One step purchase order approval

   I have activated the one step PO approval workflow. How do I assign the agents. I have tried to do it in SPRO - Maintain agent assignemnet for tasks but was unable to do it as I did not get the link.
Any help is appreciated.
Joe Vellaiparambil

<b>In the SRM transaction OOCU, use path /  link
SRM --> SRM-EBP --> SRM-EBP-WFL then you will find agent assignment tab.</b>
<u>Please refer to these links as well.</u>
<b>one step approval
PO: 1 step approval - agent assignment
how to start one-step workflow..
Re: how to start one-step workflow..
Workflow without approval not working
Workflow configuration step by step guide...
Re: WS14000145 Approval N-Step for PO skips others approvers
One step purchase order approval
<i>Also try this...</i>
<u>Suggest you to go through the documentation before actually doing it at least once.
Please check this link:
You will find scenario specific config guides for EBP40. Download the config guide for self-service procurement and gothrough workflow configuration section. This is still the same in SRM50 also.</u>
- Atul

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  • One step purchase order approval - Trigger only in certain cases.

        I want to trigger the one step workflow approval for Purchase Orders only in ceraitn cases.
    When the PO is created from a shopping cart it has to be automatically approved. In other cases the workflow has to be triggerred.
    I tried setting the no_further_approval flag to 'X' in the Approval BADI but did not work.
    Any Suggestions?
    Does the BADI BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI work for one step approval or is it only for the n step?
    Is it better to manipulate the start conditions?
    Any help is appreciated.
    Joe Vellaiparambil

    If the workflow is not working as expected, refer to SAP Note 322526, Analysis for workflow problems.
    You should go with making the start conditions work, as you are aware that only 1 level Approval is required. Try making changes in the start conditions by using transaction - SWB_PROCUREMENT.
    Note ->This BADI - BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI is only recommended for N-step dynamic approval workflow. I don't think you need this BADI as the first alternative.
    <u>Refer to few links as well.</u>
    - Atul

  • Need Example screenshots : Purchase Order Approval 2/3 steps

       I'm new to workflow.
    Need screen-shots of workflow customization for Purchase order approval with 1, 2 or 3 steps.
    Also if you could provide detail on the Container element used for purchase order
    Chandeep Singh
    [email protected]

    Hi chandeep,
    Check out this link . the link is pretty gud with pictorial representation .
    this definitely helps you.

  • Purchase Order Approval through Mobile Phone / BlackBerry

    Dear fellows i am interested in Purchase Order Approval through Mobile Phone / BlackBerry. I have seen MSCA Mobile Supply Chain Application Guide but that is for telnet only devices and specific to supply chain. What are setup requirements to make PO approve though "Web App" or "Mobile App" as show in below image URL. We need to work it primarly on BlackBerry.
    That will require logging in to EBS through Mobile and Making EBS available on Public IP !?! If this all fuss needs to be done then is there some Notification Alert type mechanism which sends email, but here a user could also reply that email with keywords to Approve or Reject that PO !?!
    Thank you.

