Office Home and Student 2013 error message with yellow triangle

I have been using my word and excel they were working fine. Now there is a yellow triangle  top right corner by my initials. I finally got it to show me only for a moment what it means. Error Message: did not realize I should have copied it down but
after error message it said to sign-out and sign back in. I have never had to sign in before the Office was installed in Dec 2013 by Best Buy. All they returned was the card they had used to download. When I tried to click on sign in it does nothing. The error
seems to have the word program very mixed up as it will preform some task but seems to lock me out of other normal things I usually do like spacing or changing font size just to name a few. I already checked for all updates on my computer per your sites suggestions.
How do I make the error message /yellow triangle go away and allow me to use the office home and student 2013 like it was working before. Please help I live alone, and near 60, live in the boondocks, and do not have any computer people within a 4 hour drive
round trip. Thank you

Now there is a yellow triangle  top right corner by my initials.
As per the description, it looks like an issue with your microsoft account. Does the error message look like below?
Sorry, we can't get to your account right now.
To fix this, please sign in again.
Sign in
You mentioned that "a yellow triangle  top right corner by my initials", you probably have already signed in with an acocunt. If you remember this account, I'd suggest you click
File>Account on the tab, click Sign out under
User Information, and then sign-in again. If you don't have this account, you probably need to contact the retailer for it.
If issue persists, please post back with the details of your system environment, then we will take a further look.
Ethan Hua
TechNet Community Support
It's recommended to download and install
Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office

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  • Office home and student 2013 product key

    I did a System Reset on 7/28/2015. After that I lost Office Home and Student 2013 which I purchased and was installed on my laptop when I got it. I contacted HP and I was emailed an Office product key via email. I have entered it several times and even had a friend enter it. It will not activate the software. It says it is an invalid product key for a different version. I could not call HP today because I was away. Could I have received the wrong product key. Control Panel/Programs says Office is installed. But it will not open. I have been on HP's website and Microsoft's looking for answers. I certainly need help. Let this serve as a cautionary tale to others. ALWAYS – as I've always done before this – purchase the FULL VERSION of OFFICE – with the CD. Even though it costs more. It is worth the extra cost – to not have the headache I'm having with losing Office. Answers greatly appreciated – thanks.

    Hi ,   Thank you for your update. You should not have to do a recovery to regain your Home Office.  I suggest you contact Microsoft as they must have a record of your purchase and be able to help you.  Have all your purchase information available for them to check.  I provided contact link for Microsoft and a phone number. If you click on the contact Microsoft link, you should be able to contact them for assistance with this issue.Microsoft has a record someplace or you trial version would have expired.  To answer your other question yes there are posts  in the forum  with a link to the recovery documents, but I am happy to provide them for you.  HP PCs - Performing an HP system recovery (Windows 8) You will notice an option to backup your personal files to prevent data loss.. If you have not done a backup now is the perfect time.HP PCs - Restoring Files that were Backed Up Using HP Recovery Manager (Windows 8) Once you have your Office software running again you may wish to consider creating an iso image for future use should the need arise.Here is a link from How-To Geek that will explain what that is.   What You Need to Know About Creating System Image Backups For your convenience I am also providing HP PCs - Creating a Recovery Image on Discs or Saving a Recovery Image to a USB Flash Drive (Windows 8)  Hope this helps!

  • Microsoft office home and student 2013

    laptop came with trial version of office 2013, it kept closing due to 'internal error'.  tried to reload from but fif not correct the problem.  deleted office thinking i could find trial version on line - i can't... is there any place that i can get copy of home and student 2013 trial version for download?  i have already purchased a key code i just need to reload the program. thank you

    Hi: If you have a valid product key, enter it in the boxes at the link below and you should be able to download the version of Office the key is good for.

  • Is Office Home and Business 2013 fully compatible with Sharepoint Online (Office 365)?

