On hold account is missing

Dear all,
Scenario is as below:
1) AP Invoice - Service Type created by me.
2) Now I want to create AP Credit Memo based on above document - the error is coming :-
Pls give solution,
Ravi Kumar

Please check Note No. : [1601484|https://b1-support.wdf.sap.corp/sap/support/notes/1601484]
Kindly check the issue by upgrading the database to 8.81 Pl08 where the issue is fixed.
Extracts of the Note :
You are working in Indian localization. You post the Service Invoice with tax code containg the CENVAT tax type. The CENVAT tax is calculated and posted to the CENVAT Clearing Account. When you want to credit such invoice the error 'On hold account is missing' pops up and Credit Memo cannot be added.
Please, use Service Tax Type when post Service Invoice.
You can post standalone Credit Memo with the tax code used in the service Invoice and later reconcile transactions.
Application Error
SAP intends to provide a patch or patches in order to solve the problem described.
The section Reference to Related Notes below will list the specific patches once they become available.
The corresponding Info file of the patches in SAP Service Marketplace will also show the SAP Note number.
Be aware that these references can only be set at patch release date.
SAP will deliver patches only for selected releases at its own discretion, based on the business impact and the complexity of the implementation.
Kind Regards,
SAP Business One Forum Team

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    SV Reddy
    Edited by: S V Reddy on Apr 3, 2008 11:55 AM

    Hi Rakesh,  thanks for the reply
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    If the item is not an inventory item but a sales item, check if the particular item belongs to an Item Group.
    If Yes then go to Administration -> Setup -> Inventory -> Item Group
    Move to the Item Group where your item belongs to and under the Accounting tab, check whether the Account names are defined with Account codes.

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    Since your item inventory valuation method is FIFO, it will be difficult to find the real problem. Did you try to transfer some of those 200 to the negative warehouse?
    Check your OINM table for this item.

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    In case of Capital Goods, I want to know how do we settle the CENVAT on Hold Account?
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    Next year how do we settle this CENVAT on Hold Account? Is this manual or automatic Process?
    if some one know Pls Reply
    Ashish Vats

    Hi Ashish,
    This step has to be carried out manually. You have to use Tcode: J2I8 for carrying out this process. (Path: TCode: J1ILN (for SAP easy access india localization menu):indirect taxes --  procurement -- excise invoice -- reports -- J2I8 - Balance credit for capital goods)
    Go to this transaction, input company code, plant and excise group and you can minimize selection by vendor, excise invoice number, date etc. Then execute.
    The system will show all the CENVAT on Hold entries. You have to manually check the entries depending upon the date and settle the entries.
    Hope this clarifies and helps.

  • G/L Account is missing in item data in sales order with reference to quotation

    Dear SAP Guru,
    I have a problem in accordance with G/L Account missing sales order. Initially, please find the below lines.
    1. If I do the sales order without reference to quotation there is no error in G/L Account missing.
    2. If I do the sales order with reference to quotation there is an error that G/L account is missing in item data.
    I have checked the VKOA, the settings are fine.
    Kindly anyone of you resolve this issue.
    Warm Regards
    Vidya Sagar

    G/L account is missing in item data.
    Many times, it has been discussed on this issue in SCN and please search with the same text so that you will find many threads asking various areas to check.  Take the inputs from there and post here still if you have issue.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Adding A Goods Receipt PO Docement it shows G/L Account is missing

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    The exact error was
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    Hi jafesas
    try this in test DB
    if your Set G/L account by is warehouse then select all account code in warehouse tab then try to add , your problem will be solve
    major account code as follows:
    1.Inventory Account
       Allocation Account
    2.In taxcode check A/P Tax account

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    Dear Experts,
    i want to reverse the amount wrongly posted in RG23C Part 2 through J1IH Other Adjustment. But it is not reversing the on hold amount but reversing the total amount from the Input Accounts.
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    any help?

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    Please let me know if you have faced similar situation and what steps did you take to resolve this issue.

    Hi Siddharth,
    Thanks for your reply. The patch suggested by the Metalink Doc ID 353230.1 has already been applied in our case, still this issue. Please let me know if you have some other alterantive solution.

