Option for error handling for DTP, ' no updata, no reporting" and "deactiva

Hello Gurus,
     option for error handling for DTP, ' no updata, no reporting" and "deactivated" , please give some explanation and instance for them?
Many Thanks,

On the Update tab page, specify how you want the system to respond to data records with errors:
                            a.      No update, no reporting (default)
If errors occur, the system terminates the update of the entire data package. The request is not released for reporting. However, the system continues to check the records.
                            b.      Update valid records, no reporting (request red)
This option allows you to update valid data. This data is only released for reporting after the administrator checks the incorrect records that have not been updated and manually releases the request by setting the overall status on the Status tab page in the monitor (QM action).
                            c.      Update valid records, reporting possible
Valid records can be reported immediately. Automatic follow-up actions, such as adjusting the aggregates, are also carried out.
Hope it helps.
rgds, Ghuru

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    I have a master data object load request which has failed, returned error in st22 and job finished.
    BUT the request has not turned red in the monitor - it's still yellow. That means that I can not delete request nor start new load to infoprovider because it believes a request is still running. But it's not, I've checked both sm37, sm50 etc.
    When trying to manually change QM status to 'red' it says 'QM action not allowed for DTP requests in master data and Text tables'
    How can I force QM status to red so that I can move on?
    Running NW2004s BI (7.0) Patch 15.
    I searched for this question but there is no answer
    Thank you

    I know how frustrating this problem is even in netweaver 7.0 environment. I found a solution for this problem atlast and it works but a not direct way of resolving this issue.
    When this request is in yellow status and not able to change / delete the request, its actually in a pseudo status and it is a bug in the program. This request sits in table RSBKREQUEST with processing type as 5 in data elements USTATE, TSTATE and this 5 is actually "Active" status which is obviously wrong.
    All we need is, ask your basis person to change the status to 3 in both these data elements and then it allows to reload the delta. Once the delta is successfully loaded, you can delete the previous bad request even though it is still in yellow. Once the request is deleted, the request status gets updated as "4" in table RSBKREQUEST.
    Hope this helps.

  • Change the Error handling in DTP

    Hi Gurus,
    In the update tab it was 'No Update,No Reporting' and the Version was Active and green. I Chnaged it to 'valid RecirdsUpdate, No reporting (request Red)' and saved it . It is now green and active.I clicked on create Error DTPs. I am done with my issue and so want to change it back.I deleted the Error DTP.But now I can't change it back to 'No Update, No Reporting'
    It is now green and active but the error Handling now shows 'Valid Records Update, No Reporting (Request Red)'. How can I change it back to 'No Update, No Reporting'? I tried to change it and save it but it is then showing Version Revised and is yellow. Please suggest.

    Hi Prasad,
    When it says "Version Revised" and is yellow it means its not in active version . Please activate the DTP again by changing it to No update no reporting . It will be fine then.

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    I want Free Report Writer for Oracle Database except Crystal Report and Data Vision software.
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    Please check the following link -
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  • Use of "Error Handling" Tab in InfoPackage Update Tab?

    Hello All
    I want to know the Use of "<b>Error Handling</b>" Tab in InfoPackage Update Tab?
    Options in this tab are like
    1.No Update,no reporting
    2.Valid records update,no reporting(request red)
    3.Valid records update,reporting possible(request green)
    Terminate After No.Errors _________
    4.No Aggregation Allowed
    Will anyone tell about this in detail?
    Many Thanks

    No update, no reporting (default):
    If errors do occur, the update of the entire data packet is canceled. The request is not released for reporting. However, the records check continues.
    Updating valid records, no reporting (request red) :
    This option enables you to update valid data that is released for reporting only after the administrator has checked the incorrect, not updated records, and has manually released the request (by a QM action, meaning setting the Overall status on the tabstrip Status in the monitor).
    Updating valid records, reporting possible :
    The valid records can be reported on immediately. Automatic follow-up actions are also carried out, such as adjusting the aggregates.
    With option a) the incorrect records are marked in red in the PSA maintenance. You can display the relevant error messages amodally, edit the records, and update the request manually. If it was not possible to write into the PSA (hierarchy or transfer method IDoc), an application log is written instead.
    With options b) and c) a new request that is only read into the PSA is formed from the incorrect records. Here you can edit the records of the new request in the PSA and start the update manually.
    For more information please refer the URL below.

  • I need options for data replication within production db and dimensional db

    I'm looking for options on how to solve this issue. We've 2 databases, one is our production, operative database, used by around 400 users at a time, and another one, which is our dimensional model of the same info, used to obtain reports. We also have a lot of ETL's (extract, transform and load) processes running every night to update the dim model.
    Mi problem is that we have some online reports, and nowadays, we're getting data from the operational database, causing a performance issue in online operations. We want to migrate this reports to the dimensional model, and we're trying to find the best options for doing this.
    Options that we're considering are ETL's process running continuously every XX minutes, materialized views, ETL's on demand, and others.
    Our objective is to minimize performance issues on transactional database.
    We're using Oracle 8i (yes, the oldie one) and Reporting Services as report engine (reports just run a pkg to get data).
    Any option is welcome.
    Thx in advance.

