Opening inserted PDF files in the EXCEL is freezing every time.  How do I solve it?

The PDF documentos I inserted are not opening.  If I close everything and open again, It is possible to open the first or the second one, but after this they do not open any more and I have not only close de Adobe Reader but also finish the "acroRd32.exe" in the Windows Manager.  I need to insert many documents but even the first ones are malfunctioning.
Please...What should I do to definitely solve this bug?

What is your Reader XI version?  If less than 11.0.10, update to that version and try again.
P.S. this is a public forum; please don't post all your contact info like telephone numbers, email addresses, etc.

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    I installed the trial version of Acrobat XI Pro.  When I tried to open various pdf files they wouldn't open.  Clicking to open the files also caused internet explorer to close.  Any help?

    Are you an administrator on your User Account? [[Firefox won't start - find solutions]] may help you.

  • Accept the enduser license agreement when opening a pdf file in the internet

    I have launched adobe reader when opening a pdf file in the internet i get the following error message
    Bevor proceeding ou must first launch adobe Acrobat and accept the Enduser license agreement
    am user of a mac book pro

    Kaliber wrote:
    Before proceeding you must first launch Adobe Acrobat and accept the Enduser license agreement.
    And, did you do that?  The message will no longer occur once you opened Adobe Reader & accept the EULA.

  • Opening a pdf file from the internet.

    Everytime I try to open a pdf file from the internet a window pops up and tells me that my adobe reader has a problem or gives me a blank page.  I have ie 10, adobe reader XI and adobe acrobat 8 pro.  All this is on win 7.  When I installed the acrobat 8 pro it could not find the adobepdf.dll.  I searched the disc, and tried to direct the installation to it but it would not accept it.  What can I do to correct this issue?

    Yes, unlike earlier IE versions, IE10 has only one executable, but it can run in 32-bit or 64-bit mode.
    Some details: -windows-7-a.html

  • After updating silverlight, i'm unable to open any pdf files in the system

    After updating silverlight, i'm unable to open any pdf files in the system

    According to your User Agent you posted this question using Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 8.1. Are you having a problem with Firefox? What Firefox version?
    You said you are having a problem opening PDF files on your system. Can you explain that better? Mozilla Support can help you with opening PDF files in Firefox, which uses a built-in PDF reader. Maybe one of these articles will help?
    * [[View PDF files in Firefox without downloading them]]
    * [[How to disable the built-in PDF viewer and use another viewer]]

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    When I open a pdf file on the net, I can only view page 1 and cannot move to page 2, 3, etc. How can I change pages?

    See [[Firefox keeps opening many tabs or windows]]
    You can have infinite tabs opening if you have selected Firefox as the application to handle a file if you get an ''Open with'' download window.
    Firefox should not be selected as the application to handle a file and you have to remove the action that is associated with that file type.
    You can delete [ mimeTypes.rdf] in the [ Profile Folder] to reset all actions or set that action in Tools > Options > Applications to 'Always Ask'.
    See ("File handling in Firefox 3 and SeaMonkey 2" and "Reset Download Actions")

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    how do I generate the pdf file using the name of a field.  How can I help

    here's a sample.
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  • Unable to open large PDF file from the Attachment list.

    Hi Gurus,
    Users had attached 10 PDF file in the work order attachment list and his supervisor is trying to open the PDF file from the work order attachment list and he is able to open 9 PDF files without any issue, but 1 PDF file is giving the error message as "Database error for <GET DATA FROM KPRO>" and then select ok, we are getting the below message.
    Window cannot find u201CC/Documents and Settings/b2m/SaoworkDir/5015851 Vendor data sheets B&P 2010 SDown XXX .PDFu2019. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again. To search for a file, click the start button, and then click serch.
    Looks like this particular file is not transferring to the SAP work directory.
    Could you please check and suggest us as to how to fix it.
    Thanks & Regards,

    Thanks for your reply.
    We verified  your OSS notes it's not relevant to us Because our issue is while opening the PDF aatchement it is not transferring to my SAP Work Directory because of that reason we are getting the KPRO error. When I'm opening the other PDF files it's transferring to my SAP Work Directory and it's automatically open without any issue.
    Please check and suggest.

  • Adobe Reader XI is not working. I have used the cleanup tool and reinstalled it. I try to open a .pdf file in the program the window will open and load all the tabs but I am never able to actually interact with them.

    I am unable to use adobe reader xi. I have tried to use the clean up tool and re install the reader. That doesn't seem to help. I go to open the pdf file in the reader and the window will load but I am not able to do anything past that point. Almost as if the program freezes once loaded I never get a not responding error until I open the task manager on the computer.

    Can you open Reader by itself?  If so, try disabling Protected Mode [Edit | Preferences | Security (Enhanced)].

  • When I try to open an PDF file in the Firefox browser, the file reconizes a HTML file instead of PDF.

