One BW system for several landscapes ??????

Guys I would really apprciate some advice.  In the past I have set up BW systems for a landscape consisting of APO, ECC, SRM and of course the BW system to support these.
I am now working for a company that has several ECC production systems live and some of these landscapes also have SRM. For the new landscape that we will be installing, consisting of SRM, ECC I have the opportunity of also installing a BW landscape, alternativly we could use a BW system that is already there in another landscape.
My thoughts are that we share the BW system with another landscape as there could well be some reports that we could use, also is it the idea that there should be a consolidate data warehouse extarcting data from different systems in diffenet landscapes in to one BW system
Any help appreciated ......

with harmonization I mean, you need to make sure each e.g. material will come unique from each system. So with material no. 4711 you will always get a dish washer from each system and not a dish washer from system A and a car from system B.
Hope that helps

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    Suppose i create one logical system for CRM in R/3 TO CRM scenario for client 300.another user wants to work on jdbc to CRM client 300 for this he wants to create another logical system for client 300 it is not possible,so,it is ok if he assign same logical system when he was working for CRM client 300 when he wants to create business system for CRM in JDBC to CRM.

    Business Systems are te logical system name for a CLient in the SAP.
    These can be reused again for different configuration scnario that you must have created for different interface.
    All you need to do is assing the Business system to your configuration scenario and Communication channel to the same.

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    Dear Experts
    I am currently facing an issue when I want to connected multiple PI instances to one ECC client for
    ABAP Proxy purposes.
    In transaction 'SPROXY', in the Enterprise Service Brower, only one PI instance is shown and accessable.
    Can this setting be changed to allow multiple PI systems in this Enterprise Service Browser?
    Thanks for your ideas.

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  • One PI system for Dev, QA and Prod..possible?

    Hello Experts,
    I have been told that there will be just one PI system, for development and the same has to be used as QA in IST and for Production...
    I have 4 scenarios , 2 are JDBC to Proxy and 2 are file to proxy..
    Hence, I have to connect to ECC as well for the proxy...
    Is it possible????
    please put  forth ur views on this...

    Hi Guys,
    Thank you for ur reply
    I believe this is a temp solution before the real hardware arrives...
    Hence, dev can be ready by then  but the point is that ther is ERP for dev, ERp for QA and ERP for Prod...
    How can i connect the same Pi system to three different erp s??
    as all scenarios have proxy...
    Can u pls throw light on this?
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  • Using one packing instruction for several materials

    Dear Friends,
    I need some inputs on how to use one packing instruction for several materials.
    The scenarion here is :
    Many materials are packed in a similar way. If certain materials differ in only one characteristic (for example, construction), having to maintain a packing instruction for each of them results in a considerable time and efforts.
    Need some valuable inputs to complete this requirement.

    Try with reference material for packing (MARA-RMATP). Same material number must be entered on all materials which are packed through same packing instructions.
    Then you have to create/use access sequence for determination of packing instructions that contains that characteristic (RMATP).
    Best regards

  • Only one business system for outbound java proxies?

    I have a problem regarding java proxy runtime JPR.
    When I call the deployed outbound proxy from a client program, the java proxy sender service is always one defined business system. even if that has nothing to do with the business systems used by the proxy.
    For example: I define a business system on the Web AS, which is responsible for the java proxy communication, this is the bean defacto. When I call this bean from a client the JPR calls the Integration Server using another business systems channel. Of course I get the runtime exception service unavailable, because it is not used in interface determination, as the sending channel. If I use the 'working' business systems channel it works just fine
    I hope you get my problem.
    If I enter the Adapter Monitor, then choose the JPR I can see under Cache that the working business system has several entries here.
    Where is the difference between the one working system and others, has anybody ever faced this problem?

    When you call an outbound java proxy bean, the sender business system is usually derived from the business system which is connected to the technical system Web AS Java in SLD.
    If you want another sender business system, then you can set this with the application program with help of the message specifier class (look at manual for further details).
    I recommend writing a wrapper bean around the generated proxy bean classes to enable the sending application program to provide the business system as a parameter. In that way different senders can provide their business system separately.

  • Risks when maintain only one SolMan system for DEV, QAS and PRD systems

    What are the risks involved when maintaining only one solution manager system for entire client landscape(Small size).
    Or No risks are involved?
    Or Is this the SAP rrecommended approach for small size landscapes?
    One SolMan system -> DEV and QAS and another SolMan system -> PRD.

