One SAP for several company

We are using SAP as our ERP system. And now, we would like to add one more company into the system, Actually, the business of new comapany is totally differ to our existing business, and they are two entity. I would like to know, we use the existing to add new company or separate it into new SAP system. If add it into existing, anythings we have to concern. Thanks!

The way you described the New company term in different posts, it's really confusing. Is this only a separate company code along with other related Org. Units? And the some extra user for that? If yes, you can go on creating them in the same client and create separate role structure (with different naming convention) for better security and assign them to the new users.
And if it is different like: You are running one Cosmetics company through SAP and now want to implement SAP for other company, say Medicine,..... then you should forget about tampering your existing SAP Landscape. Please use new setup (hardware, OS, DB, ERP i.e. SAP etc...) for this.
New client in the existing Boxes will become Night mare in future.

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  • One accountant process several company code

    Previously, our SAP server has only one company code,  so all accountants do not need to switch between company codes.
    Now, we will have another company code set up, but the accountant is same,  which means whey will do transaction in SAP for two company codes. They need to switch between company code, and may enter doc to wrong company code.
    We cannot limit by authorizaiton object-comapny code, as all the accountant will process for two company codes.
    Do you have any advice how to prevent accountant enter doc to wrong company code?

    if a SAP-User is allowed to work within differnet organizational units (company code, controlling area, plants,...) there is not authorization check possible.
    The accountants I know which are working for several company codes plan their tasks company code wise. That means (example) first they post all incoming invoices for comp. code A, after that comp. code B, on monday they make payment run for comp.code A, on tuesday for B,...
    Nobody of them has problems with documents posted in the wrong comp. code.
    Best regards, Christian

  • One lockbox for multiple company codes

    Is it possible to have one lockbox for multiple company codes?

    No, I don't think so. Lockbox is 1:1 for a Company Code.
    You configure Lockbox for a Company Code.
    You can use one of the 2 available Lockbox user exits (not sure which) to write a piece of code that searches invoices against the customer posted to different company codes. You will have to have the intercompany setups.
    You may find an OSS notes for intercompany clearing.
    Hope this helps!

  • One PO for multiple company code

       I have one scenario,  we have two company code   X and Y,  now we want to purchase the UPS qty 1  and Battery qty 10, which will use by both the company now can we create one PO for both compnay code  on the vendor and the Cost should be divide between both the company code , and how to do the further Finance process like invocie verification giveinng payment to vendor etc.

    I have one scenario, we have two company code X and Y, now we want to purchase the UPS qty 1 and Battery qty 10, which will use by both the company now can we create one PO for both compnay code on the vendor and the Cost should be divide between both the company code , and how to do the further Finance process like invocie verification giveinng payment to vendor etc.
    Hi Zafar
    What I think is that you cannot make one PO for two company codes. Yes you can make two different PO for two company codes.
    As per the cosrt conern in a PO you can further divide it to as per Distribution i.e. Single account assignment, distribution on Qty & Distribution on %age and than you can define different-2 Cost centres and than invoice them as per rules.
    Please tell me if any doubt in this.

  • One check for several vendors

    Hi Gurus: I am trying to create one payment for several vendors. I tried F-58 and it works fine. I also created a unique payment method to map to a specific account. The business requirement is "How can we pay one check to American Express" for several invoices from several vendors". So I added American Express as an alternative payee to each of the vendors. All works fine except that the client wants the record on the FCHX file that is sent to the bank as well as one check for that vendor. FCHX means that we would need to use F110 & not F-58. However in F110 I cannot group several vendors to be paid by one payee...correct?
    Any help with be GREATLY Appreciated!

    I'm afraid I don't have an answer but I'd like to highlight the question/thread since we have the same issue.
    We have several cases of invoice documents that needs to be posted to different vendors, because we need to report the Accounts Payable on the different vendors' VAT numbers for legal purposes. The payments for several documents might, however, be going to the same payee. I.e. we might have ten invoices booked on ten different vendors but with only one payee.
    We are using the alternative payee/permitted payee functionality but the problem is that F110 generates one payment document per vendor. We would like to have one document per payee. This is possible in F-53 or F-58 (where I can manually select several vendors in the same clearing) but we need to use F110 since we are generating both check printouts and DMEE files for these payments. The bank charges us a fee for each payment, so in the example mentioned they would charge us ten fees instead of one. So it is very costly if this cannot be solved.
    Any suggestions? The setting mentioned previously in this thread does not help.
    Many thanks in advance for your input!

  • One application for Several Organizations

    Hi experts,
    Can we use one Application for Several Organizations? I studied in HFM Admin Document. We use only one organization in our project.
    Can we use this application for another Organization?

    I can say that you can use as many.organisation as you want but there are same parameters to take into consideration.
    First,what do you mean by organisation. Group or number of groups?
    Second, how many entities has each organisation. Have you the necessary infrastructure (server, cpu power, RAM)to support these calculations.
    Hope that I help,

  • Mass deletion of document number ranges intervals for several company codes

    Dear experts,
    We are running version ECC6 and are about to go-live a lot of company codes simultaneously. We would like to delete satndard number ranges intervals for these company codes.
    Is there a way to delete the number ranges intervals (which have not been used) for several company codes at the same time ? I'm looking for a transaction or a program similar to OBH1 (used for the creation of number ranges ).
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Best Regards,

    I am also not aware of such T.code to delete number ranges for a company code.
    Alternatively, you can go to FBN1 in change intervals mode.
    From the Menu Select all and Press Shift + F2 (Delete interval).
    Ofcourse, this have to be done individually for each co. code.

