One sender and two receiver

Hi All,
I have a scenario in which there is only one outbound Message interface and 2 inbound message interfaces ( one sender and two receiver). In XI, how can i configure the interface determination for this? Shall i need to put * for receiver and add 2 inbound message interfaces and interface mappings.

Use xpath in your interface determination in case you have some conditions, else u can *** multiple interfaces in your int. det.. also ref:

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  • Problem in query jump from one sender and two receivers

    Hello all,
    My requirement is to jump from one query to another two queries. The sender comes from infoCube A and receivers comes from ODS B and ODS C (ODS C is a copy of ODS B). The problem is that when I execute the first jump a pop up appears with a selection date. This issue does not happen when I execute the second jump (and the selection date is needed). Target queries are identical, and I don´t know what is happening.
    Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

    Hi Carmen,
    I think you have used the same variable for the day selection for the query on ODS C and ODS B. Hence when you fill it for the first time it does not ask you at the second instance.

  • Integrtion Scenario using BPM with two sender and multiple receiver

    integrtion Scenario using BPM with two sender and multiple receiver
    How many Application Components are required?

    Hi Vinod,
    1) In integration repository you can have one or many software components it depends on your landscape orchestration
    2) In integration direcory you need at least one service for bpm and one or many for each system in your bpm
    also each connection between systems and bpm must have receiver determination and so on.
    Advice: Please treat BPM as a separate system.

  • Need to use only one sender and receiver communication channel.

    Hello Experts.
    I have a scenario where in I have to use only one sender and receiver communication channel to push files from different source directories to different receiver directories.
    For Eg;
    D://dir1/file1 --->                  E://dir1/File1
    F://dir2/file2 ---->                 G://dir2/file2
    H://dir3/file3----->                 I://dir3/file3.
    Can this be achieved by using pass through scenario?
    Please let me know if the requirement is not clear.     
    Thanks in advance.
    Advit Ramesh

    Hi Advit,
    I think it is possible. You have to use the Advanced Selection for Source file in the sender channel to define multiple files to be picked up. Also, the Dynamic configuration must also be enabled and used in the mapping so you can manipulate the target directory and target file name based on your source files.
    For Polling from multiple directories:
    Dynamic Configuration:
    Dynamic file name and directory in Receiver File Adapter - summary of possibilities - Process Integration - SCN Wiki

  • Problem between SOAP Sender and JDBC Receiver

    I have a asynchronous scenary between SOAP Sender and JDBC Receiver.
    The idea is sending an ID for updating one register.
    Table structure is:
        (P_RUT                         VARCHAR2(10) NOT NULL,
        P_NOMBRE                       VARCHAR2(50),
        P_APELLIDO                     VARCHAR2(50))
    The ID is the P_RUT field.
    The structure of message that I send by SOAP, is the following:
    <SOAP-ENV:Envelope xmlns:SOAP-ENV="" xmlns:SOAP-ENC="" xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">
              <m:MT_CONS_SOAP xmlns:m="urn:prueba:voliva">
    The JDBC receiver structure is:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <ns0:MT_CONS_PERSONA xmlns:ns0="urn:prueba:voliva">
              <AS_PERSONA action="UPDATE">
    When I do a call to SOAP by XMLspy, it returns a message without data, that means succesfull reply.
    I see message monitor and see the succesfull flag. But in the database it doesn't update the register.
    This scenario was proved using the File Sender and same JDBC Receiver, then result was succesfull.
    I proved SOAP Sender with a File Receiver, storing information from SOAP sender in an archive, and works well.
    Then I imagine that exist some problem between SOAP and JDBC. what could be happening ?

    Looks like the problem is with the JDBC receiver...try updating the value in the table by using a File-JDBC scenario..does it work..check the adapter monitor in RWB..

  • RFC Sender and RFC Receiver Sync Scenario . Help required.

    I need to make RFC Sender and RFC Receiver Sync Scenario.
    Any docs/links for it.

    I have CRM (r/3) and DM (r/3)system.
    Data from differnent tables of CRM system needs to go to
    DM system different tables , data will be saved there and then return response back to CRM system.
    For this I have given one RFC for CRM system
    For this I have given one RFC for DM system
    So I have to make Sync Outbound Interface
    and Sync Inbound Interface.
    So I think so no BPM is required.I am correct?
    Adapter -- RFC Sender and RFC Receiver Adapter.
    Edited by: Henry H on Jan 29, 2008 11:20 AM

  • My sender and the receiver message types structures are I need to m

    Hi all,
    My sender and the receiver message types structures are I need to mapping in this case.
    If it is not required .Let me know in detail,How to proceed.

    If is just to pass the message (as the sender source is the same as the receiver source),
    first you should have the Message Interface of you message
    then you should configure the Receiver determination, as the sender interface use your message interface and in the interface determination you can use the same message interface (same name). You dont have to add any mapping, just let empty and save. Just use one message interface for sender a receive.
    Any questins let me know.