    Dear Hussein, ur links are iPhone specific and also BPEL Connector specific ("Oracle Buisness Approvals for Managers" BPEL Connector). The links for Blackberry assume that i am atleast already getting emails on blackberry through EBS. Our env is through MS Exchange Server. Where as i believe from ur suggected docs that the EBS needs to have its own direct setup with blackberry
    In our current env we are using Oracle Alerts to Just send an email to user that PO for approval is waiting. We are NOT using "Oracle WorkFlow Notification Mailer". For blackberry will we be locked to use Workflow Mailer (i see patch 6802716 pre req also)!?! or we can still use simple Alerts!?!
    following thread says type "approve" in reply whereas metalink guides tell a URL to click in email. will it be a ...
    href="mailto:[email protected]?body=approve"
    type URL!?!
    There are a couple of steps that need to be complete before this will work.
    Pre- Req's
    1. Associate all apps users / approvers with email addresses
    2. sync apps users with workflow
    3. Check workflow users to make sure email is set to HTML.
    4. Configure and enable workflow mailer. You will need configuration information for the email service being used and a mailbox on the email service.
    5. Send a test message from workflow mailer to an apps user.
    If this is successful, then email based approval will work. If the user tries to approve using a smart phone (blackberry, etc.) they will have to hit reply and type approve as the message for approval to work.
    this guy also points to this idea.
    August 21, 2007
    Session 2
    August 21, 2007 12:00 PM U.S. Eastern (New York) Time
    Approving Requisitions/PO’s in Oracle E-Business Using Blackberry Devices
    Presentation of a solution using Blackberry Devices to approve requisitions and purchase orders in Oracle E-Business Suite. This solution required creating a text message to send to Blackberry users, and modifying the Workflow Java Mailer to be able to correctly read the default messages being sent back from blackberry devices. In addition, profile options were created that allowed simple key strokes to be translated into Approve or Reject options recognized by Oracle Workflow Java Mailer.
    Session Closed
    Presenter, Company: Bolton Carroll, The Revere Group
    this one too...
    This one is DIFFERENT!
    METALINK: List Of Certified Devices For Mobile Field Services and Field Service Wireless [ID 793392.1]
    Also, recently we have developed something called 'MiniWireless Server', which is a light weight server replacement of Oracle Wireless Server and can be run along with Mobile Server of Oracle Lite. Please refer Metalink note 758680.1 for more details. You may want to communicate this to customer if they are planning for fresh implementation.

  • Making Purchase Order approval window to pickup custom rtf template.

    We customized our purchase order using rtf method. I changed the print option to text from PDF in Purchasing options so that it will pickup the "print purchase order" which is a program based on rdf.
    My rtf is getting input from this program (POXPRPOP.rdf) Every thing is working fine except that when you say print from purchase order approval window the pdf wont get generated. You had to run another program "XML REPORT PUBLISHER" to get the PDF output.
    This is causing problem in automatic dispatching of Purchase Orders. Can any one help me in how to make the approval window pickup the Custom template while running the "print Purchase Order Program".

    Vish ,
    I am also working on that....
    Tell me one thing How you are viewing the XML Data ...Is it from the XSL-FO template??.... In XSL-FO template all the XML data is not present which is generated by Java Program.....
    Check for The Views.... PO%XML.... In these Views whatever the Column names are present you can use those columns as a tag field in your XSL-FO template.....
    Normally in Java program they are taking the all the columns of these views to generate the XML DATA..... But in XSL-FO Template they had not mentioned all the fields..because Many of the columns are not having any data.....
    This is the part of my new R&D..... I still need to apply this thing.....
    Let me know if you have any update for me.......

  • Issue in Purchase Order approval

    Hi All,
    I am facing an issue in purchase order approval process . Need suggestion from your end.
    Purchase order approval gor failed in the work flow stage 'Get PO Attributes'.
    I could find that this is because one of the line distribution has quantity ordered as 0 .
    And the proc (PO_POAPPROVAL_INIT1.GET_PO_ATTRIBUTES) which is attached to the node 'Get PO Attributes' is ending in error (Divide mby zero error in the proc )
    Workflow is failing on the node 'Get PO Attributes' .
    Function which is getting called : PO_POAPPROVAL_INIT1.GET_PO_ATTRIBUTES
    Since the quantity_ordered in one line Distribution is zero, the function is giving error (while trying to divide by zero).
    Query which is failing is
    " SELECT SUM( ROUND (POD.nonrecoverable_tax * DECODE(quantity_ordered, NULL, (NVL(POD.amount_ordered,0) - NVL(POD.amount_cancelled,0)) / NVL(POD.amount_ordered, 1), (NVL(POD.quantity_ordered,0) - NVL(POD.quantity_cancelled,0)) / NVL(POD.quantity_ordered, 1) ), X_precision ) )
    INTO l_tax_amount
    FROM po_distributions_all POD
    WHERE po_header_id = POHdr_rec.po_header_id;"
    My question is that, how to fix this issue now (any data fix possible? ). As far as I know I will not able to amend the PO now. Kindly give me a work around for this.

