Open the same raw file in PS5 with two different White Balance settings

I'm trying to open the same Raw File in PS5 with two different White Balance settings.  One setting "as shot" the other in "daylight", then blend them.  The tutorial I'm watching says to "stack" the images.  The tutorial shows one White Balance setting as the "Background" layer and the other setting as "Layer 1".  I don't know how to do this and the tutorial is not specific.  Can anyone either point me to a step by step instruction or offer some assistance?

Also look at the "Snapshots" feature of Camera Raw itself.  It allows you non-destructively to keep multiple sets of settings for a single raw file.
Learning about it far exceeds the scope of what can be done in this particular forum.  I would recommend this book as essential reading: id=1313502199&sr=8-1
Additionally, there's a dedicated Adobe Camera Raw forum:
Wo Tai Lao Le

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  • Why would two copies of Lightroom 5 create DNG files with different sizes from the same RAW file? (size is dramatically different, on the order of doubled in size.)

    I have a copy of LIghtroom 5 on my office computer and a personal copy on my home computer. I convert my RAW files to DNG with Lightroom when I import them. Files I shoot for work also get imported on my home workstation. I noticed today that the resulting DNG files for the same RAW image are widely different in size. The ones at home are roughly twice as big as the ones from the office.
    To the best of my knowledge, things are set up the same on both workstations. Any idea what setting might be causing this variation?

    I don't think it's possible to apply lossy compression when importing directly into Lightroom.  I know you can do it with the DNG converter and on export but I don't think this is the case here.
    In which case we need to determine which set-up producing is the "correctly" sized files.  What's the camera and what are the respective file sizes from work and home?

  • I have a MacBook Pro (purchased in 2011) with OS X Lion 10.7.4.  I'm using Microsoft Office 2011 and cannot open older PowerPoint Files (non .pptx). It will always open the same .pptx file and then the machine hangs up and just keeps spinning.

    I have a MacBook Pro (purchased in 2011) with OS X Lion 10.7.4.  I'm using Microsoft Office 2011 and cannot open older PowerPoint Files (non .pptx). It will always open the same .pptx file and then the machine hangs up and just keeps spinning.

    Thank you - that all makes sense. It is, indeed, exactly what I did when I upgraded.
    I'm also writing this on the machine that crashed a few minutes ago (I posted the crash in another thread). I got back with a 'safe boot' - as I have done a few times before.
    I've also de-installed little snitch (and then done a safe-boot & then re-boot ) since that seemed involved. I de-installed Adobe flash, since that seemed to be a problem - I then re-installed the later, apparently fixed, flash. The most recent crashes don't seeme to have a problem with flash any more.
    I've posted the various ( generally different ) crashes. I also posted a summary of the similar lines that turn up in most of the crashes.
    Unfortuantely, I'm actually trying to use the machine to meet some urgent deadlines and all this is not making it at all easy.
    I had had great hopes for 10.7.2 - I thought that the crashes must be pretty common, so would have a common aetiology. There do seem to have been some fundamental changes to the file sytem and to the video interface (that seems to cause problems to brand new iMacs as well as to my 2009 iMac).

  • Open the Same RAW twice

    Sorry for my English....
    I like to open the same RAW a second time on Photoshop 11.
    Earlier in the Day it works to open the same file it a second time. I can open the Same Raw twice with different Setting. You know what i mean?
    Since a few Minutes, it don't work. I reboot the Computer an Start Photoshop11 again. But i cannot open the same RAW twice. The Camera RAW Tool doesn't start if i like to open the Same file.
    I also cannot open the Same JPG twice.
    What happend???
    I changed no settings of Photoshop.
    Can somebody help me???

    When PSE gets weird the first thing to do is to delete the preferences. Go to the editor preferences>general, click this button and restart the editor:

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    I am trying it on Adobe Acrobat Reader 9.2.1. Tried to fix Hex code, and also tried 'edit-preference-trust manager'. I focusing on Adobe registries but still couldn't fix the problem.