    Sanjai Prabu Govindan wrote:
    > What are the risks involved when maintaining only one solution manager system for entire client landscape(Small size).
    > Or No risks are involved?
    Anand: Risks Involved depends on what all aspects\Scenarios the Solution Manager System is used for. It Could be used for the following purposes
    1) Service Desk
    2) Solution Monitoring
    3) System Monitoring
    4) Change Management
    How do you propose to use the Solman system ?
    > Or Is this the SAP rrecommended approach for small size landscapes?
    > One SolMan system -> DEV and QAS and another SolMan system -> PRD.
    Anand: This is the most idealistic and SAP recommended way of using always better to have it this way no matter in how many scenarios you intend to use Solman for....

  • ATP - One Checking group for several checking rules (Trans. OPJJ)

    In my system, each control group is associated to several checking rules. So, I don't understand how the system choose the right rule to use.
    IIs it normal use ? SAP Documentation and forum threads seems to speak always about one checking rule for one checking group.
    Thanks for your help,
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    Just to add to what Prasobh explained on how to use different check rule 01/02 at production order level there are other checking rules that apply to SD module which is more important for defining ATP stratgey for various finished products.
    So a simple sales oder for made to stock product may have checking rule A that considers existing unrestricted stock, purchase orders, production orders  dates to promise against.
    However a MTO sale order for made to order(MTO) product may have a check rule AE that  should consider only the relevant production order and /or replenshipment lead time to promise against.
    So while checking group set at material master needs many check rules specific to various Sale orders, production orders, plant mainteneance orders, or project orders.
    Hope this helps in your understanding of this concept.

  • Define one logical system for PI or multiple LS for 3rd-party system?

    Hi gurus,
    We are using IDOC2SOAP and SOAP2IDOC scenario in PI7.11. My question is regarding the logical system(or partner profile) on R3 side. We have two 3rd party system:A and B, so we have two choices.
    1. define one single logical system for PI integration server;
    2. define two logical systems for A and B.
    For choice 1, it seems we can only use one business sytem or business component (business service in 7.0) as the two 3rd party system, especially for SOAP2IDOC scenario.
    For choice 2, it seems we have no restrictions.
    Is it correct?Any help will be appreciated.

    technically you can use both options.
    The question is - do you want all the IDOCs in your R3 system to appear as though they were sent from the PI?
    What if a lot of 3rd party systems were sending the same IDOC (for example - ORDERS) and you want to investigate only those who were sent from system A?
    I like it configured that every system will be identified by a name I give it.
    I just use the IDOC communication channel checkbox of "Take Sender from Payload"
    or use a different service in the IBC that has a different logical system configured in its Adapter specific identifiers.
    Hope it helps,
    Imanuel Rahamim.

  • Creating a virtual system for transport landscape

    We have an isolated system that has transport system set to Local change Requests and would like to transport some of the transports into another system. I found in a thread here that we need to create a virtual system for creating a transport route. Can anyone tell me how to create the virtual system?

    Hi Aleksandra,
    You can create virtual system like below.
    Make sure you have configured the domain controller.
    Login to the system,client 000 and user with same authorization of sap*
    Execute t-code STMS
    from the menu Goto  overview ->systems
    You will get one entry of the domain controller.
    Then from that screen from menu sap system -> create ->virtual system.
    Provide the data for the sid and description and save your entry,
    Then you can configure the root.

  • One DPS Suscription for several Clients?

    Hello all,
    After I read many topics related to Dps Subscriptions and so on. I still have two more questions which are unclear.
    Is it possible to have different Multi-folio apps for clients using only one subscription? For example, I have one Professional DPS subscription and 3 Clients, can DPS give me customized Multi-Folio apps for each of the 3 Clients?
    The second question is related more about the payment system which Abobe uses.
    If a Client that has Multi-Folio app deployed and has one magazine edition available for download, how can the Client take payment for such Magazine/edition download even if the download of the Multi-Folio App was given for free or not? To put it in another way, does the Multi-Folio app have a payment mechanism through which the Content owners (Clients) can receive money for their magazines? What is the complete flow for this?
    Eugen Coman

    You can have as many as want. Besides the DPS Pro or Enterprise license cost, you will have to pay per download to Adobe and 30% of your sales to Apple.
    All multi-folio apps are capable of in app purchase and subscriptions.