    There is a generic datafix script shipped as a patch. This script will help in resetting the document to Incomplete / Requires Reapproval status. There after you can adjust the PO to have correct quantities and re-approve it.
    The datafix script is $PO_TOP/sql/poxrespo.sql. Please read the documentation and try out in test instance first.

  • Procedure to setup purchase order approval notice to a local printer

    Hello Guru's,
    How to setup purchase order approval notice to a local printer. will anyone guide me the step by step procedure with T-codes.
    Full points for the config steps

    Hello Guru's,
    How to setup purchase order approval notice to a local printer. will anyone guide me the step by step procedure with T-codes.
    Full points for the config steps

  • Fiori Purchase Order Approval - inexplicable missing work items

    I'm asking this here because I have run out of things to try. At the moment we have users of the Purchase Order Approval app finding that some work items don't appear in Fiori, when they have work items visible in business workplace.
    I did the following things in the live system to check the user's work items:
    used function SAP_WAPI_CREATE_INBOX to check which work items they should have
    called the backend gateway service method GET_LIST on class CL_GBAPP_APV_PO_API, with the valid workflow tasks in the filter table. I got the same work items, and as far as I can see this is exactly the information the Fiori app should have got.
    I can't see any obvious way the Fiori app itself would filter the results.
    I've not found relevant SAP notes.
    Any suggestions on other things to check?

    I've added the GET_LIST output and the worklist function which should show the contents of the user's inbox.
    They are seeing nothing in Fiori. We have a custom task but Fiori knows about it from the task filter select option.

  • To SET -UP message type 5 External Send to the purchase order approver

    Hi All
    Please help me to To SET -UP message type 5 External Send to the purchase order approver

    This to me sounds like a release strategy setup using workflow. Could you please set up Release strategies initially and and then the workflow part couldd  be handled by a workflow personnel.
    Else, Setup teh message type with medium 7, and partner function MP, put the user name in the partner field. Go to communication method, choose the recipient type and fiull other required parameters and you should be set.
    Edited by: Pavan Kumar on Apr 6, 2010 12:27 PM

  • Purchase Order Approval Notifications and Multiple Currencies

    If I have a user who creates a requisition in EUR and then submits the requisition for approval to someone who has a default currency of USD, the workflow notification will show the value of the requisition in both EUR and USD. This is because the ICX: Preferred Currency profile option has been set at the user level.
    However, this does not work for purchase order approval notifications, just requisitions. This makes my management unhappy. Oracle Support indicates this is an enhancement request. However, I have a difficult time believing there is not something in the Oracle apps that allows this functionality in the PO Notification. We are on
    Many thanks,

    Is this what you are looking for?

  • Purchase Order Approval through Mobile Phone

    Our EBS environment is with version and database 11gR2.
    We got a requirement of configuring Purchase Order Approval through Mobile Phone / BlackBerry
    Could anyone send few docs related to this.

    Please see these docs/links.
    Is It Possible To Approve Purchase Orders , Requisitions Via Blackberry, Smart Phone, or PDA? [ID 338874.1]
    Unable to Approve Purchase Orders via Blackberry [ID 444122.1]
    Blackberry Displays the Emails with HTML Tags in the Email Body [ID 802225.1]
    Troubleshooting Inbound Email Notifications [ID 1184846.1]
    Email Notification Approvals Are Discarded [ID 471423.1]
    Missing Html Buttons To Approve, Foward, Reject In Email Notification [ID 395986.1]
    Using Mobile Devices with Oracle E-Business Suite
    Hands-On with Oracle's iPhone Apps

  • More than one step BC sets approval for PO's

    Good day All.
    I would like to know the bc set for more than one step of approvals for the Purchased Order. We know the without tha approval and one step approval for PO.
    /SAPSRM/C_PO_600_000_SP04     Purchase Order Without Approval
    /SAPSRM/C_PO_600_001_SP04     Purchase Order with One-Level Manager Approval
    You speedy response would be appreciated.
    Makoro Manyathela

    You can configure many approval steps based on your business requirements.
    The BCSets /SAPSRM/C_PO_600_001_SP04 is just a sample configuration.
    Please go to IMG.
    SRM -> SRM Server -> Cross-Application basic Settings -> Business Workflow -> Process-Controlled Workflow -> Business Process Configuration -> Define Process Levels.

