OLE automation-To insert and print picture in word document

We are upgrading from 4.6C to ECC 6.0.One of our report program to print CV and insert photo in the word document works fine in version 4.6c.The methods to draw text box and insert photo to the required size don't work in ECC 6.0.seeking your advise.
I have attached the code:
Insert DrawingBox for CV Photo
  call method of wordobj 'DrawTextbox'.
  call method of wordobj 'DrawSetInsertToTextbox'..
  call method of wordobj 'FormatDrawingObject'
              #01 = '0'              "Tab
              #02 = '1'              "FillColor
              #03 = '1'              "LineColor
              #04 = '8'              "FillPatternColor
              #05 = '0'              "FillPattern
              #06 = '1'              "LineType
              #07 = '0'              "LineStyle
              #08 = '0.75 pt'        "LineWeight
              #09 = '0'              "ArrowStyle
              #10 = '0'              "ArrowWidth
              #11 = '- 1'            "ArrowLength  <--
              #12 = '0'              "Shadow
              #13 = '0'              "RoundCorners
              #14 = '15.7 cm'        "HorizontalPos
              #15 = '1'              "HorizontalFrom
              #16 = '5.0 cm'         "VerticalPos
              #17 = '1'              "VerticalFrom
              #18 = '0'              "LockAnchor
              #19 = '4 cm'           "Height
              #20 = '4 cm'           "Width
              #21 = '1 pt' .         "InternalMargin
  if not path1 is initial.
    call method of wordobj 'InsertPicture'
      exporting #1 = path1         "Name
                #2 = '1'.          "LinkToFile
  call method of wordobj 'DrawUnselect'.
  call method of wordobj 'EndOfDocument'.
  call method of wordobj 'InsertPara'.

hi ,
use this for the custom pictures
Re: OLE / ms WORD / Create new document, insert image and print
use this for getting sap icons ...
Re: How to get SAP Icons as OLE Object

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    Hi ShilpaSheshadri, 
    if this is a quite urgent, i may suggest to open a ticket directly, so that we can have a remote session to check this up. http://support.microsoft.com
    i checked some forum such as:
    perhaps you can also try to use other workaround, 
    to check, please have a check if this issue was also shown in other client machine or other client browser version.
    Microsoft Online Community Support
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    I think the problem might be with COM. You will need to make your sequence release your reference before COM can unload it. To do that in TestStand, you set the reference to nothing (nothing is a keyword in TestStand). This will cause TestStand to release reference to your object and then COM will unload the object.
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    No I was not able to print from Paint.  I decided this morning to do yet another uninstall/reinstall but this time I did it from a download off the internet instead of the CD I have.  It now prints pictures from "My Pictures" file - at least it did when they had me do a sample.  But it still will not print pictures from my MS Word document.  I am under a real time crunch to get these books to the binderery so I experimented on printing from a PDF version I have of it.  And to my delight it prints correctly from the PDF! Obviously I need to fix the "Word" problem but for now at least I have found a solution to my immediate problem.I will continue to see if it is only this particular document it won't print the pictures from or just what is going on. Thanks for your help.

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    If this continues to be an issue please also see [[Fix printing problems in Firefox]]
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