Opening MS-Office files

I installed MS Office 2004 on my iMac (intel). But now, when I open any Office file (.doc, .xls, ...) by double-clickin on an icon, they are associated with a "trial" version of MS Office. How can I change it, so that files are opened with the "right" Office version (not the trial one) ?

Hi Pepol,
Well you can right-click (or control-click) on the file in question. From there select Get Info. Once that window opens look for the combo box below Opens With. Then select the installed version of Office as the default application. Repeat the process for all the Office fomatted file types.

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  • Authentication prompt issue when opening an office file in a document library with read permission for domain users

    An user as part of the domain users tries to open an office file from a document library but he got an authentication prompt asking him to authenticate. Domain users has only access to this library and not to the whole site. This uses to work in SharePoint
    2007 without any problem but not in SharePoint 2013, we didn't have a workflow on SP2007.
    Domain users has read access to only this document library in the site, but he shouldn't get an authentication prompt since he is part of the domain users and he is not trying to modify the document, he can open the document but gets two prompts, he can't
    also see the list using explorer view since nothings appears using the explorer view.
    Now, when opening the file, we can see..Updating Workflow Status, but we don't have any workflow working on this site or library, event any feature related to workflow.
    If we go to the event viewer in the server, we find this information,
    I also checked this thread but I couldn't find this scenario.
    I also created another list with the same permissions and using other office files but got the same behavior.
    Now, we have migrated this site from SP2007 to SP2013.
    Any ideas?

    OK, I am going to throw out a lot of ideas here so hopefully they get you closer to a diagnosis. Hang on :)
    Does it happen to work for some users but not others? If so, try logging in on the "good" computer with the "bad" username. This will tell you if the problem is related to the end-user's system. Also, once the user downloads a document
    successfully can they open and work on it in Word? Also, does the document library have any custom content types associated with it or does it just use 'Document'?
    I notice that there are other folks on the web that have run into this same problem and the similarity seems to be that they are either on SharePoint 2007 or have upgraded from 2007. Did this doc library start out as a 2007 library?
    What you might want to do is this: Make a site collection from scratch in 2013 (or find one that you know was created in 2013). Choose team site (or whatever you want) for the root web and set up the security the same way you have it on the malfunctioning
    library. Now, use windows explorer to copy and paste some of the documents to the new location. Be sure you recreate any needed content types. Now test it from the troubled user's computer.
    I'm thinking there may be something that is different about the library since it was migrated through various versions and updates since 2007. I've sometimes found that there can be problems (especially with user profiles but that's a different story) with
    things that go through this evolution.

  • HT3967 I have a new MacBook Pro and need to know what I need to do to open Microsoft Office files so that I can work on them?

    I have a new MacBook Pro and need to know what I need to do to open Microsoft Office files?

    Use a product such as OpenOffice, LibreOffice, Google Docs, iWork, or Microsoft Office 2008 or newer. In the case of Word documents, you can also use TextEdit.

  • Cannot open MS Office files directly from network

    Hi all,
    I'm having trouble opening Microsoft Office files off of a network drive. 
    When opened, the application jumps straight into the template page (attached screenshot).
    I can copy files onto my local machine and open them no problem, however if I have an existing file open (from the local machine) and subsequently try to open a network file, the local file is closed and the template page replaces it. 
    The same symptoms occur when attempting a "Save As" to the network.
    This topic first appeared in the Spiceworks Community

    I've tried replacing the office plugin file NPOFF12.DLL from a working system to the bad system, and it didnt help. I got that by doing typing about:plugins in the address bar. This person can open PDF documents, it's just Office files that dont open. I get no prompt to do anything. I have seen threads about headers on the webpages, but I'm not sure if its applicable. I tried from OWA and it does the same thing; nothing.