  • Purchase Order Approval Workflow

    I am Trying to create purchase order process for my company in a SharePoint list.  I have successfully created a InfoPath form with multiple line Items and have a calculated field as Grand Total Field.  Created a calculated column in
    SharePoint for this. Now what I am trying to do is create an approval process workflow that will kick off based on dollar amount from the Grand Total Column or field.  I understand what I should be doing but have run into a snag.
    Here is what I have done so far:
    Created variables 15,000  2,500  and 500 and set them as numbers.
    If Current Item:Grand Total is greater than Variable: 15,000
     Start a task process with Randy Price (Task outcome to Variable: Outcome1 )
     If Current Item:Grand Total is greater than Variable: 2,500
      Start a task process with Randy Price (Task outcome to Variable: Outcome2 )
      If Current Item:Grand Total is greater than Variable: 500
       Start a task process with Randy Price (Task outcome to Variable: Outcome3 )
       If Current Item:Grand Total is less than Variable: 500
        Email Randy Price
    So Basically for example if the Grand total was 6,000 it should kick off the
     If Current Item:Grand Total is greater than Variable: 2,500 task however it always kicks off the If Current Item:Grand Total is greater than Variable: 15,000.   I am not sure why it is doing this.   Am I missing something ??  
    Please Help .
    If Current Item:Grand Total is greater than Variable: 15,000

    Hi Randy,
    According to your description, my understanding is that the workflow cannot work correctly in SharePoint.
    I tested the steps below to reproduce your issue, and the workflow worked fine:
    Create a list with three columns(for example: num1[single line of text], num2[single line of text], Grand Total[calculated column]). I set the Grand Total=num1+num2.
    Create a workflow associated with the list.
    In the workflow, select Set Workflow Variable and change the settings to be: Set Variable:15000 to 15000. Repeat the step to create Variable:2500 and Variable:500.
    Select If any value equals value, please refer to the picture below:
      5. Repeat step 4 to set the other conditions.
      6. After completing the workflow, then publish it to SharePoint.
    How did you set the formula for the calculated column and the workflow variable?
    I recommend to test the steps above to see if the issue still occurs.
    Best regards.
    Victoria Xia
    TechNet Community Support

  • Vaue Limit Purchase Order Approval

    We are currently using the Value Limit Single Step Approval for Shopping Carts successfully. This is followed by 0 step approval for the creation of the PO. We have a scenario whereby we will need to apply this same single step value limit approval type logic to determine the agent for PO approval (if PO subsequently changed). We have an implementation of the BADI BBP_WFL_APPROV_BADI available - but looking for efficient methods of agent determination as per the value limit cart approval.
    Looking to see what everybody thinks as to the best way to go about this??
    Much appreciated

    It is normally easy enough to use the existing organisation structure. The problem is finding out how to use it. If you want to use limits, then where would you find those limits?
    There's disadvantages to every approach, but here's an idea from one solution I created: The approver is found using a Job (HR object type C), where I check the organisation structure until I find a person who has such a job. Starting from a given person (could be your purchaser or whatever) I first checked that person's organisation unit, then all "sibling" organisation units, before I climbed up one level and perfomed the same check there. It took a bit of programming, but the customer was very happy that no additional maintenance of master data was required.
    <i>Message was edited by Kjetil Kilhavn:</i>
    I guess you already understood my point, but for those who didn't; the Job corresponded to a certain approval limit.


    Hi Gurus,
    I want to know how can i able to know that PO( purchase order)
    has approved more than once. Is there any field in any table that changed when
    PO approved more than once.
    I will be grateful if u reply as soon as possible. It's very urgent .

    <u>I want to know how can i able to know that PO( purchase order)
    has approved more than once. Is there any field in any table that changed when
    PO approved more than once</u>
    More than one means What??
    Is it subjected to more than one relase code ?? Version Management??
    In ME2n T code u can get all the information.

Maybe you are looking for