Oracle compatibility with windows vista

I require which version of oracle is compatible with windows vista
and the links from which i can download. i tried 9i and 10g which are not compatible . do i need any patchs windows ?

Currently only Oracle 10g XE and Oracle 10gR2 client are supported.

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    I need a version of Photshop that is compatable with windows Vista this is the message that pops up You are running an operating system that Photoshop no longer supports. Refer to the system requirements for a full list of supported platforms.

    I believe CS6 will run on vista but your Display Adapter GPU may no be supported.  So features the require a GPU like 3d will not be available. Older version of Photoshop are no longer marketed so you would need to find an old retail version to get a licence.  Downloads will only work as a trial for 30 Days.  Download Adobe CS5 Free Trials – All Direct Links without Akamai | ProDesignTools
    You also need to be careful when buying old outdated software.  There are many selling software that is not legal copies of Adobe software be warned.

  • Oracle EBS with Windows vista

    I recently brought HP laptop, which came with windows vista OS. I can't go back to XP. Drivers does not support any other OS.
    Did any body try installing oracle apps version 11 down loaded from oracle site.
    Please advise me!!!

    Oracle E-Business Suite 11i/R12 is not yet certified on Microsoft Vista.
    Certify - Oracle's Certification Matrices
    If you can manage to use VMware and install some other certified OS, it would be better.

  • Compatibility with Windows Vista Home Basic?

    Does Fireworks work with Windows Vista Home Basic? Will it
    run on my OS?

    I have Vista Home Premium and Fireworks CS3 works fine with
    one exception. The bitmap editing tools are not compatible with
    Aero. Copying an answer I wrote two days ago...
    You can do one of two things. Turn off Aero completely or
    have Vista disable Aero only when Fireworks is running.
    For the latter,
    1) go to where Fireworks is installed, usually
    C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Fireworks CS3
    2) Right-click on Fireworks.exe and select Properties
    3) Select the the Compatibility tab
    4) Under Compatability mode label, select the checkbox for
    Run this program in compatability mode for: and select Windows XP
    (Service Pack 2) from the drop down box.
    5) Under the Settings label, check Disable desktop
    6) Click OK.
    Now, when you start up Fireworks, your system will flicker as
    Aero is disabled, but your bitmap tools will work. When you close
    Fireworks, your system will flicker as Aero returns.
    See also, discussion
    this thread
    The post on 09/13/2008 by lallsopp claims that desktop
    composition does not need to be disabled, but I find that my bitmap
    tools do not work properly unless I do. You can try it both ways
    and see what works for you.

  • Will airport express be compatable with windows vista

    will airport express be compatable with windows vista

    vista will not be compatable because I do not have the capability in vista to download AirPort Utility 5.6.1 for Windows, which is a requirement for the ethernet connection to the Airport Express.  Is that correct?
    No, sorry for the confusion.
    You would need 5.6.1 on the PC only if you intend to use that to initially setup and configure the Express.  I understand that you will be using the Mac to setup the Express, correct?
    5.6.1 is not needed if all the Vista machine will be doing is connecting using Ethernet or wireless to the network. You don't have to install anything on the Vista machine if all it will be doing is connecting to the Express.

  • SAP B1 compatibility with Windows VISTA

    hi all,
    SAP B1 2005 B with PL 40 is successfully installed in SERVER with WIN server 2003  and even 2 client system with Window's XP  installed with SAP B1 2005 B client with PL5 and upgraded automatically to PL40 while connected to the SERVER. But when working with Windows VISTA it installed the client of SAP B1 2005 B PL 5 properly, but at the time of up gradation to PL 40 by connecting to the SERVER (which is a automatic process) it is throwing  error and stop up gradation.
    i would like to know that how much SAP B1 is compatible to WINDOWS VISTA.
    Is there any other process to upgrade SAP B1 in VISTA.

    Hi Sandip
    Please take a look at SAP Business One Supported Platform at
    Plus, some threads:
    Re: Vista and SAP Business One - Yes or No ?
    Re: Vista and B1
    Hope it helps.
    Jacqueline Jiang
    SAP Business One Forums Team

  • Compatibility with Windows Vista

    On Windows Vista system, when try logging into a repository in MDM Console, get the following error
    Error: u201CServer is no longer respondingu201D
    Same time when we login into a repository in MDM Console on Windows XP, it works fine.
    Luckily Data Manager, Import Manager and Syndicator works fine on Vista.
    Is there some compatibility issues with MDM Console and Windows Vista?
    Please guide,
    Navendu Shirali

    Hi Navendu,
    Me and my team are working on Windows Vista and our MDM Version is 5.5 SP06. There is absolutely no problem of the compatibility of Vista and MDM Console. All 4 GUI s are working fine.
    You better check out some other setting of Console and that of your mounted Server. I dont think Windows Vista might be causing any issues.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Shreya Landge.

  • Is Flash Player 11.7.700.224 really compatable with Windows Vista 64-bit?

    I ask this question because under System Requirements, Window Vista 64-bit isn't listed.  I've inserted the link for the system requirements below...
    I'm trying to figure why my Flash Player disappears from time to time when I'm watching a clip/video and then my Internet Explorer 9 typically stops working, it closes down, and then it opens up and asks me if I want to restore the browsing session.  I'm thinking that this has to do with having both Internet Explorer 9 32-bit and 64-bit.  I read online that Internet Explorer 9 has both and this is why I'm questioning whether Flash Player 11.7.700.224 might be contributing to this issue or was Window Vista 64-bit left off the system requirements in error?

    Try using the installers from the links in
    P.S. topic moved to the Installation section of the forum.