    My client recently upgraded 3 Windows 7 PCs (2-32 & 1-64-bit OS) from Office 2007 32-bit (which was actually working fine against Exchange/SharePoint Online) to Office Home and Business 2013 (32-bit)
    Now, for all 3 PCs, while Office 2013 Word/Excel can open, check out/in, and save SharePoint Online files, there is ALWAYS a 2 minute delay in closing the file which is apparently waiting for the Local Security Authority call to return. This seems
    to indicate an issue related to SharePoint security on the client side.
      Problem Event Name: AppHangXProcB1
      Application Name:        
      Application Version:    
      Waiting on Application Name: 
    This is the Local Security Authority Security Support Provider Interface Remote Procedure Call (LSA SSPI RPC)
    My client has 66 licenses for SharePoint Online (Plan 2) and 73 Exchange Online (Plan 1) "stand alone" services. The same failure is happening on 3 Win 7 PCs. All of which I've carefully reviewed against the MS Office trouble shooting guides (start
    Windows OS w/out non-MS services, Word/Excel safe mode w/out add-ons, O365 readiness checks, Office repair, etc.). We have PCs running Win 7 (32 & 64-bit) w/Office 365 ProPlus & Office Professional Plus 2013 that work fine. it's JUST these 3 Win 7
    PCs that were upgraded from Office 2007 to Office Home and Business 2013 that have the 2 min. SharePoint file close time.
    Can you please confirm that Office Home and Business 2013 is compatible w/SharePoint Online
    at least for Excel and Word?
    The "slow close" problem can be demonstrated on multiple site collections/sub sites and w/Excel & Word docs in doc libs and lists
    After many hours capturing information, following the MS Office trouble shooting guides, and repairing the Office install, I've had no luck in resolving this.While Word/Excel will eventually close SharePoint Online files after about
    2 minutes, this is certainly unacceptable. Otherwise, locally stored files close normally and new files were created by the Office 2013 Excel/Word for this testing.
    Any thoughts or guidance would be appreciated.  

    Hi raygabe,
    I couldn't find the document mentioned there is any compatibility between Office365 SharePoint online and Office Home and Business 2013 version, I would recommend that you check if the issue could be reproduced on other Win7 machines installed with Office
    Home and Business 2013 installed directly instead of upgrading from Office2007, see if issue is related to Office application upgrade.
    I also recommend that you post this issue on our dedicated Office365 SharePoint online forum and Office 2013 forum for a better assistance with more experts regarding this issue from the following links.
    Daniel Yang
    Forum Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help and unmark them if they provide no help. If you havefeedback for TechNet Subscriber Support, contact [email protected] 
    Daniel Yang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Office Home and Student 2010 Install problems with a Key Code Err..

    I had to install a new hard drive, lost everything..So I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional ..
    I own a the 2010 Home and Student CD bought at the Microsoft store...Doesn't come with Outlook...
    So I ordered the Home and Business 2010 disc with Service Pack 1 Included, this has 2010 outlook ...It loaded and worked fine up to the point I had to replace my Drive with New Windows 7 Pro...
    Everything loaded find, but every time I try and use it, its acts like it is caught in some kind of loop...It keep trying install and configure, then ask for my Key Code every time, sort of like a OLMAP132.Dll err...I did manage to make it work once, I even
    got back the test email from Microsoft after setting up Outlook....Then when I rebooted the system, this same loop action started ...
    I have uninstalled this at least 4 times, searched for anything with ties to Microsoft office, and uninstalled it..Then did a New Clean Install...Still getting this key Code question every time I open up a Office program....So, I am saying without a doubt,
    2010 Office Home and Student and Business WILL NOT RUN on Windows 7 professional ......If you have any idea how to fix this..Please respond with facts on how to repair this please....

    Greta,,,After down loading ( Off Cat ) tools...I saved that program...However, there is another major problem with Your Instructions I ran into...It seems I'm not the trusted source to change files such as the Mapi32.dll files..So I was unable to attempt
    your repair ...However I have found instructions for the task, but it seems very complicated for sure.. Here are the instructions, and I  would like for you and maybe a co-worker to check these.. before I make any changes in system..
    How to Change the Trusted Installer name...
    1. Right Click on the File Or directory.
    2.Click On properties, on the Right Click menu.
    3.Click On "" Security "" tab
    4.Click On " Advanced" Button on the bottom.
    5.In the advance Security Dialog Window, Click on "" Owner "" tab
    6.Here you will able to see the Current Owner ( ie: Trusted Installed )
    7. To take owner ship of the object, click on the Edit button, Give permission to UAC , the highlight the user name in the " Change Owner To" box that you want to assign as the owner for the object. Then Click " OK " to finish the process.
    8.Back in the Advanced Security Settings Window , You will see the current owner has changed to the user you just selected.
    9.Click the ""OK "" and exit this window.
    10. Click "'OK"" again, to exit completely from the Properties window..
    11. Repeat Step 1 to 4 to open the object's Properties Window again...
    12.Back in Object's Properties window, click on the edit button , and confirm the UAC elevation request.
    13. Highlight the Administrators in the " group of users names"" box. If the user ID or group that you want to manage the permissions for the object doesn't exist, Click on.."" Add"" button, and type in the user name or
    group name desired into the "" Enter Object names to select ( can use Everyone as user Name)" box and finish off by clicking on the "" OK""
    14. In the permissions for Administrators box below ( or any other user name or group name you choose). click on ""Full Control"" under the ""Allow"" column to assign full access rights control permission to Administrator's
    http// opening-files-or-folders.

  • Microsoft is Office Home and Student 2010-Windows used with macbook pro

    can home and student 2010 be used with my macbook pro?

    can home and student 2010 be used with my macbook pro?

