Opening Keynote 5 files in Keynote 6 - movies missing

When I open Keynote 5 files in Keynote 6, the movies are missing. The files are created with "linked" movies, not imbedded ones. Is there a setting I need to change so that the movies link up when I open the files in Keynote 6?

The files are created with "linked" movies, not imbedded ones.
You will need to access the original video files and place them on individual slides.

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  • Can't open MPEG that opened before: "The file is not a movie file."

    I have an unusually large (for me) MPEG file that I succeeded in downloading and viewing sometime in the last year and a half, and I kept it on my disk despite its being over 3GB because I thought I might want to look at it again. Now I do, only it won't open: "The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file." I tried using Time Machine to bring back earlier versions of QuickTime - 7.5 and 7.5.5 as I recall; I now have 7.6.2 - but these wouldn't open the file either, so I figure it may have something to do with a change in the system. In any event, should it be possible to open this file (again, it did open previously, with no problem), and if so how? Thanks.

    I have a similar major problem and wonder if it its to do with file sizes or codecs. I recorded video at work from a laparoscopic medical camera and output the video at the end of the session from the device's hard-drive to my 16GB memory stick. It is a 750Mb with file extension .mp4 and I now get exactly the same message as others if try to open it with Quick time (I can't open it with anything else either and nor could our medical illustration department). I bought the quick time pro upgrade as was told that would probably work and got same problem. Interestingly, I have had a second problem today having worked on a separate movie I put together in i-movie that I had recorded from a hi-def panasonic camcorder, imported and successfully edited (with ease) in i-movie and exported it "uncompressed" as a quicktime movie. It was only 5mins of video and produced a 15GB file. I wanted to save this onto a 16GB memory stick, but found out that the FAT32 folder system doesn't allow that file size! So, I formatted the memory stick to "Mac extended journalled", and was able to save the entire file onto the stick. But, now it won't open in quick time! I get the same message as above! Does anybody have any idea what these two issues might be?

  • Quicktime: The movie could not be opened.  The file is not a movie file.

    Hi, im sorry to say im a bit challenged when it comes to this so i hope you can help!...
    Im trying to import the movies from my Sony video recorder (handycam DCR-SR32) and when i open the folder for it on the desktop and try to open one of the files it says: quicktime: The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file. All the files have quicktime icons next to them and i definitely have quicktime installed. I managed to import movie filed before into imovie and im trying again to do so... any clues as to what im doing wrong or how i can get the files into imovie to play and edit?? many thanks in advance

    To Apple Discussions!
    What type of files are they - .avi, .mp4, .mov, etc.?
    Make sure you have the following installed:
    VLC Media Player

  • When opening Avi. -- The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie

    file. I downloaded Perian and it still won't work. Help plz ?
    Thnx in advance.