  • How to browse, view, open Microsoft Office files in Contribute CS4

    To browse or view Microsoft Office files (not Office 2007)in Contribute CS4: (I won't say how long it took me to figure this out!)
    Make sure Contribute is closed.
    Open C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Contribute CS4\Configuration\ViewableExtTypes.txt
    Add doc,xls,ppt to the list, save & close ViewableExtTypes.txt and restart Contribute/
    It doesn't work for Office 2007 file extensions.
    I put my heart and my soul into my work, and have lost my mind in the process.
    Vincent Van Gogh.

    //where file is your StorageFile type object of perticular //Office documents i.e. ppt or doc etc
    await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchFileAsync(file);
    Please Refer these links 
    How to open pdf file in Windows Phone 8?
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  • Opening MS Office files (Word, Excel etc) in Mail on iPad

    Have a new iPad so please forgive me if I ask the obvious ...
    Most my clients are on MS Office so when I get an email with a Word or Excel file, it's a problem as the iPad transfers it into a winmail.dat file which I can't open.  I've downloaded the following Apps in the hope it would help but, it doesn't.
    Downloaded so far: Keynote, Pages, Documents 2, PDFReaderLite, File Viewer and DocsToGo.

    I should further say the files I sent are .xlsx and .docx files.  They look fine my end and I send such files all the time without problems.
    However, I did try to cheat by going in via the Safari onto my 'live' online email account and the Safari automatically transfers them to winmail.dat files with the same result.
    Ahh - have just been on using my PC this time and you are right, it seems that the service provider does the transfer and then when my outlook opens the file (on the PC), it must reconvert to .xlsx etc again.
    Very strange.
    Ergo, I guess the question should be how I open wimail.dat files ??

  • Can't open/edit Office files

    We can't edit Office (2007) files when we open them over Teaming.
    E.g.: We have under Teaming a file directory with an Excel file. When we click on
    'edit' the Excel application starts and a login dialog pops up. After the values are entered
    the file are opened in office. But the file is write protected.
    If we make the same procedure over https the file wouldn't be opened.
    Two questions:
    1. Why would the Office file over http opened write protected?
    2. Why is it not possible to open the file over https?
    Here our environment:
    SLES 11 64 bit
    Teaming 2.1
    LDAP Sync to eDIR
    Office 2007
    Windows 7
    IE 8
    Firefox 3.6.3
    Yes, the time is in the whole network equal.
    Yes, the ssl certificate is valid.
    Teaming was installed how it is in the installing manual described (Firewall forwarding).

    My reading on this problem suggests it is because MS decided Win 7 wont do
    WebDAV folders properly, one assumes it is to try to lock you into
    Sharepoint or BPOS........ nice!
    Google WebDAV and Windows 7 and you get a bunch of grumbling users......
    As a work around I have been using BitKinex to sync Teaming doc folders to
    local drives with some success, and then edit the docs off the local drive
    granted it wont work in a large system, but is good for a travelling user
    like me :-)
    best of luck
    >>> On 22 June 2010 at 17:16, in message
    <[email protected]>,
    ksiddiqui<[email protected]> wrote:
    > Hi Andre,
    > There are some known issues related to the WebDAV component
    > (edit-in-place feature) when used in Windows-7 + MS Office 2007. The
    > engineering team is working on fixes for the next Teaming release.
    > In the meantime, the following workaround is suggested:
    > 1. Go to registry entry
    \HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlset\serv ices\WebClient\Parameters\
    > BasicAuthLevel
    > and change the value to 2.
    > 2. Go to services, and restart the WebClient service.
    > 3. ***Go to each of the MS-Office application executable in program
    > Files (Word, Excel, Powerpoint) and set them to run in compatibility
    > mode for Windows XP SP3. You can do this by right-click on the
    > application executable and then selecting proeprties.
    > 4. Restart the browser completely.
    > ***In some cases, we found that this step was not necessary. But in
    > other cases, this step was necessary. You may want to try after
    > completing steps 1 and 2 to see if step 3 is needed.
    > With the above changes in Windows-7 and MS-Office-2007, the following
    > results were found:
    > 1. IE 8, Firefox 3.6.2, Google Chrome 5.0.375.70: Teaming via https:
    > Works properly
    > 2. IE 8, Firefox 3.6.2, Google Chrome 5.0.375.70: Teaming via http:
    > Works properly
    > Hope this helps.
    > Thanks,
    > Khurram

  • How to open Microsoft office files from my wp8 app?

