Old firewire hard drive and iMac

I bought a used iMac G4 1ghz and wanted to transfer the files from my dead iBook that I had backed up to a Buslink MFW20 firewire drive. I hooked it up and expected it to just work, but nothing appeared. I checked the cable, it was fine. I shut down, unplugged, the hard drive, then replugged it, and turned on the iMac. That didn't work either. I reset the PRAM and that didn't work. It doesn't show up in the Disk Utility. But if I use System Profiler and click on the Firewire section it shows up there, so the computer can see my drive, it just can't mount it. I started up in single user mode and tried a fsck just for the heck of it.
The Buslink drive has all its lights come on, and none of them blink to indicate an error condition. I don't have another computer here I could try it on, although I'm thinking of installing Ubuntu PPC on my spare partition and seeing if that can recognize and mount the drive.
Does anyone have any ideas?

I would not install Linux. If you want to see if it's something caused by the iMac G4's current system, start it up using your Mac OS X installation disc, the one for Tiger if you are currently running Mac OS X 10.4.11.
When you get to the first Installer screen (after language selection), go up to the menu bar and select to run Disk Utility. Connect the drive (if not already connected) and see if it appears in the Disk Utility sidebar. If it does, there is obviously something not right with the current system on the iMac. But you can use Disk Utility to make a disk image of the external drive and save the image file on the internal drive. Then, you will have access to the files in the disk image when you boot normally.

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    How to move iTunes Library/Media Files to external firewire Hard Drive and make it the master library, and then point iTunes to that  when adding new content??

    Copy your ENTIRE iTunes FOLDER to an External Drive...
    Full Details Here  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1751
    To Operate iTunes from the External Drive...
    Start iTunes with the Option key held down and guide it to the new location of the library.
    Be Sure the drive is Formatted Mac OS Extended (journaled)
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    Have a old macbook 2006 with newer 500 GB seagate Momentus hard drive. I did not backup any docs or pictures. The macbook crashed my fault. I took mac to apple store and they said logic board is bad. Can I purcase another used macbook and install my old seagate hard drive and have saved all my information? Thanks for any imput.

    mgott55 wrote:
    Can I install my used existing hard drive in a compatible macbook to save everything?
    If you need to extract the drive's content you can remove it and install it in a $10 USB enclosure. It will be readable by any recent Mac.

  • Can I use my old internal hard drive and copy everything into the new one?

    My internal hard drive is running out of space, and I want to buy a new one. But to do that, I'll have to buy a external hard drive to back up everything and then copy it back onto the new internal hard drive , right? I don't have that much budget. So can I use the old internal hard drive that I took out of my Macbook and copy everthing back into the new internal hard drive after the repalecment? so I don't need to buy a external hard drive to back up everything

    You will have to buy a new HDD and an enclosure to make the transfer.  You can use Disk Utility to make the transfer.
    1. Make certain that you have backed up all of your important data.
    2. You will need a HDD enclosure.  One with a USB connection will do.  A 9 pin Firewire is better.
    3. Install your new drive in the enclosure and connect it to your MBP.
    4. Open DISK UTILITY>ERASE.  From the left hand column drag the new drive into the 'Name' field.  Make sure that the format is 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)'.  Click on the 'Erase' button.
    5. Click on the 'Restore' button (on top).  Drag the old drive into the 'Source' field and the new drive into the 'Destination'  field.  Click on the 'Restore' button on the bottom right hand corner.
      Depending upon the amount of data you are transferring, this may take a couple hours or more.  A Firewire will speed up the transfer.  This will result in both drives having identical information on them. INSTALLING
    6. After the data transfer has completed, you may swap the drives.  Start the MBP and you have finished the installation.  The initial boot may take a bit longer than you are accustomed to, but that is normal.
    7. When you are satisfied that the new hard drive if functioning properly, you can erase the old drive and use it for any needs that you may have.

  • Remove windows Installation from Old WD hard drive and Install Fresh Copy on the New One.

