Operators in advanced search view

Hi Experts,
could you tell me how the available operators are determined in advanced search views?
I build a search view based on a own custom BOL and want to remove some operators now.
Thanks in advance!
Best regards,

Solution: Component Specific Settings -> Define Operators for Dynamic Queries in SPro.

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    How to bring radio button in Advanced Search view in crm 7.0 web UI?
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             Your question is not clear. Is the advanced search view relevant? Do you want to make radio buttons available as an option for selecting field values? In that case, the purpose is already served by the "IS" operator. If you simply want to create radio buttons somewhere else in the page, there's a standard BSP application which demonstrats BSP tags. The name, I do not exactly remember. BSP_test or bsp_demo...
    Arun Prakash

  • Picklist in Advanced Search View

    Hi everybody,
    I've got a problem using dropdown list in an advanced search view in the WEB CLIENT UI CRM 7.0 in a Z component , here's the thing:
    I have 5 search criteria, and I need to make them dependent from each other, I mean, if the first field has a value (e.g. CAR), the next field has to show just the data associated to it (e.g. data associated to CAR).
    The problem is, when a value is picked from the dropdown list, it doesn't trigger any events in order to catch the value of the first field, so I have not found the way to solve this.
    Has anybody come across with this problem before?,
    Did you solve it?,
    Do you have any ideas for this?
    Thanks in advance¡

    Hi DLemuS,
    The following solution might help. For the purpose of explaining, I would use two field FLD1 and FLD2. Values available in drop-down for FLD2 should be dependent on value selected in FLD1.
    1. In your search component, context node, generate the getter-setter methods for FLD1.
                         1.1 In the GET_V_FLD1 method, write code to populate the drop-down values for FLD1.
         1.2 In the GET_P_FLD1 method, check for the parameter iv_parameter. if iv_parameter = 'ServerEvent' then set the return value rv_value = 'DUMMY'.
    2. In your component controller
         2.1 Declare a public global table (say GT_DDLB) of type bsp_wd_dropdown_table
         2.2 Redefine do_handle_event method. call the super class and then check if the event = 'DUMMY' then get the value in FLD1 using by calling the get method and populate the values for the second field into the global table gt_ddlb correspondingly
    3. In your search component, context node, generate the getter-setter methods for FLD2. In the GET_V_FLD2 method, declare a variable (gr_ddlb) of type reference to CL_CRM_UIU_DDLB. Call the method gr_ddlb->set_selection_table( it_selection_table = gt_ddlb ).
    If this does not work, then in 2.2 above, try to populate the list of values for FLD2 direcltly.
    Hope this helps!

  • Advanced Search: Viewing Results Issue

    This problem seems to only be on my Microsoft Surface Pro tablets with windows 8.1.
    When doing an advanced search within a document the results box is usually very large and you can see all the hits that came back. However, on my Surface when doing a search the results box is so small that you can't even see what's showing up.
    I've tried to enlarge the search box which slightly helps but still can only see one or two results at a time and must continue to use the scroll bar to get through them.
    I was curious if there was any options within Adobe that could be changed in order to get this view changed so its more user friendly and easier to work with?
    I've been through many of the options myself but was unable to find anything that worked.
    Thanks for the help.

    As per my understanding you can crawl DL columns
    Can you get that document in search results page? Please check to see if the site which contains the library is included in content source.
    Could you please check site settings->Site Administration->Searchable columns, maybe the column is excluded?
    Go to your Search Service Application in Central Administration.
        Click on Metadata Properties in the left navigation.
        Click on the Crawled Properties link.
        Click on the Categories link then select the SharePoint category
        Navigate the pages (next page arrow link) until you see ows_Title. Click on ows_Title.
        In the "Mappings to Metadata Properties" area of this page, ensure that the "Include values for this property in the search index" checkbox is checked, then Click OK. This checkbox is not checked by default.
        Repeat the same procedure above for your ows_Description crawled property to confirm that it is included in the index - which it should be by default.
        Start a Full Crawl 
    This will now include these crawled properties in the index and should now be available in the Managed Property which exposes them for Search.
    If this helped you resolve your issue, please mark it Answered