  • Mac OS 10.9.4 cannot open the NEF/RAW files from the new Nikon D810 Camera

    I have a new Nikon D810 camera. My new iMac cannot open the NEF/RAW files from it...Anyone have any knowledge of this?

    If you will take the time to send Apple feedback, they will add RAW support - when I got my Canon, it wasn't supported either. I filed feedback and, two months, later, there was an update which included my camera model.

  • Can the same Purchase Group be assigned to two different Purchase Org?

    Hello Gurus,
    I have a doubt regarding the assignment of a purchase group to two different purchase Organisation?
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    Pratap Lingala

    In SRM standard, a purchasing group can be assigned to only one puchasing organization: this is done using 'Function'  tab of Organizational Unit, as you did it to define an OU as a company and to define an OU as a purchasing organization.
    Laurent Burtaire.

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    Here's the Audit Space Usage for the original 5 MB file. It shows the images taking up the majority of the space, as expected:

  • Is there a way to edit the same RAW file in Aperture 3 and then Photoshop CS5?

    I recently got Aperture 3.4.5 and its been great for stream-lining my workflow.  But for certain RAW adjustments, like applying a gradient, I want to use Photoshop CS5's RAW editing window.  I don't seem to be able to export the file as a modified CR2 from Aperture to Photoshop CS5.  Is there a way to do this?
    And if exporting a modified CR2 from aperture is not possible, what advice can you give me for applying gradients in aperture, or in combinations with photoshop.  Is there a way to open a JPEG or TIFF in the raw editing window by any chance?
    Any and all advice welcome.  Cheers!

    Is there a way to open a JPEG or TIFF in the raw editing window by any chance?
    If you open Bridge and go into the Camera Raw Preferences, you will see a section at the bottom where you can set preferences for TIFF handling. Setting the option to 'Automatically open all supported TIFFs' will result in any TIFF file sent from Aperture to Photoshop via 'Edit with Photoshop CS5' function being launched in ACR and allow you to work on the TIFF file.
    You then have to open the image in Photoshop with the 'Open' button in ACR and save the file (making sure you have the TIFF file extension set when saving). I haven't used this in a while, but I think it may try to save as a '.tif' file which would not be seen by Aperture when you complete the save (and have a '.tif' file sitting in the Masters folder that has no connection).
    This is still not the RAW file - obviously - but will allow you to use the ACR tools on the TIFF file generated by Aperture and return it with those edits if saved correctly in PS CS5.
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  • Is there a way to develop the same raw file multiple times, each time keeping the final product?

    I've been working with my NEF raw files.  When I import one into LR I can start developing it right away, which I've done.  I also know that the modifications aren't made to the raw file but kept in an XMP file.  Since the I'm not actually changing the raw file do you know if there is a way to make a secondary edit of the file?
    Here's an example.  Let's say I have a raw file and I want to develop it in color.  Then when I'm all done I want to start over and develop it again and black and white but keep the color one as well.
    I know I can undo all the edits I've made but then I lose all that work too.
    Is there a way to develop an image twice and keep both final products?  I know copying the raw file and renaming it is one crude way but I have to believe there's a better, easier way.

    Yes, you can make a virtual copy at any time.
    If you want the virtual copy to be un-edited after you have done some editing to the "non-virtual copy", you could open the "non-virtual copy" in the Develop Module, click on Reset, create the virtual copy, then undo the Reset operation (click on the last real edit in the History Panel)

  • Why won't CS4 open the CR2 RAW files from my Canon G11?

    I am running Snow Leopard  V6.2. I have Adobe Design Premium with what I thought were all of the most recent updates loaded but when I tried to open one of the RAW files from my Canon G11  in PS CS4 it did not recognize the file type and it and would not open.  Wouldn't CS4 premium update also update PS CS4 with all the most recent files including ACR and the latest definitions?
    What version of ACR would have the latest RAW definitions for the G11 and how should it be loaded?

