Opening A Premiere Pro CS6 Project in Premiere Pro CS 5.5

I downloaded Premiere Pro CS 6. I already have Premiere Pro CS 5.5 on my computer. I had read you can open up a CS 6 Project in CS 5.5 by doing the following:
1) Saving your project file on your Hard Drive
2) Copy it just for back up
3) Right Click (Control Click) on the original Project File and open it up in Text Edit.
4) On the fourth row Change Version "25" to Version "24"
5) Save it.
I opened up Premiere Pro 5.5 and went to File (that I just changed to open in Premiere CS 5.5) - Open Project - and I then clicked on that file. It started to open up. When Premiere 5.5 was open this dialog box came up:
I clicked OK and everything opened up in 5.5 fine. It worked great. You can open up a CS6 project in Premiere 5.5.
What does this box mean? I installed CS 6 as is. I did not add any third party files or transitions or filters.
Thanks in Advance

this is the best piece of advice i have found. thankyou so much edwurd. I have premiere pro 5.5 and 6, I had to upgrade to 6 for some commercial work, but half my plugins have now gone into another dimension and 6 doesn;t see them these consist of red giant and new blue fx plugins mostly. These all work great in 5.5 premiere but of course with new projects now in 6 half of them cease to be seen by the plugin loader even though they are in the cache after 11 days of installing and reinstalling still no one can help. I had a huge project i was working layered with all these third party plugins that 6 didn't want to play with anymore, although it used to, I just tried your suggestion. and it worked perfectly, i didn't even get the error box the whole thing / 6 project /  opened beautifully in 5.5 with all plugins functioning and happy. Thankyou again. you are a legend.

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    I Just tried to open a premiere elements 10 project in premier pro cs6 but gave me this message.
    Please help.

  • Can a premiere pro CS6 project done on a pc be opened by PPCC2014 on a mac without manually relinking every asset?

    Can a premiere pro CS6 project done on a pc be opened by PP CC2014 on a mac without manually relinking every asset? Relinking would take longer for me than just recutting my colleague's footage.

    Use the Project Manager to collect all of the assets on the PC. Then use that to start your editing on the Mac.

  • Corrupted Premiere Pro CS6 project

    Hi, i´m having a problem opening a premiere pro cs6 project from another computer. My partner can open the project in her computer, but when she sends me the project by mail and i try to open it in my computer i I get t the mesasage " Cannot load project".
    I´ve tried importing the project into another project but it doesn´t work.

    Post a screen shot of the error message.

  • How to work on a portion of a larger Premiere Pro CS6 project on another computer?

    I have a very large Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 project that I'm working on at home. While I'm gone for the holidays, I'd like to take a small portion of that project (whole project is 6tb and too large to take, so I'll take 1tb of it), work on it, and then return and reintergrate it into the larger project. Is there a way to do that?

    I migrate Projects with external FW-800's all of the time. To ease working on those Projects, I locate all of my Scratch Disk, Same as Project, and everytihng is always there, and ready for use. I do give up a bit of ultimate performance with this configuration, but never have any issues.
    One thing that I do for each external is to assign the same, unique drive letter to it in the OS of each computer. Have you done this? Does your RAID box come up with the same drive letter in each computer - always?
    Good luck, and with migration between computers, you might want to relocate the Scratch Disks. Please let us know if that helps.

  • Switching from Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC

    I am currently renting Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 through the creative cloud.  What all would I have to do to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  Is there anyway to just switch from my current subscription with Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  Or would I have to buy a whole new subscription to upgrade to Adobe Premiere Pro CC?

    the acrobat dc installer will uninstall your acrobat pro xi.  you'll see a warning when you start the installation.
    i don't know if there's a migration issue but dc seemed to pickup my acrobat x signature and my recently opened pdfs.  here's more info,
    i just watched a couple of videos about it and it looks very impressive.

  • Premiere Pro CS6 - Project frame won't retain its layout or location between opening and closing?

