Open Url iView in same window but full screen

Hi ,
I have a requirement where i need to open the url iview in the same window but in fullscreen mode.
Also for eg if the url is ,then the iview should look similar in terms of size as opened in the normal IE browser.Also the url on the portal should change to and not http://servername:portnumber/...
Can you please help me in doing so.

maybe some text as url [ggpage|] is what u need, not  url view
A URL iView is a collection of meta attributes, one of which is the URL to the information source (see )Selecting the Source URL). A built-in browser available in the URL iView Wizard and Editor enables you to navigate easily within a Web site in order to retrieve the URL of the source Web page to display in the iView.
last word: " in the iView"

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  • Opening URL in the same window

    I have a webdynpro Java Application which is opened on the click of the iview which is created for i want to specify a URL for it which should open it in the same window.....rather than an external can i achieve the same...? how can i specify the URL in the Default Plug (event handler) of the Interface View that it opens up...
    Any help would be highly appreciated...

    Hi Shikil,
    use this
    String navigateto="ROLES://portal_content/";
                                                 (String) null,
                                                 (String) null,
                                                 (String) null,
                                                 (String) null,
    navigateto is the pcd of your iview.

  • Open url in the same window.

    How can I open a new window (e.g. url to sap transaction) but in the same application window?
    I am using window manager in order to open the window but is there a function for opening the window not as external window?

    Yes it is possible., You have to create Exit Plug to achieve this:
    check this article for Ref: [Using Exit Plug in WDA|]
    hope this helps u.,
    Thanks & Regards,

  • How to open URL iView in new window

    We are not able to open the URL iView, which is assigned to page, in new window.
    We set the property "Launch in New Window" to Launch in Separate Window but no use.
    Please let us know the solution

    Hi Tatayya,
    Remove the delta-link that you have done for that iview to the page. Change the necessary settings on the iview level (skip this part if you have already done). Then re-"delta-link"the iview to the page and test if it open in a different window.
    Could also be your cache, so go ..navigate via Sys adm--> Navigation -> clear cache.
    Hope that helps.

  • Opening URL application in same window without using plugs.

    I am working on ESS and MSS.
    When user click on a button , an application has to open in the same window. As it is standard application I do not want to create plugs in the windows.
    Please let me know is it possible or not. If yes please give me suggestions.
    If it is not possible please suggest me how to do it with plugs.
    Edited by: sarath kumar on Feb 18, 2010 4:51 PM

    Hi Sarath,
    For navigation Inplace ( i.e in same window ) you can use launchpad customizing.
    Search for FPM cookbook in the net and you will know how to do launchpad customizig ( Transaction LPD_CUST ).
    When you configure launchpad then in Advanced paramters under the group potal parameters you have option of choosing Navigation Mode as Inplace.
    Manas Dua

  • Open Web Dynpro in same window

    Hello Everyone!
    We've got a really really big problem.
    We use in our KM a Web Dynpro. In the Image Map we want to call this Web Dynpro and open it in the same window. But at the moment we are just able to open the Dynpro in another window.
    Is there a possibility to open it in the same window?
    Hope that anyone of you, has a solution for our problem.
    Many thanks,

    Please post the URL of your webdynpro application.
    Chk this
    NavMode parameter determine, whether the application should open in new window or same window.
    mode 0 for internal window,
    mode 1 for external window with content,
    mode 2 for external window with full navigation,
    mode 3 for external headerless window
    This link will open in same window.

  • Opening of IView in New Window

    Hi All,
    I have iView which is common to two different roles. In both roles I have to open in the same window but since a link cannot be provided with two different PCD locations. I want that iView to be displayed in a new window.
    So on click of link how we can open an iView new window?
    My other question is how do we workaround the problem i'm facing as i want that open the same link for two different roles. if i assign the iView to different role and call it then I'm affecting my Detailed navigation view. which i don't want to get effected.
    Please consider it urgent

    Hi Srikant,
    In one of the iview property u can specify that open in new window.
    What i would suggest for ur porblem is that use EPCM.doNavigate as the href when u click on the link...
    <A HREF="myLink" onclick="return EPCM.doNavigate('target')">
    This is HTML Link</A>
    The navigation target specifies the location of an iView or a page in the current user role. The target can be obtained from the portal catalog as a value that is concatenated by folder id s, roles or other objects.
    The navigation target has to be prefixed with the corresponding navigation connector name that is used for retrieving the navigation structure. When accessing iViews and pages in the role from the Portal Content Directory (PCD), you have to add the prefix ROLES:// to the URL.
    We have created a custom role (MyRole) and assigned an iView (MyIView) to it:
    portal_content (root folder)>>MyRole (folder)>>MyRole (role)>>MyTest (folder)>> MyIView (iView)
    The corresponding navigation target is:
    Also u can try this link for more details

  • Open URL in a new window by closing the parent window

    Hi Friends,
    Is there any option to open URL in a new window by closing the parent window on a button click?
    Already implemented the logics suggested in /people/mohammed.anzys/blog/2007/06/05/how-to-close-parent-window-in-webdynpro-applications , the thread ' URL in same window '  and the standard component WDR_TEST_EXIT_PLUG .But button is not triggerring any actions .plz help me  ..............

