Old videos lost their audio after installing iOS4

My old videos lost their audio after installing iOS4.
Quite frustrating. Any fix?
(I am with iPhone 3GS).

Do they still have audio in iTunes? Then, try using iTunes to "convert" them to iPhone-compatible format.

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    I just update per HP suggestion. Lost all audio on my notebook. Need it back asap as I am running audio for a show tonight

    @Bob2Lt4U ,
    Hello and thank you for posting on the HP support forums.  Please run a system restore back before the update.
    HP PCs - Using Microsoft System Restore (Windows 7)
    If you have any more issues please post back
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  • Has anyone lost their Facebook after updating to a newer version on their iPhone?

    Has anyone lost their Facebook after updating to a newer version on their iPhone? After updating I was emailed and told to go back to the old version and now my Facebook account is gone. Anyone know what's going on?

    No problems here but you can re download the FB app from the App Store right on your iPhone.

  • Anyone getting the constant pop saying to sign in with itunes up on their 4s after installing the new software?

    Whenever I open an application I get this annoying pop saying to sign in with itunes up on their 4s after installing the new software?  You have to press OK to make it go away but sometimes it doesn't and I have to reboot my phon

    have you signed into your Itunes account as it is asking?
    i received the same prompts and also to my icloud account and once i signed in all prompts went away
    If you have an icloud account you can now simply back up from your Iphone4 and not use your computer anymore

  • Lots of my clips of videos have lost their audio in the event and project.

    I have been making a video using iMovie and when it started everything was fine and as it should be. I have been adding clips to the project and all seemed fine. Some clips get rejected and moved to the trash to clear some space on my hard drive.  I have just played the video back and lots of the clips have no audio over them, even though they did when they were imported.  The clips that have lost the audio aren't ones that have had parts rejected and I have tried all of the help topics that iMovie has to offer.  Can anyone help me work out how I can find these again because these clips are very important. Please help, I'm really not impressed.  Thanks

    The audio should still be there. Try opening the clip inspector to the audio tab and set the volume slider to 100%.
    Also, make sure you don't have the ducking feature in use. That will cause all other clips to be muted while the ducking is on.

  • Videos lag/skip badly after installing Yosemite

    After installing Yosemite on my MacBook Pro, videos, .gifs, and even Facebook run so poorly now.  Sometimes the videos won’t even load unless I refresh the page.  I did install a Flash plug-in (I think that’s what it was) not long after I purchased my Mac and everything was peachy until I updated to Yosemite.  Any suggestions on how I can correct this would be greatly appreciated. Below is a screenshot of some info about my computer, which I believe is plenty of machine to be running Yosemite.  At this point, however, I’m wishing I hadn’t upgraded.

    From the Safari menu bar, select
              Safari ▹ Preferences... ▹ Privacy ▹ Remove All Website Data...
    and confirm. Close the window. Then select
               ▹ System Preferences… ▹ Flash Player ▹ Advanced ▹ Delete All...
    In the sheet that opens, check the box marked
              Delete All Site Data and Settings
    then click Delete Data. Close the preference pane. Test.
    If you use a FireWire audio interface, disconnect it and test again. If you don't know what a FireWire audio interface is, you don't have one.

  • Lost federation connections after installing new certificate

    After installing a new NIC for the egde external connection and new GoDaddy 10-slot UCC cert on my edge server and Forefront TMG reverse proxy, I have lost the ability to connect to my federated partners.  Snooper logs seem to indicate that the
    certificate is not being accepted.  Test-CsFederatedPartner returns the message, "This machine does not have any assigned certificate."  Running the Lync Deployment Wizard on the edge shows that it definitely does have a certificate.  Get-CsCertificate,
    Test-CsComputer, and Test-CsCertificateConfiguration all show the new certificate is in place.  Digicert's online certificate check has no problem finding the edge server and has verified that the cert is functional.  This edge server was running
    perfectly for over a year.
    I'm stumped.  Thanks in advance.

    Did all your other external access such as external user login and download address book or meeting content work normally?Just the federation broken?
    What the SN and SAN entries of the new GoDaddy UCC certificate?Do they meet the external Edge certificate requirements?Check the following links for Edge certificate requirements
    If all are ok,please ask your federated partner to check if the Godaddy CA is in their trust CA list,also I remember that Godaddy always has intermediate certificate,please check if you and your partner has installed it too.
    http://support.godaddy.com/help/article/869/how-do-i-install-an-intermediate-certificate for more details about installing intermediate cert.
    Sharon Shen
    TechNet Community Support
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  • No onboard audio after installing new graphics card

    Good afternoon,
    This is my system:
    Pavilion Elite 5100t ATX PX
    Vista 64
    Raedon HD 5670
    After installing the video card, the onboard 5.1 audio panel at the back only produces sound for the subwoofer.  The front headphone jack is still working.  The video card supports HDMI, and therefore has an audio component in it.  I tried the following without any solution:
    1.  Setting onboard audio as "enable" in BIOS
    2.  Choosing "speakers" as default in control panel-->sound
    3.  Disabling the HDMI audio output in control panel-->sound
    4.  Uninstalling both audio drivers (onboard Realtek and AMD from the VC) with auto-reinstallation when restart
    Those are the common recommendations I got from different forum.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