    I filed this as a bug, but perhaps I'm thinking through this wrong and would like to seek help.
    I'm finding that the Project frame in Premiere Pro CS6 does not retain its layout between opening and closings.
    Here's what I do:
    1) Open a project.
    2) Create several bins and populate them with media. Expand the contents of a bin by clicking the disclosure triangle to the left of the folder.
    3) Undock the Project frame only.
    4) Close the Project frame with Command-W
    5) Use ****-1 to reopen the Project frame.
    Repeat steps 4 and 5. The result is that the Project frame does not remember which bin was open. Furstratingly, it also does not retain which bins were expanded or collapsed.
    And worst of all, it will also open in random areas of the screen. (The expected result is that it would reopen in the same spot of the desktop where you last closed it, no?)
    I'm a big organizer -- tons of footage across many different bins. I open bins, close them, keep some open, close others... easily dozens or hundreds of times during an edit session. I'm beginnging to feel like I'm swatting flies or playing whack-a-mole just to get my bin views correct!
    Or mm I approaching this wrong?

    But really, the real solution for me was to not update Premiere Pro CS6 after a reinstall. The most recent updates just do not like my computer, I guess.
    Figured I should post this solution here in case anyone in the future has this problem. (relevant: xkcd: Wisdom of the Ancients)

  • Unable to open my  Premiere Pro  CS6 projects

    I am using Adobe Premiere PRO CS6 about two years. A few days ago i tried to open a project i createt half a year ago but was not able to. I got alway the error message Premiere Pro has encountered an error.
    when i click to continue appears the message that the project could not be loaded beacuse its maybe dameged or  contains old elements.
    So what I tried,
    -     Reinstall Adobe premiere Pro CS6 (deleted all files and settings before)
    -      create an other User on the computer to be sure its not the user profile
    -     installed Premiere on a virutal machine
    -      open an other project from autosave
         always the same error
    than I  created a new project worked for about one hour on it. after saving closed the project => next day continued with the work on that file saved again, an since today that file is also not working any more same error as on the other fiel. The old file (saved after first day) is still working.
    I hope you can help me with that issue, in about a month I will have to make a bigger project and if Im not sure that premiere is working correct i might loose a lot of time.
    thanks for your help!!

    Hi Mich1989,
    Uninstall iCloud to get Premiere Pro working correctly once more.
    Main thread with utilities to repair projects here: Debug event f:\mightysilt_win64\shared\adobe\mediacore\mediafoundation\api\inc\keyframe

  • Issues opening CS6 projects in Premiere Pro CC

    My Premiere Pro CC takes a ridiculously long time to locate media from a CS6 project file, is this normal?

    You should file a bug report with Adobe. I just did. I am experiencing the same issue on multiple machines with Creative Cloud licenses. I waited to upgrade until I was finished with my major active projects in CS6, but I'm not recalling projects from last year for a couple of clients, and I have to wait around for hours to re-link just a couple of files at a time. If I didn't need a few hundred markers and other project-specific things from those old projects, I would just re-edit the sequences based on my EDLs because that would be much faster than waiting for the re-link. Premiere CC supports backwards compatibility with CS6 project files (mine are just fine once I go through the hours of re-linking), and I never experienced a similar issue after upgrading from CS5.5 to CS6 early last year, so I think it's a bug.

  • Premiere Pro CS6 Project Manager gives error & will not manage project - OS X Lion 10.7.5

    Premiere CS6 project manager reports  an error and will not manage my project. I have tried several times with both "Create New Trimmed Project" and " Collect Files and Copy to New Location". I have also tried to manage the project with options checked and unchecked (Include Preview Files, Include Audio Conform Files, Rename Media Files to Match Clip Names). Every time I try to manage the project, the process takes a few hours and then gives an error asking me to try again.
    The project is 90 minutes long and uses multiple footage formats:
    Sony FS100
    Sony NEX7
    Sony NEX-5n
    Canon C300
    Canon 5DmkII
    Panazonic HVX200
    My computer is:
    Processor  2 x 2.66 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
    Memory  12 GB 1333 MHz DDR3
    Graphics  ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024 MB
    Software  Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63)
    Is this a bug, or are there specific things I can do to troubleshoot the problem? I have read of issues with AVCHD. I have confirmed all of my AVCHD folders are intact. Any other Ideas?

