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If i do a full export from on database instance and import to a new instance, will that import the entire data and create tablespaces and users into to the instance?

Nobody, really has addressed your question in a proper manner.
If i do a full export from on database instance and import to a new instance, will that import the entire data and create tablespaces and users into to the instance?
Yes ideally it should & it will !!!
But there are few things that take it away from the ideal scenario.
When you take export of a database, it creates a dmp file and that contains all the information to create the same information to create tablespace, users, db links, procedure...blah blah....
But...there are few things that need some attention.
One thing is tablespaces: That dmp file contains the SQL statements to create all the tablespacs in the database. It also includes the exact path of datafiles. Lets say my database A is on Machine1 and datafiles lie in c:\oracle\DB_A\*.dbf. Now when I run the import (in different database, on same or different machine) it will try to create the tablespaces with datafiles with the same name & on the same location as in database A. But that wont be possible in the case if you are importing to the database which is created on the same machine. Why ? As obviously you will have to keep the datafiles in different directory.
But if its on different machine, then its possible to use the same path for datafiles. But again be warned ! those directories should exist before you run the import.
Second thing is db links: For a db link to work you need to have entry of remote database in the tnsnames.ora file. If you are on the same machine and using the same ORACLE_HOME, you are done.
But with "different ORACLE_HOME on same machine" or different machine, you will need to make the entry of all the remote database [being used in DB Links] in the tnsnames.ora file.
Just few points, I have summed up. Might be I have missed something that may come up as an issue.

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    does Oracle automatically log an exp command which has been executed?
    If so, where please?

    user13045898 wrote:
    does Oracle automatically log an exp command which has been executed?
    If so, where please?
    ThanksRead manual to understand functionality of exp/imp.
    what is your version? us expdp/impdp if its 10g & higher

  • Refresh using exp/imp

    Hi All,
    I need to refresh one of my development database using exp/imp utility,i did refreshing using the copy datafiles but new to this ,i have gone thru this forum and did some search on google too but the part that am not getting is suppose my development db already created with same tablespaces name and size and containes every schema as that of source and has data in it which is refreshed earlier, so do i need to wipe out everything and do it right from scratch(create db,tablespace,users) or just wipe out tables and import with (ignore=Y) .Any feedback would be apperciated.

    <p class="MsoNormal">Hi,</p>
    <p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
    <p class="MsoNormal">>> do i need to wipe out everything and do it right from
    scratch(create db,tablespace,users)</p>
    <p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
    <p class="MsoNormal">Well you have choices, and you can do whatever you want,
    but there are some “best practices”.  I’m assuming that you are copying your
    PROD database into DEV (a great practice to have a full-sized production system
    the TEST and DEV):</p>
    <p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
    <p class="MsoNormal">- You can restore PROD into TEST using RMAN.</p>
    <p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
    <p class="MsoNormal">- You can use the
    <a style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single" href="">
    Oracle Universal Installer</a> to clone a database.</p>
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    <p class="MsoNormal">- You can “<a style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single" href="oracle_tips_db_copy.htm">clone
    the whole database</a>”, moving the current datafiles and recreating the
    <p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
    <p class="MsoNormal">- You can export from PROD, truncate the tables in DEV
    (after a backup) and import IGNORE=Y.  This can be very slow, especially for a
    large database.  However, there are some
    <a style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single" href="">
    tips to speed-up imports</a>.</p>
    <p class="MsoNormal"> </p>
    <p class="MsoNormal">Check the
    <a style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single" href="">
    Oracle docs</a>.  Also, Dave Moore has a book on
    <a style="color: blue; text-decoration: underline; text-underline: single" href="">
    Oracle Utilities</a> that you might like.</p>
    Hope this helps . . . .
    Don Burleson

  • How exp/imp behave

    how exp/imp utility will behave when i'll try to migrate data from oracle 8i to 10g when the platform and file system will be different.
    what should be the procedure to that?

