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Trying to perform initial wireless configuration for ATV 2gen on my network. Problem is I'm only trying to stream audio form iTunes (no Video at this point; no TV!) All I have connected to the ATV is the power cord, and the optical audio output cable going to optical input on my home theater receiver.
1. Is this possible without anything connected to the ATV HDMI output?
2. If it is possible, how can I perform the wire wireless config of the ATV without being able to see the config menu.
3. Is there a post anywhere with a screen-shot or video that shows what the ATV config screen would look like. I'd be able to then use the remote and config it blindly based on what the screen shot looks like.
Thx for the help.

Thanks that worked; connected to wireless. But, getting audio through the TV only, nothing through the home stereo system. I have the optical audio cable connected from the ATV to a DVD A/V optical input on my home receiver, but no audio coming through the home receiver speakers. Any ideas?

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  • Does HDMI also need Optical Audio

    I'm not sure if this is normal or not. I have an Apple TV connected via HDMI to a Sony HTSS360 home theatre system. The receiver for this is model STR-KS360.
    The system works just fine but the rear (surround) speakers do not work. I also have an XBOX 360 connected to the Sony STR-KS360 again via HDMI and the surround speakers work fine with the XBOX.
    I just connected an optical audio cable from Apple TV to the receiver and now the movies support the surround speakers.
    1) Is it normal to have to add the optical audio cable for surround sound even if you are using HDMI?
    2) If so, why would the XBOX support surround sound without the optical audio cable?

    HDMI does indeed support surround sound. There may be an issue between the tv and your amp but at least you know how to resolve the problem.
    It may be a personal thing but I prefer HDMI to go straight to the tv with optical audio only going through the amp. I have heard of many HDMI issues between all sorts of equipment including the tv.
    Mmmm I need to type faster.
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  • Macbook 2008 sound to Home Theatre System which only has optical audio.

    Trying to connect my macbook (2008) to panasonic home theatre system which only has optical audio. Tried using toslink optical audio cable with 3.5mm jack converter but still no sound, any ideas please? Thanks

    If I understand what you are saying then yes you are correct. If you want the sound from your tv to come out of your home theatre amplifier run an optical caple from the TV out to one of the inputs on your receiver. Then select that source when you want to listen to the tv. In order to get 5.1 sound though the program source will have to be broadcast in dolby digital. Other wise it will most likely be dolby pro logig or stereo depending on how your receiver is set up.
    It will probably also output sound for your blu ray player as well through the tv because hdmi carries audio to your tv. However the best possible sound will come from hooking the hdmi cable directly up to your receiver and selecting that source during dvd playback. Which is the way you have it if I understand correctly.

  • How to make my computer send all the audio through optical audio cable instead of headphone jack?

    To listen to online radios or CD's played from my computer, I used to connect the computer to my home entertainment system from the computer's headphone jack to the AUX port on my home entertainment system.
    I now wanted to get better sound and purchased the optical audio cable. However, I don't know how to tell my computer to send the audio signal to the home entertainmeny system through the optical digital cable rather than through the headphone jack. If I just unplug the cable connecting the headphone jack and the AUX port and only have the PC and the system connected with the optical audio cable, I don't hear any sounds. I suspect the computer isn't sending any data through the optical audio port. I'm not able to find how I can adjust the settings on my computer so that from now all sounds are output through the optical audio.
    1) I'd like to do that mainly for my HP desktop (configuration below) and any advice on how to do that would be appreciated.
    2) I also have a HP laptop (configuration below) and was wondering if that would be doable too (even though it doesn't appear to have a audio out, but it has HDMI out - can one convert it to optical audio?
    Thanks in advance!
    My desktop is: 
    ENVY h8xt,
    • Windows 8 64
    • 3rd Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 quad-core processor [3.4GHz, 8MB Shared Cache]
    • 12GB DDR3-1333MHz SDRAM [3 DIMMs]
    • 1TB 7200 rpm SATA hard drive
    • No secondary hard drive
    • 1GB AMD Radeon HD 7570 [DVI, HDMI, DP, VGA adapter]
    • 300W Power supply
    • SuperMulti DVD Burner
    • Wireless-N LAN card (1x1)
    • 15-in-1 memory card reader, 2 USB 2.0 (front), 2 USB 3.0 (top)
    • No Additional Office Software
    • No additional Security Software
    • No TV Tuner
    • Beats Audio (tm) -- integrated studio quality sound
    • HP USB volume control keyboard and mouse with Win 8 keyboard
    • Adobe Premiere Elements & Photoshop Elements 10
    And the laptop:
    HP ENVY 15t Quad    
    • Windows 8.1 64
    • 4th generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4700MQ Processor
    • NVIDIA(R) GeForce(R) GT 740M Graphics with 2048MB of dedicated video memory
    • 15.6-inch diagonal Full HD BrightView LED-backlit Display (1920x1080)
    • 8GB DDR3 System Memory (1 Dimm)
    • 1TB 5400 rpm Hard Drive
    • 24GB flash Hard Drive Acceleration Cache
    • No Additional Office Software
    • Security Software Trial
    • 6-Cell Lithium-Ion Battery
    • No Internal DVD or CD Drive
    • Standard Keyboard
    • HP TrueVision HD Webcam w/ integrated digital mic
    • 802.11 AC WLAN and Bluetooth(R) [2x2]
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    Hello @_goma,
    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience! 
    I have read your post on how you are looking to make your computer send all the audio through an optical audio cable instead of the headphone jack, and I would be happy to assist you in this matter!
    To configure your desktop to enable the optical audio cable, I recommend following the steps below:
    Step 1. Click the Windows Key Button on your desktop
    Step 2. Type "Control Panel"
    Step 3. Select "Control Panel" in the top right-hand corner
    Step 4. Select Sound
    Step 5. Under the Playback tab, right-click the white area below the devices available
    Step 6. Select "Show Disabled" and "Show Disconnected Devices"
    Step 7. Connect your Optical Audio Cable
    Step 8. Select your Optical Audio Cable as the default device and click "Enable"
    Since it is not possible to convert the HDMI out to audio out on your notebook computer, it is unfortunate that the notebook is not able to connect with an optical audio cord.
    Please re-post with the results of your troubleshooting, and I look forward to your reply!
    I work on behalf of HP
    Please click “Accept as Solution ” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
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  • No HDMI or Optical Audio on my TV - how to connect Apple TV

