Old contacts appearing in my iPhone

Why is it that people that I have since deleted from my contacts list on my 4S, still appear when I'm trying to send  a text to someone?  Mind you, this person was deleted sometime last year, I have not spoken to him in any way shape or form since that time. 
(My contacts are not synced with Facebook, Twitter, or any other app)

I encounter the same problem.
I changed my iPhone 4 for an iPhone 5s.
I unregistered my iPhone 4, deactivated iMessage, deleted all my accounts... reset all parameters.
Still with the iPhone 4 - which I gave to a member of my family - I put a new sim card, I created a new iCloud profile, I configured iMessage with her new iCloud account, I registered the iPhone 4 to her new account.
HOWEVER, when starting to write the name of a contact I want to text a message/iMessage to, we can see the names of all my own contacts whereas they don't appear in the Apple contacts application. We only see the names and phone numbers
What can I do so that my relative only sees her contacts when she wants to select the contact?
On the forums nothing worked. I mean, I don't have the issue where the old device still receives a message/iMessage that was in fact sent to the new device. Only my own contacts that appear at this moment.
Best regards.

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  • My boyfriend and I have each an IPhone with two different Apple IDs. Since the recent software his contacts appears in my Iphone. How can I switch that off? I have be looking at both Iphones and Iclouds.

    My boyfriend and I have each an IPhone with two different Apple IDs. Since the recent software his contacts appears in my Iphone. How can I switch that off? I have be looking at both Iphones and Iclouds.

    All apps and purchases are linked to your apple ID, so you can't share them across 2 devices that are using different apple id's, it won't work. the purchases that are on your mac at the moment will only work with the apple id they were brought with.
    the only thing thats possible to share is purchased music. you have to first covert it to mp3 within itunes, then your bf can import it into his own itunes library and sync with his phone.

  • How to i get my old contacts back into my iphone

    when i synced my iphone it erased sll my old contacts how doi i get them back

    do you use iCloud?
    If so: check www.icloud.com and log in there, go to Contacts
    If they're there, you can sync them back at Settings - iCloud - Contacts

  • Contacts appearing twice on iPhone but not on iMac

    When I update my contacts on my iPhone 4S (with iCloud), the contacts appear twice (the same doesn't happen on my iMac). If I try to delete one contacts, it deletes both... The same happens also to the groups.
    Can anyone help? I guess it must be something to do with syncing, but I don't know how to sort it.

    Go to Settings>Mail, etc>iCloud>Delete account.  It'll ask you if you want to keep Contacts, stored on your iPhone. Say no, then reinstate your iCloud account.
    That should sort it out.

  • Old Contacts Appearing - Windows, Outlook

    This is odd. I am having some other syncing problems, which should be cured (Apple says) when I upgrade Outlook to the latest version.
    BUT, this is interesting. My Contacts do in fact seem to sync fine. Looking through them, I see contacts that are mine, but very old. I checked back in my Outlook data file (outlook.pst) and they are not present. I also scanned all the files on my C drive and didn't find any match for those names.
    I do have an archive.pst file in the same folder as the outlook.pst, which is used (obviously) for archived data. Why would the iPad sync open the archive.pst if in fact this is the source of the problem?
    Any ideas, oh gurus out there?
    Thanks, Bob

    Try restarting your iPad.
    Press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPad. To turn iPad back on, press and hold the Sleep/Wake until the Apple logo appears.

  • Calendars and Contacts appearing twice on iPhone

    Since upgrading to OS 3.0 on my iPhone 3G I am finding that all my iCal events are appearing twice in the Calendars app.
    And when I do a spotlight search on the iPhone, I find that contacts are listed twice.
    I am a mobileMe user, and use mobile Me to sync my info to the phone over the air, rather than syncing calendars and contacts via iTunes.
    Is anyone else having this info aear twice? Any ideas on how I can get the duplicate info to disappear?