    Hi Community! I just bought a new WD Blue 1 TB hard drive, my old hard drive is WD Blue caviar 500 GB, running on Windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.
    There are two things I wish to do: 1. Firstly, if it's possible, I would like to copy some videos, images, music etc. from my OLD Drive to the new one.
    Please note that, I don't have an external disk to do it, I know that would've been less complicated, but that's not an option at this point. 2. Secondly, once that is done, if possible, I want to remove windows 7 installation from my old hard drive, re-partition it to make it just the storage drive, and finally install
    fresh copy of windows 7- 64 bit to the new Hard drive.
    Please note that, my old Hard drive is installed on windows 7- 32 bit and now I want to install a fresh copy of Windows 7-64bit instead of 32bit, because I am upgrading my
    configuration with better ones.
    I am adding 4 GB corsair vengeance ram to my 2 GB corsair ram, so that is 6 GB in total.
    I am adding 1 TB hard disk to my 500 GB Hard disk, so that is 1500 GB.
    Both my processor and mother board supports 64 bit.
    Intel® Pentium® Processor G2020 (3M Cache, 2.90 GHz) And this Mother board - "Biostar H61MGV3"I know that you could clone the partition and migrate the installation from one hard drive to another using the Acronis True Image WD Edition Software, but I don't want that.
    In simple words, say I have a dos computer, I installed my 1TB WD hard drive, installed a fresh copy of windows 7-64bit. So my computer is up and running. Now, I have another hard
    drive which I wish to use, that is 500GB WD, but it has Windows 7-32 bit installed in it.
    So what I want to do is, make this old hard drive a complete 500 gb storage device and remove the windows installation from it, without loosing music, videos, etc. and then lastly
    copying the music and other media to the new hard drive, and formatting it completely.
    I am perhaps making this very complicated, I know you would have better easier solution for this.
    I am frustrated, your help would be appreciated, thanks a lot. Sincerely, Abe

    Since you don't want to clone the drive (I agree with you), you can just swap drives and install Windows on the new drive. Windows won't complain that you are installing on a different drive because it only cares if you change more than one piece of hardware at a time. The problem will arise when you copy the files from the old drive because you cannot just connect it via SATA. That would confuse Windows, as both installations were run on that hardware. You need to mount it in an external dock via USB 2.0/3.0 which will isolate the details of the OS. After you copy all necessary files, you can use WDC Lifeguard to write zeros to the entire disk and then create a new partition. After that you can mount it via SATA because it will be a new drive. Do NOT be in a hurry to wipe the drive however, as you don't want to forget something.

  • External firewire hard drive and iMovie

    I want to use an external firewire hard drive to save my iMovie files on while I work on them. Is there any where I can go to congfigure, or should it just work? I've been trying it, and iMovie will sometimes crash. Is there a way around this?

    From the SoftRAID manual:
    Fire hubs and disk drives. FireWire hubs are notorious for introducing errors and instability onto the bus.
    Make sure that all of your consumer electronic devices (iSight, cameras, scanners) are connected to a separate FW bus. These devices are not built to the same standards as storage devices and known for introducing errors onto a FW bus.
    Cables. While most cables work fine with a single device, many cables will introduce errors when 2 or more disks are connected to the bus.
    http://www.softraid.com/demo.html - manual and demo
    Output can be to any drive or partition. When you lauch iMovie it asks where to store your project.
    I just bought a camera, and curious myself to see if I can take 10 minute clips and use iMovie/iDVD so that it will auto-play. I may end up buying Pogue's "iMovie Missing Manual" or something.
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  • External Hard Drive and iMac Core Duo

    I purchased a new iMac Core Duo and also have a iMac G4.
    I transferred my data from the old computer to the Core Duo with no problems. I have a Maxtor One Touch II external hard drive on the old mac. Everything transferred well including the external hard drive.... everything worked well until yesterday. Something happened, I don't know what. The Core Duo no longer recognizes my external drive, and I can't reload it. I tried to migrate all of my files from the old mac to the new, But that doesn't work anymore either. Does anyone have any suggestions? I have an awful lot of data that I really would like to have again on the new Core Duo.

    I think my new iMac just fried my external Lacie d2. I kept my iphoto library on the d2 and was working in iphoto and suddenly photos started disappearing. When I rebooted, the drive was fried. Disk Utility couldn't repair it.

  • Problem with FireWire Hard Drive and JVC MiniDV Video Cam

    I've been running my iMac with a 1 TB WD MyBook Firewire drive and it has been working fine.
    I just purchased a JVC GR D850 miniDV camera. I hooked the camera up to the second FireWire port on my iMac and, initially, the import of the video from the camera into iMovie was ok (video being saved to the external firewire drive). After a couple of minutes, I got a warning that a device had been disconnected improperly, apparently the firewire drive just disconnected itself from the machine. I rebooted everything and once again, as soon as I turned on the video camera the drive disconnected.
    After that, the iMac won't even recognize that the video camera is connected, and when I checked the little bit of video that had been saved on the drive it was unusable. Completely choppy.
    Am I dealing with a problem of too little power/memory on this G5 iMac?