  • How to disable individual field of a search view

    Hi All,
    Is there a way to disable individual search field of an advance search view ?
    The reason for this is that for a particular search field I am defaulting the value and do not want the user to be able to change this default value, in effect filtering out their search.
    I have tried get_i method but the advance search (thtmlb:advancedSearch) does not seem to trigger the get i method, disabled just disable every fields likewise the global edit/viewgroup context.
    Thanks in advance for your assistance.
    Edited by: ANDREW NGUYEN on May 12, 2010 10:45 AM

    I checked it now and found that the GET_I_FIELD is not getting triggered. Sorry for my wrong solution.
    You can use the rt_result parameter in GET_POSSIBLE_FIELDS method in IMPL class.
    It returns the search fields visible in the view.
    Arun Kumar
    Edited by: Arun Kumar on May 12, 2010 11:35 AM
    Edited by: Arun Kumar on May 12, 2010 11:38 AM

  • Simple Search (removing funtionality in advanced search)?

    i built a search in a custom BOL using the thmlb:advancedSearch. But i don't want the "advanced" features, like adding more search fields or using greater/lesser/beginns with etc..
    Can someone tell me where to find a simpler search implementation or how to remove mentioned features?
    Thanks in advance!
    Best regards,

    Hi Alex,
    Check the 2nd level inheritance of search context node in your view. While creating advance search views 2nd level inheritance needs to be changed with appropriate advance search classes.
    Check if you have redefined the 2nd level inheritance...
    Hope this helps..
    Sumit Mittal

  • How to Add extra feilds in Advance Search of Record Working Time

    Hi All,
    My requirement is in Standard RECORD WORKING TIME ESS application.
    under weekly view, when we press F4 it will display advanced search.
    in that advance search there are  *CO Area: Short ID: WBS Element: Description: * areas.
    abaper have created two more fields for search as per requirement.
    now i have to include those those fields in to that advance search view along with the other fields.
    please help me its very urgent.
    thanks in advance.

    i found that,
    We have to check the backend customisation and add those filelds as visible in the cats profile using cac2
    and check the exits.
    can anyone please tell me Step By Step process how to enable them using CAC2 .

  • Removing standard operators for a field in Advanced search

    In ADF application, we need to remove few standard operators from the list for a field in Advanced search. For this we have followed the below oracle documentation:
    27.3.3 How to Create Custom Operators or Remove Standard Operators
    As specified in the doc, we have added the below "CompOper" tag to VO.xml. We have to remove all the operators present in the list except the "Equal to". But the issue is, using below code the "Not between" and "contains" operators are deleted from list, but "Not equl to" is still getting displayed. We have also tried "Doesnotequal". I have tried the oper string with spaces, without spaces, spaces replaced by underscore.
    Can some one please provide the exact String to be passed in oper attribute of CompOper for all operators?
    <CompOper Name="Category" ToDo="-1" Oper="NOTEQUALTO"/>
    <CompOper Name="Category" ToDo="-1" Oper="NOTBETWEEN"/>
    <CompOper Name="Category" ToDo="-1" Oper="CONTAINS"/>
    Manasa Tadi

    I am not able to find the list for the entire set of operators, but you could follow a simple technique to identify the exact operator to be used:
    In the View Criteria editor, for any of the attribute, modify the operator to any desired value, this would update the *VO.xml,
    use the same operator, if you want to hide it in advanced mode - as you have done earlier.
    <CompOper Name="Category" ToDo="-1" Oper="NOTEQUALTO"/>
    <CompOper Name="Category" ToDo="-1" Oper="NOTBETWEEN"/>
    <CompOper Name="Category" ToDo="-1" Oper="CONTAINS"/>

  • To view the whole SC I have to search it in advance search, where I am gett

    To view the whole SC I have to search it in advance search, where I am getting  no authorization message.can anyone advice what will be the roles for this and steps.

