Opening files in a different version of After Effects

Is it possible to open a file that was created in Adobe After Effects CC while working on Adobe After Effects CS6? I know that you usually can't open a file from a newer version of the program on an older version.

Hi kesstar0629,
Thanks for contacting adobe forums,
As you know already that we can't open a file from a newer version of the program on an older version.
But you can try to save a copy as CS6 project also in After effects CC.
Happy Editing,

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  • Different versions of after effects

    I just installed cs6 master collection and received the following message: "
    You can’t use this version of the application “Adobe After Effects CS6” with this version of OS X. You have version 11.0"
    I've updated my computer and still no luck.

    See this:
    Can't open After Effects after upgrading to Yosemite

  • Older version of After Effects to open old file?

    I have tons of projects in After Effects 6.  One of the reasons I joined Adobe Cloud was because I want to update to OSX Mountain Lion and AE6 won't run on ML.  I just attempted to open one of my old projects, and get the error message "This file was created with an older version of After Effects [6.0(Macintosh PPC)], and can't be opened.  You can convert this file using an older version of After Effects and resaving."  Well, I only have access to my copy of AE6, is it possible through the Adobe Cloud to get a version of After Effects that will open these files so I can up-convert it?  Or any other method to get these files to open in the newest version of AE?  Re-building is not really an option, these are projects that are years old and are continually being updated with text.

    > If CS5 can do it, why not CS6? ...  If CS5 can read a 6.0 project, and CS6 can read a CS5 project, it stands to reason that it's not that difficult.
    It's a matter of testing resources. If we were to allow After Effects CS6 (11.0) to read files all the way back to version 1.0, then we'd have to test opening of files for every version all the way back to 1.0, making sure that every feature worked and was converted correctly. This is an immense amount of testing. We have determined that going back five versions (to 7.0) is enough to satisfy nearly everyone's needs---especially since the few people who still need to convert files from even earlier versions have the workaround of doing a two-step conversion process by way of After Effects CS4, CS5, et cetera. We spend the time that we save on testing other features that we expect that far more people will use. That is the nature of software development with finite resources.

  • Logic will not open files created with earlier versions?

    Logic Pro 9 will not open willnot open files created in earlier versions advising that attempts should be mad using Logic pro 7.  My Mac Pro wil not open this version of Logic "because PowerPC applkcations are no longer supported."  Any help would be very much appreciated since I need to have books reprinted.

    Pancenter wrote:
    Won't help, the "installer" (through Logic 8) uses some PPC code, this person is running Lion which means no version of 7 or 8 can be installed.
    I think that the PPC installer can be worked around (?):
    Make disk images of the Install Disks, mount them all, then use Pacifist to run the Install process
    Looks like it should work here..

  • 2 versions of after effects running

    Why do i have 2 versions of after effects on my computer and when i open the same project in both, they react differently?
    If I click on AE in the windows panel and run AE as Administrator on my windows 7 64 bit computer, version opens....i have a project that loads a script when opening and if i open the project in this version...everything is great
    the other version is AE, it opens when if i click on a saved AE project on my desktop, but shows errors and doesn't locate files properly in the script that loads in the same project i mentioned above.
    Should i have both of these?
    if not, what should i do to correct?

    CC 2014 uses NEW plugins
    -so do not uninstall the older CC programs if you use plugins in your programs
    Otherwise, you may get better help in After Effects
    The Cloud forum is not about using individual programs
    The Cloud forum is about the Cloud as a delivery & install process
    If you will start at the Forums Index
    You will be able to select a forum for the specific Adobe product(s) you use
    Click the "down arrow" symbol on the right (where it says All communities) to open the drop down list and scroll

  • Trimming HD video files for export from Windows to After Effects on a MAC

    I have some .MTS files created using 2 HD camcorders:
    1) Panasonic HDC-TM700 which shoots full HD @ 1920 x 1080 and
    2) JVC Everio GZ-HM550 which shoots the same HD resolution
    I am working with PP CS5 on Windows 7
    I need to trim some small pieces (5 -10 seconds) out of many of the .MTS files to send to someone using After Effects MAC and FC Pro
    In trying to keep the highest HD resolution of 1920 x 1080, the number of choices to select when creating a new sequence and then when exporting from PP is confusing.
    Note: I notice that 2 clips I have in my PP project bin at the same time have different frame rates which I believe that 1 each came from my different cameras:
    file 1) 29.97fps 48000hz compressed stereo
    file 2) 59.94fps 48000hz compressed 5.1
    Can anyone guide me here on sequence and export settings & codecs to maintain the HD resolution and least loss of quality on export?
    Will the 2 different frame rates prior to export cause any issues? I'm assuming PP will re-interpret for output.