    You don't specify which model iMac you have, but 2 GB should be enough to handle a video download. Can you try connecting the camera to another computer to see if it is faulty?
    Also, have you tried connecting the camera to the port that you have the MyBook in?
    Try resetting the SMU and see if that helps. Please post back with results,

  • External Hard Drive and iMac issues

    When I plug in my external hard drive to my macbook pro, it works great. But when I plug it into my new iMac, it shows up as read only? What can I do to rectify the situation without reformatting the hard drive?

    Hi jsncrwfrd182,
    If you are having an issue with being unable to access an external hard drive because of permissions, I would suggest that you troubleshoot using the steps in this article - 
    OS X Mountain Lion: If you don’t have permission to use a disk
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 

  • Best setup for external hard drive and iMac?

    Just purchased a Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex 1TB external HD for my Mac OSX 10.5.8. Would like to use it to backup all my pics/writing (I am a writer/photog), videos, and music - about 400 gigs worth at present. As an analog person, I am confused as to how best I should format the drive:
    option 1 being to use drive with Time Machine (just now heard of it),
    option 2 to use drive for storage and backup (what's the diff) using Memeo software,
    option 3 to use for storage by reformatting with Disc Utilities.
    This, no doubt, is easy language for most of you, but Japanese to me, a Nuyorican.
    Again, I mainly would like to have backups for what's on my iMac, in case that dreaded day comes and it goes kaput. What would be the best option for me to simply transfer everything, unplug it and put it in a safe place? And if and when I do that, could I, two years, months, weeks later, plug it back in and add what pics or whatever I've accrued to it and replace it in that safe place once again? Looking for what is most practical for the safe keeping of my precious files.
    Hope my old tactile-inclined *** is making sense.
    Appreciate any and all assistance here. Thanks in advance.

    I have to agree with JG, I'd strongly recommend using Time Machine as your primary backup. BTW there is a forum specifically for TM that has a FAQ section and if you need it (most never do) a troubleshooting section. You can find that forum at:
    Many people like myself believe in redundant backups, in other words 2 is better than one. If you decide to go that route you will need a second external HD and then use software like SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner. What these applications do is create bootable clones, so if your iMac's internal HD dies you have a bootable clone that you can use to run your machine until the internal HD is replaced. Dual backups are also good if one backup's HD dies.
    Below are links to 3 articles I found in MacWorld magazine, what they are is backup strategies of 3 individuals to give you some ideas so you can figure out what is best for your needs.
    Operating any computer without a backup plan is a recipe for disaster. Many people put their digital life on their computer (photographs, music, movies etc..) without a backup and then cry and moan when their computer dies. These days there is no reason one shouldn't be backing up their computer.

  • How do I start up an iMac G4 on an external Firewire hard drive using Tige?

    How do I start up using Tiger from an external Firewire hard drive? I have a 1 GHz iMac G4 with 768 MB RAM. The hard drive failed last week. I don't want to buy and install a new hard drive for the iMac G4. I have access to an Intel based iBook and a brand new copy of OS X 10.5 (Tiger) which I can use to install the copy of Tiger on an external Firewire hard drive that I have that's not being used. What are the steps for installing Tiger on the external Firewire hard drive and then using that external drive as the startup disk for the iMac G4?

    Attach the external firewire drive to the iBook, launch Disk Utility and erase the drive use Mac OS Extended as the format type. Insert the Installer Disk, restart the iBook and hold down the 'C' key. Progress through the usual setup assistant prompts until you get to the point where you select the destination disk. You should see the external firewire disk. Select this and carry on with the installation. When the install is done, restart the iBook and verify you can boot from the drive. You can proceed with the Setup Assistant and create the default User Admin account if you want, or you can quit, shut down the iBook and disconnect the drive.
    Next attach the drive to your iMac, switch on your iMac. The mac should find for itself the first bootable system it 'senses'. It should boot thereafter. You could forego this and simply attach the drive, boot the iMac and hold down the alt key. This should bring up startup disk manager which should show any or all valid bootable systems. Select the one you want and click the right hand arrow.

  • I am not much of a computer technician. I bought a time capsule thinking I could use this for an external hard drive and keep my MAC hard drive free. Was I mistaken? One I back everthing up on the TC, can I delete everything off of my MAC?

