST1
    hope this helps

  • Error while downloading the object u201CDNL_CUST_PROD0u201D from ECC to CRM

    Hi All,
    I am trying to download the object u201CDNL_CUST_PROD0u201D from ECC to CRM. However it ended up throwng an error. Below are the error details:
    The following Errors/Warnings occured. Do you want to continue?
    Please read the OSS Note no. 212666 (QUEUE_ALREADY_EXITS:R3AI_DNL_CUST_PROD0)*
    DNL_CUST_PROD0: Object will not be loaded
    After getting the above error I deleted the already running instance and again ran it. But when I again ran it, it gave me the same error. So I checked for the entries in Outbound queue of ECC system. But couldnt found any entry.
    Please help me fixing the issue.
    Thanks in Advance.

    Hello RJ,
    Check CRM I /B and O / B (txn:SMQ2 and SMQ1) and also R/3 I /B and O / B queue, for the presence of
    Also, abort the running load in txn:R3AM1 for object DNL_CUST_PROD0.
    Then try to re-load the object.
    I do not see any other reasons for the above error message.
    Best Regards,
    Shanthala Kudva.

  • The pricing procedure in Sales order is not getting copied into invoice

    The pricing procedure in Sales order is not getting copied into invoice.
    I have created a document type (pricing procedure),based on the document type ,pricing procedure determination is done.
    So while creating sales order the pricing procedure is determined but when invoice is created the pricing doesnt refelect in the invoice.How to over come this problem

    Please check the in OVKK, weather you have maintained correctly or not.Also check in the Billing document type details what is the Document pricing procedure that has been maintained.

  • Mark Up Price in the Pricing Procedure

    I want to add 45 % of my Moving avg price  automatically , when i select my pricing procedure.Say if the price is 100 $, i want to select the pricing condition and expecting the system to assign 145 % automatically.How to do in the Pricing Procedure ?

    One simple way would be to create a pricing condition called surcharge (type discount and surcharge) and maintain it as 45% in the condition record.
    This will automatically add 45% to the MAP which is picked up in the STO.

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