    The best option for you if the performance is the
    most important is ORACLE STREAMS. Also is the most
    complex but the final results are very goodsAgreed. As User12345 points out, though, that requires Oracle 9.2 or higher.
    Another option is the materialized views with Fast
    Refresh , that need the materialized view logs in
    the master site.
    The first load is expensive but if you refresh each
    15 minutes the cost is not high.I'd be careful about making that sort of statement. The overhead of both maintaining materialized view logs (which have to be written to synchronously with the OLTP transactions and which impose an overhead roughly equivalent to a trigger on the underlying table) and doing fast refreshes every 15 minutes can be extensive depending on the source system. One of the reasons that Streams came about was to limit this overhead.
    For refresh i execute a cron shell that run the
    DBMS_MVIEW.REFRESH package. my experience with group
    refresh not was goodWhat was your negative experience with refresh groups? I've used them regularly without serious problems. Manual refreshes of individual materialized views against an OLTP system would scare the pants off me because you'd inevitably end up with transactionally inconsistent views of the data (i.e. child records would be present with no parent record, updates that affect multiple tables would be partially replicated until the next refresh, etc). Trying to move that sort of inconsistent data into a different data model, and trying to run reports off that data, would seem highly challenging at a minimum. Throwing everything into a single refresh group so that all the materialized views are transactionally consistent, or choosing a handful of refresh groups for those tables that are related to each other, seems like a far easier way to build a system.

  • Error handling problem with outbound idoc status 02 and  XML HTTP Port

    I set up an ALE scenario to send master data out of SAP via an XML HTTP port.  All goes well until the idoc receives error 02. 
    It looks like idocs in this error status with the use of an XML HTTP port can not be reprocessed via the standard SAP techniques.  Program RBDAGAIN takes them out of the list for reprocessing (even though the connection is back up and running).
    Is there any solution to still use the standard ALE error handling ?

    Hi Karin,
    Looks like based on note 701597, you can only reprocess these idocs manually via a workitem.  I qouted the relevant text below:
    3. Error handling with status '02':
    An HTTP IDoc in status '02' should not automatically be sent once again.
    Up to now, the RBDAGAIN report was used to resend incorrect IDocs.
    However, this report was adjusted and now deletes all IDocs in status 02
    to be routed to a HTTP port from the list of selected IDocs. IDocs to a
    HTTP port in status '02' should only be sent manually via a work item.

  • Error "There was a problem updating your account" and now I can't use editor.

    I've owned my adobe for 4 days now and yesterday I tried opening/editing a photo and it froze up and now will not allow me to do anything because of the error "there was a problem updating your account".  After 4 phone calls of waiting a total of 74 minutes now, I'm a little disappointed at my new purchase & just need help.  Anyone???

    It's a rare day when Windows comes up with an actual solution to an error.
    So, the editor is still shutting down  but the message is now a general "an error has occurred and Photoshop Elements needs to shut down" message?
    See if a reset of your application preference file fixes it.
    Fastest way to reset preferences when using Windows:
    Also it's good to look at what the splash screen is saying as it crashes. Usually, it's a good clue.
    If by chance it crashes when reading twain, see this:
    Edit: Added the link to Photoshop Elements 7 Windows Vista Editor Troubleshooting Adobe Doc.

  • I keep getting "the network connection could not be established" error message when trying to update my iPads and iPhone to iOS 5.1

    I keep getting "the network connection could not be established" message when trying to update my iPad, iPad2 and iPhone4 devices using either my iMac or MacBook.  The Macs and iOS devices are apparently working correctly otherwise.  Problem started about a day ago when I connected one of the iPads to my iMac and iTunes notified my of an update for the device.  I tried and got the above message.  Tryied other iPad2 and iPhone4 and get the same message.  Also, get same message when trying to update using the MacBook. My system SW is 10.7.3 on the iMac and 10.6.8 on MacBook.  iTunes is version 10.6. Have gone thru the check list of things to check and have re-started. Would appreciate any ideas. Thanks.

    Another user named Springbk posted a fix that worked for me as I was having the same problem today:
    I Changed my DNS settings to OpenDNS
    change DNS by adding ( + )
    click okay/apply after. then try the update. after the update, just delete the two open DNS server numbers. should revert back to your old one.

