Open tab at anchor, from another tab

Hi, am looking for a solution to this, which I thought would be relatively simple, but....
Currently am using Spry to create multiple tabs, and am linking from one tab to another using:
<a href="#" onclick="TabbedPanels1.showPanel(0); return false;">Text</a>
I would like to be able to also link to a 'named anchor' in another tab, but haven't been able to find a solution.
Any help appreciated.
        Thanks, John.

You can use the SpryURLUtils.js for that. The Spry.Utils.getLocationHashParamsAsObject - Gets hash values from the current URL can read out hashes.
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  • How Do i create a list that will show in a dropdown box with the list being pulled from another tab and not the cell data format junk?

    How Do i create a list that will show in a dropdown box with the list being pulled from another tab and not the cell data format junk?
    I currently run OS X 10.10.1
    Now i have been trying to work on this for a while now and what i want to do should be simple but its apparently not.
    Here is an example of what i want to happen.
    I will have 2 tabs: Contact | Sales
    Now Contacts will have the list of names and various information about a customer, While Sales will have one drop-down box for each Cell Row that will show the names of the person in tab contacts
    for what i am wanting to do i cant use the data format pop-up menu because the list is edited everyday several times a day.
    Now how do i do this, Excel can do this so how can numbers do it?

    Hi Shegra,
    Paste this into a applescript editor window and run it from there. In the script you may need to adjust the four properties to agree with your spreadsheet. Let me know if you have any questions.
    Script starts:
    -- This script converts column A in one table into an alphabetized list of popups. It copies the last cell in that column. Then reverts the column to text. It then refreshes popups in column A of a data table starting with a user defined row.
    property DataEntrySheet : "Sheet 1" --name of sheet with popups to be refreshed
    property DataEntryTable : "Sales" --name of table with popups to be refreshed
    set copyRange to {}
    property PopValueSheet : "Sheet 1" --name of sheet with popup values table
    property PopValueTable : "Contacts" --name of table with popup values
    set PopStartRow to {}
    tell application "Numbers"
      set d to front document
      set ps to d's sheet PopValueSheet
      set pt to ps's table PopValueTable
      set s to d's sheet DataEntrySheet
      set t to s's table DataEntryTable
      set tf to t's filtered --this records filter setting on data Entry Table
      display dialog "Start from row #..." default answer "" with icon 1 -- with icon file "Path:to:my.icon.icns" --a Week # row
      set PopStartRow to {text returned of result}
      tell pt --convert list to alphabetized popups
      set ptRows to count rows
      set copyRange to ("A2:" & name of cell ptRows of column "A")
      set selection range to range copyRange
      set selection range's format to text
      sort by column 1 direction ascending
      set selection range's format to pop up menu
      -- popupsmade
      set selection range to cell ptRows of column 1 of pt
      set v to value of cell ptRows of pt
      end tell
      activate application "Numbers"
      tell application "System Events" to keystroke "c" using command down
      tell pt
      set selection range to range copyRange
      set selection range's format to text
      end tell
      tell t
      set filtered to false
      set tRows to count rows
      set pasteRange to ((name of cell PopStartRow of column "A") & ":" & (name of cell tRows of column "A"))
      set selection range to range pasteRange
      tell application "System Events" to keystroke "v" using command down
      set filtered to tf
      end tell
    end tell

  • How to open Adobe Reader file from another native IOS application?

    There is an existing thread, but I want to re-open it because I think this is an important feature that we need badly.  I was wondering if there is any plan to add this feature so we can open PDFs directly into Adobe from the web / other apps.
    How to open Adobe Reader file from another native IOS application?
    Basically, we just want to use a custom URL scheme to open a specific document in the App.  Currently, this only opens the app but does not load the file.

    Not to hijack the conversation but I can explain why this would be useful for both the above case and another.
    What I believe Pavel is talking about is setting up a "URL Scheme" for the Adobe Acrobat iOS application so that you can easily open a PDF specifically in Adobe Acrobat iOS from other native applications and even from web applications opened within Safari. This is particularly useful if your application requires some of the specific features in Adobe Reader iOS to grant them the best experience possible and you want to encourage this.
    Another case: If you're using Adobe Livecycle's document security modules (that encrypts PDF files so that Adobe Acrobat must "phone home" to decrypt and view the document), these PDF's can only be viewed inside the Adobe Acrobat application and appear as blank in most other PDF readers. Having a URL scheme allows your application utilising this functionality to have a 1 click step to view the PDF rather than the current non-user friendly process:
    - Within Safari, touch the PDF link (appears as blank in the default Safari PDF reader, which in itself is confusing)
      - Touch "Open in..."
      - Touch "Adobe Acrobat"
    We have an immediate need for this functionality for the example above. I can resubmit it in a separate post if necessary.