    Have you assigned the standard role /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE to the user? If you are using EHP1 then you need to add the role /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE_EHP1 and also try adding the role /SAPSRM/EMPLOYEE_ESS

  • Buyer is unable to view the purchase order in advance search screen

    Hi Experts,
    I have an issue, the issue is when a shopping cart is created by the requisitioner and got approved, following document purchase order is created.
    When buyer is trying to view the purchase order in advance search he could not view the purchase order.
    Zero results found message is populating when buyer wants to retreive the purchase order, buyer wants to delete the purchase order, but he is not able to view the purchase order in advance search.
    Can anyone among you let me know what can be done to acheive this.
    Your quick help is highly appreciated.

    Hi Summer,
    I have checked the status of the PO and it is in ordered state, I am able to view the PO because i have local admin role productin support role.
    But when buyer is trying to retrieve the PO it is not happening even though the user has buyer role.

  • Advanced Search (Ctrl+Shift+F) broken with Protected View = All Files Adobe Customization Wizard XI

    I've updated Adobe Reader to version 11.0.09 and it was discovered that the Advanced Search (Ctrl+Shift+F) reports back errors on all words searched inside PDF document/
    1. Use Adobe Customization Wizard XI
    2. Create a MST file for the Base Adobe Reader 11.0.0 MSI (AdbeRdr11000_en_US.msi)
    3. Under Security -> Protected View -> (Set to ALL FILES)
    4. Save MST file
    5. Install Adobe Reader XI using created MST File and then Install AdbeRdrUpd11009.msp
    6. Open any PDF document and search for words using advanced search: (Ctrl+Shift+F) All searches return errors unable to display search.
    The error can be reproduced and only occurs on Adobe Reader 11.0.09. None of the previous patches of Adobe had this issue.
    The fix actually requires to remove and re-install Adobe Reader but with Protected View=OFF
    Please can you confirm bug and report any solution or workaround so that Advanced Search works with Reader 11.0.09?

    Hi vmartin01,
    I tried to check at my end and it works fine at my end.
    Ajlan Huda.

  • Unable to turn on Advanced Search for viewing PDFs (v9.1) through IE7

    Our company is currently using Acrobat 9.1 and Internet Explorer 7.
    We have multiple PDF document sets set up to be searched using index files. The Index feature can only be accessed using the Advanced Search option of Acrobat Reader or Pro 9.1.
    When we access the documents via our internal network, the advanced searching works fine. We can easily set the user's Acrobat Reader (or Writer) to have the Advanced Search option enabled.
    However, if our users try to access these documents via our company's intranet web pages, the Acrobat Reader Interface plug-in (acropdf.dll?) of IE7 is fixed to only use the Basic Search option. Users are only able to search the active PDF.  I have not found a way to enable the the Advanced Search option using the Adobe / IE7 interface.
    Not that long ago, we thought this option was available.
    Is there a way to turn this feature on or at least allow it to be enabled?
    Thanks Much!

