Open file in a new Firefox tab

I'm using a script to view html files from TextWrangler in Firefox:
tell application "TextWrangler" to set theFile to file of document 1
tell application "TextWrangler" to save theFile
tell application "Finder" to open theFile using (path to application "Firefox")
Works fine, except that the file is opened in a new window in Firefox. I would like to have it in a new tab in the active Firefox window (if Firefox is already running).
Any ideas how to do that?

Try using:
tell application "TextWrangler" to set theFile to file of document 1
tell application "TextWrangler" to save theFile
set the_URL to "file://" & POSIX path of (theFile as alias)
tell application "Firefox"
Get URL the_URL
end tell
You may need to change the settings in the Tabs section of the Firefox preferences for this to work correctly.

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    Thanks Alan I tried disabling several items so far and the situation has improved but still not as stable as I would like. Systematic approach is the key here so I'll continue with a process of elimination.

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    DE is xfce4, and the system is completely up to date.
    I've done some googling, and AFAICS, nobody else seems to have this problem. Any ideas, anyone?

    Thanks MAC!EK - definitely a useful add-on, but it still doesn't solve my problem. In Tab Mix Plus Options, I have the following selected:
    Links -> Open links from other applications in: New tab
    Events-> Tab Focus -> Focus/Select tabs  that open from: <all>
    However, the behaviour is as before i.e. I click a URL in Thunderbird, it opens in a new tab in Firefox, but window focus stays on Thunderbird. Within Firefox, the newly-opened tab is selected or focussed, but Firefox itself is not.
    Anyway, thanks again. I think I need to keep looking.

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    Hudechrome wrote:
    Sorry! Ignore it.
    There is a script running which Noscript lets me forbid, called It runs a script which is the same as in html when you highlight a word then attach a url to it.
    I don't know why I am seeing it but not others. FF and Chrome seem susceptible to it. It's not malware as usually thought of because no virus/malware program finds it here.
    Unfortunately, I have to forbid this script for every site I visit.
    In the other thread where your browser displayed an '' link which isn't really in the web page, I gave you a Google link for info about the problem. You said that it must be something else. Well, for months now, Chrome and Firefox users have been troubled by extensions which cause the '' problem. You might want to revisit the link I gave you.

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    Hi All,
    I am adding a file item to a folder in a content area. The folder is published as a portlet on a page. Now when the user clicks on the file item, I want the file to open in a new window. I know its possible to do it when you add an URL item where there is a option where you can select the item to open in a new window. But in case of a file item, I did not find any way for openiging it in a new window. I would like to know how to open the file in a new window and if there is a workaround for the same.
    I am using portal version

