OIM 11g Web Console Customization

Hello All IDMers,
I need your guidance to perform two tasks related OIM 11G web console customization:
1) My client has employee id as userid in user table. So while processing approval, the user id of the person requested approval is displayed in the approval table when i log in to admin console as an Approver. Is there a way I can customize the web console to display the full name or display name from the user table instead of user id in table that holds the list of all person who have req for approval.
2) when i login admin console, on the top right corner next to sign out my user id iis siplayed, instead i want to change it to <First Name> <Last Name>.
pls. help me with this.
Thank u all.

Hello all,
I guess we got to make changes to the ADF framework in 11 G.
Any ideas on how to go about it?
Issue Summary : Approval Request Table -> display fullname of approval requestor instead of user id
Admin console login -> when logged in -> show <first Name> <last name> instead of User Id next to SIGN OUT button.

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  • OIM 11G- Web Console- Problem with "Export Deployment Manager File"

    I am using gogle chrome browser on oim11g setup.
    I was able to Import/Export the objects using Import/Export Deployment Manager File.
    The reason why I opted for chrome is that I was unable to connect to login to the web console, it was just asking for userid and password and after some time, the browser(Internet Explorer 7) hangs on.
    And with FireFox 5.0.1, it is the same thing both import and export deployment manager file windows opens as soon as I click and they just close after 2-3 seconds.
    The problem now is after updating the java to "Version 6 Update 26 ", the Export Deployment Manager File stopped working. The window pop-ups and closes in 2 seconds.
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    And I am sure that it was working fine earlier with chrome before the java update.When I remove the updated java version, chrome is asking to download the latest java version.
    Any suggestions, that helps to work with chrome or firefox or IE?
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    Edited by: Venu on Aug 11, 2011 4:57 PM

    I have never had any luck getting anything after Version 6 update 23 to export properly. I would remove your updated Java and restore to a previous version of Java.
    Sunny Tsang

  • How can I o create, modify or delete users using OIM 11g web services?

    I have a requirement to create, modify or delete users using OIM 11g web services.
    The end users will be signing on to the online application, a user interface to request ids online. The user interface is the home grown application to request ids.
    I want to integrate this user interface with OIM 11g. I generated the java classes using the out of the box wsdl file as mentioned in the Developer’s Guide for Oracle Identity Manager 11g. But I need to know how to create users using web server client from a given wsdl file? Is there a sample web service client program to create a user in OIM?
    If you know of any document which I can follow or if you can give any details I really appreciate.
    Thanks and Regards,

    Hi Chong,
    Were you able to figure out the approach? I am facing the same issue like this. I have created a web service where the input values are no. of days to extend user's end date and user's employee ID. Output will be true or false. But I am getting error while searching user in OIM DB. I think my web service is not to query OIM DB
    Please let me know if you have worked on this senario.

  • Can't login to OIM 11g Design Console after integrate with OAM 11g

    Dear All,
    After successfully integrate oim 11g with oam 11g, we cannot access the design console of oim 11g anymore (access denied).
    Is it cause of oam protection?
    Or do we have to do additional configuration?
    Please help...
    Thank you,

    962874 wrote:
    Hi All,
    I have installed and configured OAM,OIM,SOA under weblogic domain. After configured OAM on weblogic domain(by extending it)
    I am getting the following error while login to oim console,design console .
    <Jan 17, 2013 4:26:09 AM EST> <Warning> <Socket> <BEA-000449> <Closing socket as no data read from it on,579 during the configured idle timeout of 5 secs>
    <Jan 17, 2013 4:26:10 AM EST> <Error> <Default> <BEA-000000> <Failed to communicate with any of configured Access Server, ensure that it is up and running.> Is the port 57,579 correct? Port numbers cannot have comma in them. Also try to telnet to that host and port from your machine to check if there is no network issue.
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  • OIM 11g R2 Beta Customization

    In OIM 11g R2.
    I want to disable some Menu Option for Non-Admin users in Identity Console. I don't see any option to create Authorization Policy in R2 .
    How can I achieve this.
    Edited by: 918619 on Jul 26, 2012 3:18 AM

    for implementing auth policy you have to use APM UI . Which is nothing but UI of OES. OES internally integrated with OIM R2.
    For enabling this URL: During the installation of OIM you can use(select) APM as well for the installation(from the wizard)
    do the below steps
    You need search the user-management policies and then update the deniedAttributeObligation in those policies and add all the attributes that you don’t want to be displayed for the user(as per the oes-policy application role.).
    However, I don't know how feasble for you to do this.