  • Office Home and Student 2013 on Windows 8.1

    I bought the above software for a new laptop from a company called Information Technology Clear Limited. I downloaded it using the key they sent me. To start with it worked on and off, opening some documents, not others, then telling
    me it couldn't save the documents that I had amended, giving me 'open elsewhere' messages, then saving them after I kept trying.
    Then it reached a point where it wouldn't open anything, even to get a new blank document.
    I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it twice. Still not working.
    Anyone know what the problem is or will I just have to resort to using my old laptop for paperwork?

    By "open elsewhere", is the document shared via network? If so, there may be other users who are working on it at the same time so you can't save your changes on it.
    As I'm not sure about the exact error message, please provide more details about this issue, such as what the exact error message is, and some screenshots will be preferred.
    Please also make sure the Office is already activated.
    If you can't post images in this forum or there is any private information, you can send the information to our email address:
    [email protected]
    Melon Chen
    TechNet Community Support
    It's recommended to download and install
    Configuration Analyzer Tool (OffCAT), which is developed by Microsoft Support teams. Once the tool is installed, you can run it at any time to scan for hundreds of known issues in Office
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  • Is office home and business 2013 compatible with windows 8.1?

    I have read several issues with installing Microsoft home and business 2013 and the system running right on windows 8.1 has the issue been resolved or is there another version of Microsoft home and business I should download?

    In theory, Microsoft Office Home and Business 2013 is
    compatible with Windows 8.1. You can check if your system meets the requirements by clicking the Requirements tab in the webpage below:
    Steve Fan
    TechNet Community Support

  • Good afternoon.I have a computer with W Vista 8, Windows office home and business 2013. I recently tried to install Photoshop Elements by CD with serial number but on the desktop appears the following message: error 1 (configuration problem) try to uninst

    What's error 1 in adobe photoshop elements configuration? I have a computer with W Vista 8, Windows office home and business 2013. I recently tried to install Photoshop Elements by CD with serial number but on the desktop appears the following message: error 1 (configuration problem) try to uninstall and reinstall. I have done this but the message continues to appear

    You haven't mentioned which version of PSE. If it is PSE 13, that requires a minimum of windows 7.

  • Error 1704 - Can't install Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

    I am attempting to install Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 on my windows 8.
    I ran the setup like normal and it went 100% but froze and nothing else happened.
    I then looked into a few threads and saw that I should run it in compatibility mode. When I did this I got an error message, which stated, "Error 1704. An installation for Microsoft Office Office 64-bit components 2007 is currently suspended. You must
    undo these changes made by that installation to continue. Do you want to undo those changes?"
    Seems simple, but when I click yes, the error message immediately comes back up (which just continues no matter how many times I press yes. So I press no and it ends....
    I don't know much about computers but I need to get my resume in to a job ASAP!

    Not without using Windows, CrossOver Mac, or WineSkin.

  • I have trouble connecting to internet explorer and with my office home and student 2010

    I cannot connect to my internet explorer and I have trouble with my microsoft office home and student 2010 and when I look for a site with https at the beginning it won't connect

    Hello popoos:
               Have you tried restoring your Inernet Explorer? Ooen open your internet Explorer click on tools tab and then click on Internet Options click on delete let it delete ever thing. This will delete temporary files. After that click on Advance tab and then click on reset. Close it out and then reopen it. Now goto Tools- tab then click managed add on in that list that appears enable the adobe software listed your anti virus software, Your printer if you use it on line Microsoft tool bars. I dissabled the search helpers because I personly don't want extra trash appairing on my screen. Also enable the replayer if you use it. I dissable all the the rest of toolbars you do not have to. I disable them because Because bing is safer. Now try Microsoft Office it should work now. Intetnet Explorer setting have been reset now.

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010

    I bought the family pack of Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 and every time I try to install it on my computer it cancels and goes to this message saying "Setup has stopped working" "A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will
    close the program and notify you if a solution is available. I also already have word installed on my computer and every time I click the desktop icon it goes to the windows installer and prepares to install , but then it say fatal error during installation. 
    Can anyone help with this problem?

    Open Control Panel --> Programs and Features, remove any Office program you find. If you have problem when remove these programs, you can use the Fix-it Utility in the following support artcile:
    How to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 suites 
    After that, try run setup again.
    Max Meng
    TechNet Community Support

  • Microsoft office - home and student for Mac?!?!?!