  • Mapping between Sync sender and Async Receiver

    Hi Experts,
    How to do mapping between Sync sender and Async Receiver?
    Flow: Sync SOAP Sender Client -> First Async webservice call -> Second Sync webservice call
    1. I have to send some input/request details to first webservice call. It will just update the database.If I do mapping with SOAP Sender client and first Async webservice.. I am getting timeout, because it expects response mapping too.
    2. Only Second webservice call return the response back to SOAP Sender client.Here mapping between SOAP Sender client and Second Sync webservice call. I don't have any problem here.
    I have to pass the same request info to both webservice calls, Please tell me how to do the async mapping in BPM?

    Hello Sara,
    Hope these blogs are useful to you..
    /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/05/25/understanding-message-flow-in-xi - Message Flow in XI
    /people/krishna.moorthyp/blog/2005/06/09/walkthrough-with-bpm - Walk through BPM
    /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/05/22/schedule-your-bpm - Schedule BPM
    /people/sriram.vasudevan3/blog/2005/01/11/demonstrating-use-of-synchronous-asynchronous-bridge-to-integrate-synchronous-and-asynchronous-systems-using-ccbpm-in-sap-xi - Use of Synch - Asynch bridge in
    ccBPM [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] - Use of Synch - Asynch bridge in
    Satya Kumar

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    Copy them to a cd/dvd/flash drive/external drive/etc,  then to the other computer.
    E-mail them.

  • In my family we have 3IPhones 4S, one IPhone5, one IPad3, one IPadMini and two IPad 4. Is it possible to use the same energieadapter for all of those ?

    In my family we have 3IPhones 4S, one IPhone5, one IPad3, one IPadMini and two IPad 4. Is it possible to use the same energieadapter for all of those ?

    Yes but the iPhone chargers will struggle to charge the iPads ,they need more power than the iPhone chargers produce and with an iPad will charge VERY slowly
    The iPad chargers whether 10w or 12 will happily charge all your devices and Apple confirms the compatibility on the relevant web page.

  • POSDM Diff Between : One Step and Two Step Processing Tasks

    Hi All,
    Can you pl give some points on difference between "One Step and Two Step Processing Tasks in POSDM ??

    Please consult the SAP Note 980272 on the service marketplace. It gives a detailed description of the difference.

  • We have one iPod and two iPhones; we have not been able to transfer our music from Ipod to IPhones, via iTunes, please assist?

    We have one iPod and two iPhones; we have been unable to transfer our music from the Ipod via iTunes to the iPhones, please assist.

    did you right click the ipod/iphone and click transfer purchases

  • Trade-off between the one-arm and two-arm WAE designs

    We are configuring a WAE (model 512) for a branch office and I was wondering if someone could please tell me the trade-off between the one-arm and two-arm WAE designs..

    if you are using WCCP then the WAE becomes the client withing the servcie groups 61, 62. In order to accelerate both vlans then apply the ip redirect 61 in on the client vlan ineterfaces to the one interface.
    If inline, you can use both 2 port groups for each client interface or trunk all to a single inetrface and configure which vlans you would like to accelerate.
    Now in terms of of using both GE inetrfaces, I would have to check. A topology diagram would help

  • Hash with one key and two values

    In java can i have a hash or similar data type than can have one value and two keys?

    Eh, I'd avoid arrays, personally.
    The reason why is that in my experience, once you start doing things like this, you end up adding an arbitrary number of additional elements for each key. Fixed-size arrays would be a pain.
    If you don't want/need to create an object that encapsulates the two values, why not just use a java.util.Collection as the value in the hash? The Collection -- say, a LinkedList (you decide) -- would hold the two values you want associated with the key.

  • Can we have one sender and mutliple receivers in XI processing

    I will explain a scenario where you will have one sender channel and mutliple receiver channels.
    There is a sender channel along with Sender Agreement where u mention the interface name and namespace.
    There are two receiver channels along with two Receiver Agreements one for each with different interface names and namespaces also.
    Now the processing is like this,
    Sender sends some data and depending upon the agreements the corresponding receiver receives the data.
    Will the process is correct or is there any other way to run the scenario?

    Hi Prakash chitti,
        Of course the scenario that you were telling is possible.. Take the case of file-to-multiple file scenario, where single file sends the source xml and multiple receivers gets the file.. For that you need to have
    1: one sender channel
    2: two receiver channel
    3: one sender agreement
    4: two receiver agreement
    5: One interface determiniation
    6: One receiver determination
    at the receiver determination, goto the tab 'Configured Receivers', and specify the number of recievers; and ensure they are present at the 'Configuraton overview for Receiver Determination'..
    You can even set conditions for receiver determination from the source point..
    This will help you.
       Vinod V
    Help me with points

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