    These are the downloads and the settings you need in order to view/hear pretty much everything that the net can throw at you: The setup described below has proved repeatedly successful on both PPC and Intel macs, but nothing in life carries a guarantee!
    It is known to work in the great majority of cases with Safari 3.0.4, 3.1, 3.1.1, QT 7.3, 7.4.x and 7.5 and OS 10.4.11.
    Assuming you already run Tiger versions OS 10.4.11 and have Quicktime 7.4 or above, and are using Safari 2 or 3, download and install (or re-install even if you already had them) the latest versions, suitable for your flavor of Mac, of:
    RealPlayer 11 (which is no longer in beta) for Mac from:
    Flip4Mac WMV Player from (Windows Media Player for the Mac is no longer supported, even by Microsoft)
    Perian from
    You should read this support page in case you need to delete older codecs.
    Adobe FlashPlayer should first be uninstalled using the appropriate uninstaller available here:
    and then the latest version obtained from here:
    and installed.
    (You can check here: to see which version you should install for your Mac and OS, but please see my footnote if you are running Leopard.)
    In earlier versions than QT 7.1.3 in Quicktime Preferences, under advanced, UNcheck Enable Flash, and under Mime settings/Miscellananeous only check Quicktime HTML (QHTM).
    You should also ensure, if you are running Tiger 10.4.11, that you have downloaded and installed all the correct version for your Mac of Security Updates up to and including 2008-004. (N.B. Security Updates require both a restart and a permission repair.)
    In Macintosh HD/Library/Quicktime/ delete any files relating to DivX (Perian already has them). However it should be noted that Perian is not an internet plugin and will not play DivX files imbedded on a website. For that you will need the DivX Player browser plugin available from
    Now go to Safari Preferences/Security, and tick the boxes under Web Content (all 4 of them) to enable Java.
    Lastly open Audio Midi Setup (which you will find in the Utilities Folder of your Applications Folder) and click on Audio Devices. Make sure that both Audio Input and Audio Output, under Format, are set to 44100 Hz, and that you have selected 'Built in Audio'.
    Important: Now repair permissions and restart.
    You should also consider having the free VLC Player from in your armory, as this plays almost anything that DVD Player might not.
    There is an additional 'fix' you could try if you are having problems with Flash and Quicktime, depending on which type of Mac you have:
    On Intel Macs, make sure that you are not running Safari in Rosetta. You can check this, and change it, in the Get Info window.
    On PPC Macs, go to the Hard Disk/Library/Internet Plug-Ins folder, and drag the file 'QuickTime Plugin.webplugin' to the desktop. Quit and restart Safari. If things have improved you can trash that file. If they haven't put it back, as the lack of this plug-in can cause QT content in some widgets to cease functioning.
    And now there is an additional kid on the block: SilverLight. Microsoft has created their own version of what a replacement for Flash should be. You can read more about it here:
    So, if you go to any sites that have been designed for this new Silverlight stuff, you can download the plug-in from here (but make certain that you are downloading SilverLight v.1.0 for OS X (10.4.8 upwards):
    If you are running Leopard:
    Some users have mentioned that the latest Flash Player (v. conflicts with Leopard, and that they have needed to revert to v. 9.0.47. This can be downloaded from here:

  • "The file is not a movie file."

    Hey Everyone,
    I have a series of .avi files that, up until recently, I was able to watch using QuickTime and on my television through my EyeHome box...
    Due to a hard drive failure, I had to copy these files to another hard drive. Now when I double-click on one, I get a message from QuickTime stating "The movie could not be opened. The file is not a movie file."
    Meanwhile, though, I can still play these same files using VLC Media Player. So what gives? Why would files that were previously playable with QuickTime suddenly stop working?
    Yes - I've got all the latest software updates, etc.
    Any ideas?

    I, too am having similar problems. I had upgraded to QT 7.4 and my FCP 4.5 would no longer launch. I Archived and Reinstalled my osx 10.3.9. Now, all my MPEG-1 files that were previously useable in QT give me the "The movie could not be opened" message. The video is viewable in VLC, however.
    I do have QT Pro 7. I cannot use MPEG Streamclip. When I try to open with MPEG Streamclip, I do not get any video.
    I have purchased the Apple QT 6 MPEG-2 PLAYBACK, but that didn't help. I don't know if there is a playback component I had before that I don't have since the Reinstall.
    Any help would be appreciated.

  • Is there a procedure to open keynote 09 files with videos in the new Keynote without converting videos?

    is there a procedure to open keynote 09 files with videos in the new Keynote without converting videos?
    I have a big presentation with many video mov and avi files created with Keynote 09. When trying to open the file in the new Keynote the procedured crashes and Keynote crashes abruptly. It seens that an avi file is not converted. I have no more the old Keynote 09. How can this problem be solved?

    if you right click or control click on the file, do you get an option to 'show package contents'?

  • Can't open keynote file after upadating to 1.3.1 !!

    I have error opening keynote file after upgrading 1.3.1
    strange thing when i updated keynote to 1.3.1 was that the stripe above the screen changed to dark gray to white!
    I thought that was new interface but suddenly it has error opening the file.
    So i tried to open through webDAV, itunes, but after downloading the 180mb file of keynote, it shows that it has errors for opening files!
    this backup keynote file worked just great on 1.3 vers.
    is the file,
    would you plz test the keynote file, which was working just great before bringin he

    I tried your file on the iPad and Keynote crashed. Then I transferred the file to my Mac, opened it in Keynote on Mac, saved it, and synched back to iPad. Now I can open the file on the iPad -- it takes some time due to all the images. Also, here are some delays between the slides when presenting on the iPad.
    BTW: Make sure to use the latest version of Keynote on Mac (5.0.5).