    I’ve had to do this recently. You just need to use the 8i exp from the 8i Oracle home for the 8i database to create your dump file. Then, use the 10g imp from the 10g Oracle home to import the dump file into your 10g database. Import is backwards compatible – it will read dump files created by older versions of export. And this is the best way to move from one platform to another.

  • Exp/imp problems

    Kindly Help.
    I plan to export full the database then I'll import it back to the same database, my purpose is to fix the fragmentation of the tables/tablespaces.
    1. Before importing the export file should I do anything to the database( e.g. truncate the tables, delete the contents)?
    2. Does the exp/imp utility depend on the SGA for it's performance or if not the SGA what parameter should I change to speep up the exp/imp?
    Thank you

    I plan to export full the database then I'll import
    it back to the same database, my purpose is to fix
    the fragmentation of the tables/tablespaces. Why you using export/import to de-fragmentation, there are other ways to do same like rebuild indexes, Use LMT etc

  • Exp/Imp Lmitations??

    Does any body know if there is any limitation in Exp/Imp utility in dealing with LONG RAW columns?

    I assume you are using the 309 version of portal. It is possible to export out an entire content area or a page but not the granular items. By granular I mean just the folder in this context. If you wish to export/import the entire content area/page, you can run the pageexp/pageimp/contexp/contimp scripts which reside in the WWU directory.

  • Exp/imp data pump

    I exported tables in 10g using exp(normal export)command
    Can I user impdp(datapump) while doing import

    There is no exclude or include option in the traditional export/import (exp/imp) utility. This is only given in datapump (expdp/impdp) to exclude or include the database objects while exporting or importing.
    All you can do as work around is, create the structure of the table in the target database/schema, then do import, while import if the table is found in the target schema, then that table will not imported. So, don’t use ignore=y, if you use, even if the table is found during the import, the rows will be imported in fact. Hope you got what I mean.
    Sabdar Syed.

  • Export / import  exp / imp commands Oracle 10gXE on Ubuntu

    I have Oracle 10gXE installed on Linux 2.6.32-28-generic #55-Ubuntu, and I need soe help on how to export / import the base with exp / imp commands. The commands seems to be installed on */usr/lib/oracle/xe/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/server/bin* directory but I cannot execute them.
    The error message I got =
    No command 'exp' found, did you mean:
    Command 'xep' from package 'pvm-examples' (universe)
    Command 'ex' from package 'vim' (main)
    Command 'ex' from package 'nvi' (universe)
    Command 'ex' from package 'vim-nox' (universe)
    Command 'ex' from package 'vim-gnome' (main)
    Command 'ex' from package 'vim-tiny' (main)
    Command 'ex' from package 'vim-gtk' (universe)
    Command 'axp' from package 'axp' (universe)
    Command 'expr' from package 'coreutils' (main)
    Command 'expn' from package 'sendmail-base' (universe)
    Command 'epp' from package 'e16' (universe)
    exp: command not found
    Is there something I have to do ?

    You have not set environment variables correctly.
    And of course that sciprt have small hickup, so see

  • Exp/Imp In Oracle 10g client

    Hi All,
    I want to take one schema export from Oracle 10g Client. I am in new Oracle 10g.
    In oracle 9i, we can using exp/imp command for Export and Import from Client itself.
    I heard about in Oracle 10g, we can use Expdb/Impdb in Server only. Is there any possibility to take exp/imp in Client also.
    Pls help me...