    I am not much of a computer technician. I bought a time capsule thinking I could use this for an external hard drive and keep my MAC hard drive free. Was I mistaken? Once I back everything up on the TC, can I delete everything off of my MAC and then use my TC as my hard drive??

    Once I back everything up on the TC, can I delete everything off of my MAC and then use my TC as my hard drive??
    TC was designed to backup your Mac. The TC literature is pretty clear about this:
    If your Mac's hard drive has a problem....it will sooner or later....you can use your backup on the TC to rebuild your Mac.
    But.....if you move all of your data to the TC from your Mac....you only have one version of that data now, and it is on the TC.
    Have you thought about what will happen when....not if....the TC has a problem?  Since the only version of your important data was on the TC, and the TC has failed......you lose all of your data.....because you have no backup.
    A much better plan would be to add a USB or FireWire hard drive and connect it directly to your Mac. Move the data on your Mac over to the hard drive.
    Then, the TC will backup both your Mac and the hard drive.  So, you have original data on on one drive and backups on another drive.
    That would be a minimum backup plan. Most of us have more than one set of backups.

  • Hi. My iMac hard drive is running Mavericks.  I have an old version of Quark Xpress (3.32) which won't run in Mavericks.  Can I partition my hard drive and run an older system on one partition, so I can access my Quark?  Is that possible?

    Hi. My iMac hard drive is running Mavericks.  I have an old version of Quark Xpress (3.32) which won't run in Mavericks.  Can I partition my hard drive and run an older system on one partition, so I can access my Quark?  Is that possible?

    Hi ancelau,
    QuarkXPress 3 is a Classic Mac OS application, so you need a version of OS X that still supports Classic. I believe 10.4 was the last one.
    So if you have an iMac that boots with 10.4, then yes that is possible. I doubt though that newer Macs boot with OS X 10.4.
    So why don't you upgrade QuarkXPress 3 to a newer version? I am not just asking that because I want you to spend money with us.
    Typically using software that was released almost 20 years ago is just feasible when you keep an environment that was current at the time of release or a few years after, so an older Mac with a operating system present at that time. 20 years in IT is a lot.
    So my opinion is that on a new Mac with a brand new operating system you need to use something a bit more current.
    How about QuarkXPress 9 (released 3 years ago) or QuarkXPress 10? You are better off with v9, as QuarkXPress 10 only opens v7 and higher (whereas QuarkXPress 9 opens v3.1 and higher).
    Or - I am even happy to make an exception - upgrade to 9 and we give you 10 for free? Let me know please.

  • Daisy chaining external hard drives and a video camera from a single firewire 800 port on my imac

    I have only a single firewire 800 port on my imac and want to know if I can daisy chain two external hard drives and my video camera, please? If not is there another solution using USB 2?

    Are the external HDs self powered or powered by the FW port?  If they are self powered there should not be a problem. If they are port powered they may put a strain on the port's power output but I'n not positive on that. 

  • Which external firewire hard drive for protools and imac?

    hello group,
    i see many posts about external firewire hard drive issues. i would like to purchase a drive of 7200rpm or faster, 200gb or larger for recording with protools into an imac intel duo 2.0. hopefully theres a brand that i can buy that will just work out of the box. i have no mac troubleshooting skills and wish to avoid any compatability complications. is there a general consensus on a no brainer drive for mac newbies? thanks for any advice.

    I highly recommend that Mercury Elite Pro drives from OWC as well. They are very stable and reliable due to their use of the Oxford 911 chipset and not the more common - and more problematic - Prolific chipset. I also use SuperDuper to make fully bootable clones of my internal drive for backing up everything.
    If their history for me and others continues with you, there should be absolutely no troubles for you using an OWC drive and Protools.

Maybe you are looking for

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    My 46" Samsung LCD, (model #LNT4661F, bought on May 10, 2008) has 2-3 horizontal lines across the screen on startup.  Once it heats a little, usually 20-30 seconds, the lines go away.  As long as the TV stays on, the lines do not return.  Any ideas o

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    Hello, This is my second time posting and this one is far less complex than my previous question (I hope). I find that everytime I select a clip from my Event Library. And say I select the clip to be 12 seconds long, and I move it up into where my pr

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    So I have had my macbookpro since mid 2010, and just recently it started to overheat.  Also I dropped my macbook on the ground outside, but I don't think that has anything to do with the problem because I have opened the bottom of it and nothing is h

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