    This may be of interest to anyone whose had the Advanced Search Problem (or the mis-linking problem mentioned below) using the current Acrobat Plugin to IE7.
    I think I have found a workaround for this problem (and another we've found). I've been having users test this out over the past couple of weeks and it's working fine.
    Problem #1
    Being unable to use index searching across multiple documents with the Acrobat Reader 9.1 plug-in interface running from within Internet Explorer version 7.0.    This current plug-in interface disallows setting up the Advanced Index Search feature that groups within our company use.
    Problem #2
    Links in PDF A are not properly linking to desired pages (link targets) in PDF B.  Any links in PDF A will only take the user to Page 1 of PDF B.   This occurs when any PDF links to a certain page (other than page 1) in another targeted PDF.
    Set the user's (many users in my case) Acrobat Reader (or Pro) to only open web based PDFs into the stand-alone Acrobat interface using the Accessibility Setup Assistant.
    In Adobe Reader:
         Go to Document | Accessibility Setup Assistant.
         Advance through the dialogs to Screen 5 of 5.
         Turn OFF the feature Display PDF documents in web browser.
         Select Done.
         Exit Adobe reader.
    In Adobe Acrobat Pro:
         Go to Advanced | Accessibility | Setup Assistant ...
         Advance through the dialogs to Screen 5 of 5.
         Turn OFF the feature Display PDF documents in web browser.
         Select Done.
    Any PDFs embedded in a web page (environment) will open up in a new session of Acrobat (Reader or Pro) on the users desktop.
    Searching via indexes works great and there are no linking problems between PDFs.
    It may not be an optimal solution, but is working fine for our folks that access our files via our company's intranet.
    The only drawback I see is that you lose focus of the IE7 session and have to work outside of it's containment.  Although it is easy to set it back to the way it worked previously.
    If anyone has any questions or comments, please let me know.  I'm open to any improvements we can make to our process.

  • How to sort based on my priority in Activity search view.

    In Activity Search category ddlb should show based on my priority order but its showing default based on ascending order based on alphabetical order. How can I assign the values based on my priority how can I archive this? I want to sort based on my values.
    Component : BT126S_APPT
    View : BT126S_APPT/ApptSQ
    Attribute : CATEGORY
    can redefine get_v_category in search view please guide me.

       RT_RESULT =
    Method returns value help definitions of advanced search
    The method is called from the advanced search tag as a base of its operation
    Take value help definitions from cache if possible
    NO adjustments are done! - Take the operators as set in vrmc_dq
      FIELD-SYMBOLS: <rt_result> TYPE crms_thtmlb_search_field_info.
      DATA: lv_getter TYPE string,
            lv_cnode  TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_context_node_asp,
            lv_operator TYPE crm_thtmlb_search_operator.
           category  TYPE REF TO cl_bsp_wd_context_node_asp.
      lv_cnode = me->get_dquery_cnode( ).
      IF lv_cnode IS BOUND.
        Delegate operation to advanced search context node
        me->dquery_valuehelps = lv_cnode->get_dquery_valuehelps( ).
        rt_result = me->dquery_valuehelps.
      LOOP AT rt_result ASSIGNING <rt_result>.
            IF <RT_RESULT>-FIELD = <category>
            KEY '003' OR
            KEY '005' OR
            KEY '006' OR
            KEY '201' OR
            KEY '401'.
        LOOP AT <rt_result>-operators  INTO lv_operator.
          CASE lv_operator.
            WHEN 'NM'. "'EM' OR  'NM' OR 'SW'.
              DELETE <rt_result>-operators INDEX sy-tabix.
            WHEN 'EQ'.
              IF sy-tabix > 1.
                DELETE <rt_result>-operators INDEX sy-tabix.
                INSERT 'EQ' INTO <rt_result>-operators INDEX 1.
        CONCATENATE 'GET_V_' <rt_result>-field INTO lv_getter.
        TRANSLATE lv_getter TO UPPER CASE.                    "#EC SYNTCHAR
            CALL METHOD me->(lv_getter)
                cs_result = <rt_result>.
          CATCH cx_sy_dyn_call_illegal_method.
        no V-Getter found
    it's showing error Field "<CATEGORY>" is unknown. It is not contained in one of the specified tables nor is it defined by a "DATA" statement. "DATA" statement.