    If anybody can help me that would be a great big huge help!
    Basically i have just got my first Apple MacBook and i have the Pro version, so when i bought it i found out that it doesn't already have an office or word type of product in it, so i decided to buy microsoft office home and student for mac, which i was told would be fine on my macbook.
    when i installed it yesterday i decided to start working on a word document and tried to save it onto my usual memory stick that i generally use all the time. Upon saving it and trying to reopen it, it wouldnt let me do this...came up with this ...
    Process: Microsoft Word [160]
    Path: /Applications/Microsoft Word
    Version: ??? (???)
    Build Info: Unknown-100825~0
    Code Type: X86 (Native)
    Parent Process: launchd [89]
    Date/Time: 2011-03-12 17:58:41.165 +0000
    OS Version: Mac OS X 10.6.6 (10J3210)
    Report Version: 6
    Interval Since Last Report: 9468 sec
    Crashes Since Last Report: 10
    Per-App Crashes Since Last Report: 10
    Anonymous UUID: CBC85B25-EF82-45DE-9AFD-8ACE04FBECA3
    Exception Type: EXC_BREAKPOINT (SIGTRAP)
    Exception Codes: 0x0000000000000002, 0x0000000000000000
    Crashed Thread: 0
    Dyld Error Message:
    Library not loaded: @rpath/mbukernel.framework/Versions/14/mbukernel
    Referenced from: /Applications/Microsoft Word
    Reason: image not found
    Binary Images:
    0x8fe00000 - 0x8fe4162b dyld 132.1 (???) <283EE026-C0FE-1FF9-DB81-BFB155793157> /usr/lib/dyld
    Model: MacBookPro8,1, BootROM MBP81.0047.B04, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 2.3 GHz, 4 GB, SMC 1.68f96
    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 3000, Intel HD Graphics 3000, Built-In, 384 MB
    Memory Module: global_name
    AirPort: spairportwireless_card_type_airportextreme (0x14E4, 0xD6), Broadcom BCM43xx 1.0
    Bluetooth: Version 2.4.3f1, 2 service, 12 devices, 1 incoming serial ports
    Network Service: AirPort, AirPort, en1
    Serial ATA Device: Hitachi HTS545032B9A302, 298.09 GB
    Serial ATA Device: MATSHITADVD-R UJ-898
    USB Device: FaceTime HD Camera (Built-in), 0x05ac (Apple Inc.), 0x8509, 0xfa200000 / 3
    USB Device: Hub, 0x0424 (SMSC), 0x2513, 0xfa100000 / 2
    USB Device: Apple Internal Keyboard / Trackpad, 0x05ac (Apple Inc.), 0x0246, 0xfa120000 / 5
    USB Device: BRCM2070 Hub, 0x0a5c (Broadcom Corp.), 0x4500, 0xfa110000 / 4
    USB Device: Bluetooth USB Host Controller, 0x05ac (Apple Inc.), 0x821a, 0xfa113000 / 8
    USB Device: Hub, 0x0424 (SMSC), 0x2513, 0xfd100000 / 2
    USB Device: USB Mass Storage Device, 0x1307 (USBest Technology Inc.), 0x0165, 0xfd120000 / 4
    USB Device: IR Receiver, 0x05ac (Apple Inc.), 0x8242, 0xfd110000 / 3
    If anyone could help me that would be fantastic!
    Thanks for reading

    I was looking for help with this same problem on my Wifes MBP but with Excel, while I was looking for solutions, I tried installing Messenger again, fixing disk permissions with disk utility, as well as other things, none worked. Then I was looking for where this nasty mbukernel file lived.
    That was when I noticed that "Microsoft" was in the /Applications folder instead of the "/Applications/Microsoft Office 2011", so I moved the Microsoft back into the office folder and wallah it all works as intended.
    Hopefully that will help yourself and others with this obscure problem.

  • Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 trial

    5 days ago I purchased a Toshiba Satelilte 300 laptop, and have a 60 day trial for Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007 but am experiencing problems with installing it. I have obtained a Trial Activation Key and entered it when prompted; when the conversion process is complete I close all open Microsoft windows, as instructed, but when I re-open them I get a message telling me that the trial has expired!!
    PLEASE, PLEASE tell me what I'm doing wrong, and how I can begin to enjoy my trial!
    Many thanks

    Maybe these help.
    Activate Your Microsoft Office System Trial Product
    How to troubleshoot problems that you may experience when you try to activate a 2007 Office product
    Request a trial activation key
    Which Satellite 300?

  • Windows 8 and MS Office Home and Student 2010 Compatibility...

    I am looking at buying the HP P7-1414 desktop.  I currently own MS Office Home and Student 2010.  Will my MS be compatible with the Widows 8 on the P7?

    Hello celliottii!
    Welcome to the forum! That’s a great question. While I was pretty confident that Office 2010 would be compatible with Windows 8, I still wanted to make sure for you. I checked with Microsoft and verified that it indeed is compatible. Please feel free to reach out if you have any more questions!
    Thanks for posting!
    Matt|Senior Social Media Specialist | Best Buy® Corporate
     Private Message

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