    Do you have MobileMe? This occurs if you sync Calendar with your Mac iCal AND MobileMe, with both having the same listings. You get duplicates with Contacts for the same reason. If you open Calendar and touch the left arrow to show "Calanders" you'll find 2 copies, merged in "All"
    To get rid of the duplicates:
    1. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calenders > Accounts > MobileMe > Calendars > Off
    You'll get a warning: "There are existing calenders synced with your Mac. Would you like to merge them with your MobileMe account?" Choose "Do not Merge". You then are asked what to do with the existing calenders on your phone - select "Delete."
    2. Connect your phone to iTunes and go to the "info" tab of your device page and disable sync contacts with your Mac.
    3. Settings > Mail.... > Accounts > MobileMe > Calendars > ON. It will take a few minutes to re-sync the calender without duplicates.
    If you also have duplicates in Contacts, go though the same process.

  • Old contacts remain after account deletion!?

    I gave my iphone to my fiance. I`ve deleted my e-mails accounts and I added hers.
    Well, when she is adding a sender in the e-mail my contacts appears! What to do?
    I`ve imported her SIM`s contacts to iphone and my contats aren`t in her "contacts" book, so how are my e-mail contacts appearing in her iphone?

    I have the same problem!
    Surely there MUST be a solution
    HELP anyone?
    I tried Resetting the Keyboard directory, but it didn't work

  • I recently gave my old iPhone to my nephew, he switched it to his phone account, but somehow I now have his contacts on my new iPhone 5. When I look at my iCloud account, it lists his contacts. Is there any way for me to get my contacts back?

    I recently gave my old iPhone to my nephew, I did not clear out my old phone before I gave it to him, when he transferred to his account, he had my iCloud info on the phone, and it updated the contacts on my new iPhone 5 to his contacts. Is there any way for me to get my contacts back?

    This is caused by using the same iCloud account on both phones.  When you do this any data you sync with the shared iCloud account such as contacts is merged and will appear on all devices connected to the account.  To fix this you both need to have separate iCloud accounts (you can continue to share the same Apple ID for purchasing from the iTunes and app stores). 
    Decide which iPhone will be keeping the current iCloud account.  On the one that will be changing accounts, if you have any photos in photo stream that are not in your camera roll or backed up somewhere else save these to your camera roll by opening the photo stream album in the thumbnail view, tapping Edit, then tap all the photos you want to save, tap Share and tap Save to Camera Roll. 
    Once this is done, go to Settings>iCloud, scroll to the bottom and tap Delete Account.  (This will only delete the account from this phone, not from iCloud.  The phone that will be keeping the account will not be effected by this.)  When prompted about what to do with the iCloud data, be sure to select Keep On My iPhone.  Next, set up a new iCloud account using a different Apple ID (if you don't have one, tap Get a Free Apple ID at the bottom).  Then turn iCloud data syncing for contacts, etc. back to On, and when prompted about merging with iCloud, choose Merge.  This will upload the data to the new account.
    Finally, to un-merge the data you will then have to go to icloud.com on your computer and sign into each iCloud account separately and manually delete the data you don't want (i.e., deleting your nephew's data from your account, and vice versa).
    As for recovering your lost contacts, if they aren't on icloud.com when you check from your computer, you will have to recover them from a backup source.  You could try restoring to your last backup but this doesn't always work for contacts.  (Chances are you nephew deleted your contacts from his phone, not realizing it would also delete them from yours.)

  • HT1199 my macbook address book contacts do not appear on my iPhone

    I recently purchased a macbook pro. The calendar syncs well on the icloud with my iphone but the contacts do not. Not all the contacts are listed on the iphone and some of the contacts appear to be old--in fact I thought I had deleted them from my Outlook account. How do I get my contacts to update on my iphone?

    Is there a fix for so the I phone shows the dates I make on  the I phone?
    The iphone should show dates when I make them, on the iphone, but it is not showing any appointments made with the iphone on the iphone.
    The gmail has the dates, but the I phone does not have it.
    I used to be able to see them both, it has been just a week or two. Do I need to relink the calenders?
    It is the iphone that does not show the dates, gmail shows them.