    I am trying to set up my new 3rd generation Apple TV to a 1st generation HDTV that has only one HDMI input abd no optical audio inputs. The single HDMI input is connected to my cable box.
    So what is the best work around for me to connect my Apple TV to mey TV?
    thank you!

    C Nelson wrote:
    There are many HDMI switches out there. Any advice on which ones are best?
    I cannot personally recommend one as I have no need to use one.
    Read reviews for the ones in your price range.
    Also, does the HDMI switch transmit audio?
    It absolutely should but be sure to read the reviews and specs for the specific one you are purchasing. Like anything else, I am sure they are some junk switches out there.

  • How to connect Digital Optical Audio output iMac with Receiver Input

    I have connected iMac with onkyo hts-3300 home theater system receiver through optical audio TosLink Cable.( http://www.amazon.com/Digital-Optical-Audio-TosLink-Cable/dp/B001ZU3G2I/ref=sr12?ie=UTF8&qid=1292865309&sr=8-2 ). Unfortunately there is no sound coming out from the Home theater system. I have verified the Receiver optical input is working fine by connecting with my TV optical audio digital out put and the it's working great. The only difference between TV and iMac is, on my TV, it has optical audio digital output and I can use this cable (http://www.amazon.com/Tripp-Lite-A102-02M-Digital-connectors/dp/B0002WPREU/ref=s r11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1297320792&sr=1-1) to make it work. I can also verified my optical audio TosLink Cable working because I can see the red light coming out from the cable. So the only problem could be from iMac. I doubt I need to change the additional setting to configure iMac to use external optical audio setting instead of the buit in audio setting. Hoe can I able to do it? or my iMac(IMAC 21.5"/3.06/2X2GB/500GB/9400M-ITP
    MB950ZP/A) doesn't support optical digital audio out put? I have follow this thread http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?messageID=12769423&#12769423 and to my surprise which doesn't work out for me. I doubt that i need to change some setting, but when I got to setting>> sound I cannot change any setting. I was quite depressed aldy. Can someone answer my question as i m a newbie here. Thanks a lot

    Thank you very much for your reply.
    @Király : May i know how to Open Audio Midi Setup? Is this Audio Midi Setup is in the locatated in the Setting in Mac Snow Leapord OS? or how to locate this "Audio Midi Setup " in Mac enviroment. Is it possible to open this Audio Midi Setup in windows 7 enviroment also? I Just want to get the audio from my iMac in Hts-3300 onkyo home theatre. YOur help is much appreciated
    @rkaufmann87 : Thank you very much for your sharing about this http://www.apple.com/airportexpress/ connection. for me what i understand is the digital audio output in airportexpress is the same as the audio out put in iMac in terms of details sepcs. So this airportexpress will only help you connect wirelessly to home theatre system, rather than waired connection. Other than that nothig much difference. So there is no point for me to spend extra bucks to attain the wireless connection. Unless the airportexpress have optical digital input, which i believe not. Correct me if I m worng, thanks

  • Connect apple tv using an optical audio converter

    I want to connect my apple tv to my sound board. The projector has an HDMI input but I need a way to get the optical audio to my sound board which consists of XLR and 1/4" jacks. Does anyone know of a converter that will help me do this for a rather affordable price? Thanks

    DAC (Example Only - Not a recommendation or suggestion that this is suitable in your circumstances)

  • How do I connect the Apple TV to the home theater if the optical audio port is in use

    I had an airport express connected from the home theater system to the speaker out port on the express through which air play worked just fine. Then the express wouldn't work with my new router so I looked for something to replace it. The new Airport Express was the same price as the Apple TV and so I went with it for the added HDMI from NetFlix benefits. Now I find that the cables I used on the express won't work on the Apple TV. It wants an optical cable but there is only one port on the speakers and it is needed to get the sound from the TV to the speakers. So, is here a work around? An adapter or something? What I really wanted it for more than anything else was to use air play to get my music from the computer to the theater speakers.