  • Creation of 2 IT resources in OIM 11g administration console

    I have created IT resource type definition in design console named "MyLDAP" & then created
    IT resource in administration console where i gave "MyLDAP " in IT resource type field & got
    created , but when i tried to create another IT resource in administration console with same
    IT resource type definition i.e. MyLDAP it gives me following message on administration console
    as "DOBJ.SVR_CANT_MAKE_MUTI_IT_TYPE Cannot make multiple instances of this type" , so i
    think we can't create IT resource which is already created with IT resource type definition, in my
    case "MyLDAP".
    Can someone provide some pointers on this issue ?
    Rahul Shah

    Open the Design Console and look for the IT Resource Definition you want to use (MyLDAP in your case).
    You will see that during the creation you didn't check the flag below:
    *Insert Multiple [ ]*
    You have just to activate the check and save it.

  • OIM 11g R1 - Request Type Description Customization (Translation)

    Hello Experts,
    I'd like a little help to know if it is possible to customizate the following:
    OIM is using Browser locale to change the language on Web Console.
    Does any one know how to change the translation to the Request Type description (the list from where we need to choose) when we are creating a Request?
    Self-Request Resource = Recurso de Auto-Solicitação (in Brasilian Portuguese - we'd like to change it)
    Self De-Provision Resource = Autocancelar Provisionamento de Recurso (in Brasilian Portuguese - we'd like to change it)
    We work with OIM 11g R1.

    Excellent! Thank you very much!
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  • In web console Attestation menu item not showing,after OIM install

    In web console Attestationmenu item not showing,after OIM installation
    Build 1860.16

    Choose option Oracle Identity Manager with Audit and Compliance Module during installation.

  • OIM 11g issues with design console, creating resource

    Hi All,
    I have installed OIM 11g, OAM 11g.
    I am facing issues while starting design console or creating a resouce.
    <Sep 2, 2010 9:30:53 PM GMT+05:30> <Error> <XELLERATE.SCHEDULER.TASK> <BEA-0000
    0> <Error while calling reissue on AUD_JMS messages
    at com.thortech.xl.dataaccess.tcDataBaseClient.getDatabaseProductName(t
    at com.thortech.xl.schedule.tasks.ReIssueAuditMessage.processAllByIdent
    at com.thortech.xl.schedule.tasks.ReIssueAuditMessage.execute(ReIssueAu
    at com.thortech.xl.scheduler.tasks.SchedulerBaseTask.execute(SchedulerB
    at oracle.iam.scheduler.vo.TaskSupport.executeJob(TaskSupport.java:144)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)
    at sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(NativeMethodAccessorImpl
    at sun.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(DelegatingMethodAcce
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(Method.java:597)
    at oracle.iam.scheduler.impl.quartz.QuartzJob.execute(QuartzJob.java:16
    at org.quartz.core.JobRunShell.run(JobRunShell.java:202)
    at org.quartz.simpl.SimpleThreadPool$WorkerThread.run(SimpleThreadPool.
    <Sep 2, 2010 9:30:53 PM GMT+05:30> <Error> <XELLERATE.DATABASE> <BEA-000000> <Cl
    ass/Method: tcDataBaseClient/bindToInstance encounter some problems: java.lang.A
    ssertionError: Can only export activatable objects
    oracle.iam.platform.utils.ServiceInitializationException: java.lang.AssertionErr
    or: Can only export activatable objects
    at oracle.iam.platform.Platform.getService(Platform.java:264)
    at oracle.iam.platform.OIMInternalClient.getService(OIMInternalClient.ja
    at com.thortech.xl.dataaccess.tcDataBaseClient.bindToInstance(tcDataBase
    at com.thortech.xl.dataaccess.tcDataBaseClient.<init>(tcDataBaseClient.j
    at com.thortech.xl.server.tcDataBaseClient.<init>(tcDataBaseClient.java:
    at com.thortech.xl.client.dataobj.tcDataBaseClient.<init>(tcDataBaseClie
    Please help