    Is there any way to open Microsoft office documents? I want to open a doc file which is in my phone.My app may try to open pdf also. So is there any way for that? I need a free one.

    //where file is your StorageFile type object of perticular //Office documents i.e. ppt or doc etc
    await Windows.System.Launcher.LaunchFileAsync(file);
    Please Refer these links 
    How to open pdf file in Windows Phone 8?
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  • Sharepoint 2010 and Unable to Open MS Office Files

    I have this annoying issue that I'm experiencing. My IE11 is unable to open *any* sharepoint files. I have to "download a copy", then "add document" in order for me to update files, pure annoyance.
    This is just for one client.
    Here's the stuff I've done so far
    Change a new PC
    Remove Office 2013 OEM and Install Office 2010 Standard (cannot open file)
    Remove Office 2010 Standard and Install Office 2013 (cannot open file)
    BasicAuthLevel registry (no go)
    Disable all IE Plugins except Microsoft ones (no go)
    Use IE x86 (no go)
    Use IE10 (no go)
    Use IE Tab on Firefox (no go)
    Trust Center and Trust all Content (no go)
    Delete Cache, reset Advanced Setting, "reset" (no go)
    Uncheck "Autodetect" on LAN setting, then recheck (no go)
    Add sharepoint to Trusted Sites (no go).
    Use CCleaner to clean PC, then reinstall Office (no go)
    Uninstall all other office product except 2013 Office. Remove Sharepoint component via Repair, then re-add (no go)
    I've Binged and tested many solutions and unable to find it. I use fiddler to see what stuff is being passed back and forth.
    The file is 100kb. If I use "download a copy", its downloaded right away. However, if I open with Sharepoint, it takes forever, then eventually give me this error (see attached).
    Please advise. I've seen odd issue, but never this one where I cannot Bing it.

    Hi Samir,
    For troubleshooting your issue, you can take steps as below:
    1.Make sure you are using IE 32bit.
    2.Go to Internet Options>Advanced tab, uncheck "Do not save encrypted files to disk".
    3.Delete the Office File Cache:
    4.Fixing SharePoint Office Integration Problems:
    Best Regards,
    Eric Tao
    TechNet Community Support

  • Opening protected office files with quick office o...

    Does anyone know if password protected excel files can be opened/edited on N97 if quick office 6 is installed?

    Yes I think you can depending on the level of encryption. I failed to open a 128 bit file but anything below that should be okay... I think 

  • Unable to open all office files

    I unable to open any ms office word and excel files, its showing files are corrupted.

    Does it only happen to Word and Excel? What about other Office applications, like PowerPoint?
    Please first try to launch Word and Excel in safe mode: Press Win + R and type "winword /safe" or "Excel /safe"in the blank box, then press
    Click File->Open to open the file and check result, this will help to determine if any add-ins caused the issue.
    You might want to repair your Office from Control Panel, the installation might be corrupted. For steps on how to do this, please check this article:
    Hope this helps, please feel free to post back.
    Ethan Hua CHN
    TechNet Community Support

  • After update to 10.9.2, I cannot open a MS Office files on a shared Mac

    We have two Macs. Hubby's Mac can't open MS Office files from my Mac. The problelm is only one way. I can open those same files from my Mac and I can open Office files from hubby's Mac.  We both have Office 2011. 
    I get the following error message:
    Word cannot open this document.  The document might be in use, the document might not be a valid Word document or the file name might contain invalid characters". 
    I have tried changing the file name, moving the file, duplicating the files, saving it to a earlier version of Word.  Nothing woks.
    I also get this on Excel.
    I called Apple for this problem.  They advised me to call Microsoft.  I called Microsoft and they told me that the problem is with Apple's virtual drive.  They suggested I call Apple and have them turn off my virtual drive. 
    I have no idea how to turn off a virtual drive. 
    Any ideas?