    See question. The Adobe plugin is installed. It looks like Firefox attaches html to the file name.
    I click on link on internet. A screen appears that says:
    You have chosen to open (filename*.pdf) The icon for the file name shows an Internet Explorer icon. The it says: which is a: Acrobat Reader file. What should Firefox do with this file, you have two options: Open WIth and save file.

    " Help > Troubleshooting Information > Profile Directory: Open Containing Folder" . i can't find open containing folder in profile directory. it does give me the option to open the places.sqlite file using graphic converter. when i try that, graphic converter gives me a window saying that it can't be opened because it is corrupted or is not a file type supported by graphic converter.
    i appreciate your help with a workaround to get the old bookmarks. that works. however, the problem has morphed from that concern to why adobe reader [the default app.] won't open firefox .sqlite files. is the problem in adobe reader or firefox? also, how can i tell if the places.sqlite file is corrupt?
    i'm getting in over my head here and do appreciate your help.

  • Why does the scroll mouse freez when opening a pdf file in the browser?

    My scroll mouse is freezing each time I opened a pdf file in different tab in the browser. When I close the tab (that open a pdf file), the scroll mouse back to normal.
    I use foxit to read a pdf file. I dont know if the problem occur when you use adobe product.

    Kaliber wrote:
    Before proceeding you must first launch Adobe Acrobat and accept the Enduser license agreement.
    And, did you do that?  The message will no longer occur once you opened Adobe Reader & accept the EULA.

  • I apparently got stung with the Adobe flash virus.  Now I cannot open any .pdf files from the internet.

    I apparently got stung with the Adobe flash virus and now I cannot open any Adobe .pdf files from the internet.  Fix?

    Go to F_Secure's Flashback Removal Tool web page, download their Flashback trojan detection/removal tool, and follow the instructions you find there.
    Also install the latest java update which also tries to remove these trojans.
    Java for OS X Lion 2012-003
    And only download the adobe flash plugin from the adobe site.
    Just because you cannot download pdf may not be an indication of the trojan.  There's been a number of reports about problems like that with pdf's.  Look at the More Like This section on the right side of this page.

  • Problems opening, inserting PDF files

    I have a user (Windows 7, Acrobat Standard 10.1.8) who is unable to see files when trying to open files from within Acrobat or insert files to an existing PDF document. If they go to the file outside of Acrobat they can open the file. If they open Acrobat first and then go to File > Open no files show up in the window.  Same for inserting files. If they try to insert a PDF into an existing PDF the window shows no files, no matter if PDF files or All Files are selected.
    I uninstalled and reinstalled Acrobat and that corrected the problem for a day.  I have installed all updates so not sure what the problem is.

    Sounds like the OS is doing something. Next time try a repair instead of the reinstall. If the repair does the job, it is a lot faster until you can trace down the problem.
    When it happens, does a reboot make a difference?

  • Everytime I open a pdf file in the internet it automatically saves it on my hard drive. How do I disable this?

    I want to disable the feature that automatically saves a pdf file everytime I try to open one. I was prompted whether or not I wanted to save /repeat the task - saving/downloading - for all smilar types of files and clicked yes. I can't figur out how to turn it off

    Hi willow38946771,
    Could you please let me know what version of Acrobat are you using.
    Where are you viewing this PDF file?
    Hope to hear from you.

  • How can I put files into the trash without login every time?

    Every time I want to put items in the trash, after dragging things to the basket, I have to sign in.  Why? Can I set the defaul to allow me to do so without login?

    The procedure below will reset the permissions of a user's home folder in OS X 10.7.4 or later, including 10.8 or later. If you're running an earlier version of 10.7, update to the latest version first. This procedure should not be used under OS X versions older than 10.7.4.
    Back up all data before you begin.
    Step 1
    Click the Finder icon in the Dock. A Finder window will open.
    Step 2
    Press the following key combinations, in the order given:
    Command-I (the letter "I" as in "Info.")
    The Info window of your home folder will open.
    Step 3
    Click the lock icon in the lower right corner and authenticate with the name and login password of an administrator on the system. If you have only one user account, you are the administrator.
    Step 4
    In the Sharing & Permissions section of the window, verify that you have "Read & Write" privileges. If not, use the "+" and "-" buttons in the lower left corner to make the necessary changes.
    Step 5
    By default, the groups "staff" and "everyone" have "Read Only" privileges. With those settings, the files at the top level of your home folder will be readable by other local users. You can change the privileges to "No Access" if you wish, but then your Public and Drop Box folders will be inaccessible to others. Most likely, you don't need to change these settings.
    Step 6
    If there are entries in the Sharing & Permissions list for users or groups other than "me," "staff," and "everyone," delete them.
    Step 7
    Click the gear icon at the bottom of the Info window and select Apply to enclosed items... from the drop-down menu. Confirm. The operation may take several minutes to complete. When it does, close the Info window.

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