    You need to copy the files from the linux box to a windows box and change the startup paramaters to meet that of a Windows machine.
    I have the following files once moved to my windows machine:
    set CLASSPATH=.;.\lib\oimclient.jar;.\lib\iam-platform-auth-client.jar;.\lib\iam-platform-pluginframework.jar;.\lib\iam-platform-utils.jar;.\lib\iam-platform-context.jar;.\lib\XellerateClient.jar;.\lib\xlAPI.jar;.\lib\xlLogger.jar;.\lib\xlVO.jar;.\lib\xlUtils.jar;.\lib\xlCrypto.jar;.\lib\xlAuthentication.jar;.\lib\xlDataObjectBeans.jar;.\ext\log4j-1.2.8.jar;.\ext\jhall.jar;
    call basecp.bat
    set CLASSPATH=%CLASSPATH%;.\ext\spring.jar;.\ext\security-api.jar;.\ext\commons-logging.jar;.\ext\logging-utils.jar;.\ext\jakarta-oro-2.0.8.jar;.\ext\bsh.jar;.\ext\mail.jar;.\ext\jboss-j2ee.jar;.\ext\jboss-jaas.jar;.\ext\jbosssx.jar;.\ext\jts.jar;.\ext\jbossall-client.jar;.\ext\concurrent.jar;.\ext\getopt.jar;.\ext\gnu-regexp.jar;.\ext\jacorb.jar;.\ext\jboss-client.jar;.\ext\jboss-common-client.jar;.\ext\jbosscx-client.jar;.\ext\jbossha-client.jar;.\ext\jboss-iiop-client.jar;.\ext\jbossjmx-ant.jar;.\ext\jboss-jsr77-client.jar;.\ext\jbossmq-client.jar;.\ext\jboss-net-client.jar;.\ext\jbosssx-client.jar;.\ext\jboss-system-client.jar;.\ext\jboss-transaction-client.jar;.\ext\jcert.jar;.\ext\jmx-connector-client-factory.jar;.\ext\jmx-ejb-connector-client.jar;.\ext\xdoclet-module-jboss-net.jar;.\ext\jsse.jar;.\ext\jnet.jar;.\ext\jmx-rmi-connector-client.jar;.\ext\jmx-invoker-adapter-client.jar;.\ext\jnp-client.jar;.\ext\wlfullclient.jar;.\ext\webserviceclient+ssl.jar;.\ext\sas.jar;.\ext\oc4jclient.jar;.\ext\ejb.jar;.\ext\oscache.jar;.\ext\commons-logging.jar;.\ext\javagroups-all.jar
    @echo off
    call classpath
    REM SET DEBUG_OPTS=-classic -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=5001 -DXL.RedirectSysOutErrToFile=TRUE -DXL.SysOutErrLogFile=.\logs\Client.System.Out.Err.log
    REM Make sure to remove java.naming.provider.url and read it from the configuration
    REM once the JNDI Profiles are implemented.
    REM make sure you are using j2sdk1.4.2_05
    "C:\jdk1.6.0_22\bin\java" %DEBUG_OPTS% ^
         -DXL.ExtendedErrorOptions=TRUE -DXL.HomeDir=C:\oracle\oim1_11g\designconsole ^
         -Djava.security.policy=config\xl.policy ^
         -Dlog4j.configuration=config\log.properties ^
         -Dweblogic.security.SSL.trustedCAKeyStore=%TRUSTSTORE_LOCATION% ^
         -Djava.security.manager -Djava.security.auth.login.config=config\authwl.conf ^
         com.thortech.xl.client.base.tcAppWindow -server server
    See if this works.

  • Using web services in Approval Work flow in OIM 11g

    Hi All,
    I am a new bie to OIM 11g. I have created an approval work flow and it is working fine.
    Now my requirement is to use a web service in the approval work flow instead of directly embeding the java code in Java Embeding Activity. Can some body share me a document or url for the process of doing it.
    Thanks in advance for the help.