    Here's a solution for Portal 3.0.8 or later that allows you to open a file in a new browser window. It requires that you create a custom item type, and use a procedure to display a link to the file.
    1. Create the following procedure. You can create it in any schema, but the schema has to have select privilege on the view 'WWSBR_ALL_ITEMS' in the portal schema. In this example, the portal schema is PORTAL30. If you're running version 3.0.8, you'll also need to apply the patch to bug 1724250.
    Create or Replace PROCEDURE OPEN_FILE (p_itemid IN NUMBER) as
    fileURL varchar2(1024);
    baseURL varchar2(256) := '/pls/portal30/docs/';
    select baseURL &#0124; &#0124; filename into fileURL
    from portal30.wwsbr_all_items
    where id = p_ItemId;
    htp.p ('Open File');
    when NO_DATA_FOUND then
    htp.p('Document not found or access denied');
    when others then
    The procedure generates a link to the item filename with a target of "_blank", which opens the file in a new browser window. Replace the baseURL attribute value with the correct Database Access Descriptor (DAD) and Document Access Path ("/docs") for your site.
    2. Grant execute on the procedure to the portal public schema. The name of this schema is <portal schema>PUBLIC. So if your portal schema is PORTAL30, grant execute on the procedure to PORTAL30PUBLIC.
    3. Create a custom item type, using the base item type of "File". I recommend that you create the type in the Shared Objects content area, so it can be used in other content areas (from the Navigator, go to the Content Areas tab, select Contents for Shared Objects, Custom Types, and Item Types - Create). Edit the new type and go to the Procedures tab.
    4. In the Procedure Call Properties, enter:
    [*]Type: PL/SQL
    [*]Procedure Call: <your procedure schema>.OPEN_FILE
    [*]Link Text: Open File (it doesn't matter what you put here - it only displays if "Display Procedure Results With Item" is unchecked.)
    [*]Check "Display Procedure Results With Item"
    5. Under "Pass Attributes as Parameters", enter:
    [*]Attribute: Item Id
    [*]Pass As: p_itemid
    (Notice how you can pass most of an item's attributes to a procedure. You can take advantage of this feature to write procedures that give you precise control over the rendering of your items).
    6. In the properties for the content areas in which the new type is to be used, go to the Items tab. Specify that you want the new type to be visible. You may want to hide the base File item type, so users won't be confused by two different item types for files.
    7. Edit the folder style for the content area. Go to Folder Layout. Edit the region properties for each region in which you will be using the new item type. For each region, replace "Display Name or Image" with "Display Name". "Display Name or Image" will render the Display Name as a link to your file that opens the file in the same browser window. "Display Name" simply renders the display name as text, with no link.
    8. Now you can create items of the new item type. Each item's Display Name will appear next to a link that says "Open File". Clicking the link will cause the file to open in a new browser window.
    Hope you find this useful.

  • With multiple tabs open, and selecting a new (blank) tab, RoboForm open new web page in far left tab, not the new (blank) one. How to correct this?

    Problem: Firefox Browser Tabs when using RoboForm
    When using Tabs in the Firefox browser (with multiple Tabs already open), I (1) click to open a new (blank) tab and then, (2) click on RoboForm to go to a new website. Instead of the new website opening in the newly opened (blank) tab it opens in the first (far left) tab. This only began happening when I installed Firefox 5.0 and RoboForm Desktop v7.3.2 at the same time.
    My system: HP Pavilion Media center, Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit, 8GB RAM, Firefox v5.0, Roboform Desktop v7.3.2

    Thanks a lot. The culprit turned out to be Webmail Notifier. Unfortunately, there seems to be some problems on their end that the developer has not yet responded to, but something about the extension is screwing up tab functionality.

  • How to open the link in new firefox window for web desktop based application? Or how to open the mail/website/rss link in new firefox window

    I am using the firefox 3.6. My problem is that I am using the web desktop and few web desktop based application directly opens link. If I click on rss link than it opens in same window, so no longer access to web desktop. I want to open any kind of link in new window instead of same window. I have tired to change the value of, but doesn't work. Also gone through the but not sure where to do this in web desktop based application or firefox where we connect the web desktop?
    Is there any way to open the link every time in new firefox window?

    Hi Joseph,
    the HTMLB link object misses the support for onClientClick through the tag lib, see hbj:link without onClientClick ? and OnClientClick Event for Link HTMLB Component for similiar problems and workarounds.
    With this workaround, you can call for example an AbstractPortalComponent, implement doOnNodeReady (with an empty doContent method) and return the PDF, settings the content type on the http before etc.
    Hope it helps
    PS: Please consider rewarding points for helpful answers on SDN. Thanks in advance!

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    Hi All,
    I have created a custom global link. I want to open a PDF file (present at OA_HTML) from that link.
    So, I created a function for that link having below properties:
    Web HTML : file_name.pdf
    Type: SSWA plsql function that opens a new window (Kiosk Mode)
    File is opening successfully but in the same window. I want to open that file in a new window.
    Please suggest some solution for this.

    I have created a blank page and write logic to download file in that.
    Later, on click on global link, navigated the same to that blank page. So, open save dialog is coming on click of custom global link.

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