  • Open/Call an applet From another applet

    Hi everybody,
    I want to open/call an applet from another
    applet via a button. when the user press
    the button, next applet load.
    Appreciate your response.

    try {
    URL secondpage="second appleturl.html");
    getAppletContext().showDocument(secondpage,"seconf applet_frame");
    }catch ({*Write your error messages here*/}

  • Point to Anchor in another tab?

    I can create a link with Point-to-File from the Properties panel, pointing to a local file in the Files list or pointing to an anchor in the current page.
    But I can't find a way to point to a named anchor in another page (already open in another editing tab).  Is this possible?
    -- Ward

    I know how to create a named anchor on Page B and hand-code a link to that anchor from Page A.
    What I'm looking for is a way to the the Point-to-File arrow from the Properties panel to pick an anchor that is not in the page shown in the current editing tab.  The best that I've found is ...
    Select text in Page A.
    Use Point-to-File to link the selected text to Page B in the File list.
    Manually append the "#anchorname" to the newly created link (either in the HTML code or the link field in the Properties panel).
    The disadvantages of this approach are (1) the extra typing and (2) the opportunity to misspell the anchorname.
    -- Ward

  • Stop firefox from pausing a tab when going to another tab or window

    I am running firefox v5.0 and I have noticed that ever since v4 when I open another tab, the other tabs are paused and when I have an upload (ie: a video to youtube) going in another tab and I want to browse the internet using a new tab/window, it is stopped. I tried looking through about:config but I couldnt find any thing to disable firefox from pausing tabs.

    I uninstalled Viewpoint Media Player, which fixed my problem with the plugincheck tab always opening. Viewpoint Media Player is responsible for the plugin called "MetaStream 3 Plugin r4", and I believe this plugin is triggering Firefox to open the plugincheck page. It is not enough to disable the plugin, it must be uninstalled.
    Since it seems you don't have the "MetaStream 3 Plugin", it may be that some other plugin is causing the plugincheck tab to pop open. Try going to Tools (menu) -> Add-ons -> Plugins. Look through the list of plugins, and see if any of them have a red warning icon next to them. If one of the plugins has a red warning icon, it may be the plugin responsible for triggering the opening of the tab. Try uninstalling that plugin, or updating it to a newer version.

  • The button to open a new tab is missing from each tab in Firefox 7

    I have Win 7 and Firefox 7 on my PC. I used to have the + to open a new tab on the right end of the open tab. That is gone now, though when I loaded Firefox 7 on my PC at work (Win XP) it had the = on the tab, before it crashed and would not open again. I have to run 3.16(?) on that computer.

    You can find the New Tab button showing as a '+' on the Tab bar.<br />
    You can open the Customize window and drag the New Tab button that shows as a plus sign (+) from the Tab bar on another toolbar and it will become a regular toolbar button like the New Tab button that you have in Firefox 3 versions.<br />
    If you can't find the New Tab button then click the "Restore Default Set" button in the Customize window.<br />
    If you want the New Tab button at the far right end of the Tab bar then place a flexible space to the left of it.<br />
    * New tab toolbar button:

  • Whenever I have a pdf document open, and then switch to another tab to view another webpage, the scrolling function on the touchpad will not work. This seems to be a glitch with Mozilla, according to Dell. How do I fix this?

    When I open a pdf document (like an E-version of a newspaper) in Mozilla and then switch to another tab to view another webpage, I am unable to use the scrolling function on the touchpad. I have to use the up and down arrows to get other pages to scroll. When I close that pdf document, everything works fine. I talked with customer support with Dell, and he said it was probably a glitch with Mozilla. So I tried to do the same thing on IE, and there was no problem scrolling with the touchpad while a pdf document was open on another tab. I would like to get a fix for this so I don't have to keep closing open pdf documents in order to scroll with the touchpad while on other tabs. Thank you

    Hi elliezzz,
    If you are having issues with your iPhone not being recognized by iTunes, you may find the following article helpful:
    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Mac OS X
    - Brenden

  • When I click a link to open it in a new tab, firefox jumps to another tab that is already opened.