    I have this same problem on a Mac with CS6. I was simple trying to archive a project using the "collect files" option. After five or six hours of troubleshooting (Thanks Adobe) I have narrowed it down to MXF clips that came over in a Final Cut EDL (Projects created in PP with MXF files seem to be fine).  In other words, as I was transitioning from FCP to Premiere Pro, I sent four or five projects out of FCP as an EDL, opened them in PP and continued to edit.  It seemed to work really well until I attempted to archive my media.  If there was a single raw MXF file in the timeline (Not the project panel for some reason) the Project Manager would give me the standard error:"An unknown error occurred during the Project Manager operation. Please save your project and retry the operation.".
    I have found two solutions that seem to work, both of which are a pain in the ax. 
    Option 1: Save the original project file only to an archive folder.  Then delete all the old timelines from the project, and save the project with a new name.  Create a new timeline and just drag all the raw video and audio into it. (Project Manager needs a timeline of some sort to archive) Then use the Project Manager to archive the modified project.  If I need the project in the future, I'll need to open the original PP project and relink all the media from the archived "media only" project folder. 
    Unbelievably, if you were to take this route and then re-edit the project in the future, it looks like you would run up against the same archiving issue AGAIN next time (At least using CS6). You'd have to go through all the steps above to archive it a second time. Depending on the size of your project, you may want to take option 2 and get the pain over with once-and-for-all.
    Option 2: If you only have a couple of MXF files in the timeline (in my case I had mostly renders from AE by the time I was done and THAT raw project had archived in AE just fine) you can export the raw MXF files to another format, then replace the media in your project panel.  Finally, use the Project Manager to archive the project like you should have been able to in the first place if Adobe had written the code well in the first place!

  • Large Premiere Pro CS6 Project running very slowly

    Hi there folks. I'm about to ask a question to which I'm fairly certain the answer is "You need to upgrade your RAM and Video Card." But I thought I'd toss the question out to Adobeland just for the slightest, minesculest chance there might be a software fix.
    Basically, I have a huge project for this promo. About 4TB worth of footage all in all. Almost all of it is PRORES 4444 from an Alexa (which runs like a charm) but there's also a great deal of full hd XDCAM transcodes of several of a networks full feature films (They're about 80GB each).
    These films are killing my project. I can't even watch them for more than a few seconds without Premiere just stalling out, that's fine, I can cope with that. But apparently just having them in the project is enough to slow the whole thing down even when I'm only using a few clips on my 60" timeline. It takes 45 minutes for the project to fully load up, and I'm constantly clearing the cache.
    I'm running a Mac Pro (Mid 2010) 2 x 2.4Ghz Quad-core Intel Xeon, 12 GB 1066 Mhz DDR3, ATI Radeon HD 5770 1024MB using OSX Lion 10.7.5....
    If there's any little software tweaks or fixes that can speed up Premiere.
    PS - I've tried using project manager to create a new trimmed project with handles, but for some reason this never works for me. It just makes copies of the entire original clips without trimming them. I've also tried transcoding the Larger files to smaller versions, but this process is taking way too long and keeps crashing
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
    Much Love

    In After Effects you 'purge' the cache to free up RAM, in order to preview other compositions. In Premiere, it is a bit different, because this program works with different cache files and different ways of storing them. There are files used for previews/renders, created by the user - and files for caching information about media used in the project (metadata, waveforms etc.), created by Premiere. The only ones you can delete are the render files, found in Adobe Premiere Pro Preview Files (if you don't need them at one point; they can be easily recreated by rendering again). All the others (the ones you say that you delete through 'Preferences') need to be kept, because Premiere works with them. I assume this is the reason it takes that long when opening the project, because Premiere needs to re-cache everytime. Don't delete them and see how it goes.
    Just as a reference point for you: I have a powerful computer (dual Xeon, dual nVidia, 64GB RAM), and I still have to decrease the playback quality sometimes to 1/2. The lowest I can go is 1/4, and I assume your Premiere allows decreasing at least to 1/8, with the rest of values grayed/unselectable.
    I think you need a better graphic card first, one that is accepted by Premiere, for its CUDA capabilities. Check their website, I think your Radeon is not allowing the use of Mercury Playback.