    Did you try the latest Realtek audio driver?
    I had a problem similar to yours with my NVIDIA GT 460. It turned out to be a bad Realtek audio driver.  I had to go back to the original Realtek driver that came with my HP PC until Realtek fixed that issue that I reported to them.  I had tried six differnet Realtek drivers.
    HP DV9700, t9300, Nvidia 8600, 4GB, Crucial C300 128GB SSD
    HP Photosmart Premium C309G, HP Photosmart 6520
    HP Touchpad, HP Chromebook 11
    Custom i7-4770k,Z-87, 8GB, Vertex 3 SSD, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair HX650,GTX 760
    Custom i7-4790k,Z-97, 16GB, Vertex 3 SSD, Plextor M.2 SSD, Samsung EVO SSD, Corsair HX650, GTX 660TI
    Windows 7/8 UEFI/Legacy mode, MBR/GPT

  • HT1349 Has anyone else lost their library after downloading Itunes 10.6

    Has anyone else lost their itunes library after updating to the new version of itunes on or about 3/29/12?  I have a windows xp system. Does anyone know of a website to get the library files back? Apple doesn't seem to know anything.

    Check in Restrictions... Settings > General > Restrictions
    Understanding Restrictions  >  http://support.apple.com/kb/HT4213
      If no joy...
    Settings > General > Reset > Reset Home Screen

  • Video unsupported format problem after installing OS 6

    I had two videos saved on my Sprint Curve 9330 that played with OS 5.  After installing OS 6, I now get an error message that states, "The video portion of the media being played uses an unsupported format."  The sound from the video plays, but, the video does not.  The videos have an mp4 file extention.  I tried deleting the videos and reloading them from my computer with Blackberry Desktop Manager.  I tried a battery pull.  I checked to make sure no encryption of the media card was turned on.  Nothing seems to fix the problem.  Does any one have some advice or a fix for this issue?  Thanks!

    Update:  I got it to work today.  I had to convert the video file from AVI to mpeg4 myself, then download it without "optimizing" it as is.  For whatever reason, when I let BB Desktop Manager try to convert the file, it failed to successfully create a mpeg4 file that could be played on my phone, even though, the file has an mpeg4 file extension.  Hopefully this helps others who might experience a similar problem.

  • ITunes content not downloading after installing iOS4 on 3GS

    Hi everyone,
    ever since installing iOS4 on my 3GS, any iTunes content I purchase is not showing anywhere. Please can anyone help? I have tried downloading 3 different things, switching from WIFI to VF 3G network, switching phone on and off with no luck
    Appreciate some guidance
    Apologies if this topic is already covered, I have had a look but couldnt find anything

    Same problem on my intel MacBookPro. Happened to me after doing the ilife08 upgrade a few minutes ago. Downloaded from apple again and did the upgrade option. That seems to have done the trick.

  • Background audio after installing Flash Player 11

    After installing Flash Player 11, I am getting unwanted background audio when I am connected to the Internet. Even though I may not be on any site at all, i still get info-mercials playing on my system, or sometimes the flash player fails. I am using Windows IE9 on a 64-bit system. Everything is enabled in my settings. Why are they releasing this product early when there is a known bug in it?

    Sounds like you might have malware on your system.  I'd recommend running Malwarebytes to make sure everything checks out.

  • Lost DVD-drive after installing i-tunes 8

    After i installed i-tunes 8 i lost my dvd-drive and clone-drive.
    im sure it is i-tunes. i did an systemrecovery and my drives where back.
    after installing i-tunes 8 again...... you guess same problem.
    so i did systemrecovery and guess again.......problem solved.
    can anybody help me with this problem????

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    Here is a great post on drive lettering from MrFritz99.  See if this address's your problem.
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  • Apps not opening after installing iOS4

    I installed the new software update on my iPhone 3G. Now all the downloaded apps won't open.

    I don't understand what's going on with the apps on my iPod touch when I try to open them they close afet a few seconds never actually getting to the app. This happened only after installing the new software. This happened with all my aps even after I uninstalled and reinstalled them they still would not work. If someone could please figure out what's wrong that would be great as of now I have never been more frustrated with apple and iPods. This iPod is a few months old and I only got it because my other nano I had mysteriously stopped working!!!! Not to mention my iTunes won't work and has had an error code pop up evrytime I try something!

  • Is anyone else having issues with their sound after installing 10.9?

    After installing Mavericks, if my computer goes to sleep, my sound stops working when it wakes up.  Is anyone else having this issue?  Is there a solution, is it an OS bug or is it something I can fix? 

    There are quite a number of people reporting this and there doesn't seem to be a permanent fix (other than rebooting and not letting your computer go back to sleep ) I'm sure it is on Apple's list of things to fix...and I know that's not of much immediate help.

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  • Some facebook games comes up INVALID URL. IE does not. what can I do?

    When I try to play some fb games,eg. Bubble saga,or Hotshot, I get a page stating ''invalid URL''. I went on Internet Explorer and they worked. These games were fine earlier today. can you help because firefox is faster than I E. Thank you