  • One MDIS for several MDS

    Is it possible to use one MDIS for several MDSs?
    For example, configure mdis.ini in the following way:
    String Resource Dir=E:\PROGRA2\SAPMDM1.5\IMPORT~1\LangStrings\
    Log Dir=E:\PROGRA2\SAPMDM1.5\IMPORT~1\Logs\
    Best regards,

    Hi Dale,
    This is indeed a good question and i tried this as well but it is not possible to use more then one MDM Server with one Import Server. When you make the entry in MDIS.ini against the server attribute, it treats that as a single string hence if you specify more than one server name it will not recognize even the single.
    Hope it helps.
    Jitesh Talreja

  • How to schedule one report for multiple company code?

    How you can schedule reports in BW 3.5? Suppose I need to schedule one report for multiple company code, how can you do that and notify the users? I do not want to send multiple emails to the same user if the report runs for 20 times (for 20 different companies).
    points are given for ASAP replies.
    Thanks in advance

    Dear Peter,
    Try to restrict the Company Code with  those 20 values and schedule.

  • One vendor for two company codes

    Hi Frds,
    I have two company codes and i create a vendor which is applicable to both the company code.Is it required for me to create separate Payable reconciliation GL account  for each company codes or creation of one common recco  account is enuf.
    Please elaborate on this as am new to this..
    Rashmi Ravi

    Dear all,
    SAP allows You to create a customer / vendor master data that contains information that is valid for all the Company code --> into General data.
    Then there is a part, Company Code data, where You can define specific details for each Company Code.
    The transaction is the same FD01 or FK01.
    I hope this helps You.

  • SEPA file – how to create one file for multiple company codes

    Dear experts,
    My company has multiple company codes and they process automatic payments (F110) for multiple company codes in the same run.
    The company wants to generate one SEPA file for all company codes.
    In OBPM1  for SEPA format in the section ``Payment medium output devided by level of detail`` I unchecked everything (attached).
    OBPM4 for SEPA format is showing `` No separation of payment medium output``.
    Unfortunately, when I run automatic payments (F110) for multiple codes, multiple files for each company code are created.
    Can anyone let me know how it is possible to create one SEPA file that will contain payments for multiple company codes?
    Thank you

    Hi Zara,
    Please check in transaction DMEE your format tree (eg. SEPA_CT), 'DMEE tree: properties' - tab 'Sort/key field'. Is the Sort/key field 'ZBUKR' defined there with Level 1?
    Please follow the recommendation of note

  • Filling of set up tables for several company codes

    i am filling a set up table for the application specific inventory control statistical data. But while setting up data filling selection parameters contains selection parameters for the single Company code.
    But in my scenarios there are several company codes whose data resides in the R/3 and i need to bring data for all company codes in the set up table.
    so now filling up the data in set up table, shall i have to fill up data for individual company code, OR i have to fill data for one company only and on delta load data pertainig to other company codes will be populated to the set up tables.
    kindly give ur expert advice in this situation.

    i dont understand why should it be mandatory to fill the company code on r/3 side while initialisation!!
    But even if it is mandatory, u have to do one by one init runs on R/3 side for all company codes that you need.
    Check in rsa3 for records after the init runs.
    If it was not mandatory, u could have run the setup(init) run on r/3 side for all company codes at a time by keeping the field blank!!
    Also again in the BW side you can have company code for selection in the infopakage!! there u can also have it as a range rather than running for one at a time.
    Hope it is helpful now..

  • Credit management - one customer for two company, different credit limit

    customer A in company 1000 and 2000. for example the total credit limit is $10000 for these two companies, customer A with individual limit 6000 in company 1000 and 4000 in company 2000. If i create sales order 1 with value is $7000, then message will  be displayed. however if i create sales order 2 with value $35000 , no message is dispalyed. Is it possible to display message is the total credit limit is over but not individual limit?
    And if i create a new customer , and create a sales order with over credit limit and the message is displayed when I save the sales order, but the value is not upated in credit master before i release Sales order. it only happen for the first time i create customer. pls advice

    Hello Jo Jo,
    it is not possible to check the sales order created in one company against the total
    credit limit for the customer . The system checks (in standard) always against the
    credit limit maintained for assigned company. The only one way could be to develop your own credit check (OVA8 - userexit 1, 2 or 3).
    The part with the credit blocked sales order is correct: if the sales order is credit blocked, it does not update the open credit values, as the credit value will be calculated according the confirmed quantities and the confirmed quantities will be removed in the sales order (in standard) due the credit block. When you release the order in VKM1 or VKM3, the ATP runs and creates the confirmed quantities - as the result the order updates the credit values in FD32.
    I hope this information helps you.
    Best regards,

  • One lockbox for multiple company code

    Hi Guru's.
    Currently we have one company code to many lockbox configured, process
    is working fine.
    We are in process of merging two companies.
    We have a scenario were we have one Lockbox shared between multiple
    company code, when we process the lockbox file lockbox process will
    clear one company code Invoice and other Invoice for different company
    code are unprocessed.
    We have looked in to user exit EXIT_RFEBLB20_001 and EXIT_RFEBLB20_002,
    was not much of help.

    I had this scenario few years back in a company and we used exit RFEBLB20_002. We used logic to find the invoicing company code from the BSID table using the document number from lockbox file, then change the default lockbox company code to invoicing company code. Unfortunately this scenario will work only if you use unique document number ranges for each company codes which is not the case for most companies.
    Edited by: PaulKr on Sep 26, 2011 9:08 PM

  • One spool for several archivelink object

    I would like to create a single pool to print several archivelink object ?
    Best regards

    Hi Aurélien :
      Could you explain your solution?.
      I have to create one spool for each document linked to a specific invoice and don't know how to do it.
    Best Regards,

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