  • Select multiple items from a list box as values for a parameter of crystal report and Oracle procedure

    -  I have a  Product list box (asp.net) used as multiple selected values for  a parameter. 
    - The Product ID is defined in the Oracle procedure as NUMBER data type. 
    -  In my crystal report, I have a parameter field allow multiple values as p_product_id type as Number.  This is the code in my Record Selection Formula for the report:
    ({?p_product_id}[1] = -1 OR {Procedure_name.product_id} in {p_product_id})
    -  In C#, this is my code
    List<decimal?> productUnit = new List<decimal?>();
    int counter = 0;
    decimal prod;
    for (int i = 0; i < lstProducts.Items.Count; i++)
                  if (lstProducts.Items[i].Selected)
                                if (decimal.TryParse(lstProduct.Items[i].Value, out prod))
           if (counter == 0)
    ReportingDAO rDataFactory = new ReportingDAO();
    retVal = rDataFactory.GetProductReport(productUnit);
    public CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument GetProductReport(List<decimal?> productUnit)
              CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument retVal = new rptProductDownload();
              ReportLogon rptLog = new ReportLogon();
             rptLog.Logon(retVal, "RPT_PRODUCT_DOWNLOAD");
             retVal.SetParameterValue("p_product_id", productUnit); 
    I keep having the "Value does not fall within the expected range" when I debug.  My question is, is the data type I used for procedure/Crystal report/ and C# correct ?  I always have problem with the data type.  Any help would be
    Thank you

    Hi progGirl,
    Thank you for your post, but Microsoft doesn't provide support for CrystalReport now. Please post your question in SAP official site here:
    Thank you for your understanding.
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
    HERE to participate the survey.

  • Error Handling On a Page with a Report

    Hi guys.
    I have a page with a report region on it. The report is based on an External Table.
    If i load a file that does not conform to the format the External Table definition is expecting, I Get an 'ORA-29913: error in executing ODCIEXTTABLEFETCH callout
    ORA-30653: reject limit reached' error.
    I am happy that an error is generated but my question is this?
    How can I handle this exception and others when there is just a report region on a page.
    I basically wish to capture 'ORA-30653: reject limit reached' and display an friendly error message to the user in the report region.
    Any help would be most welcome.

    One way to handle this that I have seen is
    a. configure your external table with REJECT LIMIT UNLIMITED
    b. specify a BADFILE badfile.txt.
    c. Create another external table on that badfile.txt with the same access parameters as your original table but specify all the columns as VARCHAR2(4000), so nothing is rejected.
    d. Create another report region on the external table on badfile.txt, call it "Load errors"
    So, you would have 2 report regions on the page, one would read your datafile and the other would read the badfile.
    Hope this helps.

  • Error Logging in B2B Business Message Status Reports and Error Reports.

    Could someone please let us know as to how the error messages are being shown up in the b2b frontend in the Business Message Details Report and Error Reports.
    In some of the cases the error message logging is not happening properly and even against the valid transaction block the entire iAudit Report or the B2B Analyzer report is getting posted .
    In some cases the error message is logged as AIP-51505: General Validation Error (for the transaction block which is valid and having no errors)
    Is there any way from the b2b backend these error messages and business messages could be traced or is there any other way wherein the proper and relevant error messages could be tracked from B2B.

    Business message status reports identify business message instance details.These details include the sending and receiving trading partners, exchange protocol,document protocol, business action and its state, message date, and message details.
    Error status reports identify error message details. These details include the error code, error text, business message identification, message date, and message details.
    Please fix up a telecon to 918041086150 for further discussion on the same.

  • Can you please make an option for the next update to leave group chats

    Can you please make it so that we can leave group chats when we want

    This is a user t user forum. No Apple Development representatives are here.
    If you wish to give feedback to Apple use the feedback page.

  • Manually Manage Music Option get error The iPod cannot be updated error(-50

    I am following the instructions on how to move music to a new computer. When I get to the step "Switch the iPod to manual update and enable disk use" and try to apply the 'Manually manage music' option, I get the following error: 'The iPod (my iPod) cannot be updated. An unknown error occurred (-50). I have tried moving my dock between the two USB ports on my Dell but nothing works..can someone help?

    I tried some additional things and it seems to have fixed the problem.
    First, I forced the iPod Service to close using the Windows task manager (control-alt-delete and then closing it). I then restored my iPod to its original factory settings using that option in iTunes.
    I renamed the iPod and then set up what I wanted to sync with it. I have made a couple of changes and they have worked.

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    I recently got a new 2012 Macbook Pro 15" and my sound output is not working correctly. The only option is Digital Out - Optical digital-out port. There is no intenral speakers option, nor is there a headphones option when I put them in. I am running Mountain Lion and unfortunately have tried looking up similar posts with no help. I have attempted to reboot the SMC and perhaps one other trick, but I have not had any luck. If anyone has any idea what I should do or if you need more information to make a diagnosis that would be great! To note, it worked fine when I first got the computer, but when I was messing around trying to hook my computer up to an HDTV (i have a thunderbolt HDMI cable that sends sound as well) I had a couple of problems (I think it was because it was a very old Vizio that did not support the HDMI) and perhaps some of the settings got changed on my computer. Anyways thanks in advance!

    That is good news! For some reason I only experienced that for a little while before it straightened out itself. But I know that was driving a lot of people crazy. Thanks for pointing out that 10.6.2 did the trick.

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