    To add up to expdb from oracle client
    Default: none
    Enables an export from a (source) database identified by a valid database link. The data from the source database instance is written to a dump file set on the connected database instance.
    Syntax and Description
    The NETWORK_LINK parameter initiates an export using a database link. This means that the system to which the expdp client is connected contacts the source database referenced by the source_database_link, retrieves data from it, and writes the data to a dump file set back on the connected system.
    The source_database_link provided must be the name of a database link to an available database. If the database on that instance does not already have a database link, you or your DBA must create one. For more information about the CREATE DATABASE LINK statement, see Oracle Database SQL Reference.
    If the source database is read-only, then the user on the source database must have a locally managed tablespace assigned as the default temporary tablespace. Otherwise, the job will fail. For further details about this, see the information about creating locally managed temporary tablespaces in the Oracle Database Administrator's Guide.
    When the NETWORK_LINK parameter is used in conjunction with the TABLES parameter, only whole tables can be exported (not partitions of tables).
    The only types of database links supported by Data Pump Export are: public, fixed-user, and connected-user. Current-user database links are not supported.
    The following is an example of using the NETWORK_LINK parameter. The source_database_link would be replaced with the name of a valid database link that must already exist.
    expdp hr/hr DIRECTORY=dpump_dir1 NETWORK_LINK=source_database_linkDUMPFILE=network_export.dmp LOGFILE=network_export.log

  • Migrate oracle 9207 DB 8 TB size frm Solaris to AIX?dont want  Exp/Imp

    Hi Guys,PLz help
    I want migrate 8TB oracle database from Solaris 8 to AIX 5.
    In my last post on the same topic I was told to refer Metalink notes
    I was not convinced as In
    I read
    "As both solaris and AIX are UNIX O/S, cloning the DB is also possible from source box to target box"
    whats the role of "If the endianness is the same"??????
    Can you guys plz comment on this I'm really confused because exp/imp of 8TB
    is going to take half of my life :)
    PLz tell in any other option in we have

    You can do
          FROM V$TRANSPORTABLE_PLATFORMto check endianness of different platform.
    -- Note, the view is only on 10g and above.
    datafiles from different endian format can't be directly copied over and use. On 10g you have option to use RMAN convert endianness.
    with that said, since Solaris and AIX are all big engianness. That means you can directly copy datafiles over and clone database without using exp/imp.
    this article has a list of how to clone

  • Step by Step EXP / IMP database from Oracle 9i to Oracle 11g

    Please help on the captioned where I did the below
    1. Use EXP to export the database from a Oracle9i database (O9_DB) OLD_Windows2003_SERVER
    2. Install the Oracle 11g (default service name is ORCL) to a new Windows 2003 server and use the IMP to import the O9_DB, however, I need to create the same physical path as the OLD_Windows2003_SERVER (e.g E:\Oralce_9i\Ordata\) in order to complete the IMP
    3. I can launch the SQL Developer and obtain the records count of evey tables being imported
    However, is there any best / proper way to do the EXP/IMP, the ideal outcome would be
    1. Create a new namespace say (OLDDB) which same as the Oracle9i database name so maybe I don't need to modify much on the application side to point to the new database ?
    2. IMP the OLDDB to the new namespace OLDDB
    Thanks in advance

    If you create the new Database on a new Server, you could keep the same name for the Database.
    To switch from the old Database to the new one, you'll have to change the hostname on the "tnsnames.ora" or in any configuration file which define the database connexion.
    About the best way to do the Export/Import, you may have some details on the link below:
    Else, why do you intend to stay on a Windows 2003 Server, why not moving to Windows 2008 ?
    NB: Oracle *11.1* is certified on Windows 2008 and Oracle *11.2* is certified on Windows 2008 R2.
    Hope this help.
    Best regards,

  • Running Oracle`s Import Utility in JSP

    is it possible to run oracle`s command line IMP utility by executing JSP file,what I want that when certain file is executed,it imports data from Hardisk to certain user and its table space
    if there is no such option then i believe that JSP does provide to run console commands or scripts like DIR or IMP/EXP commands