    Do the following steps :
    -> Make an Outbound Plug to the Window.
    ->Make the type of Outbound plug to Exit Type.
    ->Add URL of type String as a parameter to the outbound plug of Window.
    ->Do remember to add Component Name in the Properties Tab of View ( othervs Calling Outbound plug of window from view wont b possible ).
    To open a new URL with closing the previous one write this Code in OnAction of Button : ( this Code can be get from Code Wizard too ).
    DATA lo_zexit TYPE REF TO ig_zexit .   <zexit is name of my Component>
    lo_zexit =   wd_this->get_zexit_ctr( ).
        url =   ''                            " string
    I hope it helps.

  • How to open a window in full screen mode using lf_fpm_navigation?

    Hi Guys
    For the following applications
    When the user clicks on the appraisal document name, a seperate window(not full screen) is generated to display the Appraisal docuemnt.
    The code is as follows:
    Generate the URL to be called.
        CALL METHOD cl_wd_utilities=>construct_wd_url
            application_name = 'HAP_MAIN_DOCUMENT'
            in_parameters    = lt_parameters
            out_local_url    = l_url.
        wd_this->url = l_url.
        wd_this->display_document( ).
    lv_alias = 'EMPLOYEE_DOCUMENT_UI_OBN'.
    use FPM navigation
        ls_nav_key-key1 = 'HAP'.
        ls_nav_key-key2 = 'HAP_GENERIC_UI'.
        lr_fpm_navigation ?= lr_fpm->get_navigation( is_key = ls_nav_key iv_instance_sharing = abap_false ).
        CALL METHOD lr_fpm_navigation->get_key_from_alias
            iv_alias = lv_alias
            rv_key   = lv_key.
               id_target_key            = lv_key
               it_application_parameter = lt_appl_param
               it_business_parameter    = lt_business_param    ).
        lr_fpm_navigation->navigate( lv_key ).
    Any idea how to open this window in full screen?
    Highly appreciate your help.
    Thank and Regards

    Hi Pramod,
    This FPM navigation is achieved using settings made in Launchapd Customizing ( LPD_CUST ).
    a) Execute Tran LPD_CUST
    b) Go to Role HAP - Double Click to open it.
    c) Open the second folder on the LHS menu - there you will find 2 entries
    d) Click on second entry - in the entry setting you can see that it is configured for WD Application  - HAP_MAIN_DOCUMENT
    e) Click on button Show Advanced Parameters
    f) There you will find a input box named as Window Features - here you can specify window features like
    save the settings come out and test ur app again.
    change the height and width and other features as per ur req.
    Manas Dua

  • Can we open URL iview in  existing browser NEW TAB?

    Can we open URL iview in  existing browser NEW TAB?
    if so how do we take care of this.
    I have tried all the window options and anyone of them did not meet my requirement?

    Try using this option:
    IE7 -> Internet options->General-> Tabs Settings (button)-> When a popup-encountered option -> Select "Always open pop-up in new tab".
    Hope it should solve the problem.

  • Opening .pdfs in the same window/tab.

    I look at a lot of .pdfs (Journal Articles) in my browse. Generally, I only download a fraction of the ones I look at. Recently, Firefox has stopped opening .pdfs in the same window/tab. Instead, it prompts me to download every .pdf I want to look at. I then have to save them, open them on my desktop, look at them, and then delete the ones I do not want to keep. Does anyone know how to get Firefox 10.0.2 to start opening .pdfs in the same window/tab again?

    Adobe PDF Reader is not on your list of Plug-ins submitted with your question (click on "More system details" to the right of your original question). If it is disabled on the Plug-ins list (''Add-ons > Plugins''), click "Enable". If it is not installed on your system (in your Programs folder), then download the installer and run the installer after it is saved to your hard drive (install with Firefox closed).
    *See --> [ Installing/Updating Adobe Reader in Firefox] ('''''NOTE:''''' un-check any items on the Adobe download page that you do not want installed on your system)
    *Also see --> [ Opening PDF files within Firefox]
    '''If this reply solves your problem, please click "Solved It" next to this reply when <u>signed-in</u> to the forum.'''
    Not related to your question, but...
    You may need to update some plug-ins. Check your plug-ins and update as necessary:
    *Plug-in check -->
    *'''''Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in''''': [ Installing ('''''or Updating''''') the Shockwave plugin with Firefox]
    *Adobe PDF Plug-In For Firefox and Netscape: [ Installing/Updating Adobe Reader in Firefox]
    *Shockwave Flash (Adobe Flash or Flash): [ Updating Flash in Firefox]
    *'''''Next Generation Java Plug-in for Mozilla browsers''''': [ Installing or Updating Java in Firefox]

  • Open a document in same window

    We have a requirement to open a document in same window(lower part) when a link or button is clicked. Is there any sample explaining how to do that?

    you can use af:inlineFrame component

  • When I right-click a link to open in another tab, the new tab opens not in the original window but in the first firefox window of the session

    when I right-click a link to open in another tab, the new tab opens not in the original window but in the first Firefox window of the session.
    I deleted sessionstore.js from the profile and restarted Firefox but that did not help

    Sounds like this bug:
    * [ bug 644729] - Popup window with all toolbars visible causes new tabs to open in another browser window
    ''(please do not comment in bug reports; you can vote instead)''

  • Is it possible to set a finder window to full screen mode,..