  • Help required to customize Simple/Advanced Search. Need to add new fields

    Module: Oracle Sales Online
    EBS version: 12.1.3
    Jdev version:
    - We are dealing with standard oracle pages.
    - We have TWO "SIMPLE/ADVANCED SEARCH"s available. Each "Simple/Advanced Search" can be found by navigating through paths "A --> B" and "A --> B --> C --> D" . Here it means one "SIMPLE/ADVANCED SEARCH" page is available at page "B" and another "SIMPLE/ADVANCED SEARCH" is available at page "D".
    - In the first search page which is at page "B", both Simple as well as Advanced search has a filter field "Win Probability %", of type VARCHAR2/DROPDOWN with values (10, >=10, <=30, 30, >=30, <=50, 50, >=50, <=70, 70, >=70, <=90, 90, 100)
    - In second search page, referring to page "D", the Simple search DOESN'T have the "Win Probability %". And the Advanced Search page has the "Win Probability %" but it is of type - NUMBER/MessageTextInput type.
    - The 2nd Simple/Advanced search pages need to have "WIN PROBABILITY %" field and it should be of VARCHAR2/DROPDOWN with values (10, >=10, <=30, 30, >=30, <=50, 50, >=50, <=70, 70, >=70, <=90, 90, 100) just like the way we had in 1st Simple/Advanced search.
    - Again speaking we are dealing with standard oracle pages
    - If you go to the "About this Page", interestingly I found:
    i. The "message component layout" for both of them is from the same region , i.e., ASNOpptympSrchRN
    ii. Rest of the search filters for both the searchs are from common View Object , i.e., OpptySearchVO1 (for Simple search), OpportunityDetailsVO1 (for advanced search)
    iii. The "Stack layout" for both the search pages are same, i.e. XXMASOpptyQryCO
    iv. None of the fields are rendered to false (everything is set to be rendered TRUE)
    Any response is highly appreciated.
    Edited by: 933590 on Jul 19, 2012 8:18 AM

    "XXMASOpptyQryCO is the name of stacklayout or CO?
    What is the CO?
    Does both pages share same CO?
    have you already extended the CO "XXMASOpptyQryCO"?
    what is the original CO then? I think in that CO it must be written somewhere, simple search "search allowed = false""
    -Here CO what you are referring is a controller.
    -FYI pages share same controller.
    -And the original controller for both the pages are OpptyUwqCO. Right now its extended controller is XXMASOpptyQryCO
    Fact is I didn't create this search page. It was built by some third party members. Also that I do not have the original source nor the documentation pertaining to it. So could you inform as in how should I navigate to the point "Search Allowed = True"
    I should have informed that at "B" page, it has a region      /oracle/apps/asn/opportunity/webui/ASNMgrOpptyQryRN and at page "D", the region is      /oracle/apps/asn/opportunity/webui/ASNOpptyQryRN
    Edited by: 933590 on Jul 19, 2012 1:37 PM

  • Search Item drop-down does not show any data for Advanced Search.

    I have a requirement to add a new criteria to the existing Advanced Search region of 'My Employee Information' in Manager Self Service responsibility. I substituted the AdvancedSearchVO to include the new column. Using personalization i did the below steps to show the new column in the page,
    1) Created a 'Message Styled Text' item under Table Layout region to display the result. I associated the View Instance (AdvancedSearchVO1) and View Attribute (AttrColumn).
    2) In Advanced Search Panel created a new CriteriaRow and set the 'Search Allowed' property to True.
    3) In Advanced Search Mappings i tried to create the new mapping but the Search Item drop-down does not show any of the CriteriaRow item. But Results Item shows the 'Message Styled Text' item created in step 1 above.
    Any idea what i would be missing becasue of which 'Search Item' property does not show any data?
    I am using OAF version 12.1.1.
    Thanks, Suresh

    I faced the same situation but i still waiting for the solution.. this is my problem's thread..
    Addition of LOV Search Filter using Personalization
    But when i tried to create a new custom page with advanced table and created a new LOV column via personalization. i was able to create new search mapping.. but this is not happening in the seeded page case :(.
    I m also looking for solution...if any one can provide some inputs on it , will be highly appreciated.

Maybe you are looking for

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    B1 Server is on W2K 2003 with sp1 While Installation Client from SBO_shr directory It gives message Installshield Wizard Existing Database Server Login Setup has failed to automatically Login to the server_server_, Please enter the correct login info