    I have a further question about this. It turns out I do have 2 optical audio ports but I was told I wouldn't need it if it was connected via hdmi. I have 4 ports and they are all in use so the question is whether the best solution is to just get an optical audio cable and connect it directly or get an hdmi splitter so I can add in the Apple TV?

  • Can I use Optical Audio alongside a speakerless monitor to play audio through speakers?

    I have an Apple TV 3 and so far I am relatively pleased. However.. I have no sound, this just about renders my Apple TV useless. Is it possible to use the Optical Audio cable to play sound from films, music etc. while still having the Apple TV connected to the Monitor via HDMI? Do you have any suggestions as to what speakers would be good? (looking at around £50 - £100) I was thinking of getting some of the Bose Companion 2 monitor speakers and then using a DAC to play audio from the Apple TV to the speakers. Would this work? If not, does anybody have any other suggestions?
    P.S. I can't plug speakers into my monitor for some absurd, annoying reason unbeknown to society

    My ATV is connected to the tv with hdmi
    My optical is connected to my stereo
    I mute my tv and only play out of the stereo

  • My Apple TV optical audio is not working?  Help!

    I have and HDMI cord going from the Apple TV to the TV and the optical audio from the apple tv to my yamaha reciever - I cannot get any sound out of my speakers - sound is only coming out of the TV.  Any suggestions?

    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    Try switching Dolby digital to off.

  • Can't get optical audio to work

    I know this might be an issue with my A/V receiver, but I'm really stuck and frustrated and hoping someone can help. I've got the Apple TV connected direct to the TV since the receiver (A Denon AVR-688) doesn't support audio playback through to the speakers (or does it? can't get it to anyway). The optical audio I have connected to the optical port on the receiver so I can hear sound through the stereo. The port is labelled "CD" but my audio input source to CD, I get no sound through the stereo (just what's coming through to the TV via the direct HDMI connection). I must be setting something wrong. Can anyone help me?

    I only see an option to set the "input" source (not output), which I have selected as CD as I have no CD player, and it's the default setting anyway. Regardless, I'm sure I've got something set up wrong just can't figure out what it is. Ugh!

  • Optical audio out from Mac Pro to preamp

    I want to use the optical audio out to a preamp. I am finding only very high end components. Is there anything affordable?

    Do you already own the Mac Pro and preamp? All you need is an S/PDIF cable. Easily attainable for ~$20 or so. If it's not that simple, what are you referring to as "very high end components" being all you can find?

  • When should I use "Optical Audio"?

    I have the new (3rd Gen) Apple TV connected wirelessly to my home theater and HDTV. I have the HDMI cable connected to my surround-sound receiver. I was under the impression that the HDMI cable carries both sound AND audio. If this is the case, I'm trying to figure out what the Optical Audio input is for? I went ahead and purchased an Optical Audio cable and connected it to my surround sound receiver.
    My question is this: Do I need to have that Optical Audio cable connected, or should I disconnect it and just use the HDMI connection? I looked in the AppleTV manual and it does not describe why you would connect this, and I'm scratching my head trying to understand this.
    Thanks much!

    Some old receivers didn't handle digital audio over HDMI very well - the only reason I can think of using the port.
    If it worked without the optical before, you don't need it now!

  • Does Apple TV and Optical Audio Connection work?

    I've read several posts regarding this issue and I'm a little confused.  Does the Optical Audio work on the Apple TV (generation 3), because I haven't been able get it to work.  I get sound but no stereo/surround sound.  Yet, using the same connection out of my Receiver for my PS3 I do get stero/surround sound.  Have I missed a setting on the Apple TV?

    Is there away I can check the Apple TV Optical Audio connection to see if it's working?  The physical connection seems to be fine.  Since the connection to A/V Reciever works, as confirmed by my PS3, I can only assume the Apple TV Optical Audio connection is faulty.  Other ideas on how I might validate if the Apple TV Optical Audio connection is truly "broken."

  • Optical audio but Analogue output

    Hi, I connected my AppleTV to my Bose audio system ONLY with optical audio cable.
    I figured out that sounds comes out with a movie in DD and ALSO with other sources (like youtube videos).
    The Audio & Video settings on ATV is setup to ON regarding DD.
    Question: I thought that with that configuration I could hear only DD audio stream. Is a BOSE features or ATV output audio through optical always regardless its source format ?
    Thanks, Roberto.

    Oh yes, this is the reply I was looking for, so in this case I could avoid using the analogue output (RCA) on ATV ? In the case I'm going to use it anyway which will be the channel used by ATV for outputting audio ?
    Question: if I have a movie with two audio tracks (the first one stereo and the the second one in DD) and connect the ATV to my Bose audio system with optical audio cable and my ATV is setup with Dolby Digital on which will be the audio stream passed to my Bose audio system ?
    Thanks, Roberto.

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