    Bennett Richards wrote:
    What is the correct way of installing the ACR plugin?  Just ru
    n the DMG or is there a file that must be placed in
    This is what is written on that page:
    To open a DMG file:
    Double-click the file. This will open Disk Copy, which mounts the image on your desktop.
    Manual installation on Mac:
    1. Exit Photoshop CS4 and Adobe Bridge.
    2. Open the download file and double-click Setup, and follow the on-screen instructions.
    3. Launch Photoshop CS4 or Adobe Bridge.
    Is that so difficult?   

  • (LR5) Is there a way to keep the history of separate developments from the same RAW file?

    For example, I want to create both a color and a B/W version from the same original. Let's say that in the color version I want to use one value for contrast, while in the B/W version I want a higher contrast. I want to keep track of both sets of changes.
    Right now, after I finish developing the color version and export to a final file, I reset to the original and start developing the B/W version up to its export phase. But then, if I realize that I want to do some adjustment to the color version, if I go back in history to the final change for the color version and do the adjustment on it, the history of changes for B/W gets overwritten.
    What I want is to keep track of the changes of each version as some sort of separate history branches...
    (I'm using Lightroom 5)

    Yes you can create a virtual copy. Select your image and from the top toolbar click:
    Photo >> Create Virtual Copy
    Then change to B&W and use you different settings.
    Good news - this does not duplicate your image on disk; it’s stored as metadata in the catalog.

  • HT4137 I have two iPad's that use the same iTunes/store account. I want the two devices to play games with with other, but it recognizes them as the same. I have set up two different iCloud accounts, but still not recognizing the users as different. What

    Hello, I have no idea if my question went out, so I'll post it again. I have two iPads (one 3rd gen and one 4th) that use the same iTunes/store account. I want the two devices to game with each other, but the apps recognize them as the same. I have created two different iCloud accounts in an attempt to differentiate between the two, but no luck. How can I continue to use the same iTunes/store account for music and movies, but also have the two devices recognize each other for games?

    You can share your iTunes ID and still have separate iCloud accounts with separate IDs, they don't have to be the same.  If you kids don't already have an iCloud account, have them set up separate accounts on their devices using separate IDs.  If they are already sharing your account, migrate their devices to separate accounts.  To do this, start by saving any photo stream photos they wish to keep to ther camera roll (unless already there) by opening your my photo stream album, tapping Select, tap the photos, tap the share icon (box with upward pointing arrow), then tap Save to Camera Roll.  If they are syncing notes with iCloud, you'll need to open each of your notes and email them to them so you can later copy and paste the text into new notes created in their new account.  Then go to Settings>iCloud, tap Delete Account (which only deletes it from thier device and won't effect your device), choose Keep on My iDevice and provide the password to turn off Find My iPhone (if using iOS 7).  Then sign back in with a different Apple ID to create their new account and choose Merge to upload the data.  Once everyone is on a separate account you can go to from your computer, sign into each account separately and delete your data from their account.

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    I have a PC with Firefox 10.0.2 working happily and I want to reproduce exactly the same experience on my laptop. Both run on Windows 7. I want the samplugins, toolbars, extensions and bookmarks. How do I achieve this?

    You can copy the current [ Firefox Profile Folder] on the PC to the same directory structure on the laptop after installing Firefox on the laptop. Next on the laptop, start the [ Profile Manager], '''Create Profile''' > '''Next''' > '''Choose Folder''' and select the copied folder.
    [ Profiles Howto]
    [ Firefox Profile Folder & Files]

  • Can I have the same photo (or a duplicate) in two different Events?

    I would like to show the same photo in two different Events but can't seem to do it/ I tried creating a duplicate of the photo, but that didn't work, either - when I try to move the duplicated photo to the second Event the original photo moves as well.

    sorry but you can not - this is a job for albu (and folders which hold albums and other folders) - you have outgrown the very limited power of events - albums and folders are much. much, much more powerful and flexible thatn events which are vey simple, basic automatic organization for people you really do not to be botrhered with organizing
    For this you whould have the photo in an event and in an album (or several albums) - you can assign a keyword liek "longwood Garden" to photos and have a smart album that will automaticaly add all photos with that keyword

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