  • Same iTunes, different iCloud accounts: all contacts lost from one iPhone appeared on the second iPhone

    Hello there.
    Got following situation:
    iPhone A - iTunes Store (Apple-ID) account = [email protected] / iCloud account = [email protected]
    iPhone B - iTunes Store (Apple-ID) account = [email protected] / iCloud account = [email protected]
    Somehow all contacts in iPhone B disappeared and appeared on iPhone A (together with the ones already existing).
    My questions:
    what's the cause of this?
    how do I get back (iPhone A with only its original contacts, iPhone B with the "disappeared" contacts)?
    After I will have put everything back as it was a couple of days ago, I'd change the iCloud email for iPhone A, so that it doesn't match the Apple-ID anymore: do you think this might help?
    Thanks and regards,

    Hi there.
    Thanks for your reply. Somehow after logging into the iCloud account of "iPhone B", the contacts reappered on the iPhone B itself!!! Weird!
    Now, I'd still like to do the change for "iPhone A" and move the iCloud login/account away from the Apple-ID: is this achieved by simply disabling iCloud sync and re-enabling it with a different email address? What about the "old" data which would remain on iCloud? Any way to do a "clean" migration here?
    Thanks and regards,

  • TS4147 I keep finding old contacts on my iPhone even after I delete them off iCloud.  What's up?

    I keep finding old contacts on my iPhone even after I delete them off iCloud.  What's up?  Why do they keep appearing?

    Have you cleaned out the dock connector of any fluff or junk in there?

  • IPhone stolen, how to get old contacts back?

    My iphone has gone and I have a new one on insurance. My old phone had ten years of contacts on it that the guy in the shop had transfered from my previous phone when I first got the iphone. I have a vague memory of a colleage at work setting me up on itunes on a work computer but I had never used itunes and stupidly never sync-ed or taken a backup of my contacts as far as I am aware, although presumably there must have been something that happened right at the beginning to get my phone started. Is there any way I can find my  old contacts? They did not immediately appear when I plugged my new phone in - all I got was a random list of email addresse when I asked it to look at my google account. Do they exist on a file somewhere?

    Your contacts are gone. The iPhone was never designed to be a stand alone storage device. While contacts are included in the iPhone backup, that backup only happens if you sync or manually create a backup. Since you don't sync(bad idea), no iPhone backup exists to restore from. Further, contacts are designed to be synced with a supported contact application on your computer. Had you been doing things, as designed, it would be a simple matter of restoring your contacts. Don't make the same mistake with your new phone.

  • I deleted a contact out of my iPhone 4S but when I go to send a message the contact appears although that individual is no longer in my address book. I deleted all text and call history pertaining to the deleted contact but still shows up.

    I deleted a contact out of my iPhone 4S but when I go to send a message the contact appears although that individual is no longer in my address book. I deleted all text and call history pertaining to the deleted contact but still shows up. Does anyone have the same issue and how do I fix it?

    dam122577 wrote:
    but wont restoring as new delete all my info on my phone
    Yes. That is why I added...
    it will disappear over time due to non-use.

  • When I try to download all my info like notes and contacts onto a new iphone an error appears saying that it is incompatible or the backup was corrup, how do I fix this?

    When I try to download all my info like notes and contacts onto a new iphone an error appears saying that it is incompatible or the backup was corrup, how do I fix this?

    Which is it?  Is "it" incompatible or is the backup corrupt?
    What specifically are you attempting and what specifically is occurring?

  • Deleted contacts from iphone 4s, loaded new contacts from to phone from .csv file.  then I enabled icloud and it put all my old contacts back.

    My wife and I both have Iphones.  For the past 18 months her phone and mine had the same appleID (mine).  When I set up iCLoud backups and synch a month ago, my wifes phone ended up with all my contacts (1400+) and her's (<100) mixed together.  Didn't bother me, but drover her wild trying to find 'her' contacts.
    Oviously she needed to have her own appleID on her phone.
    After a lot of googling around I found the "Import Export Contacts" app.  It works great.  I opens a Service to a browser screen on a computer and can upload/download to/from the phone.
    I downloaded my copy of the combined contact list.  I found her's reletively easily by sorting on 'date changes' column. 
    On her phone I deleted the contact file. and set up her own appleID
    I created a .csv with her contacts only and moved it into her phone. then set up the phone to manage contacts in the icloud properties screen.
    All her (and my) contacts came back.  I thought when I deleted the contacts on her phone, the iclud synch woudl deleted them on icloud and then when I loaded ne contaces on her phone it would sych with icloud and all woudl be right with teh world.
      What can I do next?  I can give her her phone with her old contacts and not backup with icloud, but then she could lose her

    If you don't have a backup of the newer information then you don't

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