  • Premiere Pro CS6: Project Panel Search Disabled When Media is Not on System Drive

    I'm new to Premiere Pro CS6. It's awesome!
    I have some media I use in a project that is stored on another internal hard drive. This is a secondary 1TB drive.
    I started to notice pretty quickly that the Project Panel search is disabled for assets residing on this secondary drive.
    As a test I linked to some media on my Macintosh HD (root drive). The Project Panel Search was available during this test.
    When not available, the Project Panel Search is dimmed. No errors or other feedback.
    Is there something I can do to enable Project Panel search for media which is kept off my Macintosh HD? I would prefer to keep my work files on my secondary drive.
    MacPro (Mid 2010)
    Mac OS 10.7.5
    24 GB RAM
    1x2TB and 1x1TB hard drives
    Thanks in advance.

    Hello PHA 1 ,
    I had the same problem, go down to the panel below the project panel and if it is on "effects" change it to "info" or vice versa.
    Magicaly your search will not be greyed out and you can type in what your looking for.
    I have no idea what one has to do with the other but that is the solution for now

  • Which Premiere Pro (CS6) project settings should I be using?

    Hi there
    I am currently trying to use Premiere Pro CS6 to edit a Skype video call I recorded using Super Tintin, and I'm not sure what project settings I should l be using.
    At the moment I am selecting HDV/HDV1080i25 (50i) when I set up the project, but when I come to add the video file to the project timeline, I am told that the file settings do not match the sequence settings and I am prompted to either change the settings, or keep the existing ones.
    When I select 'keep existing settings' the video appears in a very small box in the centre of a large black screen, which obviously isn't what I'm looking for. When I select 'change sequence settings', however, the video fills the screen, which is great, but the video and audio are out of synch (when I play the file outside of CS6, they are in synch). Any idea what I'm doing wrong?
    If it helps, here is some info regarding the file I'm currently working with:
    MP4, 9MB
    Frame width: 320
    Frame height: 240
    Frame rate: 14 frames/second
    Data rate: 529 kbps
    Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks.

    Select a New Sequence
    Select any preset in a folder Mobile & Devices
    go to the Setting tab
    Set the parameters of the video and audio to your video file appropriately.
    Save the preset under any convenient name.
    create a sequence based on your preset.

  • Cannot save Premiere Pro CS6 project to our server.  Keep getting error message.

    We have just replaced/renewed all of our workstations and server.  PC. Started using the Adobe Creative Cloud subscription service.  Absolutely love the software BUT we have one rather big problem I can't figure out...When we create a new project in Premiere it keeps popping up with this error message:  "Could not open the project file with write access. The file may be locked or you may not have permission to write to this location. Select 'Save As' from the File menu to save the project to a new location".  Our IT consultant has double checked and made sure that all of our workstations have full write access to the server.  At this stage, Premiere is only letting us save our projects to an external hard drive or on the workstation hard disk.  This is not satisfactory.  We need to be able to save to the server.  Has anyone come across this problem? Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me out.

    As far as I know, you can't do what you want
    No current version of Premiere works properly, if at all, over a network
    -see #3
    -you may NOT "map" your My Documents folder to a network drive
    -you MUST give all users administrator accounts to use Premiere
    -and especially Encore dual layer
    -#5 Server 2008 is UNsupported
    -a work around, of sorts
    -and not on a "domain"
    Adobe Anywhere
    -launched at NAB 2013... final availability expected some time in 2013

  • Exporting Premiere Pro CS6 project fails to encode with certain assets in timeline

    I just upgraded to Creative Cloud and enjoyed until it came time to render my first video.
    The Media Encoder crashes no matter what I do!!!!!
    I am rendering timelines with Canon MXF files and I need to transcode them to AVI so my friend can use them in his older version of Vegas.
    I even tried encoding just a simple 15sec timeline with a few 5 second clips and that crashed too.
    I NEVER had an issue with the previous version when i was using CS5.5.
    What has changed???? I am very disaapointed whats the point of my editing a project if i can't ever output it????
    I have several client project due and now I can't finish any of them. And your India based tech support doesn't even know what Adobe Media Encoder is!!!!!

    hello everyone
    im using PrPro CS6. im having mutiple issues
    I rendered my whole video, there is no red render bars but i have some green . Every time export it you tube template. I see " ERROR COMPILING VIDEO- UNKNOWN ERROR".
    This is my second day with prpro cs6. i have spent 4 hours on this project and so frustrated that why did i make this mistake to use prpro cs6 on edius 6.
    1. IM USING VERSION 6.0.0 319 MC:264587 CS6
    3. WINDOW 7 64 BIT
    MAY 21, 2012

Maybe you are looking for