    > I understand the files are not compressed.
    You misunderstand. The files are compressed. But they're compressed without losing any information. Losslessly compressed movies are a lot smaller than uncompressed movies---but they're still bigger than movies compressed with a lossy codec that would be more suitable for final delivery and distribution.
    > How long are the movies your associate sends you and approx what do file sizes look like?
    I tend to work on individual clips that are from several seconds to a few minutes long. They're usually a small number of GB each. Don't fret about large file sizes for intermediate files. Making movies small matters when you're streaming them for final delivery, not when you're handing over a hard disk or using an FTP server to exchange files for post-production work.

  • Unable to launch trial version of After effects: Mac OS X

    I am unable to install the trial version of After Effects CS4. Downloaded 4 times with both Safari and Firefox. I get to the Adobe After Effects CS4 folder. The setup icon does nothing. Launching the bootstrapper.dmg file gets me to a folder with an Ri icon. Clicking on that yields an error message: The operation could not be completed. An unexpected error occurred (error code -10822). I am running OSX 10.5.8 on a MacBook Pro [pre unibody). I feel really dumb biut what am I not doing?

    Do you run as admin (in Mac terms User can manage computer in your user profile options)? That might be something to look into (though the primary user always is admin). Short of that, the usual: Other Adobe apps could be blocking the way and require to be uninstalled or "cleaned" using the CS3/ CS4 Clean Scripts/Utilities from the support pages.

  • After Effects (alert) : Impossible to create the file '/Users/JY/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.0/dummy'.

    Hello everybodyI have few problems.
    1. when I try to launch after effects (juste after the installation), I have this message and I don't know how to fix it 
    After Effects (alert) : Impossible to create the file '/Users/JY/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.0/dummy'.
    2 I just dowload AE CC 2014 fort the first time and It say to me The trial version is over....
    thank you

    if your trial is over, it's over.  there's no easy way to re-start a 30 day trial even if it ends before 30 days, Adobe trial software expired early
    if you only had problem 1, you could probably resolve it by right clicking ae and clicking 'run as administrator'.

  • Future versions of After Effects will be 64-bit

    I just added a post on my blog about the announcement today that the next major version of After Effects will be a 64-bit application.

    Also, what apps are included with "leading video applications?"
    The ones that make sense. Certainly not Encore. It has enough other issues to sort out before going 64bit. Even if it were the stable and reliable app we all would want it to be, it couldn't, because, to my knowledge, many of the libraries it uses for DVD and BluRay creation are third-party stuff out of Adobe's control and those are not available as 64bit native yet. 64bit also doesn't make much sense for Soundbooth for similar reasons with regards to the audio processing plug-in interfaces and possible external hardware controllers. And it doesn't really need more memory, as it works more disk centric with file segmentation and that. So that leaves AE and Premiere and I think we can agree that thiey are the most sensible candidates.

  • File size changing when pass through after effects  (180Mb file goes in and comes out 33GB on export)

    im processing a video recorded of an  interview where the lighting was not very good on the interviewee
    im brightening up the light on the interviewees face
    the file was a 180Mb  H.264 file on import 
    when i export the file its coming out at 33GB in size.... im not sure why this is
    i have chosen the default setting "lossless" as the format for export
    i just want the file to export the same size and quality as it was when i imported it
    what options should i choose for this?    AE does not seem to tell me how big the end file will be and it takes 1 hour and half to process this 2 minute interview so it will take me an awfull long time to get to the bottom of this if i try by myself

    It doesn't "increase" the file size. You're making a brand new file.
    What you put into After Effects has nothing to do with the resulting file. You can have an AE composition with no footage whatsoever and the resulting file will be much larger than 0!
    After Effects works internally with completely uncompressed pixel data, so no matter what you toss into it, it produces whatever you tell it to produce. As Mylenium points out, you made an uncompressed final file.
    Your original video file is VERY compressed. So, of COURSE uncompressed video is going to look massive by comparison.
    Read Mylenium's link to understand a bit more and go here to learn AE: Getting started with After Effects There are lots of "gotchas" like this that'll bit your butt if you skip this basic training stuff.

  • Problem installing trial version of After Effects CS4

    I'm trying to install the trial version of After Effects CS4 on Windows Vista Ultimate Service Pack 1 32-bit Operating System, Processor 2.4GHz, RAM 4GB.
    At the initializing stage it gets to 90% on the 'Checking System Profile...' dialog box, something flashes and then it freezes.
    I've downloaded it a second time in case of corruption.
    I've rebooted several times and retried it with no other applications running.
    I've run updates on any existing adobe products I have.
    Any ideas?  I've never had problems installing adobe products before.