    ... like mail, itunes and other apps? and if not, why not?
    I have to say it took me a bit to get used to Lion, I began complaining all day until I decided to take some time to learn it, and now I like it very much, I see the advantages over 10.6.
    But still, there are some things I don't know about, and the window of opportunity to take time to learn more has closed. And I don't know when it'll open again.
    So, that's why I have joined the community, because now I'm trying to use everthing on full-screen mode, and as I was setting my desktops to work on a project in which I will be needing a lot of finder windows open with a lot of items each, I instantly asked myself:
    Is it possible to set the finder windows to full screen? because I don't see any buttons.
    Thanks 4 Your Time

    Thanks Don Archibald,
    Yeah, that's what I'm doing at the moment. But I thought it would be nice to have the little full screen button just to press it so.
    Besides, I'm still figuring out the finder windows' behaviour. I discovered that if you open a folder from a window that has the toolbar, the new folder would also open with a toolbar, even if you already had it set it up with just the status bar.
    And one thing that still enervates me is that if you have a window with two items, and you press the green button to fit the borders up tight, instead of leavin' the 2 items in a horizontal arrangement, it moves one to the bottom and puts a slider. Arrgh.
    Another thing I haven't understood is why one folder I have on the dock sometimes opens with a column layout instead of the icon layout I have arranged for it before. Totally random 4 now, can't find the why.
    Anyway... I'm going to order some lapel pins about 2 flags I designed for two embassies. Anyone know a good place for doing that?

  • Windowed to Full-screen takes 3 attempts

    I'm working on a program, and one of the features I want is to be able to toggle between Full-screen and Windowed modes. I've searched these forums (and google) and saw a lot of the bug issues with full-screen implementations were from JDK 1.4, but haven't found if those bugs still exist. I also haven't found anyone that's encountering quite the same problem I'm having, which is:
    When changing the window (JFrame) from windowed mode to full-screen, it does a minimize-maximize loop 3 times before it finally goes full-screen.
    I thought it might've been related to the many other parts of the code I had written to handle this (namely key events for global hotkeys), but in the following demo which is a watered-down version of what I'm doing, I still get the same problem. Only difference between this and the actual program is the actual program uses an input-action mapping instead of a button.
    import javax.swing.*;
    import java.awt.*;
    import java.awt.event.*;
    public class ToggleTest extends JFrame implements ActionListener {
        private GraphicsDevice graphicsDevice;
        private DisplayMode origDisplayMode;
        private JButton myToggleButton;
        private boolean isFullScreen = false;
        public static void main(String[] args) {
            new ToggleTest();
        public ToggleTest() {
            JPanel tmp = new JPanel();
            GraphicsDevice[] devices = GraphicsEnvironment.getLocalGraphicsEnvironment().getScreenDevices();
            graphicsDevice = devices[0];
            origDisplayMode = graphicsDevice.getDisplayMode();
            JLabel myLabel = new JLabel("Test fullscreen");
            myToggleButton = new JButton("Toggle");
         * Toggles the screen between full-screen and windowed.
         * Implemented as a method for re-usability with code
         * that doesn't trigger action commands.
        private void toggle() {
            if(isFullScreen) {
                //Set to windowed mode
            } else {
                //set fullscreen mode
            isFullScreen = !isFullScreen;
        public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e) {
            if(e.getSource() == myToggleButton) {
    }I tried messing with the graphicsDevice.setDisplayMode method, but in examples I've seen, it made the whole screen go black and to the specified resolution of the supplied display mode. I'd rather keep the native resolution regardless of being in full-screen or windowed mode, and instead of having the setDisplayMode(origDisplayMode) in both the windowed and full-screen declarations, I just removed it (with no seemingly ill effects).
    I also tried removing the setFullScreenWindow(this) and just resized the JFrame to the current resolution, removed the decorations, removed the ability to resize it, and set it at the upper left corner, and this was a step closer to what I wanted. There were no minimize-maximize incidents, however the start bar was still on top. Reading the javadoc said if fullscreen mode wasn't supported that it would simulate it (which could be the case as the computer I'm testing it on has integrated graphics).
    Any help would be appreciated.

    That would be nice.
    Would also be nice to have the visualizer full screen on the secondary screen and leave the pimary screen alone.
    Suggestions here ->

Maybe you are looking for