  • B1DE Installer compatibility with Windows Vista

    Hi All,
    We are developing an add-on for SAP Business One 2005B.
    While testing the add-on on Windows Vista we noticed that the Add-on installer created using the the professional installer of B1DE hangs during installation.
    i.e. - After registering the Add-on in SAP Business One, when we restart SAP Business One, the install routine does start but hangs during the installation process.
    We are using Version 1.2 of B1DE.
    Can some one please help us with this situation.
    Pankaj Mathur

    Hi Pankaj,
    Vista is not currently supported for either the B1DE or SAP Business One. Therefore, even if you could get the add-on to install, you couldn't get support from SAP if you come across any issue.
    I expect SAP will bring out a service pack or a patch for running SBO on Vista and a new version of the B1DE will emerge about the same time. Until then, I'm afraid you'll have to stick to XP.
    Kind Regards,

  • Crystal Enterprise 10 compatibility with Windows VISTA

    Post Author: MikeMe
    CA Forum: Upgrading and Licensing
    Crystal report 10 is currently supported on Windows Vista?

    Post Author: MikeMe
    CA Forum: Upgrading and Licensing
    HI Thanks for ue fast reply.
    If Crystal report 10 is not supporting ,can i go for Crystal Report XI -R2 ? THis is supported by Windows VISTA ? I want to use report designer and report viewer (enterprise) both in Windows VISTA machine.So CR XI - R2 will support both in vista machine?
    Advanced Thanks

  • Is icloud compatable with Windows Vista?

    Is there an icloud download available for a Windows Vista operating system?

    It's available here:

  • Compatibility with Windows Vista...HELP!

    in my office there are 2 Vista that make me crazy!
    I've a TC for router and NAS, but those 2 Vista have continuous problems to access the data on it. The error that have is: "could not connect to the disk. make sure NetBIOS is enabled and try again".
    I've enabled the netBIOS in the tcp/ip settings and in the windows firewall, but nothing changes.
    If I restart the TC the problem disappear, but after a random time the netBIOS error appear again.
    How i can resolve definitely that problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    bellow is the link for the latest software download for win vista :
    I work for HP but my posts and replies are my own.
    Make it easier for other people to find solutions, by marking my answer with \'Accept as Solution\' if it solves your problem.
    Click on the BLUE KUDOS button on the left to say "Thanks"

  • Airport Extreme Compatibility with Windows Vista

    I hope someone can help. I installed airport extreme and all my computers (Mac's and pc's on XP) can connect ok to the internet. The new laptop I just bought with Vista will not work. After two hours of tech support from Apple and then Toshiba, I learned that the router works when no security is selected, but when either available security level is selected, the laptop will recognize the router signal but won't connect to the internet. I downloaded the 7.1 Apple update and did a firmware update to the base station. Any ideas about this? It seems as though the security levels in the Apple router are not recognized by Vista. But I don't see an available fix to download.
    Thanks for any help!

    One possibility is to locate an older wireless access point and configure it in bridge mode and use it only for 802.11g wireless access to the network by the Vista notebook computer.

  • Can anyone tell me if PSE7 is compatable on Windows Vista 64bit?  I'm trying to prevent my system from continually crashing.

    Can anyone tell me if PSE7 is compatable with Windows Vista 64bit?  I'm trying to prevent my system from continually crashing.

    This has been answered many times before, but my 2 cts for what it is worth...
    I have a new PC with Vista Home Premium 64 bit, 6 GB memory, two disks, quad processor, MS Office Small Business, etc. I made a backup on my old machine to a USB disk of my 40 GB of pictures managed with PSE-7. I then installed PCE-7 on the new 64 bit machine and did a restore of the pictures. All worked first time without the slightest problem. I also installed much other software also without doing anything special concerning the 64 bits and without any problems.
    Two other points possibly of interest:
    - One can deal with iTunes loosing access to playlist items by exporting the playlists into an XML file and making a global edit of the file path names if the data strutcture on the new machine is different. One then imports the corrected XML.
    - I bought a 2560*1600 30 inch NEC display and viewing good-quality digital pictues is amazing. The first time I have found an output device with resolution better than a tiny fraction of what is in the picture files. Colours are also excellent.
        David M.

  • Compatability of Oracle & Forms with Windows XP

    Which version of Oracle and forms is compatable with Windows XP?

    The release notes say W7 64-bit is supported but I opted to stick with 32 bit (just in case) ;-)
    Here's the relevant section:
    4 System Requirements
    Oracle Application Testing Suite has the following system requirements:
    4.1 Oracle Functional Testing/OpenScript
    Oracle Functional Testing’s OpenScript scripting platform has the following system
    ■ Operating System (32-bit and 64-bit versions): Windows XP, Windows Vista,
    Windows 2003, Windows 7, Windows 2008
    ■ Memory: Minimum 1 GB
    ■ System: x86, 32-bit or 64-bit processor, 2.6 GHz or faster
    ■ Disk Space: 4 GB minimum
    ■ Browser: Internet Explorer 6.x, 7.x, 8.x. and Firefox 3.5/3.6
    Edited by: IHodgetts on Feb 21, 2012 2:21 PM

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    What is this Error 0x80020022 when trying to burn a CD.

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    Hi Have just invested in a huge 8 x 3.0GHZ PC, and have installed CS3. The red bar shows up for absolutely everything except raw footage. Even a cross dissolve or a speed change results in the red bar. A 10 second cross dissolve only takes about 5 se

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    Hi all, I have created one 11g R2 database. I am trying to login to the instance and it works fine when I login using just the username and password. But when I try to login using tns entry its taking too much time to login. Also when I try to connec