    I think I have this solved. I turned off File Sharing on both computers, rebooted, and turned file sharing back on.  Now Hubby's Mac can open My Mac's files. 

  • Office files slow when opening from a Network Share

    So, we have a client who moved from having regular Office installations to Office 365 for Mid Size business and reinstalled the Office that comes along with Office 365. Ever since we did
    that, there is a delay in opening any office files from a network share. Opening up a Word or Excel document takes up a lot longer than it did before. We have another client with the exact same issue who have Office 2013, so I think its mostly something to
    do with office 2013. This problem has been going on for a month, and I have tried everything I can. I have gone through most posts on technet and the internets. Tried disabling AV, Office File Validation, added the network share to trusted locations, removed
    add-ins. Nothing works! All other files opens up quickly, pdf, jpg. We can open larger jpg or pdf files faster than smaller office documents. This is a significant problem with our clients as they work in recruitment and open up resumes all day from the network
    share and it takes forever to open. 
    Any advice or help is appreciated!

    I am trying to involve someone familiar with this topic to further look at this issue. There might be some time delay. Appreciate your patience.
    Thank you for your understanding and support.
    Steve Fan
    Forum Support
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  • Excel 2013 (office 365) crashes every time I opened a excel file directly from Browser or zip file.

    Hi guys,
    I got a problem with my Office 365 that every time I open an office file from IE/chrome browser (i.e. click the document link and save the file to local, open it in the browser after download completed) or under a zip file, no matter it is an excel file
    or word document, the Excel/Word crashes. The Excel/Word will ask me to repair the file if I open the file again. The file will be closed automatically after the repair, when I open the file again it will told me the excel/word itself has just successfully
    registered and ask me to close and re-open the excel again in order to enable editing the file. This is extremely inconvenience, I have to open this file 4 times to edit my file. 
    Could anyone here can help me to resolve the problem?
    Many thanks.

    According to your description, Excel seems not crash when you opened a local Excel/Word file directly. Where do you store these file? OneDrive, SharePoint or other?
    If possible, please let me see the screenshot of the error dialog.
    Moreover, please open Event Viewer to check whether there's any error about the Excel/Word crash issue.
    Press Win + R, type "eventvwr" in the blank box, press Enter. In the Event Viewer, browse to Windows Logs -> Application, there may be some errors after the crash.
    To protect your privacy, you may send the error logs to
    [email protected], we will try to find the cause.
    George Zhao
    Forum Support
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  • Office files open very very slow after installing ...

    Using winXP / SP2, pc suite, on a dell latitude D630 laptop, office 2000. Bluetooth connection is used.
    After Pc-suite installation opening MS office files (word, excel, powerpoint) takes forever. When uninstalling Pc-suite problem goes away.
    More technically, if I kill the "serviceLayer" process the problem goes away until the process is restared
    I want to throw the phone away, please help!
    Go to Solution.

    Super! It seems to work! I did the following:
    1 Uninstall existing pc-connectivity-solution
    2 Download the ovi suite from (Nokia_Ovi_Suite_websintaller.exe
    3 Start installer on other PC
    4 located / monitored the folder: C:\Documents and Settings\%user%\Local Settings\Temp\Nokia Nseries Update Manager\PC Connectivity Solution
    5 Copied the PCCS_8_22_7_0.msi file to own PC
    6 Installed the msi
    7 Checked version of ServiceLayer.exe in C:\Program Files\PC Connectivity Solution (version should then be
    For me it solved the following:
    - Slow response starting explorer via Windows key + E
    - Slow response starting Word by double clicking on file
    - Slow response starting Excel by double clicking on file
    Thank you mb123!!!
    N82,Dell D830, Bluetooth (Toshiba) NPCS 7, ServiceLayer upgraded to

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