    Not your fault, known issue.
    a) Download the Microsoft Installer Cleanup Utility and install it
    b) Download the CS4 Cleanup Utility from Adobe's support pages
    c) Run the CS4 Cleanup, electing to remove all debris from your failed install
    d) Manually uninstall all instances of Adobe AIR products (, Adobe Media Palyer) using Add or Remove Programs
    e) Launch the Microsoft Installer Cleanup and look for instances of Adobe Installer 2.0. Have them removed. Optionally, have it remove other Adobe stuff that may have been left over from CS4.
    f) Try to install CS4
    Note: The cleanup utilities will not remove anything physically, only clean out the installer, so they pose no danger to your system. You will only lose the ability to uninstall those programs from Add or Remove Programs.

  • Is it possible to download older versions of After Effects?

    I downloaded the adobe master collection CS6 trial, and most of the products were able to download just fine except a few, some of which I didn't really care about, but After Effects was one of them unfortunately and that was one of the reasons I was downloading the collection. I looked at the system requirements and discovered that the only version my laptop could handle was CS4. Is it possible to download the trial version of this without downloading it from shady sites? I just need to try it out, although it would be nice if it was free now.
    Thanks in advance.

    You can download a 30 day time limited Trial version of After Effects CS4 here. After 30 days it will cease to function without a CS4 serial number, which you cannot purchase now if you don't already have one.
    Ensure that you follow the Very Important Instructions on that page first otherwise the links will not work.
    You can no longer purchase After Effects CS4 and it definitely is not available for free even though it's a superseded version. So you'll only get 30 days out of it.
    I take it you're trying it because you have a 32 bit system?

  • What version of after effects is the creative cloud version

    what version of after effects is the creative cloud version

    The most recent version is After Effects CC (12.2):

  • I installed the CC trial with an error window saying: Could not create the file '/Users/dranim/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.2/dummy'.  That was the first window.   Heres the second: After Effects can't continue: unexpected failure during app

    I installed the CC trial with an error window saying: Could not create the file '/Users/dranim/Library/Preferences/Adobe/After Effects/13.2/dummy'.  That was the first window.   Heres the second: After Effects can’t continue: unexpected failure during application startup  I paid for the month subscription of 29.99. It claims it is downloading again?! Am I missing something here? Why is this process so complicated? I need to get this resolved asap and start working.

    I originally had Adobe Photoshop Extended, then upgraded to the Production Suite. I ran the Adobe Cleaner, and that uninstalled most Adobe products, including my existing Adobe install, and then I re-installed everything with the same error code. Since CS4 came with CS5, I've installed AE CS4, but would really like to upgrade because I'm new to Creative Suite, and not sure how CS4 integrates with CS5...CS4 After Effects installed perfectly. I do have a 64 bit system, and installing to an OCZ Vertex 2....every other suite installs perfectly, except AE. And I think that is the coolest program in the Suite. I thank you all so much for taking the time to help, I really want to get AECS5 running...I did try to install after doing the recommended items Adobe suggests for Exit Codes 6 and 7, including turning off many startups...
    I'm baffled....

  • Trial version of After Effects - which do I choose?

    I currently own the Design and Web Premium pacakge, but wanted a trial version of After Effects to complete a motion graphic I am creating.
    The trial offer includes the choice of; a free trial download or to join the Creative Cloud and download now (Recommended - it's free).
    I am a little confused as to what it means, to my knowledge the Creative Cloud is through subscription only and isn't offered for free. So I just wondered what it meant?
    If I choose to join and download that trial will I then have to pay an annual subscription? - When I clicked this option no card details were requested and I do not have any linked to my Adobe ID.
    Somebody help please?

    I currently own the Design and Web Premium pacakge, but wanted a trial version of After Effects to complete a motion graphic I am creating... If I choose to join and download that trial will I then have to pay an annual subscription?
    First things first: you say you want AE to complete a motion graphic.  This would lead people to believe that you've used AE before.  Have you?  It's a yes/no question, and a "How tough can it be to learn?" response counts as a no.
    Second question: if you DO download the 30-day trial, do you intend to continue using AE, assuming you already know how to use it?
    The reasons for the questions:
    AE contains many, many hidden pitfalls for the uninitiated that obliterate the tight deadlines of those who think, "How tough can it be to learn?", and those same pitfalls easily can extend a reasonable learning period beyond 30 days for busy individuals.

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