    If you are using OIM 11gR2 please refer the below document. All steps are very clear with the screenshots.
    See section Configuring the Human Task and BPEL Mappings
    Also see this OBE tutorial for getting idea on Java embedding activity and assigning and retrieving data from global variables in SOA

  • OIM 11g GUI customization

    In OIM 11g when we create a request of type Modify provision Resource I can see "Description" filed under Request Details -> Requested Resources tab. Please let me know how to hide this description field for all users?
    Thanks in advance

    Thanks Karthik.
    As you suggested I have created the model and view controller projects, configured everything for the workflow with managed bean.
    I have added the action listener and redeployed ear file as well. After all when I click on menu item it saying method not found as mentioned below.
    ++<Nov 30, 2012 7:58:53 AM CST> <Error> <oracle.adfinternal.view.faces.config.rich.RegistrationConfigurator> <BEA-000000> <ADF_FACES-60096:Server Exception during PPR, #27++
    ++javax.servlet.ServletException: Method not found: [email protected]onsorRenewals(javax.faces.event.ActionEvent)++
    Below is the code for managed bean and menu item configuration, any suggestions it would be helpful.
    public class ManageSponsorship extends BaseMB {
    public void navigateSponsorRenewals(ActionEvent event) {
    FacesUtils.launchTaskFlow("sponsorship-renewals", "/WEB-INF/tfs/sponsorship-renewals-tf.xml#sponsorship-renewals-tf","Sponsorship Renewal", "/images/home.png",
    null, "Sponsorship Renewal", false, new HashMap<String, Object>());
    <af:commandImageLink xmlns:af="http://xmlns.oracle.com/adf/faces/rich" id="e510512175" icon="/images/users.png" text="Sponsorship Renewals" actionListener="#{manageSponsorship.navigateSponsorRenewals}"/>
    Thanks in advance.
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  • OAM and OIM 11g Consoles

    Hello Everyone,
    Can anyone please tell me what would be the login credentials and the links for OAM and OIM 11g console?
    I am trying, for:
    OIM --> http://hostname:14000/admin
    OAM --> http://hostname:14100/oamconsole
    Please suggest.

    Got It.
    OIM --> http://hostname:14000/oim
    username: xelsysadm
    password: weblogicpassword
    OAM --> http://hostname:14100/oamconsole
    username: weblogic
    password: weblogicpassword
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  • OIM 11g to provision a web services based application , how ?

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to provision using GTC connector in OIM but the problem is i know how to write a webservice but i'm newbie to OIM 11g so i am not able to integrate my webservice to the OIM GTC connector.
    Highly appreciate if any one give me the background or steps to follow how to execute the provisioning using custom web service in OIM 11g.

    -Just trying to help-
    Based on OIM 11G requirements:
    If your target system is a Web service that can accept and parse SPML-based provisioning requests packaged in SOAP messages, you can use the SPML provisioning format provider and Web Services provisioning transport provider.
    You need not create custom provisioning providers.
    1-SPML provisioning format provider
    TargetOperation value object that is created by the SPML provisioning format provider and used as an input for the Web Services provisioning transport provider:
    2-15.4 Web Services Provisioning Transport Provider
    I hope this helps,
    Thiago Leoncio Guimaraes

  • OIM 11g R2 Design Console

    Hi Gurus
    I am new to OIM... I need some information regarding OIM 11g R2 design console....can anyone tell me the correct use of Organization Defaults and Roles in User Management and its impact on OIM with some good example....thanks in advance.....

    You can found in this documentation :
    thank you

  • How to give design console access to the user from OIM GUI - OIM 11g R2

    Could you please let me know if there is any way to give Design Console access to a normal user in OIM 11g R2.
    I tried by giving the access from backend by using DB command and I was able to give the design console access to the user.
    But I need to give design console access to the user from OIM Interface.
    Please let me know how to achieve this functionality.

    I have already used this approach by directly modifying the user record in DB.
    I am looking if it is possible to give Design console access from OIM GUI, the way we use to give in OIM 11g R1.

Maybe you are looking for