    I have my options set to open new windows as a new tab. But when I do, rather than staying in the tab I'm in (even though I have options set to stay there not go to the new tab immediately) Firefox sends me to ANOTHER Tab that is already opened (neither the current one nor the newly opened one).

    That feature isn't new to 3.6.8, it was changed in 3.6.
    Type '''about:config''' in the URL bar and hit Enter.
    ''If you see the warning, you can confirm that you want to access that page.''
    Filter = '''browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent'''
    Double-click that preference to change the value to '''''false'''''

  • Open the external URL in another tab of window browser

    I have create application to open the external URl into new window browser by using CREATE_EXTERNAL_WINDOW method. now how can i open this url into same window tab. is there any method that allow me to open this external URL into window tab.

    The open external window API doesn't support specifying "in another tab". That is completely browser specific! Some browsers don't even have tabbed browsing.[ I don't even think that even javascript has this functionality!|]
    You'll not be able to do this. Sorry.
    You might be able to change the browser configuration so that it defaults new windows into a new tab... But not through WD.

  • How to select data from a table by passing document number from another tab

    How to select data from a table by passing document number from another table.
    for eg:-
    I want to display name, adres, region from ADRC table
    by using field delivery document number
    Kind Regards,

    Hi Shanbagavalli,
    There are multiple solutions to this questions a few i will try to answer and then you can take the best required for your requirements.
    **Consider that you have a Internal table having document number from other table..
           INTO IT_ADRC
    **Consider that you have 1 document number then
         INTO IT_ADRC
    Hope this solves your problem.

  • Why is the panorama tab button missing from my tab bar

    Just downloaded Beta 4 and find the panorama button is missing from the tab bar. Your video showing how to manipulate tabs show the button on the right hand side of the tab bar, on my download it is missing why, also some of the other bars shown in your video are missing to, why??

    You can add it if you want, right-click on a toolbar and select Customize. You can then drag and drop the "Tab Groups" icon from the customize toolbar dialog onto the toolbars. You can use this method to add other icons to the toolbars.

  • I am unable to open PDF files created from another PGM.

    Is there an ADOBE pgm that will properly read in PDF files created from another pgm and convert them to ADOBE PDF so they do not error when they are opened to be viewed by ADOBE pgm?

    There is no way to know all the different scan/fax/pdf printers that are used to make the original PDFs...
    CAD-KAS PDF Editor 2.6 is used to edit the files
    doPDF 5 is used to modify pdf file.
    Interesting, I can use the free CAD-KAS PDF reader to open & read the PDF file that the ADOBE XI reader
    gives me the above error message.

  • Photoshop 10 can't open image CD's from another Photoshop file.

    My Windows 7 and Photoshop Elements 10 will not open image CD's downloaded from another Photoshop file. Could open them in a previosu Windows XP and older Photoshop. Now get message: &quot;This file does not have a program associated with it for performing action. Please install a program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default Program default control panel.&quot;
    There are hundreds of asscociation  files listed.  WHICH ONE DO I CHOOSE????

    Right-click on file and choose properties.
    To the right of “Opens With” click on the change button.
    In the Open With dialog click on the Browse button
    Navigate to:
    Program Files (X86)\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 10
    Select (highlight) PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe
    Click Apply
    Click OK

  • Window does not update when I add a tab or switch to another tab

    when I add a new tab, the new tab appears but the screen doesn't change. The content under all the tabs is the same.
    If I type in a url, my current page updates and when I choses another tab, the screen doesn't change. All tabs have the same content.

    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode|Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions (Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox/Tools > Add-ons > Appearance).
    *Do not click the Reset button on the Safe mode start window or otherwise make changes.
    If it does work in Firefox Safe-mode then disable all extensions (Tools > Add-ons > Extensions) and then try to find which is causing it by enabling one extension at a time until the problem reappears.
    Close and restart Firefox after each change via "File > Exit" (Mac: "Firefox > Quit"; Linux: "File > Quit")

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