  • One trip number for several trips

    We want to use travel management to pay the mileage to our customer engineers who visit customer sites daily. We need to input only date, time and miles covered. I tried to use travel calendar for that but the only problem is that each line (for a day) is assigned a separate trip number while we want ONE trip number for like 20 days data. Is it possible.

    In travel calander it will create seperate trips for each day.If you wish to create only one trip  no. against various trips you may create direct in TRIP /PR05 transaction, with the range of start date and end date of your trip.
    Then add Mileage additional receipt for each day, it will create single trip against all your receipts.

  • Using one plug in for several channels - How to?

    Is there a way to use for example one reverb setting for a selected group of tracks or all of the tracks globally? I'd also like to do a fade out for the entire song but am not sure how to do all the tracks at once?

    Actually, there are 2 kinds of effects. Ones inserted in the channel I think called "serial", and ones called "Parallel", which normally benefit from being on the Bus. Each is always best used in their intended manner. EQ and Compression also Gating are examples of Insert "serial" effects. They generally NEED to be inserted into the channel because they affect the entire signal, thereby changing the character of the whole signal. Inserting into a channel sends the entire signal through the effect and a purely affected signal comes out after the insert. The compressor controls dynamics, so the whole signal must be affected for this to work. If you compress at the bus, you still have your dynamic peaks coming from the direct signal and you are only compressing the portion of the signal being fed through the bus. Eqing is the same. Say you have a muddy sound and want to clear out some 250hz. Inserting the EQ into the channel will run the signal through the EQ, where you have your cleaner, less muddy sound coming out. If you ran the EQ through the bus, you would probably percieve no audible difference as the frequencies you are cutting, still remain at your original signal. The exception would be if you were to mute the channel outputs and only monitor the bus returns, then that might work, but Compressing multiple signals will not get the best out of the device. Each instrument will benefit from its own kind of settings and in the bus in this scenario, you are either compressing all or nothing. Wah, and Distortion also are far more effective when the whole signal is affected.On the other hand,Parallel processing happens when you "borrow" some of the dry, unaffected signal and send it to an effect, and the bus returns the affected signal, running parallel to your original un affected signal on a complete separate channel. Reverb is the best example of this kind of effect. Delay works very well this way too. You have a sonic advantage to leave the original dry signal unaffected (though perhaps compressed and Eqed), because from the return of the bus, you are "adding" some effect to taste, without altering your original signal. This gives a much bigger sound because for instance, with a single mono vocal track, you now have that single mono track, plus you have the effect filling in on the stereo sides. You can place the mono (or any dry) signal wherever you want in the mix, and with the bus fader, add effects in stereo to taste. It is just delightful.

  • One PO Line for several PR

    Hi All,
    We have several cases where we have more than one purchase requisition of one material. Is it possible to covert two or more than two PR to one purchase order line.
    Please help.
    Rajeev Gupta
    Edited by: RAJEEV GUPTA on Dec 29, 2007 11:23 AM

    Following are pre-requisites for multiple PR single line in PO -
    1) Account assignment should be same
    2) Storage location should be same.
    The delivery date for each PR will be different as per delivery date mentioned in PR. The system will show following message (example) -
    Total ordered quantity - 100 PC
    Following is the delivery schedule -
    20 PC - March 25, 2008
    55 PC - Macrh 30, 2008
    25 PC - April 10, 2008.
    where the quantity in each line is the quantity in PR (e.g. 20 PC) & the delivery date is as per delivery date in PR (for example March 25, 2008)
    Hope this clears your query.

  • How do I use one iTunes library for several user accounts?

    This is definitely a question!
    I have several user accounts for my osx. One I use at home, one at work etc.
    What I never have been able ta manage is a way to use the same iTunes library (the same music files) for the different accounts.
    When a new user profile is created, everything in it is set to scratch.
    I have tried all kinds of tricks:
    - Direct iTunes to look for It's library on the other users folder (wich doesn't really work, cus even if you are Admin you don't have access to other users folders through another user).
    - Creat an alias for the other library-folder and refere to it.
    etc. etc. You name it...

    This will help you -

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