  • Open keynote files in preview

    I tried to uninstall iWork 09 trial, and may have gone a little nuts removing files  from my system. I search for and removed files with the word iWork in them from my system. That was dumb. Now I can't open keynote files in Preview (which I could do before). I know there is a Library file somewhere which gives this ability, but I don't know which one or how to get it back.
    I am using Yosemite and do not have iWork.

    As I said, I do not have keynote. Also I did not notice these files included in the keynote 09 manifest. I believe it is part of Mac OS.

  • I need to transfer up to 200 pages and keynote files from my macbook to my PC. Is there any way I can convert all of the files to word-friendly documents as a batch change or will I have to open each individual file and re-save it as word-friendly?

    I need to transfer up to two hundred Pages and Keynote files from my macbook running on Mac OS X 10.6.8 to my PC running windows. Is there any way I can convert all of the files to word-friendly documents as a batch change or will I have to open each individual file and re-save it as a word-friendly file?

    I need to transfer up to two hundred Pages and Keynote files from my macbook running on Mac OS X 10.6.8 to my PC running windows. Is there any way I can convert all of the files to word-friendly documents as a batch change or will I have to open each individual file and re-save it as a word-friendly file?

  • Keynote files in iCloud do not appear when opening Keynote on iPad

    I have just run into a problem in which one file created in Keynote, 5MB, stored in iCloud, doesn't appear when I open Keynote on my iPad.  This is the only file that I am having difficulty with.  I have tried removing and resaving it to iCloud to know avail.  I have saved other files to iCloud which do open in Keypad.
    Anyone have a solution for me?

    Compacting is only part of the business of keeping Thunderbird healthy.
    If you have doubts about your mailstore's integrity, making a backup of it is a wise precaution. You can do this by copying your profile.
    If the folder or message content goes awry, rebuilding the index is often productive. Select the affected folder, right-click, select '''Properties '''then '''Repair Folder'''.

  • Keynote 6.2 foes not open any previous files. Even the one created 1 week ago.

    Keynote 6.2 foes not open any previous files. Even the one created 1 week ago.
    I have 2 computers and both gives the same bug.
    Either Keynote says that the file cannot be opened or it crashes.
    What can I do?

    Check you are using the correct version of Keynote to open the files; right click the file and select Open With > Keynote 6.2.

  • When I open Power Point files in Keynote the music does not play. How can I solve this?

    When I open Power Point files in Keynote the music does not play. How can I rectify this?

    That issue can be caused by an extension that isn't working properly.
    Start Firefox in <u>[[Safe Mode]]</u> to check if one of the extensions or if hardware acceleration is causing the problem (switch to the DEFAULT theme: Firefox (Tools) > Add-ons > Appearance/Themes).
    *Don't make any changes on the Safe mode start window.

  • Can't open Keynote files from aliased folder

    I am unable to open Keynote 3 files from aliased folders (I had the same problem with Keynote 2).
    1) Do other have the same problem?
    2) Can this problem be fixed.

    Finally, this helped me:

  • Can't open Keynote 1.1.1 files generated using 10.3  on os 10.5.2

    I recently upgraded to 10.5.2 and upon trying to open keynote 1.1.1 files that were generated using 10.3 an error message comes up and says that keynote document "XXXX" can not be opened because and error has occurred.... Please help!!!! i have hundreds of these files..barry

    I was trying to open them with keynote 1.1.1... since I put up this question, I went ahead and downloaded the iworks trial version which did allow me to open the files..unfortunately it seems as if keynote 1.1.1 won't work with 10.5.2.. the other problem i have is that even if i go forward and upgrade to the latest version of keynote.. it won't let me save the files so I can use it on my other computer which can only run 1.1.1 because that system can only run 10.3... any suggestions for saving these files for my other system?... thanks

  • Cant open Keynote file after reinstall Keynote.

    Cant open Keynote file after reinstall Keynote.
    File there:
    What the problem? Who can help me?

    Tested your file and it is corrupt.
    My only suggestion is to find a backup copy of the file as Keynote files have the reputation of being unrecoverable once they become corrupt.

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