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    This isn't "a few minutes of sync errors", this has been going on for nearly a day now. It seems unlikely that it has anything to do with the maintenance.

  • Cenvat Hold Account

    I have a problem pertaining to excise.
    1,  I have done GR  and have filled up all the excise related details.During GR RG 23 A PART I is updated.
    2.Capture Excise invoice(J1IEX)During this step i  am posting vendor excise invoice with a rejection code.I am putting rejection code as because there is some
    Dispute with the excise invoice.If i capture excise invoice with rejection code then part ii is updated but the excise amount will be posted to cenvat on hold account(This excise amount cannot be utilised for other goods clearance).But in my case the excise amount is  debited to normal cenvat GL instead of
    Cenvat hold GL. Secondly in Logistics General----Business Transaction.......maintain rejection codes.In the 3rd coloumn of Maintain rejection code i have to enter a key.Can u please explain whether this key is tagged with any G/L ACCOUNT.If you can please explain how excise invoice with rejection code is posted
    To Cenvat Hold Account.
    2. Pl  let me know  how  automatic Account determination is configured  for excise related matters
    Manash Das

    We thought you were doing Domestic proceurement of Capital Goods, please check these accountinng entries get generated or not.
                During GR
                                        Material Stock            Dr.
                                        GR/IR clearing                        Cr.
                During Excise Invoice Credit           
                                        Cenvat Account          Dr.       (50%)
                                        Cenvat On-hold          Dr.       (50%)
                                        Cenvat Clearing                     Cr.
                During Invoice Verification
                                        Cenvat Clearing         Dr.
                                        GR/IR Clearing           Dr.
                                        Vendor Payable                      Cr
    if not check account determination of CIN
    Mahesh Naik.

  • Transfer Balance from Cenvat on hold account to ceenvat clearing account

    Dear All,
    Though the new year from excise point of view has begun....
    Now i want to utilised the capital amount which was in cenvat on hold account in last year.
    How do i move further so that i can utilise that 50 % amount this year.
    Am i need to transfer the amount from cenvat on hold account to cenvat clearing account?
    Please guide me with step by step.
    Thanks in advance.

    Dear Shailesh,
    You can use the T.code J2I8 for transfering the On hold Credit by giving the Company code, Excise group & posting date. When you execute it you can see the balances per Vendor as line item entries. Select it & transfer. In the Accounting view you can see that Your cenvat clearing will get Credited & your Onhold A/c will get debited.
    Award Points if its useful.
    Thanks & Regards,
    SAP FC

  • Transaction code for excise JV especially to cenvat on hold account

    Can anyone advice that in system for correcting excise register, the jv have to be posted for the following accounts-
    cenvat on hold
    RG23 BED
    RG23 ECS
    RG23 H CESS
    cenvat clearing account
    By which transaction code, jv to be posted. I know that for RG23 BED, ECS, H CESS, Cenvat clearing account can be corrected by using transaction code - J1IH but in my case i have to correct cenvat on hold account also for assets items.
    Can anyone advice how to proceed.
    Madhukar Mittal

    like u have done following enrty
    cenvat on hold     115 +
    RG23 BED     100 +
    RG23 ECS        10 +
    RG23 H CESS    5 +
    cenvat clearing account   230 -
    now u want to reverse it right
    then u will first have to go to J2I8 and tahe the credit of 115 cenvat on hold account
    so that
    RG23 BED     100 +
    RG23 ECS        10 +
    RG23 H CESS    5 +
    will come to RG 23 C register on credit side
    so ur RG23C registure will have
    RG23 BED     200 +
    RG23 ECS        20 +
    RG23 H CESS    10 +
    now use J1IH other Adj select Rg23C
    for amount
    BED     200
    ECS        20
    H CESS    10
    so that the entry will be passed
    RG23 BED     200 -
    RG23 ECS        20 -
    RG23 H CESS    10 -
    cenvat clearing account   230 +
    this is the std sap way to reverse the Captial credit taken
    hope this helps

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