    <%@ page import = "javax.xml.parsers.*"%>
    <%@ page import = "org.jdom.*"%>
    <%@ page import = ""%>
    <%@ page import = "org.jdom.JDOMException"%>
    <%@ page import = "org.jdom.input.DOMBuilder"%>
    <%@ page import = "org.jdom.output.XMLOutputter "%>
    <%@ page import = "org.xml.sax.InputSource"%>
    <%@ page import = "org.apache.xerces.parsers.DOMParser"%>
    <%@ page import = "xmlPublisher.ws3"%>
    String xmlFile = request.getParameter("xmlFile");
    String formDate = request.getParameter("formDate");
    String formRisk = request.getParameter("formRisk");
    String formDesc = request.getParameter("formDesc");
    String xmlFileDir = "c:/localhost/security/" + xmlFile;
    org.w3c.dom.Document domDoc = null;
    DOMParser parser = new DOMParser();
         parser.parse(new InputSource(xmlFile));
         domDoc = parser.getDocument();
    catch(Exception e){
         DOMBuilder builder = new DOMBuilder();
         org.jdom.Document jdomDoc =;
         XMLOutputter outputter = new XMLOutputter();
         outputter.output(jdomDoc, System.out);
    catch ( e){
    <h1>xmlFile is <%out.println(xmlFile);%></h1>
    <h1>formDate is <%out.println(formDate);%></h1>
    <h1>formRisk is <%out.println(formRisk);%></h1>
    <h1>formDesc is <%out.println(formDesc);%></h1>
    <h1>xmlFileDir is <%out.println(xmlFileDir);%></h1>

  • Using exp imp on 11i apps database

    Does anyone have experience in using exp and imp utility on 11i apps database? Is there any special method to achieve this.
    I want to do a full export and do an import.
    Do we get any performance benefits if we do this?

    Hi Sa;
    Does anyone have experience in using exp and imp utility on 11i apps database? Is there any special method to achieve this. You want to take exp imp for which issue?
    I want to do a full export and do an import.Follow:
    10g Export/Import Process for Oracle Applications Release 11i [ID 331221.1]
    Export/import process for R12 using 11gR1 [ID 741818.1]
    Do we get any performance benefits if we do this?It depends many segment but finaly u will make one process on server and it has cost,answer you can have some performance issue while you are taking exp-imp

  • EXP & IMP only restores to same tablespace(s)

    Hi All...
    I created new user with new tablespace and import dmp to new user
    but the import utility imported same tablepspace (increase old datafile size).
    even I dropped new user but the old tablespace (datafile) size not reduced?

    Normal behavior.
    Using conventional exp/imp the correct method to 'relocate' an user is
    - make sure the target user doesn't have unlimited tablespace privilege by revoking it
    - make sure the user doesn't have quota on the old tablespace and does have quota on the new tablespace
    alter user <target user> default tablespace <new tablespace> quota unlimited on <new tablespace> quota 0 on <old tablespace>
    - Now import with indexes=n
    - run a second import using the parameter indexfile=<any filename>
    - Edit the resulting file, changing all tablespaces
    - now run the file in sqlplus
    - this should be it
    Using expdp and impdp, remap_tablespaces on impdp is sufficient
    Sybrand Bakker
    Senior Oracle DBA

  • The imp utility fails to import triggers

    After making a complet export of a user of Oracle 10g Database, data, procedures and triggers, when trying to import the user to a other database ,with the imp utility, all go fine except the triggers and some procedures. ¿Why? Because ,in anyway, the imp or the exp utility, I dont know, append the character '"' at the end of the lines.
    I think that maybe it can be by the NLS, because the imp utility say me, 'the export was done in USS7ASC and ALFT16.. and the import is weiso8859...'. But I dont know.
    ¿Any Help?.
    Thanks in advanced.

    . . importing partition "BERICHTSWERTE":"BRW IMP-00058: ORACLE error 1502 encountered
    ORA-01502: index 'ODS.BRW_PK' or partition of such index is in unusable state
    Import terminated successfully with warnings
    It seems u have some indexes on this partitioned which got disabled becuase of your above DDL .
    The solution would be to DROP the specified index, or REBUILD the specified index, or REBUILD the unusable index partition.

Maybe you are looking for

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